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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Sativa/Indica: 60% Sat., 30% Ind. & 10% Ruder.
Effect: Pure Sativa High
THC: Medium - High
THC%: 16.50% Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.49% Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.09% Laboratory Report
Country: Spain Spain
Yield: Up to 250 gr Indoors/150 gr out
Genetics: Original Cali Train Wreck
Price: 5 Seeds / $60.00
10 Seeds / $110.00
25 Seeds / $200.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Auto Train Wreck
Ruderalis blends with Sativa-dominant Train Wreck to form a mind-altering hybrid auto-flower. Spice up your day with a cerebral, euphoric high while melting away aches and pains.

Compact yet high-yielding plants produce dense, resinous buds smelling of citrus and pepper. Suitable to any growing ability, this stealth strain will fly under the radar in your cannabis garden. Flowers mature in 8 weeks.

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Train Wreck Marijuana Strain Yield, Grow and THC Content Information

Being 60% Sativa, 30% Indica, and 10% Ruderalis and descended from the great Original Cali Train Wreck, our auto flowering Train Wreck is all sorts hardcore, stony, and just outright mind-blowing. Looking at how long this aptly named strain has been around and the sheer number of its fans, there is no question as to whether you should even have this in your marijuana garden.

Classified as an easy grow, this plant grows both indoors and outdoors and flowers in just 8 sweet weeks. Do not be surprised to be greeted by absolutely perfectly dense and huge buds with crystals and colorful hairs all over. The strong scent alone of these things should be enough to knock you out and give you a wild mind trip.

This hybrid auto flowering strain has mind-altering effects. This is the perfect smoke for those times when all you want to do is sit back and drown yourself in a pure cerebral high that leaves you feeling euphoric. If you have been having a hard time at work, school, or even at home, then you need to reward yourself with this.

Train Wreck is known for some medicinal effects as well. A lot of medical marijuana users turn to this baby for relief from various kinds of pain anywhere in the body and for similar physical ailments. Light up a Train Wreck, and experience a nearly instantaneous happy buzz with a body soothing effect.

These babies may be small, but boy, do they deliver. This autoflowering strain is known to produce large yields. Outdoors, you can get up to 150 g out of this. indoors , you can expect that number to go up to 250 g.

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You can grow Train Wreck cannabis strain simply by ordering Train Wreck seeds from the right cannabis seed company in Canada. We are constantly improving to make the whole seeds ordering and shipment processes seamless for you. We accept credit cards, EMT interact (for Canadians), cash in the mail, money order, and bitcoin. We process all orders the same day we receive the payment. Place your order for premium quality cannabis seeds in our website and we will take it from there.

79 Reviews of Train Wreck Cannabis Seeds Auto Flower

Uncle Charlie
Says : First time ordering beans so I really did my research.I'm glad I chose Crop King! My order arrived today,and it only took one week. I've never grown autos before so I can't wait to get this Train Wreck started...Thank you Crop King!
David Alexander
Says : My Trainwreck autos turned out excelent! Look just like the photo, only mine all turned out the most beautiful purple shade a grower could ask for
Says : Bought 5 seeds from a smoke shop as a goof. Planted 2 seeds with no fertilizer, no knowledge (never grown anything from a seed before), LED light from Amazon, and a tent I got 4 ounces total from both. It was an awesome experience. I have since planted two more and am learning how to get a higher return. These things are impossible to kill.
Says : Four plants under two LEC 315 3100k 18/6 from pop to chop. Grown in 3 gal fabric pots Promix HP with AN Sensi line nutes extra cal/mag. Finished size 80-95 cm. Some trellising needed on the sativa dominant ones. Taken more or less day 85 and a yield of a little over 600 grams. Time to stop growing for a while, Crop King has filled up all the jars. I never thought I would say that I have too much weed but...All Hail the King!
Says : I bought 10 seeds last year. Took half of the seeds and all germinated. Plants were small but very buddy. Harvested and in storage. Have not tried any as of yet. Put the remainder of the seeds in a mason jar in the fridge. Pulled out 2 seeds and they have just germinated and have been put into the pots. That is 7 out of 10 so far. I will try the remaining 3 seeds in the spring outside. I will be much less worried about my garden this coming summer. Great to live in Canada.
Mary Clark
Says : Day 67 Plant is 14'' tall and one popcan size main that spans 13'' 5 side colas that are at least half the size of the main covered in trichomes . Basically on big bud!!! Crop King genetics are incredible, another HAPPY customer.
Says : First off I love crop Kings! I love the quick shipping to Michigan, all of my beans look good and fully mature. This is the reliable seed bank you've been looking for!
David Reimer
Says : Ive previously bought some lambsbreath and wasnt impressed with the germination facts. 3 out of 10
Says : I am a newer grower but tried these. I tried a few autos and these were the most resilient in my tests. These do not need to be over watered/fed. I had an auto feed setup and made the classic mistake of missing one and it did not get fed for all of week 2 in flower maybe longer. It was bone dry and lowest branches started to wilt some. I thought it was toast. I fed it but slower and trimmed the lowest branches and it bounced back hard and was the biggest single producer of whole crop and finished taller than a non auto. Fist size cola. The overfed ones did very well too but not as good. Trying two of these again and feeding very light to see if I can replicate this.
Says : I have grown many of the Kings auto seeds with 100% germination! I am knocking on wood! lol this is another great grow! I shouldn't be surprised. Every seed I have grown from the king is a hardy plant. If I ever had an issue it was my fault. And even then the plants just want to grow! Fantastically hardy plants! Thank you Crop King team! Its nice to be able to trust that when I spend my money on seeds they are top quality!
Fisherman Dean
Says : I had 8 autos in the ground this year and this Trainwreck was one of the strongest and produced 6.2 oz of dry bud from the one plant. Great seeds, great customer service.
Says : just a final update on my 3 babies that I had, the smoke is good,of three I soaked, all 3 popped grown in soil in and outdoors daily, total was under 56 grams, still have 2 seeds , overall happy with everything as a novice farmer to boot.
Says : Started seeds late, first week of June, harvested first week of Sept. Would definitely suggest starting right in 3 gallon pots and push vegetative growth which only lasted 4 weeks before flowering started. Good for urban garden, short and pure bud top to bottom. Been smoking 40+ years and this is some dynamite stuff! Highly recommend.
wilf blanchard
Says : well I must say ! I have been growing only for 3 years tryed the auto growing and the fems and the regs going back to the autos
Alain Bellemare
Says : Train reck auto Bought some train reck auto and got 5 plants that din't go higher than a foot tall! My recommendation: do not buy these auto flowering brands... Had much better success with feminized varietals
Says : ordered 5 tw received june 11th popped 3 in cup o water,then paper towel, all good 2 are about 18" other is 8" all flowering now but disappointed in the one so far, smell look good still hoping 3 weeks to go
Says : Very fast delivery of my 10 seeds. Cracked 5 seeds and all germinated. They started to flower almost immediately. These plants are small but very dense buds are forming. Seeds were started June 1 and harvest is expected in mid August. They have a very intoxicating smell and I am anxious to try out the TW. The remaining 5 seeds are in a mason jar in the fridge. I will try them indoors in the winter. Thanks to the King for the auto flower seeds. This is my first auto flower experience.
Donald C Festaiuti
Says : Amazing company to work with I sent an e-mail on a Sunday for a question I had and not expecting a return e-mail until the next day, and I did get a response, I e-mailed a pic. of TRA and the Agent felt that it was not right, so she sent me replacements seeds of NLA I was not asking for a refund, just was wondering why it was not flowering, she volunteered to send me seeds,Thank You Again CK great customer service
Organic Only
Says : Amazing genetics with this one! Growing TW fully organic, one pot from seed. First auto I’ve ever topped and the results are incredible. 6 enormous colas are maturing nicely and the earthy smell of lemons has me counting the days until harvest. Hats off King, you’ve outdone yourselves. Again.
Says : Purchased a 10 pack and received them in days, perfectly secure. Following the prescribed germination all 6 seed cracked and produced a good tap root. The rest is up to me I can hardly wait.
Says : Started with five trainwrecks and five white widdows. All five tw grew and four ww. The t w is doing great! But buds. Tall plants. Smells great. Just about to harvest. Best auto crop I've grown. One we didn't bloom and was sickley. Train wreck will be my future choice
Says : rookie here - we had great success with this - grown indoors and super easy - excellent results
Says : I love this plant it gets me high really high I want to buy it everything I read about this beautiful plant fits me .😝
Dave H.
Says : I must say I had very bad luck with every one of 5 Trainwreck plants. I grew them for a full 8 weeks with 18 hours of light a day and they reached over 3 feet tall but did not form a single bud. They kept looking like they might flower (two or three calyxes at the branch tops, but nothing more). After two months, I tried putting them on 12/12 light cycle, just to see if that might help. At 3 months, I still had nothing but a plant in vegetative stage. I used normal feeding and ingredients that have worked fine on Candy Cane and Amnesia Haze autos. In fact, I had them growing side-by-side with the Trainwrecks, and those strains did just fine. I would not buy these Trainwreck autos again because they were a waste of money for me. I had to take down the all-leaf plants by the time they reached about 3-4 months of age.
Prairie Farmer
Says : I followed the directions given to sprout the Train Wreck seeds with the paper towel method. All seeds cracked and sent out a tap root within 5 -6 days. I dusted the paper towel with cinnamon to prevent a fungal disease called damp off. Transferred to a Peet-moss pellet to complete rooting and sprout. Girls are doing well so far.
Says : This was my first attempt with auto's, as well as my first purchase from CKS. I Ordered 5 seeds and received to the east coast(US) within a week, thanks King! I attempted to germinate 4 seeds and all four popped. Grew in FFOF with a 30% perlite mix. Hand watered under 800 Watts of LED on a 20/4 schedule with no nutes till around week 5 and then minimal nutes till final flush. Here is where it got interesting for me: Three of the four went into flower at approx 18 to 24 days while plant #4 continued to Veg. Harvested first three at day 69 to 74. I then flipped the lighting schedule to 12/12 with hopes of inducing flowering in the last plant. Within a week she was in flower and produced quite nicely. Total dried and cured weight of all four plants was 207 grams. The final plant produced over four zips on its own but it actually performed as a photo so that was expected. The smoke was as advertised, a very functional and energetic high. However, I did find myself losing 25 to 45 minutes the first few times I puffed this strain because I would lose myself in my contemplative thoughts. Overall I am very impressed and will definitely be ordering from the King again.
Fisherman Dean
Says : This Trainwreck was one of three that I grew this year the others were Amnesia haze and Jack herer. Trainwreck was the strongest and produced the most 3.6 ounces outdoors on the west coast of Canada. I started soaking these seeds on May 17 and harvested the trainwreck August 26 that's 14.5 weeks start to finish. Highly recommend Crop King Seeds excellent customer service.
Says : Last grow was trainwreck autos.Ten plants =1/2 lb .not to shabby!Great high!White widow autos in process,already 4'and popping.Thanks Crop King,great company!
Says : I've been growing for 30 years And these Trainwrecks were the first crop I've ever had that were a complete failure. After 2 months, not a single auto train wreck out of 5 bloomed. They all reached a nice size of 2.5 feet and displayed the first early flowers at the axils, like a plant that's about to start flowering, and stayed that way until they began dropping leaves or I gave up and killed them. Would not risk buying this strain again. Although judging from the potency of the tops, it would make great sativa if it ever bloomed. Tried with and without flowering formula, same results.
Says : New at this. Screwed up first batch of seedlings. 2nd batch 2strains, cbd dream and train wreck. Wow, so different! TW midget mass bud plant and CBD forever reaching for the sky veg state. At week 8 with TW, not sure when to harvest. Tried to upload current photo with no success. Thoughts? 🤓
Will Hall
Says : Got 3 Train Wreck growing good at 6 weeks old no sign of flowers yet cant wait to see pre flowers
Says : Fast delivery. None of the seeds produced a plant. I got some purple kush seeds and they were fine. Not sure what happened but they didn't produce. sad face
Says : Using soil with CFLs in small box plants easy to grow very strong smoke good taste took 77 days love this plant second grow used a little LST and doubled the yeild
Says : Crop King you sent me the seeds in exactly 2 weeks. The germination advice was perfect. She's just broken through the soul. I'm excited to watch my lovely lady grow!
The bus driver otto
Says : Have not a complain have 5and 2 are going nuts 2 that are 5weeks old and budding im blown away with the plants from CKS😊
Says : I germinated 3 seeds with 100% success rate. Used 2x4x5 tent Temp 75-78 day RH at 40% temp 70-72 night RH at 50% First 12 days with 45w Led light From day 13 to week 4 to 200watts MH until first signs of preflowers (3.5-4 week) From week 4 switch to 300watts HPS till today( im about to start week 7) At week 7 from seed 3 plants smallest 1ft and biggest 3ft I believe the correct time to harvest from seeds it is going to be 12weeks. Seedlings took 4 weeks to mature + flowering according CKS it is 8 week. = 4 weeks from seed + 8 weeks of flowering = 12 weeks to harvest. Overall im happy with the results
Says : Mailed away for five autoflower trainwreck seeds and received. Followed the germination instructions and used rain water. seeds germinated. I next planted them outdoors and five sprouted. The size of the sprouted seedlings vary but I'm satisfied. I got my moneys worth.
Says : Crop Kings is the way to go ordered trainwreck 5 pack got my seeds in 6 days, thanx Crop King you guys rock!!!
Says : Just ordered my seeds yesterday can't wait for them to get here and start my grow! Thanx CK.
Says : 5 / 5 germinated successfully in jiffy peat pods and are looking good already. It's been just over a week and they're leafy and healthy looking. I've just left them under 24 hours of full spectrum LED light with a $50 bulb from Amazon and misted them with water several times a day. They love it. I will update the review when they're finished.
Says : I was just curious from germination to harvest how long? Like how many weeks? I started a few seeds about 3 weeks ago!
Says : Very fast shipping. This is my 1st grow and 100% of the seeds have sprouted by the 4th day. I screwed up and soaked them in PH city water. I started typing a question about it in the chat section and a customer service employee called me before I was finished. She told me to continue the germination process and if I had issues she would send me replacments. I couldn't be more impressed by this company.
Says : easy to grow, strong pleasant odor, let mine cure almost 2 months and after smoking, man I didn't know what my name was for awhile. it was just great. my opinion some of the bestsmoke at cks. great job
Says : Got 3 Train wreck doing great with a very pleasing smell up close but outside the tent nothing. The other autos I have going from ck ( auto cheese, candy cane ) haven't even started flowering at week 8. Im running a kind 600watt led from 30 inch away 20/4. I hope they start flowering...
Tennessee Tim
Says : Train Wreck is an awesome plant to grow and to smoke! Easy to grow (as are all CK autos),compact, fast maturity, spicy and appealing smell and taste, excellent smoke! Try it ,you'll like it!
Says : On pot size. 3 gallon or up..nothing under 3 gal...
Says : What size pot is recomended for this auto strain
James green
Says : My trainwreck is 9 weeks old from seed right now.. bout 5 weeks into flower.. buds are fugen huge.. and they stinky! House&garden nutes and 400w hps in a cupboard grow. Thanx crop king.. you seed pimp
Says : I float my Crop King seeds in water and they sprout. I have floated about 30, of different strains over the past 5 years, and 1 did not sprout. Thank you CK!
Crop King Seeds
Says : This is why we always recommend our germination method
Says : Bought 25 Early Miss seeds Only 15/sprouted Used expanding peat pods, covered terrarium (cloning) tray, heated mat, pH controlled water. Was hoping for more....
Says : ill correct my comment out of 10 seeds 5 are over 20 inches 2 are 15 at 6.5 weeks from seed are not showing like will be much there 2000 watts of light at 20 hours but about 30 to 40 more days ill let you know how they turn out have purple also looking very nice and blue berry looking very nice the white widow i have are way behind customer service is great
Says : mine are a lot diff at 6 and half weeks from seed out of 10 5 are over 20 inches and 2 about 15 3 didnt go budding but not think 2000 watts of light
Says : Have 2 8 weeks old and 1 is 11" and the other is 9" tall. Both are full of buds/flowers hope the grow taller. But all is good.
Gorilla Grape
Says : second order from crop king, their seeds are legit. no other choice if your in North America when it comes to overall customer service and product.
Says : Very easy to grow. I'm in the second stage of flowering and my girl is already 4' 4". Saving the rest of the seeds for later and just started on some White Widow. Fantastic customer service with Crop King! Would recommend them to any novice grower!
Says : So excited my beans came REALY fast can't wait starting the germination process thanks crop kings
Says : filled up 7 quart jars (about 7 oz.) with this beauty really a top producer for my auto's smell of spice is a real plus when presented to my friends...and the high gets a score of 10. Thank you Cropking! I grew with fish fert. bio bloom and black strap molasses three plants (2 Amnesia Haze and 1 Train Wreck only got 3 jars each of Amnesia so 6 oz. total)400W HPS for lighting. Plants are compact and dont need much training to put out side shoots that will grow along with the main tops to 27-30 inches. I wound up with 5-7 main tops with perfect buds and some smaller shoots down below Train Wreck took 4 months to finish from seed well worth the wait. Enjoy the best Grow with Cropking seeds Dave
Says : Ordered five beans 8-10-16 They shipped the next day. I recieved shipment in 9 days. Its 8-20-16. So excited to get started. Thanks for the great customer service and fast shipping.
Says : Just started 10 seeds.100%.all 10 poped. Another fine grow on its way..thanks king!!
Says : Love this strain!! Produced huge resin coated Kolas!! Couldn't have been happier. Will definitely run this strain again! Thanks CKS!
Says : Ordered 5 seeds. All easily germinated and grew to 2 1/2 to 3 feet. Harvested at 70-85 days from seed. Dried yield averaged 35-60 grams per plant. Exceptionally potent. With all the indoor grown (most sativas get a little tall for indoors)indica dominant strains out there that are relaxing and sedating (not a bad thing!), it is refreshing to have a sativa dominant strain reminiscent of the strains from the early 1970s with a much more cerebral, uplifting, and mildly psychedelic effect...awesome!!!
Says : I only get my seeds from these guy's all of my seeds have sprouted I just put them in the soil and they grow good
Says : I bought 5 of these beans and I also bought 5 Revolver beans. And shipping? Forget about it. They were here in 5 days. And when I put them in distilled water and then the paper towel and the had 1 inch taproots in just three days total. I can't wait until the fully grow.
Says : Bought five pack 100% germination and they are growing. In only three days, impressive! I've grown many times I had a ten light show and I've gotten proficient at it let see what I can do with this auto flower trying for 300g per plant I'll let u all know in nine or ten weeks? Cheers.
Says : I picked up a 5 pack of train wreck. Germinated as per Crop King directions and all 5 cracked and are growing. Cheers
Tennessee Tim
Says : I recently ordered Train Wreck seeds and experienced 100% germination, as usual from Crop King! But foremost, I want to thank the folks there for quickly reshipping my order when they got lost in the mail! No waiting around for weeks with the King!
Says : Super fast strain that will flower when stressed, but very tasty, and great pain reliever.
Richard Gomez
Says : Omg that is so relaxing and gets you fucked up😄😄😄
Says : Finally they germinated :) cant wait. How tall do I expect them to get?
Says : Easy to grow, grew em at 20/4 they never missed a beat.Bugger all smell while growing,wen u cut em down they smell so so yummy and sweet.Brilliant clean clear high i love it.I got a piney citrus aftertaste which i quite enjoyed.All round a great puff for daytime if ur on the go.Sorta like pinging a bit,ur very focused confident etc etc.I really love it thanks CK,cant wait to try NL now giddy up
Says : planted 2 trayne wrex n left them by window and r growing white hairs... not bad for window light 24/7!!!
Says : I am sitting at 45 days now and this plant is super it is in a DWC Bucket and about 4.5 feet tall now and seems to have started to flower. Impressed so far and look forward to tasting it thanks Crop King
Says : Nothing wrong with small seeds
Says : I germinated all 5 and only got four but like nice in seedling stage
Mr. Buell
Says : This was my first auto grow so I got just a 5 pack and within a week I recieved small but beautiful seeds. Germinated on 1/22/16. Using 3 gal air pots, roots soil and very minor nutes. I must say that I am very impressed. They are all different sizes ranging from 1-3 feet but even the smaller ones are filled head to toe with juicy nugs. If I had to guess the total weight will be somewhere around 8oz minimum and to me that is just awesome. I am excited to try more autos from the KING!
Says : Order 5 jacks was kinda worried at first cause my first ordering seeds from a seed bank but no worry's now the seeds looked small but the first two I tried r up and growing
Says : As to normal I went in to their Pentouse in downtown Van to pick up my seeds and great customer service. So this time I grabbed 10 pack of train wreck and amazing like the last Crop I tried 3 seeds this time the water glass method all 3 sank with no effort. Placed in paper towel and 2 days later roots an inch long. Thanks Crop King Seeds I will be in very soon to replenish my seed bank
Says : Awesome i put 5 TWA seeds in all 5 popped and happilly growing thanks CKS ill be back for more soon

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