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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: Sticky Indica
Effect: Relaxing High
THC: Medium
THC%: 17.79% Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 1.20% Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.31% Laboratory Report
Country: United States
Yield: up to 500gr indoor/300gr outdoor
Genetics: Bubble Gum X Original Kush
Price: 5 Seeds / $60.00
10 Seeds / $110.00
25 Seeds / $200.00
Bubba Kush
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Bubba Kush
Warm up to a long-lasting Indica with this classic Kush strain. Lose track of time as earthy and sweet flavors induce deep waves of full-body stone.

This easy-to-grow strain relieves pain and eliminates insomnia. Bushy plants yield thick, sticky buds after 9 weeks of flowering.

Marijuana Seeds Canada Bubba Kush

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23 Reviews to Bubba Kush – Feminized Seeds

Says : Ordered 5 seeds and I was surprised when I asked the representative about a confirmation email when they received my money order and they replied that they would send my seeds out that day, of coarse I didn't expect that to truly be the case but indeed I was wrong and 5 days later the seeds were here.. Nice looking seeds by the way. I'm very pleased and will continue to do business with cks 👍
Says : So ive had terrible luck with crop kings version of bubba kush! I had bought two five packs of bubba and out of them only three seeds popped open...the rest were duds, and the three that did live I had high hopes for because they were gorgeous during veg. But ten days into flower they showed their true hermaphrodite colours! It was heart breaking having to chop them down not only because they each were on their way to being pound plants for the size of them..the trunks were three fingers to four fingers thick and I had made 150 clones from the three that I also had to trash. So thankfully I still have 15 other monsters in flower doing great or id be screwed! But I will have to dig into my seed stock and plant seed for this summer rather than be able to use clones..I was warned about a few of crop kings strains and bubba was one, but I like to make up my own mind on quality! I dont remember the last hermie I had though besides these..its been at least ten years or grow room is pro built snd has no light leaks nor have I had nutrient issues, im all organic with homemade soils and this is a strain issue not a growers me I went through my rooms with a fine tooth comb looking for any reason this could be caused...the distributor I bought the seeds through said crop king would make good on this ...we'll see tomorrow!
Says : Growing bubba kush white widow and must say I'm not disappointed thanks crop kings the best
Says : I highly recommend this one, everyone should try growing bk. Very pretty to watch grow, just started flowering and no problems at all in veggy state. Thanks Crop King!!! Best service ever! Definitely not switching seed distributer.
Says : Have been dealing with CropKing three years now first three years incredible shipping great germination results. So far three different strains in four years Hash Plant Crown Royal. Bubba Kush all huge outdoors ordered elsewhere this year to get strain not offered Dutch Seeds got ripped off luckily PayPal got my money back Do Not understand any problems with CropKing Excellent company
The Gary
Says : got BUBBA KUSH seeds from headshop. I didnt follow seed cracking instructions but i still got 3 out of 5. I wrapped my seeds in a bleached and very clean gym sock upper. cut from the sock the stretchy part, soaked in water for 3 days and 3 got tap roots. So far soo good. I will be buying more seeds from CROP KING.
Says : Bought ten fem bubba kush and five wc they sprouted 8and 4 right away others were sickly so i threw out outta my 4 w/c i got two distinct pheno s but not an issue they are almost done and nice and bubba were bigger and looked healthier ie bigger stock taller more size then seven outta eight sprouted banana s lower down at the risk of causing entire failure and after waisting a large amount of time i m left with one damn bubba kush !!!!!not happy it s beautiful but should have seven big ass sisters... No light leaks or stresses outta ordinary just bad genes i m not satisfied with those results at all ... I would find it very difficult to recomend your genetics at this point after switching from a long time seed supplier that i had zero problems with in ten years other than amount of time it took to receive beans.j
Sitka Buds
Says : Nice healthy plant, likes to be fed. Not huge when it comes to yield but the buds are nice and it is a very pretty plant. Mine started to become purple (no temperature manipulation). Now I must say, good things come in small packages. Really good smoke, very impressed. Cut it done at 55 days when the first amber tris came out.
Says : Shipping was a fast 7 days! I couldn't ask for better service. CKS is the best.
John smith
Says : Great shipping
Says : Got my seeds after two weeks. I ordered the 5 pack.
Masón dupree
Says : Just got my bkf seeds yesterday. Far out on the fast shipping. Started four two have already cracked. Super impressed. Will post pics and updates as the beautiful girls grow. Thanks again CKS you guys rock!
Says : Excellent germination. These bubba kush are very easy to care for and grow big huge leaves. They need to be topped as they prefer to grow in one main stalk. They stay quite short and can be bushy as long as you top them and snip big fan leaves periodically to allow light into the lower canopy! Mine are 3 weeks into flower and have nice little nugs starting. They do stretch a bit after going 12/12, but very predictable. Mine doubled their height, maybe a bit more, so pretty normal there. Stalks and stems get super thick in hydro; hopefully to accommodate massive buds!
Says : Received my order in App 7-8 days after paying with credit card. Germinated the ladies with a 100% success rate. 2 weeks into it and they are taking off like a rocket. Vigorous, healthy and strong so far...
Says : Have a few outdoor bubba kush, I am quite amazed by the results. I am just about ready to finish up for the outdoor season. I will definitely order again after I explore more strains. Until next season fellow growers! Farmer Squirt BC BUD
Says : Perfect guys. Arrived faster than I thought they would. Happy aussie.
Says : Well after two yes of circle walking around other sites and the same proceastinating ovwr going ahead with purchase...After 10yrs of opiates, anti inflamatories etc now to have such quality God Given medicine and relaxant i cant respect you more considering The Times I have come to freely put my trust in this exellent service..Live Long Cropking
420 Farmer
Says : Paid by credit card and had product in hand seven days later. Credit notification and packaging both totally innocuous. Am pleased beyond measure. In a couple of months I'll forward pics. Thanks CKS!
Says : Just got my beans today. absolutely excited about this. First time i have ordered any beans and got them all the way down under on the west coast. Thank you CKS!!! i will be ordering again i am sure.
Says : Ordered a 5 pack and received. 100% germination tap roots in 24-hours leaves by day 3. Impressive as always with crop king seeds.
Says : Just got my shipment yesterday. I made an simple error that could've cost me my package, so I contacted CKS and informed them of the problem. I was stoked to see that the issue was resolved without any hassle. Thank you SO much CKS!! I'll definitely be sending in photos!
Says : Really awsome plant only thing i dont like is how much veg time it needs to reach a decent size but it would be a perfect plant to scrog i think im going to in my next round!

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