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Dry Marijuana Buds

How to Dry Marijuana Buds the Right Way

After several hard earned work and fulfilling critical cultivation requirements, you will finally be able to harvest your marijuana plant. However, the process of cultivating marijuana does not end when you harvest your crops. Before trying your hard work, first, the frosty buds are required to dry as fast as possible and undergo the curing process. This way, your marijuana plants will be much potent and improved in quality and taste.

It also reduces the chances of the buds from developing molds due to the high level of moisture. But the question lies down to one problem, and that is how to dry marijuana? In this article, we will identify when is the perfect time to dry, cure, and store marijuana and how to do it. If you are interested, please read further below. 

Drying and Curing Marijuana 

There are many differences between drying and curing, as drying involves the drying process to lessen the moisture of the buds and allows it to be vaporized or smoked. While curing involves storing. Buds are stored in airtight containers for a few weeks to improve and develop more appealing flavors, and taste as marijuana reaches maturity. 

Significance of Drying Marijuana 

Before going into how to dry marijuana, let’s discuss first the reason for the significance of such a process. The method of drying marijuana allows the chlorophyll to break down into pieces that significantly enhance the taste while maintaining pleasant smoothness when smoked. It likewise eliminates the freshly-cut-grass aroma it has, which typically possess by fresh harvest marijuana. 

Knowing how to dry marijuana is also significant as it lessens the harshness of the buds when smoked. Typically if not dried, it may cause tremendous coughing or headaches. It may reduce the likelihood of marijuana causing anxiousness and paranoia impacts. 

The process on how to dry marijuana may likewise produce a significant result in eliminating mold development on the buds harvested and somewhat improved tenfolds its potency. 

Steps on How to Dry Marijuana 

Cut the Plant 

According to growers, marijuana plants are cut down from the base and hang in an upside-down position and let dry. While other growers may prefer to cut the branches and do the same process, few growers may even shorten the buds and lay down until it reaches drying. 


Prior to how to dry marijuana, the majority of growers will trim excess leaves away. In typical cases, fan leaves are eliminated. Although, few growers prefer to trim small leaves on the buds. This process may rely on your preference. 

Apart from its significant purpose of reducing harshness and improving the buds’ smoothness when smoked, it likewise adds the tremendous appearance of the buds. However, the number of leaves trimmed may still rely on your preference. 

But for reference, if you live in a dry environment, leaving more leaves may necessary, while humid areas may need to trim away as numerous as possible. For a highly damp location reaching 60% and more, removing the branches from its buds may be essential before the drying process commences. 

Excess trimmings coated with resin may still be needed, so don’t throw it away just yet. Despite being harsh to smoke, once you know how to dry marijuana, these trimmings can be a great source of extracts. 

The drying process should start immediately after the marijuana is harvested. 

Drying Slowly 

How to dry marijuana is crucial as it determines the potency, taste, and smoothness of the marijuana, and it should be done slowly. Before drying, you should prepare the environment accordingly. The optimal room condition should be around 70° Fahrenheit, and the humidity level is approximately 50%. 

Quick-drying the buds in a dehydrator would be a terrible idea. Apart from skipping the whole essence of drying, it will leave your marijuana to smell and taste awful and may cause high chances of paranoia and migraines. It can even eliminate essential cannabinoids compounds of marijuana. 

Standard Upside-down Hanging 

In how to dry marijuana properly involves several ways. You can use the standard way of hanging, which involves upside-down hanging. You can utilize clothing hangers, strings, or anything possible. Many growers prefer this type of method in drying. 

Rack Drying 

This method of how to dry marijuana is the fastest way compared to others—provided that the stems are cut off and only buds are dried. This is an excellent method to use if you live in a highly humid location, where mold development is likely to occur. It only uses a rack, cardboard, or screen, where the buds are laid down to dry. 

You are allowed to leave stems for as many as you desire. However, the number of stems present, the slower the process of drying will take. If the buds begin to become wet, you must regulate the airflow by setting a fan. Only utilized a fan’s help; is extremely necessary as it may cause over-dryness. 

Regular checking of the buds while drying should be essential and mandatory part of how to dry marijuana. Within three to seven days, the buds will dry enough. If you happened to overdried the buds, there is a higher likelihood that the curing process will be slower. 

Ready for the Jar

When the buds are finished drying, the next step on how to dry marijuana is to store it in a controlled and enclosed environment to regulate the humidity level within 60% to 65% only, with a temperature of around 70° Fahrenheit. This method is the only way to make marijuana dry and cured perfectly. Put the dried marijuana in a jar with the right temperature and humidity to begin the process of curing. 

Regularly open the jar to check and let the buds air out. This process should be done within a few days of the onset of the curing process. The smell of ammonia and moisture present on the exterior of the buds, you may need to let the buds air out before closing it. 

The way to indicate that you are doing great with how to dry marijuana and the curing process, the marijuana will smell more vibrantly and nothing else. You are even allowed to try it for assurance. 

If the buds are moist when felt, letting the jars cover off will solve the issue, especially if you live in a dry area. However, if the humidity of your area is too high, you may need to take out the buds and let them dry outside until the problem is solved. 

If the buds are cured when they don’t feel wet, not brittle, this can be identified by shaking the jar and noticed that each bud is independently moving. You will begin to open the jar once a week or less than necessary if the cured buds become steady. 


Over-drying the bus is not a new part of how to dry marijuana. Several times, growers may over-dry their buds, especially when they are novices. If this happens, nothing should be panic about. Rehydration of the buds is easy; just avoid using organic ways like orange peelings, increasing the risk of mold development. Instead, use a Boveda Humidipaks to regulate the humidity inside the jar and maintain it 62% without the risk of losing the taste and potency of marijuana. Remove the pack once the buds are no longer overly dried. 


At this point, buds should be ready for long-term storage. It should be placed in airtight storage or mason jars. The room is required to be dark and cool. When keeping it longer, like at least six months and more, vacuum sealing will do a much better job. In this way, you can store buds without worrying about losing their potency.

Final Thoughts

The proper way to dry marijuana may involve crucial steps to perfect it, but the reward is worth it. Drying should not be harsh as long as the steps are followed accordingly. Always remember, there is no faster way of drying marijuana buds because the slow process of it is the essence of drying. Be patient enough, and you will be rewarded with a more potent, tasty, and aromatic marijuana.

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