Understanding How To Make Autoflowering Feminized Seeds for First Time Grower

how to make autoflowering feminized seeds

Autoflowering feminized may sound complicated when you first hear the phrase. But today, these classes of seeds are becoming more popular. This is most especially true for first-time cannabis growers. Autoflowering feminized seed has gained its popularity to those less familiar marijuana cultivators. With the distinct advantage that comes with it, growers have become more inclined to get them.

Nowadays, seeds from Sativa and Indica strains are referred to as feminized, crossbred with Ruderalis then you get autoflowering. Before jumping into the steps of how to make autoflowering feminized seeds, we must first understand the different cannabis species.

3 Different Cannabis Species

Sativa is one of the 3 subspecies of the cannabis plant. Known for its tall, long stem and narrow leaves. This strain is not recommended for indoor growing as it can grow up to 3 meters tall. Sativa features mind-altering results. People find it great because of its uplifting effects while some love its feature of boosting the mood, making them more creative and motivated. To make it more precise, Sativa gives a `mind” high. The other one is Indica, this one gives a `body” high. Indica is known for its calming, sedative, pain relief and muscle relaxing features.

Indica is easier to grow compared to Sativa, plus it delivers higher yields. When we talk about the THC level, Cannabis Indica contains a higher level of THC. The plants of this species grow shorter compared to Sativa, they are densely branched and appear bushier. These two Cannabis species are the most popular.

The last one is the Cannabis Ruderalis. This is an uncommon cannabis species. This beauty is a rare variety carrying unique autoflowering traits. This is a low-level THC class and a native from Central and Eastern Europe. It grows about 2.5 feet tall with thick and sturdy stems.

Any Ideas On How To Make Autoflowering Feminized Seeds?

Making your own autoflowering feminized cannabis seed is like creating your own favorite autoflowering strain. Breeding and making your own will take a lot of patience, time and again, loads of patience. Work and pure dedication are required in doing so.

As the seeds grow into plants and reach the end of the vegetative phase, one will have to pay attention to the sex of the plant. It will take time for the plants to pollinate themselves. Both parent strains must possess the gene for it to be passed on. Depending on the prominent gene that you would want to create. 

Purchase a strain that you would like to breed. Choose an autoflowering strain for this. The next thing to do is choosing a photoperiod strain of either and Indica or Sativa. In most cases, none of the offspring of the two plants will have an autoflowering trait. It is all part of the more complex process of breeding and perfecting the craft. When breeding the 2 offspring together, an autoflowering plant will come to be. 

If you are interested in learning more about growing and cultivating cannabis plants. Also, where to get feminized autoflowering seeds and strains visit www.cropkingseeds.com

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  1. Respectively, there is only one species in the genus Cannabis and it’s denomination is “sativa”. This is not opinion; it is quite well published. There are most definitely chemotypes (Cannabis plants that can be categorized by the metabolites (in this case cannabinoids) that are expressed. Pure sativa strains and pure indica strains represent opposite ends of the spectrum of chemotype effects on people (the old sativa-head and indica-body concept; more true than not). There are also plant biotypes (indica and sativa) but narrow vs. fat leaves and tall vs. short does not (in and of itself) make a different species.

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