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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 8 to 9 weeks
Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant
Effect: Sativa Uplifting
THC: Moderate
THC%: 15.50% Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 1.21% Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.40% Laboratory Report
Country: Spain Spain
Yield: Up to 250 gr Indoors/150 gr out
Genetics: Lemon Haze
Price: 5 Seeds / $60.00
10 Seeds / $110.00
25 Seeds / $200.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Amnesia Haze
Expand your mind with the auto-flower version of this cup-winning Haze from Holland. This uplifting Sativa will ease anxiety, alleviate headaches and spark the creative fire within.

Notes of lemon and spice bring on a psychedelic stone without the long growing time. Robust, medium-sized plants produce dense, resinous buds which mature in just 9 weeks.

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Price : $60.00

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Amnesia Haze Growing, THC Content, Flowering Time and Potency Information

All marijuana lovers deserve to have their favorite strain as easily as possible. This is what inspired us to add Amnesia Haze in autoflowering form to our existing product lines. This Sativa dominant beauty is an easy to moderate grow that takes merely 8 or 9 weeks to fully flower and can thrive both indoors and outdoors.

If you have been in the industry for a while or know some who have been, chances are, you already know Amnesia Haze by heart. Indeed, there is a reason this strain has become so popular among growers and users alike, and that makes this strain a must-have in your garden.

Measured at 15.50%, the THC content of this Spanish strain is at a moderate level. The CBD level is also quite high at 1.21%. Indeed, this plant is not only dank in scent and taste but also in purpose. The yield is quite attractive too. When grown outdoors, this Amnesia Haze autoflowerer can give you up to 150 g worth of yummy, dense yield. When grown indoors, this strain can yield up to 250 grams.

The effect of our Amnesia Haze autoflowerer is mainly uplifting. This is why it is also used by medical marijuana users suffering from anxiety and heavy stress. This strain can also be used to combat headaches and boost creativity. This is therefore perfect for those days when you need to get a lot done well. There is also a bit of psychedelic effect.

Our autoflowering Amnesia Haze is recommended especially if you are aiming for a well-rounded collection with strains that offer a little bit of everything. This baby can be used for pure relaxation or relief for anxiety.

Buy Amnesia Haze Seeds for Growing High Quality Marijuana Plants

Having been in the industry for quite a while, Crop King Seeds places top priority on your cannabis seeds order and keep all your details private and safe. You can buy Amnesia Haze seeds and other premium quality cannabis seeds in our website and we will ship your order as soon as possible. Place your marijuana seeds order today, send a payment using credit card, bitcoin, or Interac E-Transfer. We also accept cash and money order in the mail.

39 Reviews of Amnesia Haze Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds

Says : First time growing this strain, only popped one seed so far, but finished through to the curing stage. One plant yielded 84g of nice bud, smooth smoke, not much in the ways of terpenes, but the high is great uplifting and functional all around. I look forward to popping a couple more shortly.
Says : Picked up a pack of these with some Northerns in sept. Had varying success with the Northerns and have talked with CK about it. The 2 AmnHz I started popped in less then 24 and had to be planted right away because of how fast they grew lol. They formed beautiful compact dark green plants dense buds that had very few hairs but were frosted almost past secondaries and smell great....sticky too. As with most autos carefull with nutes until dialed in, and switch to your flowering nutes and cal/mag early. Look forward to the sampling part. :o ).
Says : This is my third year growing seeds from Crop King. I am always satisfied and amnesia haze is my new Favorite. Uplifting buzz that always puts my friends in a good mood.
Says : I've purchased quite a few seed from crop king. Jack here purple kush northern lights white wifie and I've always had solid grows with goid results but I purchased 10 of these amnesia hazesand feel like they were a weak gebtic plant a lot harder to grow. They d8dnt yield as much as I wouldve liked for keeping them on 18 6 schedule feel like a waste of time.
Says : This is an amazing plant! I’m a relatively inexperienced grower and was skeptical about what to expect from an auto flower. After only 8 weeks from putting the seeds in the dirt I had 2 plants that were relatively small, 18” high, but packed with almost 3oz a piece of dense, massive, crystal covered nuggets. Can’t wait for it to dry so I can have my first taste! All hail the king!
Says : Got my seeds today very discrete packaging i almost missed them shipping was way faster than expected! will be buying again. Thank you CKS
Growilla Guerilla
Says : I was so worried about ordering seeds online. I just knew I was not going to receive them. Well... Not only did I receive the beautiful baby girl makers in this case "Amnesia Haze" but Crop King sent me what I paid for. They e-mailed me Friday, April 6 and they got here today in the deep south four days later on the 10! I have waited so long to finally get my hands on quality seeds... I will do them the justice that they so rightfully deserve. Props Crop King, you have my loyalty to your Royalty! I'll keep you posted on the grow!
Says : Had an excellent experience with this strain. It responds well to organic fertilizer and is relatively low maintenance. Buds are very resinous with a strong scents of citrus and earth. The smoke is very smooth after 2 weeks of curing. Definitely recommend this for new growers.
Says : Looks like a good deal
Says : Bought 20 16 germinated. Majority very small size. Very weak smell/taste of any haze terpes. Majority good-very good quality. Nothing like amnesia haze from Holland as far as taste and smell go. Friends liked the quality too.
Says : I picked a 5 pack quick to ship. Only 1 didn't germinate the rest grew like champs. It says ready in 9 weeks but I held off until week 12 to harvest and they exploded between 9-12. Out of the 5 I have grown todate the average I have been seeing is about 4oz per plant dry. They take very well to LST, and smell wonderful best way I can describe it is like a lemon pinecone. All of mine are fox farm soil planted, indoor, 800w led, nutrient added from week 4 to 10. Last two weeks flush. Great energetic high, if you have never had a strong sativa I definitely recommend amnesia haze.
Says : If you are and extractor, or make topical lotion's this is the best strain I have ever grown. Done properly it is extremely heavy weight, trichrome's like a snowfield, ( put a mirror underneath when hanging for curing the trichrome's rain like snow ) During extraction I got 9 g of the purest shatter I have ever produced from 21g. Unheard-of if you extract by the seeds
Eric noury
Says : Definitely a hash plant at harvest if done correctly in a 100% proper indoor grow. I did get one for hermaphrodite, but in a shatter extract the oil was unbelievable. I literally got 6 to 7 g oil extract From 18g. Use proper nutrients and proper and a good cyclone airflow and even without CO2 you will have an amazing harvest
Says : This is a very strong smelling plant. a lot of trichs came very early with this strain and its the most dense buds that I have growing. very impressed and only a couple more weeks to harvest so can't wait. this plant is dense and extra frosty. a must have
Says : 1 full day after soaking I have 100% germination. Taproots growing well.
Says : I ordered my seeds on Friday and they arrived on Monday. Soaking them tonight. CKS rocks. I'll add pictures as the plants mature.
Says : Shipped 6/22/17 in my mailbox on 6/27/17 . now that's what I call service. Ill update once they are harvested.
ali reza
Says : question:how mach is yeild per planet?
Says : Big big fan of the amnesia haze auto fem. Easy as pie. 9/10 grew to full auto size. 6/10 are awesome frosty buds with great smell. The other three are the taller ones and for some reason they didn't bud as well. One I cut because it wasn't producing at all(still female though). No sign of male or hermys. Will be Defenately getting ah auto fem again. Thanks ck.
thomas c hammond
Says : I thought amnesia haze was really a, a, it was like, a. Well I guess I'll have order some more beans....All hail Queen Lise!!!!
Says : Not recommended for outdoors. yields were very small.and all under 12" high.Although they did smell and taste great,and good high,so i guess it was a trade off.Maybe it would be better yields for the indoor grower.
Says : 2.25.17. *Update* If you buy your seeds anywhere else besides CKS.. Don't. I am 28 from seed and every 1 of my girls are thriving in my dwc setup. They all began to flowers exactly 21 days into the grow and have a long flowering time so I don't want to jinx myself but hopefully I'll pull off a good to massive yield. I'll send 1 pic to CKS if they want to use it from today. They also already smell incredible and tiny trikes are apparent. I've never seen that before in the first week of flower? Regardless in 2 months I'll def post my results. Thanks again KING!!!
Says : Great fast shipping and discrete ! Got my seeds in just 6 days on to germination and I will post a review as soon as there is life
Says : CKS customer service is by far the best I have ever experienced. I have never had a problem with germination of seeds and the rep I spoke with..We both came to the conclusion that the extreme cold we have had in Massachusetts and shipped from Canada was most likely the cause. Needless to say that they were very helpful and customer satisfaction is their #1 priority. They go above and beyond for you. As I mentioned in a previous review CKS has a life long customer. Thanks again to everyone at CKS.
Says : CKS is by far the best company with the best customer service around. My first order from them arrived to the greater Boston area in 5 days! I'd say that's FASSSST. All the seeds received germinated and I am about to harvest. Just placed an order for these Amnesia Autos and will be growing in a sog setup. Also I highly recommend that you join the 420mag forum. For new growers or any Qs abt a specific strain there are more than enough KNOWLEDGEABLE people who know what they are doing and are happy to help. Only place I'll ever order from is CKS. I'll be sure to have a grow journal for anyone interested. User name on 420 is JRILEY100. Thx again CKS and happy growing to all..
Auto Man
Says : I've grown lots of auto plants. Amnesia haze auto is one of the best. Grows fast lots stretch to produce nice bud sites. You can LST this plant and even top early. She will keep growing . And keep pushing it. Nice size leaves that are a beautiful green. This plant is great for beginners Was 5 for 5 on germination with these seeds
Train wreck
Says : I got 5 train wreck but idk if two of my seeds good they are super white compared to the other 3 in the pack but in case they didn't work I got 5 more amnesia haze coming
Peter lubinski
Says : Revolver sucks I had a million bananas ivsaved my crop but it was a flipping chore. No more revolver. I liked early miss gonna try amnesia and early missbnxy orfer. U guys a reliable
Says : I had a male plant pop up in the auto flower/feminized. I called to let them know and they replaced the one with 5 and gave me 10% off on my next purchase. It's a beautiful thing to deal with a company who stands behind their products and their customers.
Says : Received the 5 and can't wait to start them very fast delivery I will definitely be coming back soon thanks CKS
Says : Got five inside healthy indica looking have another two outside and looks completely different sativa all the way cant bealeave the difference in the two cant wait for the outcome stay lifted friends
Says : Awesome! Can't wait to get the seeedss
Says : Cant wait to harvest not sure about 8-9 weeks flower one is ready 8 weeks from seed trich's look good
Says : Thanks from alaska. Would post a picture but don't see the option here. Plant looks great.
Says : 4 of 5 germinated. All female. 3 distinct varieties. One is a short stub with very dark stubby fat leaves. Not at all sativa characteristics. Curious to see the outcome.
Says : Going to be harvesting my girl in the next couple of days coupled with my light and system I have going this girl came up beautiful with nice dense big buds!!!
Says : hey just got my 5 haze with 5 candy cane order. germinated 3 on thursday and all three sprouted today (saturday) 1/4'' and healthy. looking forward to this grow will post results along with auto jack and auto candy cane
Says : In two weeks Amnesia Haze be here ?

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