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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: Sticky Indica
Effect: Relaxing High
THC: Medium
THC%: 17.79% Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 1.20% Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.31% Laboratory Report
Country: United States
Yield: up to 500gr indoor/300gr outdoor
Genetics: Bubble Gum X Original Kush
Price: 5 Seeds / $60.00
10 Seeds / $110.00
25 Seeds / $200.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Bubba Kush
Warm up to a long-lasting Indica with this classic Kush strain. Lose track of time as earthy and sweet flavors induce deep waves of full-body stone.

This easy-to-grow strain relieves pain and eliminates insomnia. Bushy plants yield thick, sticky buds after 9 weeks of flowering.

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Bubba Kush Marijuana Strain Growing with Flowering Time,
THC & CBD Content Information

As a member of the Kush family, Bubba Kush is one of the more widely known strains you can get your hands on today. This easy to moderate grow thrives both indoors and outdoors and typically completes flowering in just 9 short weeks. This Indica grows bushy plants that produce huge, dense, and sticky buds.

The THC content of our Bubba Kush is 17.79%, and CBD content is 1.20%. This offspring of the classics Bubble Gum and Original Kush can produce yields weighing up to 500 g indoors and 300 g indoors. These are extremely large numbers, which are what you definitely want in your grow area.

The effect of this strain is best described as a relaxing full-body high. It will glue you to your bed for hours on end, letting your mind freely wander as you savor the sweet earthy flavors of Bubba Kush. The scent is a unique combination of the sweet and the downright pungent. From the smell to the aftertaste, there is nothing not to like about this plant.

This strain has medicinal properties as well. Medical weed patients turn to Bubba Kush for relief from various kinds of pain and remedy for insomnia. That sought-after body buzz that this strain is known for never fails to relax the mind and body to make rest and sleep easier to get. With so many individuals having such problems these days, having Bubba Kush ready in jars should benefit both you and your friends.

All Kush strains are always a good bet. Bubba Kush is a nice addition to your garden because it is a sure winner and has numerous benefits that should sit well with both recreational and medical marijuana users. This is also a good option particularly if you are looking for a strain with large yields and easy to moderate growing requirements.

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These feminized Bubba Kush seeds are handpicked by our experts to make sure that you will receive high quality seeds with high germination rate. Buy Bubba Kush seeds now and we will ship your order in the soonest time possible. We accept payments in US and Canadian dollars, and these can be received through bitcoin, credit card (Visa and MasterCard), and Interac E-Transfers (for Canadians only). We also accept Money Order and cash in the mail.

49 Reviews of Bubba Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Says : Seriously...if it weren't for a user on giving me the heads up then I would have never even thought to have checked under the hood of these ladies. Hermie Hermie Hermie...I've got a large crop king lineup and haven't had a problem to date but I still have many unpopped strains. I'm not sure I want to anymore as this could jeopardize entire gardens. Come on guys...remove the seeds.
Mad customer
Says : Do Not Buy Or Grow Hermies with no stress for no reason!!!! Crop King should not be selling this strain. I've grown the White Cookie, Super Silver Haze, and Sour Jack with no problems. This Bubba Kush grew odd and then hermied on me. This strain is not stable. Now I have pollen in the tent from this horrible strain that hermied and it might wreck the entire crop.
Says : This is the only strain from The King that I would not recommend. Save yourself the headache and just pick a different strain. Delivery time was fast and discreet as always but this strain is not right. Pick Any Other One and thank me later.
Says : Bet it's loverlywhen inhailed
Says : Growing two bubbas one is hermie and the other is a male plant or just really bad hermie after reading the comments a lot of hermies so I would stay away from these really bums me out bad genetics for sure
Casey Goerges
Says : Bought (5) bubba kush and (5) sour jack all spouted and grew just fine till almost three weeks into flower and all the bubba have started to hermie and was forced to cut down. All the sour jacks are great healthy females. Delivery and shipping was quick so I will try again with a different strain.
Chris v
Says : Thanks so much for all the help u guys gave me and the customer service was awesome. I'll definitely be coming back to get more thanks cks ur the best!
Pierre Delisle
Says : Ordered some Bubba Kush and I have done every step the right way I only had one that popped open maybe it is a bad batch of seeds I don’t know.I only know I did every step right. But thanks to the customer service which is absolutely excellent they will be sending me seeds from another strain which I truly appreciate thank you CKS...
Benny Das
Says : Shipping and customer service are top notch for these guys. That said I’ve had a few problems with bubba kush (also orders white widow and sour diesel and they’re doing great) My first plant started to autoflower atabout 6 weeks under t-5 fluoros at 18/6 pgotoperiod which I chalked up to stress because I hit it with a little too many nutes, however I popped another bean a few weeks ago and the seedling was barely on its third node and started putting out pistils. I have a third plant that’s in a 5 gallon w/ soil that I’ve been vegging under t-5s fluoros and just put it outside, seems healthy with no signs of mutations or flowering. All in all I’m stoked in the white widow and sour diesel and these guys are great, but the bubba kush seems a little wily on the genetics.
Says : Can anyone tell me how much the bubba plant will stretch during the flower phase? My plant is 4ft high.
Says : Been a customer since 2014 and will continue buying just not the bubba kush .. topped twice in 7gallon pots pro mix and after 2 weeks in flower all 7 turned hermie .. definitely bad genetics On this one
Says : BK grew well. One didn't make it past a half inch. One was remarkably hearty. None wanted to rejuvenate back to veg after harvest. Green Crack & White widow go back to veg well in about 30 days. White widow gets my 1st place vote. Green crack is 2nd place. Bubba kush is 3rd. Purple kush is 4th.
Says : So first I would like to say I received my seeds very fast. It has been a few months between the time I received my seeds and germination. Using the cup of water 2 paper towel method worked very well for me. All five seeds germinated in 4 days and on the 5th they were planted. It has been 7 days since the day of planting and 4 of my 5 seedlings are all consistent and doing amazing. Being that this is my first time growing I am not quite sure what is going on with 5th plant. The leaves are the same color as the rest of the plants but they seem to be smaller and twisting. I am going to start the feeding schedule this week. So far I am very happy with how everything is turning out so far. I hope that my 5th plant will correct itself, we shall see! I plan on writing another review in a few weeks. Let's hope all goes well.
Says : Why are the reviews not good about the bubba kush strain crooking?
Says : Just done drying. Popped 5, got 4. The fifth one germinated, but never surfaced, I think it was a bit too deep. 1 trileaf mutant and 3 regular plants. The mutant was eliminated because it was half the size of the others by week 6 of veg. 3 completely different phenos. 1 actually looks, smells and tastes like Bubba Kush. 1 looks and smells like a fat and hairy Northern Lights, 1 is a bit like a Mazar (?!) and obviously has a lot of CBD (it's a strong anxiolitic). I got 27.8 oz (bit too dry) under 1000W, 50 day veg, topped once, LST, 7 gallon fabric pots, coco. I could've done better. I used a two-part coco fert that forced me to overfeed N in flowering (got burns all over one plant), and then underfeeding to avoid the N excess. I also treated the coco like dirt, watering only every 3-4 days. No defoliation. This is the least stable strain I've ever grown, and it should have been extremely stable. This is supposed to be an old strain. Every plant should be almost the same. It was like I had three different strains, both in structure of buds, taste and potency. One didn't eat, another was a glutton and one was in between. One liked it hot, one liked it cold. I must say however that they were homogenous in growth. All the same height (+/- 3 inches), all the same growth speed, all the same size, all the same level of stretch and they all finished on the same exact day (at 62 days from 12/12, they all started showing amber trichomes). Yields were 10.25oz, 7,75 oz and 9.8 oz. All had the same exact light, wind, nutes, media, everything. Toppped the same, lollipopped the same. The plants were extremely healthy and vigorous. All of them grew very slow in veg, as is typical for BK. Two made slightly airy buds (a bit sativa-like in appearance), one made rocks. Biggest stems I've ever produced. Actually had to use a saw to cut the trunks, which were about 4 inches in diameter (36 inch plants). The LST combined with a strong wind made them able to support themselves until the end, save for three of four branches on one of the plants, that I just tied to the trunk. Two are pretty strong, slightly above average, the other with the CBD cuts the THC effect a bit. One tastes like a typical BK, one tastes a bit like fuel, and the other tastes like the leather jacket of an old man who smokes (it really does, it's very special). One makes your heart race and is almost a sativa, then becomes narcotic after about thirty minutes. One is like taking muscle relaxants. One is just very, very calm. Almost like I meditated. All of them are really smooth and tasty to smoke. The best method to grow these is a SOG. Slow veg, little stretch, rigid baseball bats for stems. Growing them more that 3 feet high is just wasting energy. The leaves are huge, extremely abundant and very thick.
Says : Bought 5 Haze-X and 5 of these last spring from a dispensary here in Atlantic C, then 5 more of each a few weeks back. Fantastic 2 meter high plants 350 gm each last summer outdoors by Sept., 20th. They start to bud in late July and do nothing much but stretch for three weeks but one morning you are there and they have buds all over, then they explode. Thing is I got all Haze-X to sprout both times but, again this time, all 5 Bubba K sank in 12 hours but only two showed roots in two days under paper towels. I kept looking and hoping but after ten days nuttin'. Impressive taste, production, and effect though. The buds can easily be taken as grown inside, you can use can use them as sling-shot ammo.
richard gordon
Says : Huge fan leaves, topping helps a lot, predisposed to budrot, decent yielder, not much bouquet, stays short and bushy, finished in under 8 weeks. It was a consistent plant and went through the trimming machine well.
Stoney Smurf
Says : A real treat to grow,excellent taste,flavour and addicting Sweet smoke. Outdoor organic bUds Were big bad azz nugs that smelled of Jet fuel n fruits. will be buying again.Avery good strain for begginers if you make some mistakes your bubba will do fine Excellent strain from Cropking seeds
Says : Got them and all sprouted looking really good right now they stretch a bit more than the widow but wow they are flowering so fast flipped 12/12 and 4 days I saw pistols coming out everywhere.
Dr Greenthumb
Says : Frosty Pungent Flavorful Goodness... Always the BEST results from Crop King Seeds
Says : I ordered bubba kush seeds, came a few days later well packaged. Very good smoke. Very good hard buds.
Says : i bought these feminized seeds and made about 40 babys out of 1 seed. turn out my whole bubba kush grow is male. I will not buy again.
Says : for bubba kush i wouldn't recommend this stain off crop kings. this is the only stain i've had troubles with. there other stains are fine so far. so what was happening is the seeds will crack but won't produce a tap i called these guys and they sent another pack with along a pack of autos which btw thank you very much. and we don't deal with autos. but might have a go with it. so out of 10 seeds only one got tap root. and it doesn't look very healthy. there's a black line that runs down the tap root which is very odd. might just discard it all together. so if your looking to grow this stain. if i was you go find it some wheres else. not sure if it's a bad batch or genetics. or simply old shock.
Canada Grower
Says : Shipping wasn't great. Took my money and didn't process my order. Waited 7 days and called to see whatsup. Lady on the phone was fairly good to deal with. Sent my order out and it was there within' 8 business days. Not great for 1 province over but whatever. 100% germination rate on 5. Seedlings are looking healthy. Can't complain about the quality of the package or the seeds! I'd probably go elsewhere for seeds. Wasn't given any freebies like multiple other seed banks. Even after the mistake of them taking my money but not sending my order, I somewhat expected an apology or something.
Says : I bought white whidow and candy cane. I got a male plant out of candy cane. The white widows are doing fenomenal and I will sent cropking pictures. I always have a germination rate of 100%. Out of four white widows three took 6.0 ph water and are currently in their 4week of flowering.( they are fenomenal) one didn't take it well and stayed small. Anyway the way this babies grew in seven gl pots I didn't need a forth plant in a 4x4 room. Cropking has a excellent customer service and sent me extra seeds when I told them the issue. Anyway the deal is all the bigger seeds in the batch they sent me grew and are growing crazy well. So I will wait to see on my next grow with the smaller seeds. I believe bigger seeds have the best results from my own growing experience. Can't wait for my white widows to finish. If I was you Corey I would have saved the hemaphordite plants and pollen, to make some extra feminized seeds. Male flowers in a hemaphordite or female plant with some male flowers, always have female pollen and you could pollen the plants to make more feminized seeds instead of forcing the plant with the silver solution. Alright hombres peace.
Mike Hollis
Says : I bought many seeds from this company. Out of about 40 only on e didn't pop. The plants all but two have been extremely healthy during vege. I have kept them as moms and made clones for a large indoor grow. They look amazing. I will post pics soon. I am in day 6 of flower.
Says : Ordered 5 seeds and I was surprised when I asked the representative about a confirmation email when they received my money order and they replied that they would send my seeds out that day, of coarse I didn't expect that to truly be the case but indeed I was wrong and 5 days later the seeds were here.. Nice looking seeds by the way. I'm very pleased and will continue to do business with cks 👍
Says : So ive had terrible luck with crop kings version of bubba kush! I had bought two five packs of bubba and out of them only three seeds popped open...the rest were duds, and the three that did live I had high hopes for because they were gorgeous during veg. But ten days into flower they showed their true hermaphrodite colours! It was heart breaking having to chop them down not only because they each were on their way to being pound plants for the size of them..the trunks were three fingers to four fingers thick and I had made 150 clones from the three that I also had to trash. So thankfully I still have 15 other monsters in flower doing great or id be screwed! But I will have to dig into my seed stock and plant seed for this summer rather than be able to use clones..I was warned about a few of crop kings strains and bubba was one, but I like to make up my own mind on quality! I dont remember the last hermie I had though besides these..its been at least ten years or grow room is pro built snd has no light leaks nor have I had nutrient issues, im all organic with homemade soils and this is a strain issue not a growers me I went through my rooms with a fine tooth comb looking for any reason this could be caused...the distributor I bought the seeds through said crop king would make good on this ...we'll see tomorrow!
Says : Growing bubba kush white widow and must say I'm not disappointed thanks crop kings the best
Says : I highly recommend this one, everyone should try growing bk. Very pretty to watch grow, just started flowering and no problems at all in veggy state. Thanks Crop King!!! Best service ever! Definitely not switching seed distributer.
Says : Have been dealing with CropKing three years now first three years incredible shipping great germination results. So far three different strains in four years Hash Plant Crown Royal. Bubba Kush all huge outdoors ordered elsewhere this year to get strain not offered Dutch Seeds got ripped off luckily PayPal got my money back Do Not understand any problems with CropKing Excellent company
The Gary
Says : got BUBBA KUSH seeds from headshop. I didnt follow seed cracking instructions but i still got 3 out of 5. I wrapped my seeds in a bleached and very clean gym sock upper. cut from the sock the stretchy part, soaked in water for 3 days and 3 got tap roots. So far soo good. I will be buying more seeds from CROP KING.
Says : Bought ten fem bubba kush and five wc they sprouted 8and 4 right away others were sickly so i threw out outta my 4 w/c i got two distinct pheno s but not an issue they are almost done and nice and bubba were bigger and looked healthier ie bigger stock taller more size then seven outta eight sprouted banana s lower down at the risk of causing entire failure and after waisting a large amount of time i m left with one damn bubba kush !!!!!not happy it s beautiful but should have seven big ass sisters... No light leaks or stresses outta ordinary just bad genes i m not satisfied with those results at all ... I would find it very difficult to recomend your genetics at this point after switching from a long time seed supplier that i had zero problems with in ten years other than amount of time it took to receive beans.j
Sitka Buds
Says : Nice healthy plant, likes to be fed. Not huge when it comes to yield but the buds are nice and it is a very pretty plant. Mine started to become purple (no temperature manipulation). Now I must say, good things come in small packages. Really good smoke, very impressed. Cut it done at 55 days when the first amber tris came out.
Says : Shipping was a fast 7 days! I couldn't ask for better service. CKS is the best.
John smith
Says : Great shipping
Says : Got my seeds after two weeks. I ordered the 5 pack.
Masón dupree
Says : Just got my bkf seeds yesterday. Far out on the fast shipping. Started four two have already cracked. Super impressed. Will post pics and updates as the beautiful girls grow. Thanks again CKS you guys rock!
Says : Excellent germination. These bubba kush are very easy to care for and grow big huge leaves. They need to be topped as they prefer to grow in one main stalk. They stay quite short and can be bushy as long as you top them and snip big fan leaves periodically to allow light into the lower canopy! Mine are 3 weeks into flower and have nice little nugs starting. They do stretch a bit after going 12/12, but very predictable. Mine doubled their height, maybe a bit more, so pretty normal there. Stalks and stems get super thick in hydro; hopefully to accommodate massive buds!
Says : Received my order in App 7-8 days after paying with credit card. Germinated the ladies with a 100% success rate. 2 weeks into it and they are taking off like a rocket. Vigorous, healthy and strong so far...
Says : Have a few outdoor bubba kush, I am quite amazed by the results. I am just about ready to finish up for the outdoor season. I will definitely order again after I explore more strains. Until next season fellow growers! Farmer Squirt BC BUD
Says : Perfect guys. Arrived faster than I thought they would. Happy aussie.
Says : Well after two yes of circle walking around other sites and the same proceastinating ovwr going ahead with purchase...After 10yrs of opiates, anti inflamatories etc now to have such quality God Given medicine and relaxant i cant respect you more considering The Times I have come to freely put my trust in this exellent service..Live Long Cropking
420 Farmer
Says : Paid by credit card and had product in hand seven days later. Credit notification and packaging both totally innocuous. Am pleased beyond measure. In a couple of months I'll forward pics. Thanks CKS!
Says : Just got my beans today. absolutely excited about this. First time i have ordered any beans and got them all the way down under on the west coast. Thank you CKS!!! i will be ordering again i am sure.
Says : Ordered a 5 pack and received. 100% germination tap roots in 24-hours leaves by day 3. Impressive as always with crop king seeds.
Says : Just got my shipment yesterday. I made an simple error that could've cost me my package, so I contacted CKS and informed them of the problem. I was stoked to see that the issue was resolved without any hassle. Thank you SO much CKS!! I'll definitely be sending in photos!
Says : Really awsome plant only thing i dont like is how much veg time it needs to reach a decent size but it would be a perfect plant to scrog i think im going to in my next round!

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