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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Very Easy
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 80% Indica, 20% Sativa
Effect: Calming, Relaxing Medical
THC: Easy
THC%: 8%
CBD: 8%
Country: UK UK
Yield: 250 grams Indoors 150 grams Outdoor
Genetics: UK Original now with CBD
Price: 5 Seeds / $70.00
10 Seeds / $140.00
25 Seeds / $300.00
CBD Auto Cheese
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Marijuana Seeds Canada CBD Auto Cheese
Our fast flowering medical CBD strain has arrived in Cheese form. This famous strain originally from Europe and known for its cheesy characteristics has been turned into auto-flowering gold. We've lowered the THC (8%) and upped the CBD (8%) so you will get an equal balance and 1:1 ratio of a fast flowering mainly indica strain with medical properties.

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CBD Auto Cheese Growing, Medical Strain, Flowering Time, Potency and Yield

This feminized strain is ideal for novice growers because it is very easy to work with. It also thrives in both indoor and outdoor growing environments, so it is not too finicky to care for. If you are new to growing cannabis, you may want to get yourself some of these before moving to harder strains.

CBD Auto Cheese is a high-yield plant originating from the UK. Being 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, this strain delivers a kind of high that is unique to its class. This has been around for quite a while now, and there is a reason that it remains a big crowd favorite. Do yourself a favor, and light up one of these girls the soonest you can.

The effect of CBD Auto Cheese is mainly calming and relaxing. In fact, it is so good at soothing the body and calming the mind that a lot of users smoke it for medicinal purposes. If you or some people you know can use these medical properties of our strain, then you should definitely have this in your garden.

When cultivated outdoors, this plant can produce yields weighing up to 150 g. Indoors, that number can shoot up to 250 g. These numbers are quite impressive relative to this class of strains. Indeed, planting a single CBD Auto Cheese in that grow area of yours is a huge investment that your future self will surely thank you for.

This plant is for growers who can use its powerful calming effects. Regardless of whether you grow for commercial or personal uses, having this baby at your disposal comes with a lot of benefits that you can rarely find in other strains.

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Buy CBD Auto Cheese seeds and other medical marijuana seeds in our website now and we will ship your order to your address in the soonest time possible. We do our best to make sure that you will be paying for your cannabis seeds order easily. We are the only seed company with stable credit card processing ability in the industry and we are always on-the-go on improving our systems. For any questions or concerns regarding the cannabis seeds that we have for sale, please phone, email or chat with us now.

41 Reviews of CBD Auto Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Andy Phillips
Says : First off, CKS advised me by email when they had shipped the seeds. The email stated the seeds would arrive in 7-10 days. It was 3-4. Already I'm stoked. I've ordered from CKS before and the process is always the same. Just like every other time. It is little things like that keeps me coming back to the King. Sprouted three seeds following CKS's procedures. Seeds sprouted in 2 days. Planted in soil mixture Thursday (1/31) and seedlings broke the soil surface today (2/1). I'm all set. I'll post more reviews as events unfold.
Says : Unbelievable yield...great taste, mellow and smooth...Never miss with the King/
Says : I made some oil out of mine. Let me tell you, it is top notch! One dose last me all night. No more running outside to smoke a bowl every so often. Oil vs Smoke and I'll take the oil every time. If you think the cheese is weak or you have to smoke a fair amount, then this oil is what you need. I'm working on the other 2 CBD strains now.
Says : Full review. 2 grows. Here is my experience growing cbd auto cheese. Last year I was sent seeds that were not cbd auto cheese. They did not auto flower. I have no idea what the strain was but it finished late october and turned out great. I wish I knew what it was!!! I did complain after week 10 and cropking sent me 5 new seeds, I grew 3 seeds this year. All three germinated. And it was definitely cbd auto cheese I grew them outdoors in eastern ontario in 10 gal containers. They grew quick and I experimented. One I left to grow untouched. one I FIMed and one I cut the lower branches off. The one left untouched did the best. The one FIMed got about 2/3 the yeild of the one untouched and the last one was similar but formed a huge main cola. No rot issues. I started early July and finished mid September. It's now cured and it is very very smooth and enjoyable to smoke. The potency is quite low. This is a very functionable buzz great for social settings. It doesn't last very long however. Be prepared to up your usage with this strain. Cheers
Says : Planted 3 auto cheese June 22 Will be harvesting Sept 20 or so Soil less mix, led light plants are healthy and 2 are 4 feet 1 is 38 inches. Very happy with the experience, lots of buds niece smell, can't wait to enjoy the crop.
Says : i got these seeds came quick out of three seeds i just finished they never got taller than 1foot and produced 1/2 ounce each grew in promix and with proper ph and calmag proper amendments and kept temp at 75 and humidity at 50% out of what i got even though they they were very very short flowered quick and didn't produce much it was the best tasting and smoothest high i have felt in along time
A ron
Says : Bought these seeds from a local shop, didn't keep receipt so the online agent couldn't help me much. This isn't really a complaint either, guess it depends on whom you talk to. The seeds that i bought, autoflower cbd cheese, were in fact NOT autoflower. I waited patiently for them to flower which they never did... Until i put them into a 12 n 12. Now cloned and second batch growing strong I could say Im happy! If it was the right stain...
Says : I’ve grown some great crops with Crop King seeds but so far I’m disappointed with these seeds. After plants were about 3-4 inches tall they started to bud and now they are not growing any larger. I started some Black Indica at the same time and they are growing great. I wouldn’t purchase these seeds again.
Bob the builder
Says : I’m on my 2nd grow with auto cheese and all are doing well. Light one of these up after dinner And I become very relaxed and content. I haven’t even had a drink in 3 months don’t need to now.
Says : I bought the Cheese in January or so and initially planted 3 seeds (two of which I did not think would germinate (chipped/deformed a bit)... but they did. Weird that all three plants grew differently ie looked like they had different genetic traits in some ways ie plant shape and bud formation. They grew in a great environment with the same super-soil and about 7500 lu/sq ft... (hps) in 5 gallon containers... about 75deg the whole time. Harvested 65 days from germination and got about 2 oz per plant dried. Plants were about 32" at harvest. I have two growing in a super-soil planter in the back yard and am starting to germ the last two for a warmer experience in the same. I planted a bit early and staved off a couple of hard frosts by covering and ended up with a lot of cloud cover so this round is not ideal. they are flowering and look like twins, each has 10-15 gallons of root space if not more. I use it to make oil/caplets for a terminally ill ma-in-law and the combo of CBD/THC is really effective. Others really enjoy it as well... relaxing with mild high.. can function like normal but kills pain effectively. I will grow it again this fall. We can increase size and harvest by adding metal halide or LED during veg and 7gal grow bags. Harder to clone due to early flowering... not sure any will develop into useful plants. (and I've cloned a ton of plants)
Says : Just to be clear, the calming relaxed feeling is as advertised. I have excellent results with CropKing seeds.
Says : Package arrived today! Thanks crop king so discreet and so quick. Looking forward to germinating these all these babes that arrived today. I wouldn't order from ANY OTHER VENDOR!
Trailer Trash
Says : I ordered seeds last Thursday. I really wanted to start 'em by 4-20 day, so I paid for registered shipping. I figured if I'm paying premium prices, it's worth it to pay a bit more to make sure they actually arrive. So today (Monday) I checked the tracking website to see when they'd be delivered. My jaw hit my chest when the website said they were already in my mailbox! Way to go, Crop King! I really appreciate the detailed germination instructions. I will definitely follow them to the letter. OK, time to put 'em in water...
Says : Everything the same as Tenn Tim. 2 plants. No flower AT all. Gorgeous leaves....very robust but absolutely no signs of flower after 100 days from start. Very upset. $ spent. Time lost & I have a pack of 8/10 left.
Says : Fast delivery. I popped 2 (100% germ). Small tent, Chinese LEDs, & FFOS soil was to hot to add any extra nutes. I find this very common with the Kings autos. Ran them at 18hrs of light. The plants look like total opposites. One had huge buds and one had more smaller buds. I wasn't expecting the purple colors. Maybe it's just me, but I don't smell cheese at all? They do smell good and are curing, so maybe the smell will change. Heavy tight buds. I did get a pretty good yield from two plants. Mine did auto bloomed so I guess that issue has been solved. I'll have to smoke when properly cured and determine if it's worth another grow. Oh, they did turn out sticky and frosty!🌳
Says : I'm on day 13 and these things are getting biggg quick really bushy so far no complaints I've grown a couple crop king seeds and this strain is preforming quite well
Says : ordered 10 of these CBDA .ordered dec 24,shipped dec 27 and received dec 30.can't ask for better service than this.will update on the grow and harvest.CKS will certainly be my seed vendor...............
Says : My Auto Cheese is now flowering quite nicely with white and even some purple pistles.. It took a while but it is finally happening.
Tennessee Tim
Says : I have grown 6 varieties of Crop King Seeds and been satisfied with them all! Great customer care and stand up folks! However, the CBD Auto Cheese has failed for me! I germinated 4 seeds each of WW auto, NYCD auto, and CBD Auto Cheese a few months ago. We have already consumed much of the NYCD and have just harvested and cured the WW, both very nice! The CBD Auto Cheese, on the other hand was just thrown into the compost heap yesterday! It started robustly growing from the start. Then after the other varieties had begun to flower, no signs of gender on the CBD auto cheese. After nine or ten more weeks and harvesting the others still no indication of gender- only leaf! I reduced the light to 12/12 to try and induce flowering -no luck! I don't believe these plants know what they are! Screwed up genetics? Too impatient? How long does it take to grow these plants for buds? I will probably not waste resources and space on these again without some explanation of these problems surfacing. Crop King has my loyalty still, as a customer that has received good service and overall good quality.
Says : Germinated a coupleseeds June 5 for a outdoor grow. One is 16" other is 11" both quite bushy. No signs of pistils yet. Not sure if these are autos.
Says : Started the Auto Cheese plant on March 27. It's big (49 inches) and very beautiful but not flowering yet. I hope it happens soon :)
Says : 100% germination rate. Started indoors and they did just fine until I moved them outdoors. they turned yellow and stayed super small and most died quick. I may need to try them indoors and give another go. My CBDream, Low Flyer, and CBDutch Treat are all doing awesome and are huge.
Jacob mc
Says : So bought 5 cb cheese started great are now on week 7 very strong plants . Crop king has been amazing very very good customer service can't say enough good things . Buy from crop king 👑 . 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Marijuanasaurus Wrecks
Says : Have some of your White Widows on the go now (80% germination) and I'll be putting some Auto Cheese in water this evening. Looking forward to getting these girls up and running. I work at a salmon hatchery and I'll be putting these right into a fish compost mix when they're out of the paper towel.
Says : It's been 11 weeks and my plants still have not started to flower. I've now changed the lighting to 12/12. Plants are nice but not auto flower.
Says : Got my seeds today and as always they are Gen most viable, plump, fresh looking seeds I've ever seen. I grew the other two CBD strains last year and got 15 ounces from 2 plants so I'm excited to see how this new CBD strains comes along.
Says : This was my first order from CKS. I have to admit, I was a bit worried, I saw this great CBD Auto Cheese strain I wanted to try for my medical grow but was really unsure if I'd ever see anything for my money. Boy was I wrong (and pleasantly surprised)! Delivery was just 7 days without registering the package. Beans have sprouted and have become small seedlings within just 3 quick days! You just got a new customer for life. I'll return once they finish up to report on the quality but for now I'm pretty stoked with my first ever seed ordering experience.
Weird Beard Dave
Says : This strain is so easy to grow, nutrient friendly, nice yeilds, and quick compared to photo sensitive strains. I LOVE autoflowers. Best of all, seriously, this is perfect to smoke before going to sleep or wanting to really slow down. CBD's are amazing !!!
Says : Awesome plant went 92 days got about 32 inches tall and produced some huge dense buds will update yield as soon as it dries. Cola was as fat as a 32 oz jar ... amazing genetics. The only thing is they have a hard time at germination getting rid of seed husk ... I think that's the reason it went 92 days but overall very satisfied. Thank you Crop 👑
Says : Wow is all I can say. These things grow like little monsters. I am growing Green crack and these CBD autos. I bought the Greencrack because people said they grow like savages, I'm about 2 weeks in and the CBD autos are much bigger then the green crack and continue to grow beautifully. My germ rates from the king have been 100%. Previouly grew the trainwrecks and the amnesia haze auto strains. I highly recommend the trainwreck autos. s.o.g method. Those little things were beast. One was done in 6 weeks with fat nugs. Unbelievable. Thank you crop king for always coming through and spreading the healing love.
Says : CKS is 1 of the top 2 companies I have ever did biz with. Their CS is incredible and they loyal customers are appreciated on the biz n the consumer. Thx for CKS... dying to germ the cheese. Am Haze babies all looking incredible. Not even 2 days old... Popping already.
Says : CKS is 1 of the top 2 companies I have ever did biz with. Their CS is incredible and they loyal customers are appreciated on the biz n the consumer. Thx for CKS... dying to germ the cheese. Am Haze babies all looking incredible. Not even 2 days old... Popping already.
Bud Tender
Says : Just received my seeds today, Exceptionally FAST shipping.
Says : Just Wow 😳!!!! Service is next to none. No words can explain the level of professionalism and customer service !!! Thank you Crop King !!!
Says : I had originally bought these seeds on 9/27/16. I was the first person to have commented on these seeds,and had actually watched the website update with this new strain. It was my first purchasetime fr
Christian Robinson
Says : I just ordered these and am really looking forward to what should be an excellent medical grow. I have ordered other seeds in the past and so far have had 100% germination when following the guidelines. I'd love to win the seeds contest too!
Says : Wow kudos to CropKing I bought several auto feminized seeds .... cbd cheese *new* low flyer and candy cane .... all planted one of each all germinated in 1 1/2 days they are about 3/4 of inch now about to put in final 3 gal pots and crank up my leds .... will Update soon
Says : Hows the odour on this strain? is it particularly smelly or on the lesser end? also curious about height?
Says : Update . Auto cheese sprouted the fastest with heavy tap roots ..48 hours with CKS sprout method . Good old Mother Earth now handling the rest . I will huff and puff and pull in a big toke lol
Says : Just received my order from CKS and as always top notch service along with top notch seeds. Looking forward to growing these and the other strains I received . Thank you CKS.
Says : Just ordered my first set of seeds. Cannot wait to start the process. Finally a strain that will be most beneficial to my chronic pain, and its auto flowering. Word up. Thanx to the King

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