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How to Get Bigger Yields from Autoflowers

How to Get Bigger Yields from Autoflowers

More and more growers choose to plant autoflower plants, for they are fairly easy to grow, and there are a lot of helpful tips to take care of it better. The autoflower plants’ shorter growing time makes them deserving of a try. However, when compared to traditional strains, autoflowers tend to give lesser yield quantities. This could be an issue for a grower, but the good thing is, there are different tricks and ways on how to get bigger yields from autoflowers. These helpful tricks make it easier to get a better and bigger yield which an autoflower plant can give.

Cultivating autoflower plants is a little different from the other traditional strains; however, to get a decent quantity of yield in two months is already a win-win. It is also more easygoing with the tricks that could let you get the best from each autoflower plant. Though there are remarkable points to consider when growing one, it is still achievable to grow the plant well to receive constant and good quality yields. You can likewise grow autoflowers the whole year and get a harvest almost every month if you fancy by planting another group of seeds the time the other batch is ready for harvest. You will get a continuous supply of marijuana buds this way. For growers who are in search of any challenges, cultivating autoflower plants is the answer.

Tips and tricks on how to get bigger yields from autoflowers

  • The first trick is choosing the right strain. There are countless strains available in the market. Choosing the right strain that is considered effective and gives more yields, as proclaimed by most growers, is the first best thing you can do to ensure a larger amount of yield once the flower blooms. So, pick the kind of autoflower strain carefully in order to know what to expect and get from the plant.
  • The next tip is to get ready. Once you decide to cultivate autoflower strains, the next thing to do is prepare the essentials. Make sure the space for growing is ready, as well as the lights and the medium. Proper knowledge of these things will help you take good care of your plant. And when your plant is in a good state, it will bloom healthily and produce more yields for your consumption.
  • These autoflowers are sensitive, so make sure the right amount of light, water, and nutrients needed for the autoflower plant of your choice are provided. Also, when choosing the pots for the autoflowering plants, make sure to choose those that have holes for easy drainage of any excess water. Too much water is harmful to the plant. Thus, this will help keep the moisture and balance it for the best growth of the plants.
  • When growing photoperiod marijuana plants or the traditional Indica and Sativa strains, you may have tried repotting your plants. However, with autoflowering plants, it is advisable to skip this step. Repotting the plants could stress your plant, thus disrupting its growth. There may be damages done if you proceed to repot the plants. It is better to let the autoflower grow in its final pot. Since they can’t grow too big, there are available pots that are suitable for the autoflower plants.
  • The next trick to getting bigger yields from autoflowers is to look at the soil you will use. There is also a lot of available soil in the market. Most of these soils are already mixed with a nutrient that helps the plants grow. These types of soil don’t even need added organic nutrients and could perfectly give the plant more than enough nutrients to last until it is harvest time. So, pick the best soil that would complement your autoflowering plants’ needs. Another thing to avoid is giving too strong or too many nutrients to the plant. The good intention might cause the plant to burn due to overfeeding. Compared to photoperiod plants, autoflowers need a lesser amount of nutrients. Thus, cutting the level of nutrients given is the best choice to better take care of the plant in order for it to grow well and more.
  • Give your plant the necessary amount of light. This will help with the growth and the photosynthesis of the plants. So, the light must be enough and well-placed for the plant to get the most out of it. Twelve hours of light is enough for the autoflower to grow, but giving more until eighteen hours will give better results. Make sure to schedule the number of hours with light and darkness to let the plant grow its best for a bigger yield.
  • Avoid giving added stress to the plant, so any topping or cutting of the plant for any varied reasons, while it is still growing is not good. Besides, autoflower plants don’t grow too big, so there is no need to do some topping. Although the benefits of topping are exemplary for photoperiod plants, they just don’t work well with autoflowering plants. Constant stress received by plants may let them grow slower and unhealthily. It is also harder and longer for the plant to recover from any stress. If you start topping, the plant will spend more time recovering rather than growing for a bigger and better yield.
  • However, there are Low-stress techniques you can use to train your plants. For instance, you can bend the stems of the plant so the light can reach the lower stems and buds. Train your plants in their vegetative state, and you will get better results. However, you can just let your flower be without any training since good yields are still generated even without specific training.
  • All these techniques will help you get a bigger and better yield in the future when you decide to grow autoflowering plants. Though they may feel very tedious and sounds like it needs a lot of patience and other things, and it does, in the end, the harvest will be more than you expected. So, once you decide to have a larger harvest, these steps on how to get bigger yields from autoflowers will do the trick.


The key to getting bigger yields from autoflowers is your proper care and attention. Growing marijuana is not a casual walk in the park. It needs more than just patience and knowledge. It also requires great commitment. Even compared to other strains, autoflowering plants are easier and convenient. The seeds are quite pricey, so getting the most out of every plant is a great goal to start with. When you commit to growing marijuana, you set yourself to a process of fully understanding their needs and giving those to them. Learning how to get bigger yields from autoflowers is your reward for staying true to your commitment to growing marijuana plants.

These may seem very hard at first, but you will get used to it as you gain more experience from planting more autoflower plants. It is only in experiencing the process itself you will have a better insight into what will really happen and what to expect. This may sound scary to a beginner grower, but even experts start as a rookie. So, take these steps on how to get bigger yields from autoflower seeds and start planting.

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