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G13 strain has an Indica dominance but occasionally behaves like a Sativa. As all autoflowering strains, Ruderalis genetics are present in G13 strain. Many cannabis farmers prefer autoflowering cannabis because of its streamlined flowering process and compact plant size.

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Strain Profile Info

Strain Parents: G13 x Ruderalis
Strain Dominant: Indica-dominant
Flowering Time: 10-14 weeks
CBD Content: 0.25%
THC Content: 22-24%
Growing Difficulty: Easy

The seeds behave exactly like normal marijuana seeds, yet they consistently mature in time for harvest. Discover all that our G13 Autoflower Marijuana Seeds have to offer by joining us here at Crop King Seeds!

What is G13 Strain?

The famed G13 strain was crossed with an unidentified Ruderalis to create the G-13 strain. You could sum it up as G13 x Ruderalis. So what is G13? There is a mystery about this type. The traditional tale goes like this. In the 1960s and 1970s, a research laboratory in Mississippi experimented with pure Afghani Indica clones. A “super Indica,” the greatest Indica strain currently in existence, was intended to be created. There were a total of 23 strains, numbered from G1 to G23. G13 strain was deemed to be the most stable by these covert breeders. When they gave the herb to the cannabis community, one of the scientists rose to the status of a national hero.

After that, G13 strain underwent more changes before becoming the famous person we know and love today. It has large colas, a fragrance of skunk and berries, and is extremely strong and euphoric. They are smaller in stature, have increased resistances, and, of course, lack photoperiod characteristics. The original was essentially kept intact by the cross. That merely made these cannabis seeds simpler and more readily available. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid plant with THC levels between 22-24% and 0.25% and CBD levels. It has a 70% to 30% Indica to Sativa ratio.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

G13 strain has a strong, potentially offensive odor. It has a skunky, possibly decaying fruit-like scent. The initial citrus and berry-like sweet perfume that fills the nostrils is pleasant, but the veterans who are aware that its strength is reflected in its stench prefer to make this a scent that is genuinely enjoyed by them! These buds have a fruitiness that is almost caustic with a skunk scent, and they are paradoxically sweet and sour. They might be quite divisive. Cannabis experts will be able to smell the highest quality cannabis immediately, while novices may notice a little wrinkle in their noses.

If you can get beyond the smells, the flavor is very beautiful (and much less boisterous), rich with syrupy and sweet overtones that support and enhance the earthy muskiness of the herb and leave you craving more right away. This marijuana is dark, deep, and dank, but a little on the dry side. This flower has darker leaves on top of a lighter calyx and a significant amount of trichome coating. The pistils have a lovely orange color.

Growing Information of G13 Strain

G13 Autoflower is simpler to cultivate than G13, growing it is safe for novices. This strain generally does well in terms of disease resistance. Moreover, introducing Ruderalis makes any Indica or Sativa plant more resilient. But, even outside, its lifecycle will be shortened by its autoflowering characteristics. These marijuana seeds are autoflowering, therefore you can’t keep the G13 veg period lasting longer than the plant desires. Flowering happens automatically after a certain amount of time. Because the G13 strain benefits from fertilizers, producers frequently use a hydroponic system. In any event, pruning is a wise move, but you must carry it out while the plant is in the vegetative stage.

These cannabis plants could be vulnerable to mold or rot if there is not adequate air because they have a tendency to become dense and bushy. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that because this strain is an autoflowering one, the resulting plants will be considerably smaller and shorter than those grown from conventional G13 seeds. If you’ve ever seen G13 strain images of cannabis grown under normal photoperiod conditions, you should be aware that this strain may be a full foot shorter than its competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to grow G13 Autoflower?

Little, simple-to-grow plants that you can harvest in 10–14 weeks are produced by G13 autoflower seeds.

Is G13 an autoflower?

Cannabis strain G13 Autoflower has an Indica dominance but occasionally behaves like a Sativa. As all autoflowering strains, Ruderalis genetics are present in G13. Many cannabis farmers prefer autoflowering cannabis because of its streamlined flowering process and compact plant size.

What kind of strain is G13?

G-13, often known as Government Indica Strain 13, is a 100% Indica strain with enigmatic origins. According to rumors, the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence organizations developed this powerful strain at the University of Mississippi after gathering the strongest Indicas from around the globe.

2 reviews for G13 Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Joseph Riley

    Joseph Riley

    I love the skunky and fruity smell and taste of this strain. I planted by seeds both outside and inside and both setup are just great and this strain offers a huge amount of yields! Medically speaking, this strain is just great it also helps me with my insomnia it gives a a good night sleep. The effects is very uplifting and not to mention its appearance which is very appealing because of its narrow leaves and hairy buds. This strain is very recommendable.

  2. Avatar for Jack


    Long time in flower but top of top shelf yield and quality.grown outdoors coco perlite foxfarm dirt equal parts big pots let it go and watch..good product

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