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Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica, 20% Sativa,
10% Ruderalis
Effect: Stoney High
THC: Moderate - High
THC%: 15.08%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.9%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.3%      Laboratory Report
Country: Netherlands Netherlands
Yield: Up to 250 gr Indoors/150 gr out
Genetics: Original Northern Lights
Price: 5 Seeds / $55.00
10 Seeds / $95.00
25 Seeds / $190.00
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Northern Lights Autoflowing Seeds
One of our most famous strains is Northern Lights Auto Flowering. This 8 week compact, fast and very dense strain is a favourite amongst many. With frosted buds possess a honey-musk aroma blended with an earthy Afghan undertone. Low odor and easy to grow this strain is a favorite for both connoisseur quality and commercial quantity.

Northern Lights is so easy to grow that's why she is well loved by a lot of growers. Not just that, it is also very potent with the THC level of 15% +. In just 8 weeks, you will have a rich, potent, mostly Indica smoke with a pleasant layer of frosty and lushy honey-musk aroma that would make you feel good.

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Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Growing, THC Content,
Flowering Time and Potency

We are sure you have heard of Northern Lights before. This has been one of the most popular strains for the longest time now, and that is for a very good reason. The Northern Lights family is known for their undeniably memorable scent and one-of-a-kind stoning. This is why we decided to take this beautiful plant and make it an autoflowering strain.

This award-winning strain thrives in both indoor and outdoor grows. The flowering time for this autoflowering variant lasts merely 8 weeks. Northern Lights is mostly Indica, 20% Sativa, and 10% Ruderalis. The THC content can be moderate to high at 15.08%, and yields can be anywhere between 150 g and 250 g for outdoor and indoor grows, respectively.

Northern Lights Autoflowering produces fat, heavy, and dense frosted buds reeking of a unique combination of musk and honey on top of a full, earth Afghan base. The effect is very much Northern Lights from beginning to end, a unique kind of high that leaves the body feeling great and the mind refreshed.

If you or your friends are looking to smoke to have a good time and only the best kind of stoning, then do yourself a favor by lighting up one of these girls. Northern Lights is a tried and tested strain, and it is definitely here to stay for a much longer time.

Northern Lights Autoflowering is ideal if you want a clear and easy winner in your grow area. As a Cannabis Cup winner and a crowd favorite, this strain is guaranteed to give you and your friends a good knocking out and an awesome time. Regardless if you are growing marijuana for personal or commercial use, having Northern Lights Autoflowering is the best thing you can do to your collection.

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You can order Northern Lights seeds in our website and we will ship your order in the soonest time possible. We have worked with multiple growers from around the world who have growing our Northern Lights strain. So far they have nothing to say but praises to the quality of Northern Lights. If you want to place an order now, then simply process your order for these autoflowering Northern Lights seeds or our other strains, and submit a payment in Canadian or US dollars via bitcoin, credit card, or Interac E-Transfers (if you are Canadian). We also accept cash and money order in the mail.

145 Reviews of Northern Lights Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds

R l g
Says : Got some white widow same time they are doing great ....north lights have been giving me problems all the way around
johnny mad apple
Says : been growing the reagler nl strain i got from a freind for the last 5 seasons the largest one i have grown would have produced over a pound easly i grew it in compost that i made had a bad problem with slugs they nearly ate the whole plant when it was just 8 to 10 inches tall then i topped it twice it branched out like you wouldnt beleave the bottom of the stalk was as round as a pop can should have steaked it but never did a storm came and split it in half i stood it back up and black taped it it never wilted or nothing it budded out and was swelling up real nice then someone sneaked in my yard and stoled it them ass holes learn to grow your own and leave mine alone thats a bad problem around here they all holler that they know how but dont know shit anyway all i got from it was a pic of it and me on my wall
Says : Just finished my first NL auto from cropking and it was one of the best plants I have ever grown. Grew it in the basement during the winter and the buds turned over 50% purple and the leaves never showed signs of discoloration, a side from the end of the flowering stage. I am by no means an expert grower, in fact this was one of the first plants I've grown hydroponically, and it was an extremely forgiving strain. The NL's buds by the end were covered in trichomes and it had quite a big yield for a plant so small, finishing at just over 40cm base to tip it was very easy to maintain; I'm sure if you are a little less concerned for size than I was that you could produce much more as well. All in all definitely a 5 star strain.
Trudy Fahssi
Says : ordered 10 blueberry and 5 purple kush from CKS fast delivery and got 3 northern lights auto as bonus. NLs planted all 3 ... 2 came up fine but 1 came up and lost its head in the process so it ended up with no feeder leaves just a flat top stem .... left it for a couple days just to see what would happen to it , to my surprise it started to shoot up the first set of leaves and is doing well now but smaller than the other 2 NLs planted 1 Blueberry and it is doing well. these were some strong NL seeds for the 1 to keep growing .Thanks CKS
Says : So happy with my order!. Got WWA and NLA. Order came incredibly fast. CKS also gave me extra seeds! Customer service was superior to any business I've ever dealt with. On my first grow now, 4 weeks in and she's looking beautiful.
Says : Been growing NL for almost 2 years. Always good harvest the best one I have had was 197gs one plant. But the last few I've done less training with avg about 80-100g which still makes me happy. I find a good 8 week cure on this is the best, anything less you'll be missing out on the full terpene profile. Nice mild couch lock type. Not over powering. Helps me sleep for sure.
len guindon
Says : I am an experienced grower, so I will describe the issues I have with NL. first order 3 beans did not germinate ck came good on their guarantee. 2 did well on an outdoor grow. ordered more nl again issues 2 are growing now but 1 is a mutant and other is small and 3 months in. also ordered early miss and dlf seeds I am in over $200.00 and not much to show for it, I followed their instructions to the T, so I am not to happy with them. I believe I got dried out seeds also they were very tiny
Crop King Seeds
Says : We've never heard of anyone with a successful clone of an autoflower. Once you take a cutting, it wants to go straight to flower. I would say you can't clone them.
Says : Can I take clones from Auto-flower Northern Light?
Says : Just finished up a batch of 5. All germinated! 1 underperformed , 1 was to my satisfaction ,3 of them blew my expectations away. 5 out of 5 from me. Thanks team!
Intermediate grower
Says : This is my 2nd order from C.K. My first order was dwarf auto's. Received more seeds than I ordered! They we're all very healthy and and great genetics. My 2nd order is white widow and northern lights auto's. I grow outdoors for personal use and fun. C.K is a trust worthy business with quality seeds, IMO. Alot of the issues others have is probably user error. It takes a few times to get the process down(germination, nutes etc)
Says : Did a grow with lambs breath and although very small the buds were fantastic! Tried nl for my 2nd grow, was only able to germinate 2 of the 5 and only 1 grew although I planted the 2 side by side in matching conditions :( . Just over 8 weeks now, plant is decent height about 13", flowers are very hairy and starting to fill out pretty good. Looks like it might need another couple weeks. I'm hopeful to get a oz of dried bud from it. Was hoping to grow at least 3 plants from the 5 seeds but at least this 1 is looking alright. I'll do another batch of the lambs breath from ck but probably try something else instead of the nl in the future.
Crop King Seeds
Says : Hi, you should have had better germination than that. Call us on 1844 276 7546 and we'll help you out
Says : bought ten seeds planted one by one but only one seed germinated. 3 months from seed to harvest. decent smoke but shitty germination rate.
Pei gal
Says : Ordered 5 seeds. Germinated 3, 2 popped very easily, 3rd looked a bit wierd. Planted all 3 in cloth pots. The first two took off like weeds, the 3rd ended up dying (could have been my fault). They've now been growing under LED in our closet for 6 weeks. Beautiful, healthy plants covered in flowers. Nice and hairy. Can't wait to see how the rest of the process goes! Thanks so much crop king, you've got a customer for life.
Says : Soaked seeds for 17 hrs only one sunk during that process ,now less then 24 hrs after their soak all 8 have sprouted , likely a Christmas morning plant. Thxs C.K "Merry Christmas" .
Says : First time grower here... tent set up, intake, out take, filters, sensors ,timers, endless journals, reviews and opinions. Decided on a classic... auto NL 25 pack.... pots are ready.....water jugs full and standing by, PH perfect! Let's start the seeds, 3 hrs now!! Seeds won"t sink!! arggggg staying optimistic.
Says : So ordered a pack of these with a pack of AmnHz in sept as kind of a sample of what Kc had. Out of 5 Northerns 3 were runts....They were extremely....slow growing. (I did mention this to CK and received some replacements <3.). The 2 that held were strong typical, Northerns. Because of the issues at the start I held back on nutes even more which was probably a good thing. Sensitive feed feed water at 1/4str I feed my regulars. I don’t know if it was genetics or just chance but judging by the ones w/o problems I just got a bad batch. They were like rockets out of their beans as if they couldn’t wait to grow. They smell wonderful and are quite subtle about it until late flowering. Look forward to the taste test. :D . Likely to order again just for the service alone. Hard to find with a lot of vendors.
The Coffee Guy
Says : Received a pack of 3 of these with my order. 2/3 germinated in a few days. 1 was put into soil on the 19th and the other on the 20th. In Solo cups onto day 7 and 8 and both are doing okay . slower then my 4 Early Miss one's but they are good .
Says : Ordered 10 northern lights auto and 5 white widow auto all germinated and planted but only 5 of the northern lights popped out of the soil :( the remaining are doing great on day 22
Donald lowry
Says : Love ck. From start to finish started we in aug now 40 days later they look great about 13or14 inches tall nice nice white buds. And bullies so so happy love you guys. Thank you CK
Fisherman Dean
Says : This Northern lights was one of my smallest plants this year but still managed just over 2 oz of tasty, potent smoke.
Says : I have ordered multiple different strains from CK and always had excellent success. Very close to 100% germination! Great people to work with and fast dependable service By far the best seed company I have dealt with :)
T Flath
Says : For those of you haveing problems germanating ck seeds, I use a method that never fails, germanate you beans on coffee filters on a plate, fold into a triangle do it to the next filter, coffee filters do not mush up like paper towels, coffee filters have no bleach colers and have microw air holes so you beans wont drown, i have used this method for 8 years and never had A Ck bean pop not pop, honest Indian, until some candy cane beans witch I think was damaged by heat, I did not ask CK for more beans but they insisted i take one, best customer service in the industry hands down!!!
Says : Final stats, harvested both plants at day 80, got a bunch of smokeable leaf as trichome production was abundant, much snow and frost, I guess I pulled about 3oz of trimed flower,although it's cureing I'm shure of that, plants are large, fast, and forgiving but will run away from you if you intend to grow in a confined space, a test bud told me it's good upper mid grade with a high yield,plant takes pruneing well and as easy as pie to grow, another winner.
Amber sands
Says : Out of 7 seeds only 3 produced the goods. The 3 that did pop are actually quite big and bushy starting to produce a very nice smell. Maybe it's just me that had troubles germinating but I followed all the instructions to the letter. The candy cane I got last time was a lot more resilient. The seeds do have a long way to travel to me on the other side of the world so maybe it's that. Can't say customer service was the best about it but I still believe in the company
Says : First time growing. Got two of these growing since June. One of them had buds on the end of branches looking beautiful and one has buds growing mainly up the middle with darker green buds. Not sure if it is a different strain but either way they are both beautiful plants and am very happy with the results. Just bought some low flyers for the winter months cuz of limited space. Very excited for those and would never buy seeds from any other place. Very good customer service as well. Thank you CKS!
Says : They(Northern Lights Auto Fem) did exactly what Crop King said they would. Sprout, grow a bit,veg,boom & bloom!8 weeks to the day chopped down a couple really pretty ladies, all covered in triches. Curing now so will report back on how it smokes.
T flath
Says : Northern lights awk 8,I'm not realy shure these are northern lights, I only grew them once, they were much smaller, I had to wire my main branches so they won't snap under the weight of the flower,1 plant toped at 44inc, the other 42, there is such a thick layer of trichomes around the edges of the leaves you can see it with your naked eye, it's clear and at least an 1/8 of an inch thick, both plants are purple pheno, pistols are oarnge red, smell is dank, a true indica, stupid easy to grow, hardy and forgiving takes pruneing well, super aggressive, loaded with flower, I have grown every indica Dom strain CK sells except for candy cane it does not like me, anyway I have grown many beautiful plants by CK, but this is the best, many side branches down low, my pistols are going over now but not my trichomes, if they hold for a week or two this will be a very high yield plant, but I'm not shure it's nl,looks like a northern Pakistan purple pheno, at this point i dont care, i know top shelf weed when i see it. SNOLEPERD
T flath
Says : This is not about NL, I only had 1 real problem over the many years I have used this co, I got a batch of early miss that would not flower I cut the light but no, later on I grew 6 beautiful candy cane plants that would not flower, turns out the were not crossed with rundellis so had I cut the light I would have been straight, but I thought if an autoflower won't flower that's it, anyway out of kindness they gave me another Pac of candy cane, I have never, I repeat never had I had a CK seed that would not germanate, I don't blame CK, they could have got hot or cold during transport, I called CK to warn them that I'm haveing a problem germanating and check those seeds as I know quality is CKs # 1 concerns, I did not call for free seeds but they offerd me more candy cane, nooo I don't know why I have problems with that strain, without me asking she told me to pic a pac, I have ww, revolver, northern lights, early miss, so I excepted a Pac of there little dwarf, I say it a thousand times, CK has the best customer service in the industry hands down!!!
T flath
Says : Both plants are great, the long fans at the top part of my plants the stem is cover with trichomes that you can see with the naked eye a huge thick layer, my 1 concern, the plant's were so aggressive and grew big so fast, I put them in bloom 9 days earlier than usual at my min time, my worry is my flower is going to go over before my flower is able to form the structure it needs well so far no milky trichome, I just need 2 more weeks. SNOLEPERD
Says : I bought 5 seeds over a month now and all 5 seeds are over a foot tall and one out of five seeds is starting to bud already I can’t wait until they are ready to be harvest
Jason St Clair
Says : Picked up ten of these and wow amazing production super impressed looks like it's going to be a good end to the summer thanks ck I will be back
T flath
Says : 6 week update, both plants toped off at 42inc, 31inc from main branch to main branch,plants started to flower at week 3, am now seeing trichomes, both plants were early I usaly do not add bloom base and agent until at least day 50 to 60,fast,easy,very large,takes pruneing well,i only grew this strain 1 time,i never had plants outgrow there space in veg, i can barely fit both plants in my flower room, lots of bud sites, all plants have to do now is start showing bud structure, plants are set up nice, plants do have a slight bit of stretch but not to bad, I have grown autos long enough to know these are winner's,my only concern is plants grew so fast I hope I have enough time to flower properly,will give final update, yield, quality ECT and upload a pic or 2 but from my experience and a long relationship with CK I think I'm going to end up with 2 very huge plants. SNOLEPERD
Says : NL day 40, 1 plant outgrew her light and space, it's now a free range plant, 2nd allmost outgrew her space is about to top off, both plants are in full flower and are now showing trichome, I think this was the first plant I ever bought from CK many years ago, I think my technic has improved drastically as I don't remember these things being this large, will leave in veg another 10 days, add bloom base and enhancer change my light spectrum to full bloom and I should bring them home right on time around day 72. SNOLEPERD
Says : ordered 10 NL seeds. 100% disabled vet looking for pain relief. followed germ instructions with 100% success. converted my basement to a grow room. auto aircon/heat control and auto humidity control. 4 600 watt led full spectrum's. 1 week in and life looks good. will post results. Great experience with Crop King.
T flath
Says : Ok so im growing 2 nl, I grew every indica Dom auto CK sells, I grew these once, 1 plant is a monster (imagine complaining beacuse my plants to big)I hate to top a plant but if I had known? #2 is a bit smaller than I remember at day 31, more bushy, however I'll just keep her in veg longer, yes autos have a limited life span but they don't have a stroke and die on day 60, I ran a late early miss 110 day, I went from seed to harvest in 49 days with your dwarf lf, but my mean ave is 72 days, I want to say something about CK, I have used this co for 7 years, in all that time every seed sent germanated, but I germanate my way, I have never not grew said seed into a plant, I had 1 problem a batch of em would not flower, other banks will tell you to f off, not CK, they took care of it and I was very happy, best customer service in the industry hands down, (I have had a banks just steal my cash, there product is 5 star for the strains they sell, completely stable genetics, I have never had a unstable or deformities, I rate this co 5 stars on steroids for there customer service honesty product & genetics, I only grow autoflower plants my only regret is they do not have a huge selection of indica Dom autoflowers, what they have is great, 5 star, but no kush, my advice auto your fem purple kush, other than that CK is the industry leader, in other words if you want to grow start here, if you want something more exotic buy at your own risk. SNOLEPERD
T flath
Says : NL auto day 30, grew 2, both plants are at the exact stage of growth down to the leaf, 1 plant is much taller, the smaller of the 2 is more bushy, both plants are in pre flower, a stupid easy plant to grow, if you can't grow this give up! Absolutely no problems none, I have pics but how to upload? I expect to harvest between day 70 & 80, if your a beginner this is your plant, I only grew it beacuse it's hardy and handles heat well, my grow skill is far behond these nice, simple, easy, pretty, plants. SNOLEPERD
Says : I germinated 3 seeds and all 3 had different phenos. 1 Hermed so I plucked off the pollen sacs and put it in a separate room, it gave me 25 grams dried. The other 2 gave amazing yields, 85 grams and 105 grams. Of those 2 plants one was over 4 feet and the other over 3 feet. The taller plant had very large buds that continued to foxtail all the up until harvest, the buds were airy after the dry and cure. The shorter plant was perfect in everyway stronger effects than the others, nice dense buds and a stronger smell. All grown in 3 gallon smart pots with LED lights.
Says : Ordered 5 and in 5 days a cute little package arrived. Nice going CKS! Thanks for your super service.
Says : Bought 5 seeds, only used 2 so far. Germinated easily and went in to some nice coco. They grow nice and easy. Week 5 now and they are about 2 feet tall under a 150w actual draw light. As a first time grower I am very satisfied with my purchase. Oh - they smell amazing, and It's not overpowering either. Can't wait for harvest.
Says : Bought some Auto northern lights planted 5 lost 1 (my fault lol ) but the ladies are just turning 30 days old and are 4 ft unreal under a 315 watt CDM System using,for medium,coco,fertilized with cotton candy,3rd and 4th week ,then big bud,for 3 weeks,then finishing it off with overdrive.oh i used 7 gallon grow pro,fabric pots.....will be getting more right on crop king
Says : I grew 4 auto flowering northern lights I super cropped and topped twice within three weeks and repotted twice with no effect on them they are healthy as hell and now showing signs of flowering in just a short 6 weeks
Says : First time grower. Want to grow this outdoors. I have a high fence, and two large dogs for deterrent. I could use any advice. A great site. Welcome to sunny Alberta.
Says : 5/5 outdoors 2017 summer. Avg was 90 gr each. I have grown all autos from ck except auto ww but just recieved a freebee of auto ww with my purchase of ww fem'd. Grew in 20L buckets only took 10 weeks from seed.... plan it to harvest in mid august so the sun can realy give you a big boost... will buy again. Grown on the southern tip of Nova Scotia.
Says : I like this one it was easy and taste really good.
Says : 5/5 sprouted and grew beautifully with biggest yields I have ever gotten from a auto . Highly recommend
Says : I have grown three of my five seeds with amazing results. The first time I grew two under woefully underpowered (45w) LEDs, minimal nutes, and still had 88g of good herb. The second grow I used one Vipar Sprectra 450w in an 18” terra cotta pot in a 2x4x6’ tent. 18 hours of light all the time. It was a breeze to germinate and flowered like a click. I have already harvested 250g and have another ounce to harvest (staggered). The bud cured very easily in paper bags for a week before moving to mason jars. The bud is also great quality. With so much, it is hard to argue that growing yourself isn’t worth it. Even fully costed (with all grow-related expenses: dirt, nutrients, lights, tent, etc), I am paying less than $2 per g and dropping as I harvest. (I keep a spreadsheet- and you should too- of what I spend and what I yield. AutoFem NL is basically foolproof - and insanely enjoyable. Such a great strain for ease of growing and the pleasure of smoking. Love CKS!
Says : They take more than 8 weeks, maybe 12. Do not respond very well to nutes, an over fertilized soil will lead to dwarf plants (some will flowers some will die). I use LED 300w and 2large CFL's, but they need more light than that. My advise: use your garden's soil, no nutes, do not transplant, leave them alone, no stress procedures, no moving around and lots lots of light (HPS) on 24/0. As it says here some are different in size, strength, smell even from the same batch.
Bo Jangles
Says : OVERALL: 9/10 SHIPPING: 10/10 GERMINATION: 4/4 HEALTH: 7.5/10 YIELD (NL 7/10+NYCD 10/10): 8.5/10 EASE OF GROW: 8.5/10 BUD QUALITY: 9/10 TASTE/SMOKEABILITY: 9/10 ----------------------------------------------- I decided to finally give the new owners of CKS a chance. Shipped quick and discreet. I decided to start with four plants. Out of these, 100% germ rate, but one of my seeds had poor genetics (tiny plant with huge leaves, hermed out for no reason at week 5), one is definitely NOT Northern Lights (this is fine as I was given extra seeds and she is a *MASSIVE* Sativa-dominant plant, I would bet money she's the auto-NYC Diesel), and both of the other Northern Lights are doing well, beautiful frost-covered buds, great classic NL musk/pine/orchid scent... Although one is almost a spitting image of a ruderalis size and growth wise (~12", stubby leaves, one thick stubby kola...). All plants respond well to a little LST. ----------------------------------------------- All plants grown under 1800W full-spec LED w/ supplemental 250W HPS at flower. Veg=11,550lux Flower=12,975lux. Supplemental CO2. *2 NL's yielded a total of 2.25oz's *1 NYC Diesel is still in flower, but looks like she will be an 8+oz yield! Massive plant!
Says : I grew 3 last summer just for kicks. I ended up stressing the shit out of them by transplanting them twice, then once into the garden. The result? They dwarfed except for one that went hermie and pollinated the others. I pulled out the herm and put it in the fire pit. I got a few buds off the tiny plants and about 150 seeds. Woot! I'll definitely try that again.
Says : First time grower in the US -I've literally never grown anything but always wanted to try my hand at rowing herb. Ordered 5 NL Auto & 5 Trainwreck auto. thanks! Quick shipping to the eastern US in a totally discreet package. Decided to grow a pair of both so I followed the germination instructions & all of them sprouted no problem. I'm about 2 weeks in & I couldn't be happier. The NL's are growing a bit quicker & look fuller to me. I'm excited to continue this growing adventure & finally be able to provide myself with the medication I need. Thanks so much to CKS, I've I can get this far along in the process without a hitch, anyone can!
Aaron Hann
Says : Ordered my seeds Wednesday received them on Monday ! I got a cool metal pin and a dandy little booklet on the strains provided with a nice bit of info in regards to cannabis. Popped 2 of my northern lights in water, will update with progress ! Super excited !
Adam Dearabis
Says : I just finished my first grow. Friend gave me some EarlyMiss autos and they all turned out really good. had one small on but was super frosty and all went 75-85 days but a few could of came off earlyer i couldnt believe it. got a whole new set up and ready to go again gonna get some of these auto NL from a local store i found out on this site that carries CKS seeds right by where i live. Cks is great.
Says : Great strain, super forgiving plant, great smoke. Word to the wise all, don't re-pot an autoflower...of any kind. They don't like it and can cause several problems. Start in its final pot, you'll get better results. (LST maybe, but don't try topping; they no like that either because of their natural switch to flower. Not enough time to heal and get strong veg growth.)
Says : Update: Now 10 weeks in and at least 2 to go. Just over 4 feet tall and would probably have gone taller but scorched it's tip on the light. This is definitely a sativa throwback. Huge long fingered fan leaves. It vegged indica but has flowered sativa. The hairs are finally nugging up It'll be at least 12 weeks by the time it finishes.
Says : Great seeds ordered 5 seeds all sprouted they veg. For about a month before showing signs of flowering automatically i was very surprised by this my 1st time growing autos. Easy grow 2 months into flowering big buds smell amazing about to harvest. Will be buying again.
Says : 10 NLAF arrived superfast and discreet. Started 5 OMG germinated all and went into Dr. Earth solo cups. All 5 came up the same day and it's day 9 super heathy plants. I'm going to transplant very soon. These are going to be killer! Thanks Crop King 👑
Says : Strange plant. First grow, only got 1 of 5 to finish. That one was a tough, tough plant. Got attacked by mites when it was only a few inches tall, hit by cold and rain for almost a month yet finished at 2' tall and approx 30g. However, it went to seed for some reason (hermie because of weather?). I got three of those seeds to sprout. 2 went full bore hermie right from the start but the other one is 42 days in still growing at 44" and counting. Just hairs so far. Definitely not going to be a 56 day plant.
Says : Happy i started with these as first grow .. Took longer than the 8wk to finish,I am at almost 10wks and still a few days away. Be patience. Out of 5 seedlings that i started outside end up with 2 plants inside. Not the seeds i was having Environment issues. Out of the 2 one is 4ft tall with long thin buds . The other is 2 ft tall and a full fat plant with meatball size buds. Strange same tent same soil and lights. 18/6 light the entire time but 2 very different looking plants. Was thinking maybe something got mixed up. Either way Buds look and smell GREAT... all ready have 4 Amnesia Haze plants coming along Nice..
Says : I'm not a novice at this but when I tried your Northern Light seeds, flowering,..last June,..they are just 6 inches tall (one bud) and this is August 23, 2017. I gently repoted them in larger container however..thus far,..they remain the same height and have already flowered. Not impressed with these seeds.
Says : Hey there I just bought these seeds wondering how long do we need to keep our led lights on and off and what temperature should our grow room be
Says : Super fast delivery and discrete. Ready to hit the ground running. Will update on the grow. Thanks Crop King.
Says : My most favorite strain! She grew to almost 3ft & gave me 5oz in a 60hX13wX15d growing cabinet! Nice sweet flavor and the smell OMG!!!! Holy hell is She ever potent too!! XD
Says : Seeds arrived quick and discreet. Grew plant for 12wks from seed to day of harvest. Ended up with medical grade sparkling in trichomes. Yield was 1oz 8g. 1oz is curing while I started testing the leftover 8grams. The high is intense and relaxing. Gave some to a patient with chronic pain and he didn't have the need to take ibuprofen. Of course it wasnt cured but it was just a tester to feel the potency. Overall very happy with results.
Says : Purchased both Northern lights and amnesia haze. Arrived discreetly in about a week. Every seed I started sprouted and turned into plants. My only word of caution, and maybe I'm just understanding this wrong, is that I'm almost 11 weeks into my grown since I put the seed into the ground and I still haven't harvested. 4 of the 5 plants are 5' or taller and both look and smell amazing but I still haven't harvested yet. I was thinking it would take 8 weeks but it definitely has taken longer.....I'm sure though that it is going to be well worth the wait. Highly recommend these guys!!!
Says : Just received my northern lights auto fems so pretty stoked about that, ordered Thursday June 1st received monday June 5th wow talk about fast and very discrete,took about 5 mins just to find them,at first thought they might have forgot to ship them until I went through package a second time,now its time to start the germination process the soak for 12hrs,then damp paper towel method they recommend for the 80 percent germination rate,so far very happy with CKS,if everything turns out good will be making many more purchases in the near future,thanks alot CKS
Says : 8wk 2.5' tall 400w HPS 4x4 tent 5 gallon Promix 3 Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice and Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Started at 24/24 then 12/24 Easy grow, as soon as it was mature enough to pinch it flowered. Almost no smell. A few 10" colas. Short plant in my setup. VERY hairy I'll write more soon and post a picture.
Niko Styles
Says : Day 79 of the 24 Northern Lights Auto grow. VERY HAPPY! Looking great and more than I expected with an auto. Expecting about 1.5oz/plant. Since dropping the humidity for the last weeks of flowering the trichomes have really stepped it up. Some of the flowers look like they have dew drops on them. Thanks Crop King can't wait till they're finished.
Says : So pleased with cks. Fast and reliable delivery, awesome customer service and now I'm just hoping these bad boys pop and take flight. I will be back for more and highly recomend cks 💪
Says : Seriously, less then a week delivery to the East Coast - That is what you call service! I will be back Crop King! Northern Lights Auto here I come!
Says : Bought a 5 pack. 5/5 germed but lost 1 due to stuck shell and torn cotyledon, lost another due to my organic medium being too rich. Called customer support, no fuss no muss, replacement pack on the way. Thank you CKS for standing by your products and taking care of me. Will definitely be ordering from you again.
Says : Ordered on Dec 8th. Took awhile for first ones to show but CKS answered my calls and were friendly and kept me calm. After awhile they sent out a 2nd batch. The first ones showed and a few days later the 2nd ones came as well. Awesome customer service! Every single one I started popped! Got double the amount I ordered plus extra! First ones are beautiful and just about 21 days left. Genetics are on point and put out what CKS says...probably more! Did I say I've never done any past projects before? First time! NLA's have to be "Extremely Easy"to do, and not "Easy-Moderate". I was kinda bummed about the first order but CKS took care of me, and locked me in as a loyal customer. I ordered some GC fem's and they arrived within a week! These NL autos though...DAMN!!!...Hard to screw these up! Worth every penny...feels like a robbery! Lol
Says : I just figure out why the high price for seeds. I just got my seeds today it was great to know that I sent cash and got seeds that I ordered. Thank you crop king seeds for making me smile once I seen the package in my mailbox. I'm not going to say what it was shipped in but I'm sure glad I took the chance. And yes I will be placing a order again I love you guys.
Niko Styles
Says : Bought 25. All germinated and 24 of them went on to sprout their first true leaves! Less than 96 hours since the first seed germinated and already the tallest plant is 2.5"! Start of a good grow. Thanks Crop King!
Says : Received the seeds today made order last friday. Really impressed with the fast delivery now to see how they grow. Even got the pin I was hoping for thanks CKS you guys rock. I will definitely reorder. Stay lifted and happy growing
Says : I started 5 and all of them took, I grew 3 in a 4x4 grow tent and got 10oz's. I have nothing bad to say about NL it's good smoke and easy to grow. I definitely recommend this strain to anyone that wants a decent yield and good smoke.
Says : Looking for a good strain for outdoors in the Midwest
Says : Started with 3 seeds in 20 cm pots outside in mid to late November, one was ready about a week ago, another today and the last will be tomorrow or the next day by the looks of it, the first is now curing, expecting about 1.5oz from that and maybe 2.5 each off the other 2, the smell and density of the bud is crazy and whilst the yeild may sound modest this was done in a cold environment with only dolamite lime, cheap potting mix and a very small amount of liquid fertilizer. I smoked a bud of it and whilst it has a tiny bit of moisture left in it the effects and taste are amazing im patient enough to wait another week or two but it literally doesnt need it in terms of taste.
Says : Started off using a t5 setup and got my 4 NL plants flowering nicely. They are about 3-4 weeks into flower and smell amazing! Just got a 400w led light fixture today and now have them under that, along with 2 early miss that are just about a week into veg. All at 18-6 light schedule. Crop king is the best! Healthy and hardy plants every time
jorge leal
Says : Nice!
Says : Got my seeds in 14 days. Great stealth shipping! 100% germination, and my girls are growing like crazy at 8 days old. Thank you CKS!
Mark Sherman
Says : great taste easy to grow.
Says : CROP KINGS makes this process ExTREMELY easy. I have ordered a few different strains and each time the shipping and customer service gas been on point. Zero complaints from me. Now the actual grow itself is a different story. Lol. Cheers
Says : I've been growing this strain indoors for a couple of years. In my opinion, it's hardy seed as I plant directly in soil and only one out of 25 has failed to go past seedling. I highly recommend this strain for beginners and closet grows. Nice relaxing high.
Tennessee Tim
Says : Have grown this a couple of times now and been well pleased! 100% germination every time! Compact plants , easy, fast, reliable, great smoke for relaxation and stress/pain relief! What's not to like?
Says : I have had a great experience so far with the 5 northern lights autos I purchased from cks. All 5 seeds germinated and the plants are about 3 weeks from harvest. I should mention that this was my first grow! Beyond easy! Thanks CKS!!
Says : Amazing customer service. Hands down the best! 3 germinated in less than 48 hrs using method provided by CKS. Extremely discreet, no worries here :) .
Says : One of the fastest growing strain of cannabis autoflower you can buy for producing bud. dont reject this product because it has all the traits you want if your growing females. This will give you a new out look on autoflowes. Try it out and become an autogrower!.
Says : Just bought my first seeds yesterday from a location back east here. Heard LOTS of great things about Northern Lights, so here I go. Thanks n wish me luck lol
William Ledford
Says : Thank you for bringing candy cane back,I have been buying from crop king for a long time,and I will never change,I have tryed some places people tell me they have had better luck with,here I am back again,keep up the great work,i'm making another order this week,it's winter now your T shirts are nice,but it's time for some hoodies to be sold,thank's for the great work all of you do.
Says : Crop king is the real deal! Very reliable I got my beans about a week after I ordered them and it came very discreet. Looking forward to working with their genetics. I highly recommend this seed bank 100% !!
Says : Wow they should take me Christies cookies motto , instead of mr Christie you make good cookies it should be CROP KING TOU BREED AMAZING CANNABIS !!! A pheno of NL auto is so dense it's like a rock, small plant yielded over 200 grams almost 250 , this is an incredible strain highly recommended , NOTE ALL PHENOS FINISHED BEFOR CANDY CANE PLANTS ODDLY, even tho candy is 7 wks and NL was 9 and I had NL finish at 6 weeks flower for kne pheno with cloudy and Amber trichomes . It's an amazing strain and this pheno is the best out of all phenos so far!!!!!!!! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THIS IS A STRAIN THAT WORDS CANT DESCRIBE AND PICTURES AND FEELING IT IS DUE !!!!!!! Long live crop king! Canada !!!!!
Says : WORDS DONT DO JUSTICE IF I COULD ID UPLOAD PICS OR VIDEO. 3 main pehnotype I found 1) fruity smelling, very fluffy foxtailling pheno medium YEILD, 2) very very fruity extremely hard / dense buds extreme trichome production and very fast finisher . By far the best pheno , 3) the third is a very fluffy and slower flowering pheno with and incredibly pungent and delicious smelling terpins of strawberrys , the other phenos just smell a general fruity about the 3) is amazing for smell. Takes longer then #2 to flower but seems to be less dense and puffy. No foxtail son 3rd pheno.
Says : Trip report: Purchase and shipping - Excellent and quick Setup - 600w with digital ballast 3x Crop King NL seeds Recommended potting soil mix 3x 3 gallon grow pots 3 plants grew and harvested in 80 days, 7 days for drying Yield - 4 large mason jars after drying, estimate 4.5 to 5oz total This was my first attempt and I'm quite happy with the results
David Trevino
Says : cant wait to start
John W Cox
Says : The have some of the best seeds that I have ever had the pleaser to grow and I had two ice wreck seeds left over from two years ago and the both came up and a mole got one and the other one is awesome.I am fixing to open up my own grow farm and Crop king is where I am a going to get my seeds.I have been ordering my seeds for over 30+ years and I guess I have tried every seed bank and you will not go wrong with the king if all goes well today I am a going to be ordering some today for my own use.Peace and keep it green always
jake moores
Says : CROP KING IS ONE OF THE BEST COMPANIES BY FAR IN THIS INDUSTRY!!! customer service is incredible they treat people great, delivery was sooooooo fast, I got 3 orders from crop king in the time in took one other company to send a single. NORTHERN KIGHTS REVIEW, the phenol type I would like to talk about was literaly awe inspiring. it was abit so to start but once it started it was the largest cola I had ever seen on an auto flowering plant it is still going so we will see it may be the biggest ever . each phenotype he a slightly different flower time but all in all these were very good and stable genetics .HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!!!! very strong vigorous plants that grow rapidly and very strong giving amazing yields even to people that have little to no experience, and for the expert these can be prize winners when done properly. crop king makes autos easier to deal with!
Meam green
Says : I don't have enough room to say how good this company is but I will say one thing I won't deal with no one else but crop King
Says : Best seed ever thanks crop king am going to buy white cookies next times, my northern light are ice on ice and frosty but they all look different
Says : I got these beans about a week after ordering. Ordered 10, thanks CK! I had 1 seed not germinate out of all 10, which is fine because the results were great. Planted them in 3 gallon pots with promix. The buds were very frosty and dense. The plants stayed short but put out a high yield.
Says : I highly recommend this company. You can tell they care a lot about their product and take pride in everything they do!
Says : Ordered the seeds on a Sunday I got them the following Tuesday 6 business days it is fast and discreet great job u guys
Says : Seeds got to me very quickly, germinated 2 seeds, both sprouted and now 10 days in. Will be ordering from here again!
Says : Pleasant effect, awesome flavour, enticing aroma, kind L600 LED lamps, organic soil mix, fabric 3g pots, GP medi kit, planted 4/5 beans, 100% fem.2+0z dry, sticky frosted, awesome CKS cheers
Fozzy Bear
Says : Ordered 2 x 5 pack of Northern Lights seed July 2015. Showed up in under a week. First 5 100% germination and 4 oz in 14 weeks. Trying round 2 of 5 now. 100% germination planting tomorrow.
Tennessee Tim
Says : After growing the King's Northern Lights auto fem /auto flowering strain several times now, I feel I can highly recommend this strain!It grows very well under T5 HO lights alone, if you provide veg and bloom bulbs at the right times.It will produce a little heavier buds under HPS lighting but I am not sure the extra electric cost/heat is worth it. The auto blooming is so easy to grow,not finicky about lighting issues, very fast to harvest and is a great all round smoke! High quality relaxation smoke, good pain and anxiety relief and pleasant smell /taste!The yield is good for a small easy to manage plant! A continuous harvest is possible with two lights in a small space(for you new growers info)! I have been averaging about 85 grams of dried bud per plant, under T5's, in an organic compost potting mix, using 3 gallon air pruning grow bags.This is with only 330 watts of power(30,000 lumens)(6, 4 ft. bulbs) and with much less heat than I get fro my 600 watt HPS. The 8 bulb fixtures with more coverage and 100 plus more watts(10,000 more lumens) is probably a better choice for a T5 grow to maximize coverage area under one fixture and would probably accomodate another plant or two. My last grow of Northern Lights were planted 10/15/15 and half of them(2 of 4)were ready 12/21/15 and the rest will be ready over the course of the next week, most likely. While all auto flowering plants are great for their ease to produce, the great combination of yield, pleasant taste, good pain and stress relief, lower odor and more , makes Crop King's Northern Lights a real winner for me!
Wilmer Bernal
Says : Super fast shipping, but i made a beginner mistake, I don't let the seed grow enough to put it in soil so it didn't grow(the seeds die on soil) just one seed survive and its growing, hope it will made it through the final stage!
Says : Beautiful strain and a complete pleasure to grow. Even the great Jorge Cervantes gave her a thumbs up. Fast growing, lush color, large indica dominant plant, did have one sativa phenotype but she's a beaut too. Recomend this strain for moderate growers as she's touchy with calcium and magnesium. A bottle of cal-mag will cure that.
Says : I will be placing an order next Wednesday 11/25 when I get paid. Thanks
Says : Not sure on the 10 weeks mine got 14 weeks to finish
Tennessee Tim
Says : Howdy! You all delivered the Northern Lights today,Wednesday. I sent my Cash Transfer on the Friday before, less than 6 days including the weekend! Your service rep I talked to on the phone was personable and friendly. Seeds in the stealth package that look good! Already soaking them and preparing the grow!A Happy Hillbilly- Tennessee Tim
Says : How many hrs of light inside is best? Also with autos do you use 18/24 then switch to 12/24? And outside do you have to wait for the sunlight to change for them to start budding? Or do they do it on there own?? Thanks. New to auto flowering
NL auto reviewer
Says : At 8 weeks from planting seed now and very impressed so far. Got the auto to squeeze in a late outdoor grow but the weather didn't allow it so I moved inside. They started to flower about 3 weeks from sprout (some 2.5, some 4 weeks) and they were babies....6" tall for the big ones. At 8 weeks 2 are about 16" and full of bud, prob 2oz per plant, 6 are about 3ft and starting to bud up nicely, guessing 3oz a plant and two are almost 5ft tall and still growing. Not as mature as the others so hard to say but hoping they fill in nice. Def flower points everywhere. Growing with a 18/6 lighting the whole way through under 1000k wat hps with all filter/ventilation in place. Doing this because they are in a veg room with purple kush from here that are looking rediculously strong. Once these northerns are done I will flower the 10 kush with 5 per side, each 5 under 1000k wat hps. Seriously though the purple kush are beasts already at 6 weeks from seed....smallest one is 2ft and limbs all over.
Says : got my hands on these seeds.....planted them outside in the worst soil possible....fed them once.....they didnt get taller than 2 feet.....yield was 2 oz per plant potenceny and quality was 8 out of 10 excellent strain for two crops a year it!!!im growing more!!
Says : First grow: Grew two NL autoflower at the same time using only one 200 Watt, 2700K CFL for the entire time on a 18-6 light schedule. It took exactly three months from start to finish and I harvested 2.5 large mason jars of bud, lots and lots and lots of sugar-leaf shake, and over 75 capsules of shake-coconut oil. Still have tons of shake to either smoke or make edibles. So my grow cost = $180 in lighting plus the cost of seeds = $5 for $55. Still three seeds left and all I can say that it was EASY - grew like weeds!
Says : I received my order of NLA seeds seven days after ordering them. I could not be happier with the results- the buds already look amazing. Six weeks to go. Thank you for being legit.
Says : Week 8 standing 3ft tall from seed and to many flowers count extremely bushy aswell do not Transplant autos put in pot gonna grow and leave her be occasionally pamper her
Says : Ordered my NL seeds late February or so... Got my seeds in exactly 6 days discretely and popped them directly into wet peat moss pellets and they germinated perfectly... Right now I am into week 2 of flowering and she's doing excellent, I can't wait for the flowers to start getting large and dense, which I know they will. Great company, honest, professional and timely... I recommend to anybody interested in becoming a beginner grower
Says : Received my 5 seeds 4 weeks ago. all 5 germinated and am on week 3 of my grow. So far so good. Excited for the end results on my first grow!
Says : Just received my 10 plus couple NL all the way down in Texas. Only took 1 week. Thank ya'll i'll be coming back..
Says : N.l.ordered shipped discrete fast really nice job ...and give many recommendations to this company.. thnx guys till next time ;)
Says : 4 out of 5 germed. And germed fast. Cup for 8hrs, papertowel for 6hrs and 1/4inch taproot. In the 10th week now. Mild to strong honey and skunk scented. All plants are 2ft tall, extensive side branching coverd in sattalite buds. Each of the 4 plants grew 2 main side branches that formed kolas larger than the crown. Never seen it before untill now specially with autos. All buds are butane can sized. For the size of these plants I'm amZed by how many buds and how dense they are. Tops of buds are turning all sorts of purple colours. 10th week and I've got predominantly milky white trichomes mixed with amber and purple trich's. So far I have been absolutely amaze with these vigerous growers.
Says : Bought northern lights and white widow germinated three each as you described, 100% germinated and are up 1" out of soil will trance plant whit widow out doors after it gets warmer in a few weeks.
east coast bill
Says : hello, I purchased 5NL auto fem and received a few extra ... only problem is that out of the 4 I germinated only 2 popped the other two were duds...shipping was fast and discrete...ill update with the two that did germinate
Says : These guys are the real deal! Fast discreet shipping, with customer service and knowledge standing strong. Would highly recommend taking advantage of their great service and enjoy watching your garden explode with beautiful flowers. Thanks again Crop Kings, will send an order in once again soon! -Fieldofgreenz
Noob Grow
Says : My first grow of anything, ever. I made every mistake in the book and these gals still came though. Highly recommend for a first time grow, as you WILL mess up no matter how much you think you've researched. Well worth the money!
Pat woodard
Says : Hello, I'm looking for a auto flower that is high in cbd and medium thc thanks guys
Says : Awesome strains!!
Says : Just got my 10 seeds plus extra's. Germinating 2 right now, I'll update with progress.
Says : Just got my 5 seeds. Will update progress
Says : Ordered Northern Lights seed and used easybuds six shooter to grow. Started 4 and all 4 germinated within 24 hours. The plants were healthy and vigorous despite first time grow issues. I think we could have done a lot better but got several ounces of extremely potent buds without doing anything but monitoring water levels, PH and nutes. I'm very happy with this strain.
hot boy
Says : Got my order only took 2 weeks and getting ready to place another order. Will be getting all autoflower seeds can't wait for that jack herrer to come out.
downeast trawlstar
Says : received order approximately 2 weeks ago. very fast delivery and haven't had a chance to post a review iv been enjoying my garden :) . Awesome stealth shipping and couldn't wait to show my fellow growers to take a look at what id got my hands on. ordered 5 and got 7 but only 5 germinated which still i am very pleased with. I'm getting ready to place another order now if that tells you anything. hands down best seed site iv come across and i definitely dont need to look any farther than Crop King Seeds. Your the KING. Thanks again so much an i recommend 100% to others
wayne wheeler
Says : never had it,, but i'm looking farword!
Says : Bought around 20 seeds and had 90% germination which I thought was incredible, plants came out of the ground and never looked back, thanx crop kings I'm living the dream
Says : Great seeds, no problems with germinations what-so-ever and they grow like a , well, weed. Very healthy, very hearty plant. Crop King Seeds, your the best.
kid tris
Says : great customer service, great packaging...%60 germination rate...advertises to be germ to harvest in 2 2 and a half months they are two feet tall and just beginig to show signs of flowering...maybe itss because its an outdoor grow and 2 months is more like ideal indoor time...they are in direct sunlight in the southern usa. will order autos again, if for nothing else then how fairly the treated me.
Says : Bought 10 seeds 8 germinated. Very hardy, had a great harvest. Thanks Crop King.
Says : Just received my seeds in Colorado in a week flat!!! Seeds look great!!! Will post germination results shortly!!!
kenneth ill
Says : very good seeds
Jorge Calleja
Says : I just received before time my seeds, thank you soo much. !!! I recommend buying with them !
Says : Great
Says : I was on your live chat with Lisa because I was unsure what to order. She recommended Northern Lights. Just ordered today. Sorry if this review is here because I can't find where to leave a review for LiSA. She is superb. She is an asset in your company. I think she deserves a salary raise.
Northern Lights Fan
Says : I have ordered Northern Lights from other companies which are located in Amsterdam. I'm a big fan of the strain. When I found out that Crop King Seeds has their own Northern Lights seeds for sale and that they are here in Canada, so I didn't hesitate to order from them. Got my seeds quickly and 9 out of 10 germinated. Awesome company! I will order more and will try your Zeus and Morpheus. I like gods. :)

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