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Marijuana Allergy: Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnoses

Marijuana Allergy: Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnoses

It’s obvious that numerous individuals are associating with marijuana with the authorization of it in several countries. In relation to this, marijuana allergies have been pulling heightened awareness from analysts as the utilization of cannabis is streaming into the trend of America. Reports of marijuana allergies have been rising at an alarming pace, and the relationship between the progress in authorization and the increase in allergies is certainly vital.

This may appear like blasphemy, though authorities admit that marijuana can verge on fatal diseases.

Various types of dust from plants, like trees, ragweed, and flowers, can induce hypersensitivity in some individuals, and cannabis is the same. Cannabis buds generate pollen, which can attest doubtful for allergic people and harm the respiratory system or skin. It is likely to cause hypersensitivity when consuming cannabis edibles or cannabis seeds.


More than 50 million citizens of the US are affected by allergies annually. Cannabis pollen can prompt hypersensitivity manifestations in some individuals even though it may have some therapeutic advantages. During the peak season, marijuana generates pollen like cocklebur, ragweed, and Russian thistle.


 The nature of sensitization allergy is prevalent in areas with heavy marijuana plant breeding.

Considering that its pollen is generally somewhat related to other types of pollen from plants, the allergy, which is characterized by tolerable signs like post-nasal drip, sneezing, red eyes, and runny nose, may just be occasional.

Allergen cross-reactivity

Marijuana allergies can turn out to be more common in case you’re allergic to a substance or food with similar allergen features, otherwise known as allergy cross-reaction. Some refreshments with comparable antigen characteristics as the marijuana plant are:

  • bananas
  • apples
  • eggplant
  • almonds and chestnuts
  • grapefruit
  • peaches
  • tomatoes

Environmental Exposure

Some individuals may eventually be allergic to the weed from vulnerability to floating particles in some areas of the world where marijuana breeds outside. This is quite comparable to how many individuals endure occasional allergies.


Some reports pondered research on respiratory problems and marijuana over the past few years. The analysts discovered that smoking, to be exact, can induce some respiratory system signs and that individuals who have difficulty in breathing must refrain from smoking cannabis.

Regular Cannabis Use

Research on marijuana allergy observed that individuals who inhale cannabis frequently appear to manifest an allergic reaction to cannabis more routinely than individuals who have never consumed cannabis.


Cannabis allergies have grown more prevalent in the last few years. Even though the weed is identified for anti-inflammatory characteristics, this plant can induce various indications if it’s sniffed. If you puff and you have a marijuana allergy, you might go through with the following:

  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • sneezing
  • congestion
  • runny nose
  • hay fever
  • watery eyes
  • red eyes


Marijuana allergies can likewise remind you of contact dermatitis in case the weed is altered with or grasped. In research assessing cannabis allergy manifestations, a skin puncture examination showed that marijuana could create particular skin inflammation. A few of the most basic inflammations include:

  • dry, scaly skin
  • hives
  • inflamed, red skin
  • itchiness


In more critical situations, hypersensitivity to marijuana can provoke anaphylaxis, a malignant disease that makes your blood pressure abruptly decrease and your windpipes sealed. A marijuana allergy can be deadly in case left untreated.

Diagnosis of Marijuana Allergy

As you can comprehend, the earlier cannabis manifestations coincide with what can be observed in some conditions. Hence, to precisely manage the weed allergy, you have to consult an expert.

Your doctor will conduct a skin puncture examination, and this will determine if you’re allergic to weed or not. Likewise, your doctor can apply a blood serum analysis to learn your allergy apart from the skin prick examination.

Though in case the above analyses and examinations are not possible, your physician will have to obtain the analysis of the usual process and draw on the history of your vulnerability and signs.


It is commonly right to stay away from the weed entirely in case you presume you have acquired a marijuana allergy. This can be hard in case you possess an exposure that’s airborne, which you have no power over. You might need to talk with your doctor and inquire for expert therapeutic help in case you have been consuming cannabis for therapeutic goals. They might be qualified to recommend substitute medication choices for your disease and indications that won’t prompt allergic reactions.

Consult with your physician whether to adopt decongestants or antihistamines for signs like red eyes and runny nose in case you cannot stay away from cannabis.

False Cannabis Allergy

It’s likewise essential that you learn to distinguish between real marijuana allergy and some allergy to essences not necessary to the marijuana plant like dust mites or mold.

Badly planted and badly-hoarded marijuana is understood to carry high volumes of dust mites and mold, which are recognized to provoke susceptible forms on their own to various people.

This could appear somewhat painful, though marijuana could bear evidence of mold if, in some event, its bud is not cured or dried accurately. Your cannabis,similar to leaving food unconsumed for more than hours, will definitely grow bacteria and mold.

Marijuana allergies can be administered in the very same method as other hypersensitivities; however, the absence of regularity in examining hinders authentication and the extensive application of diagnostic examination. Further study is still required to more precisely determine pollens, produce a regulated solution, build a diagnostic distinction, and explain medication benefits for sufferers.

Without a trace of suspicion, the constitutional constraints to purchasing marijuana essences show hurdles as the merely federally authorized source of marijuana are limited to some countries while the illegal quality of marijuana usage is still producing restrictions for case recording. We have to win the past by allowing more extensive analysis, in case we’re to study more concerning marijuana allergies while reducing the latter by boosting reticent marijuana allergy victims to break the bench of community sentiment and involving them in an open-minded approach.

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