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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy
Flowering Time: 7 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 50% Sat., 40% Ind. & 10% Ruder.
Effect: Calming/Relaxing
THC: Low - Medium
THC%: 14.33% Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.75% Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.14% Laboratory Report
Country: Spain Spain
Yield: Up to 250 gr Indoors / 150 gr out
Genetics: Afghani X Sour Diesel
Price: 5 Seeds / $60.00
10 Seeds / $110.00
25 Seeds / $200.00
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Auto Feminized Mix
Pungent and sweet, this slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid with Ruderalis is the auto-flower version of its prize-winning predecessor.

Notes of citrus and fuel provide a relaxing, full-body stone. Good for indoor or outdoor growing. Compact, easy-to-grow plants yield dense, dark-green flowers in just 7 weeks maturation.

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NYC Diesel Marijuana Strain in Auto-Flowering – Growing Tips,
THC Content, Yield and Flowering Time

If you are a new grower looking for premium seeds that are sure winners, then today is your lucky day. We are sure you have heard about the legend that is NYC Diesel cannabis strain. A premium strain, this plant has been around for a long time and gained way more than its fair share of fans.

Watch this thing grow its majestic branches and leaves in just a few short weeks and let it flower for merely 7 more weeks. Its fat buds glistening from all those trichome crystals and oozing with yummy resin is sure worth all the wait. Expect to have up to 150 g of these dank buds when growing outdoors and up to 250 g if growing indoors.

A cross between two hardcore strains Afghani and Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel sure inherited the kind of potency and unbelievable buzz that its parents are known for. The THC content of our autoflowering NYC Diesel is at 14.33%, which places this baby in the low to medium range in terms of THC percentage.

This strain is 50% Sativa, 40% Indica, and 10% Ruderalis. Thanks to its royal roots, this autoflowering NYC Diesel is able to produce a calming, soothing, and relaxing kind of buzz that can leave your body and muscles feeling well rested and your mind cool and refreshed.

We recommend this autoflowering strain if you are on the prowl for delicious buds that will surely reel crowds in. you do not even have to be a commercial grower to benefit from our NYC Diesel. Even if you are growing for personal use or for an intimate group of friends, you still stand to gain a lot from having such an awesome autoflowerer in your arsenal.

Buy NYC Diesel Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Online from Canada

This autoflowering baby can be yours as soon as possibl as we process all NYC Diesel seeds order the same day we receive your payment. As the top seed company in Canada, we make sure that all cannabis seeds orders are given top priority. Furthermore, all orders, shipments, and payments are processed with utmost security and confidentiality. We accept payments in US and Canadian dollars through bitcoin, credit card, Interac E-Transfers, cash and money order in the mail. Buy NYC Diesel seeds or other marijuana seeds in Canada now and we will ship your order in the soonest time possible wherever you are in the world.

31 Reviews of NYC Diesel Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds

Says : This plant was easy to grow and took about 12 weeks from seed to harvest for me. Out of 5 seeds in the pack, 4 turned out beautifully, but 1 was really scraggly and didn't produce great flowers. I could have kept it going, but decided to make room for more plants and threw it out at the end of 12 weeks. Yields for the remaining 4 were great, though. Plants were about 1 meter tall at harvest time and topping them once did not reduce yield much at all. Still, I think the Jack Herer autoflowering plant sold by CKS was a better investment for our tastes, and I'll be getting some more of those next time instead.
Says : Not a huge fan of autoflower. Tried a couple different strains. This one ended up being super scrawny sitting next to other plants that are growing like monsters. This one might yield a few grams but probably won't grow again.
Says : All of my seeds germinated perfect in paper towel method. And are all growing perfect beautiful buds. I'm going to order more. This was a lot easier than I expected it to be. Thank you king!!
Michael Gonthier
Says : All germinated no issues strong healthy plants. Flowered at week 4 had enough time to lst and get them spread out. Buds on all 13 plants were the size of 12oz soda can. I was super happy with this strain and will grow it again. Way to go crop kings!!
Prairie Farmer
Says : I followed the directions given to sprout the NYC Diesel seeds with the paper towel method. Every One Sprouted! (all seeds cracked and sent out a tap root within 5 -6 days). I dusted the paper towel with cinnamon to prevent a fungal disease called damp off. Transferred to a Peet-moss pellet to complete rooting and sprout. Girls are doing well so far.
Bo Jangles
Says : Received an Auto-NYC Diesel seed mixed with some Northern Light's I purchased. If I grow CKS auto-fem's again, definitely going to go with NYCD. Plant is MASSIVE, especially for an auto, INCREDIBLY strong and sticky (even the sun leaves smell like sweet, sweet diesel if rubbed), and SUPER healthy (she went through two transplants without even so much as a wilted leaf). 8wks into growth and I probably still have 4 weeks until she is ready to harvest. YIELD: 8.5/10 HEALTH: 10/10 EASE OF GROWING: 10/10 OVERALL QUALITY: 9.5/10
Tennessee Tim
Says : The Crop King's auto NYCD is a really nice plant. It has a pleasant buzz with good medicinal effects for my ailments! All , while tasting good! It, like all the King's auto flowers are easy to grow, but attention to details that might slow their pre programmed rush to sexual maturity must be avoided! Undo stress from over watering, excessive drying out, excessive repotting disturbance or similar cultural issues will significantly lower the yield. As for one thing, there is less time for the fast track plants to make up for the lost growth/vigor! When I get it all right, in my grow set up,(organic soil, T-5's and/or 600watt HPS)I can harvest over three ounces cured pot per Auto NYCD. Make a mistake and only one or two ounces will be the result. So far, my record yield for an auto flowering plant is 123 grams. I do LST most often but have done well doing no/little training but closer spaced plants with yields being similar in the 4x4 tent. Less yield per plant but more plants =slightly less, to about the same yield total for the grow area/tent( but higher seed cost for the autos that can't be cloned). Three to five gallon fabric pots are plenty big for autos. Pull out the big pots for the photo plant grows, 15 to 30 gallon bags do very well for them. Sometimes the autos yield almost as much as the photo plant grows(in less time)! Two to four large photo plants will fill up my tent and may only yield 4 or five ounces each (Happily! Sometimes more than double that happens!). Nine three gallon Northern Lights Autos have yielded Twenty Four ounces cured buds in my small grow(with only T-5 lights!)! Six NYCD autos have yielded Almost Eighteen ounces and another time, with an error, only Ten ounces plus a few grams(both under HPS lights).
Says : Using CFLs and soil easy to grow. The high is the best this has a really nice buzz.
Says : 5/5 germinated 2/5 very small flower production. 3/5 very good quality. 4/5 good smell.1/5 very good smell. All extremely small in size. Barely worth it. Very fast seed to flower.
Says : Only 3 out of the 5 seeds went after following the directions on the package. However, both are doing amazing and have 2 weeks or so left. Unfortunate the others didn't do so well...
Says : MYCD can't handle stress? I never pruned a plant so much, that plant is tough as nails,if you do it right you end up with one giant bud 14 to 16inch big 3/4 ounce bud off 14 inch plant!
Timothy j flath
Says : At day 30 I started to feed her 60/40 botanacare pro food base and40per botanacare pro flower base trichomes started turning red so I flushed the plant and hit it with 100per botanacare pro flower base jacked up with some bloombastic by atami and New York city diesel plant finished absurdly fast at 42 days the plant is very small and has to be pruned super extensively and it's not like you have a lot to work with but at the end 1 big bud.
Says : I grew this plant but did not take a pitcher this is a tiny high yield plant that I never had to prune so much here is plant topped off at16 inch don't let this bring you down my first plann gave me1oz& 3/4of bud whoever said this is an easy plant to grow they were partaking in the product ,get your fiskar out you will need them.The pictures I'm sending are at day 30 by day 65 I will send final pitcher, oh yea weed is grade AAA t.flath (snowleperd
Says : NANNERS! These plants can't handle stress. Put it in the pot and don't touch it too much . Unless you don't mind a little hermie!!!!! Other than that beautiful buds stank sent
Tim flath
Says : Plant went into flower so fast it toped off at only 2 feet plant was stacking and had to b pruned extensively all indica but it is loaded with buds it looks like a dwarf lowflyer on steroids.
Says : I planted 2 of these beautiful seeds a few months ago, one has finished already and has been turned into live BHO already and it's by far the best flavour I've tasted yet from a concentrate. Extremely citrusy with a hint of fuel exactly as described. My other is about to Finnish and looks just like the picture. Slightly sativa dominant this ones take an extra week or two which is fine with me. Buds already full of thc and is very easy to grow. Highly recommend this strain. Great daytime smoke
Says : Incredible yield. Mine grew 6 ft. Filled my 3x3 tent .. All sativa. One plant yield 14 oz. awesome taste... A1 service from the king..
Says : Outstanding best service best seeds best strains you guys are number 1 customer for life thanks guys
Auto guy
Says : Another great strain. I would recommend topping only once and very little training. Small leaves leave lots of space for buds to grow. So light distribution is key. So good I am making some female pollen with one. 5 for 5 germinating these also.
Says : The nycda is the best i have tasted and the effect i need for back pain is superior did i mention the taste was over the top lol ! Cheers
THe germinator
Says : No matter what strain Iv purchased from cks it has always been quality product but I'm a season grower don't blame cks for your mistakes they are the best in the biz the germinator il be back
Says : This was my second order. I am very pleased with the quality of the beans. 100% germ rate both times using the cup and towel mode. I didn't get the guaranteed shipping this time but they still arrived in a timely manner. I will definitely be a customer for life with the quality of the goods from crop king. Thanks guys and keep up the good work...
Says : BOTTOM LINE CROP KING GENETICS ARE UP THERE AND COMPETE WITH WORLDS BEST GENETICS EASILY!!! CUST SERVICE IS AMAZING!!! Bought one strain had qp plants ( the smaller ones ) now I bought almost the entire auto catalogue and I am down right amazed that autos can be this large , potent and cust service is in paralleled . In over a decade of dealing with companies and crop King is BY FAR !!!! THE BEST UP THERE WITH HUMBOLDT GENETICS BUT CROP KINGS BLOWS HUMBOLDT AWAY BY MILES WHEN COMING TO DEALING / TREATING THERE CUSTOMERS PROPERLY . They might a slight mistake and owned up to it and made it better IMMEDIATLEY!!!! LONG LIVE CROP KING!!!!!!!! Get the seeds people get them!!
Berry Green
Says : This strain smells so sweet and citrusy. Thanks A lot for the seeds. All hail the KING
Says : Had to can my last grow went outdoor with nycda now week 4 flower soooo stinky sweet. Can't wait to taste it finally lol. Long live the king
Says : MUCH LOVE FROM AUSTRALIA anyone from AUS like ME i recomend these guys deffs the best out there
Says : Just finished growing a NYC from the King. 1 of 3 are done. 3 for 3 on germ. She had some fat fan leaves. She is very dark green put straight into a Roots organic soil. Don't start any nutes until week 4 and then start very light. As far as the smoke goes, the NYC has an earthy, sweetish taste to it and the buzz is really good. Good one Crop King. weedman79
Stoney Roads
Says : I have ordered 3x from the king and all 3 times I had 100% germination. I am growing the NYC Diesel Auto and am on day 45 and she's is about 4 feet tall with so many branches it's crazy. She is flowering well she has pistols everywhere so about 8 weeks left I hope.
Says : Got my nycd autos from the king 👑 100% germinated. on day 23 from germ started to flower I'm impressed long live the king!
Says : I've ordered a few times pleased everytime last order only got 3of5 the king made it more than right got all I ordered and some you guys are the best im cropking customer for life for real.
Says : 2nd time ordering from the king, Take it from me .These guys know how to take care of there customers , and the shipping is always around 5-7 days to get to the east coast ,USA. If you have any worries ordering from them..Dont!! They are a great company. I grew early miss on my first ever grow from them,and trust me,i dont have a green thumb at all...1 early miss plant = 35grams of dried bud..

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