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Proper Dosing Guide for Your Newly Created Cannabis Strains

One of the most important things that breeders and growers should consider after creating a new marijuana strain is the effects of the new weed. Is it calming, relaxing, or stimulating? And in line with the strain’s effects is proper dosing. How much does a user need to take to achieve these effects? Do you need to take more to feel high, or do you only need a small dose to achieve the full effects?

It’s usually very hard to determine how much weed you need to use. But thankfully, smoking cannabis helps you experience the effects almost instantaneously. This helps you make accurate decisions when it comes to dosing.

First, recognize your tolerance

When it comes to all kinds of dosing, you must first consider your personal tolerance to weed. If you are a regular user, then you may have a high tolerance for marijuana, while occasional users may have a lower tolerance.

A joint can have around 0.25 to 1 gram of dried weed, so if you just started to consume cannabis or you’re an occasional user, start with a small dose. Consider around 0.25 grams or less, so you won’t have problems with any side effects.

If you are a heavy user or an experienced smoker, you can increase your intake to a gram. It’s always best to start from less and to start dosing from this level rather than begin from a higher dose. This way, the effects won’t be too strong for you. You can always increase the dose a fraction at a time and discontinue when you don’t like the effects anymore.

How to take a new strain?

You can consume cannabis in many different ways. You can smoke it, vape it, eat it, or apply it to your skin if you’re developing a topical cream or oil. But the two most common ways to take cannabis are taking it orally as edibles and smoking or vaping.

Taking cannabis edibles

You don’t need to smoke to enjoy cannabis. Most people who use cannabis as medicine or for recreation take it orally as a form of edibles. You may have heard about marijuana edibles like cookies, brownies, bread, candies, chocolates, teas, and chips. But as delicious as these may seem, there’s one problem with edibles: it’s hard to find out if you’re doing okay or not.

Most cannabis edibles users tend to overeat and overdose because it’s hard to resist food. This is why it’s a good rule to portion edibles. If you’re making cannabis edibles, dose your food by portioning it, with equal amounts of THC or CBD in every portion. Consider marijuana chocolates available in bite-sized portions or chocolate bars in easy to snap pieces. Each of these pieces has specific doses to avoid overdosing and help people who are taking edibles as medicine.

As a rule, wait an hour before taking another dose. This rule is not just for beginners but also for professionals as well. And if you’re still unsure about your tolerance, this rule will help you steer clear of any dangerous side effects. Always remember that the effects of edibles are not felt at once.

CBD-rich oils and edibles with very little THC may not be as potent as those with high THC, but it does not mean you have to overlook these rules.

Light to moderate marijuana consumers should start with around 1 to 5 mg of THC. Higher than this starting dose may already be too intense. For recreational users, a slightly higher 5 to 10 mg of THC is safe. This dose will still help users stay grounded and enjoy the effects of edibles. Meanwhile, regular users who have higher tolerance can take 10 mg or higher THC doses to get them going.

The effects of marijuana edibles can last for up to 8 hours, so once the onset is felt, judge your physical and mental state and decide whether you want to keep it or dose up.

Edibles that come from dispensaries will have labels that will indicate the amount of THC in the product. For example, a marijuana chocolate bar may have a total dose of 100 mg THC, but the bar is divided into ten bite-sized pieces. Each piece will give you 10 mg THC. If you don’t see the dose on the product or it is not indicated on the label, ask help from the dispensary budtender. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, especially about something as important as dosage.

Some important tips to avoid side effects

If you prefer to consume cannabis edibles instead of vaping or smoking them, remember the following tips:

  • If you want a faster high, have an empty stomach before you consume edibles.
  • Consume edibles with a fatty drink like milk. Fats will help boost the effects of THC.
  • Purchase edibles only from a reliable source. Choose only products with correct labels and dosages.
  • Stay safe after taking cannabis edibles. This will help you monitor your high.
  • Follow your prescription when you take cannabis edibles as medicine.

About vaping and smoking

When you’re smoking or vaporizing weed, you need a specific amount of dried weed to consume or use rather than a marked dose. Using a bowl to smoke weed is using a pinch of dried weed. This is ideal for light smokers, while people who have built tolerance may consume slightly more. Vaping or dabbing is another way to consume weed, whether recreationally or medicinally.

A dab is a small amount of resin that’s about as small as a grain of rice. This is enough for light users. For regular users, a slightly larger amount would do. Taking in two or three puffs may also satisfy any light user; however, users with higher tolerance can increase the number of hits.

Some important tips to avoid side effects

Remember the following tips to help you stay safe and well-dosed:

  • If you’re vaping or dabbing medical strains, stay on your dose and follow your prescription.
  • Stay safe and dose up at home. If you’re taking a new strain, monitor the effects.
  • Don’t take another dose until you feel the strain’s full effects. Properly space your doses.
  • Don’t take alcohol or other drugs because these may aggravate the side effects of THC or CBD. Be responsible when you vape or smoke cannabis.

Whether you’re taking cannabis orally or by vaping or smoking, it’s always smart to understand your dose. And if you have new strains, create a proper dosing guide with a clear head and level mind. Don’t overuse and always have a buddy to help you out.

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