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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Moderate
Flowering Time: 9 - 10 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 70% Sativa
Effect: Sativa
THC: Extreme High
THC%: 24.40% THC Chart
CBD: 0.45% CBD Chart
CBN: 0.25%      
Country: USA usa
Yield: Up to 500gr Indoor/300gr Out
Genetics: Amnesia Haze X OG Kush
Price: 5 Seeds / $65.00
10 Seeds / $120.00
25 Seeds / $220.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Cali OG Kush
Crop King Seeds traveled to Northern California to find a Dominant OG Kush and crossed it with our Amnesia Haze, creating a dominant uplifting Sativa and the famous characteristics you get from an OG Kush Indica. A new beauty exclusive only from “The King”.

Marijuana Seeds Canada Cali OG Kush

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Price : $65.00

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Cali OG Kush Strain Information - Growing, THC Content,
Yield, Flowering Time and Potency

This exclusive strain, which is a unique cross between our widely praised Amnesia Haze and equally popular OG Kush, is predominantly Sativa. In terms of growing difficulty, this strain is rated moderate, and the typical flowering time under best conditions is up to 10 weeks.

Its yield is quite typical of our strains. At 500 g (indoors) and 300 g (outdoors), Cali OG Kush is a sure heavyweight. At more than 24%, the THC content of this strain can’t be dismissed. That is an extremely high number, and you can expect only the best kind of high from it.

Amnesia Haze and OG Kush are both hugely popular strains that have made a name for themselves through their undeniably high potency and strong lasting effects. This resulting cross strikes a nice balance between the effects of those two parent strains, offering stress relief and euphoria.

As an uplifting strain, Cali OG Kush is the ideal remedy for those days spent poring over office documents, fulfilling boring work tasks, and participating in meetings that suck the life and enjoyment out of you. Simply have a taste of this strain, and you should spend the next hours happy, slowly recharging as your mind forgets about your bad mood and stress.

This is a good strain to grow if you are prone to high stress levels or have friends or family who suffer from disorders and other health problems related to stress. Although you can always resort to medication for some uplifting effect, you can always just turn to Cali OG Kush and achieve the exact same results.

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Cali OG Kush seeds is just one of the many cannabis strains seeds you can find in our marijuana seed company. Crop King Seeds make sure that our seeds are all in best condition and very much ready to give you dense, trichome-rich buds that pack a lot of buzz. As a trusted name in the business, we allow you to buy marijuana seeds in Canada easily and smoothly with discreet shipping worldwide. You can order from us online and pay through bitcoin, credit card, or Interac E-transfers. We also accept cash and money order payments in US and Canadian dollars.

57 Reviews of Cali OG Kush/Haze(Sativa) Feminized Seeds

Says : what to review my mistakes 50 bud top not 540,, but hey are looking real good I look at them today under a mag glass looking good,,this is my first time growing indoors I have always been a dirt farmer ,, can grow here in Arizona outdoors too hot in the summer it get up too 125 degrees where I am at ,,,,,,,,,,next time I read my stuff before I post it,,, love the KING great customer service they have my business for life I would not buy from overseas
Says : planted cali og/kush today in 4 weeks of flowering stage planted 2 plant ,1 already has nice frosty leaves and buds the other is maybe 1 1/2 weeks behind, the first plant is shorter bir nice an bushy with as many as 540 bud tops on it the other is taller with maybe 40 bud tops on it ,, I am a firm belivering in pinching back,,, cut the time down after 4 weeks of veg,, so plants are 9 weeks old today ,, using fox farms fertizer on the the 3 satge ,, only complain I have is the buds are still maybe the size of a grape but hope them to get bigger over the next few weeks ,,, next time growing in a 4x8 tent with a 600 watt Led ful spectrum light,, next time going to try northen lights auto for a faster crop and go with 4 plants
Paul Carter
Says : This is my fourth grow. 4x4 600 watt bulbs. All my seeds were from ck . Day 54 from flip. Germinated 5 and all popped. On day 10 of flip noticed one of the plants seemed to be more mature then the others. What seemed to be flowers turned out to be pollin sacks and some were open. First time seeing this and it really shocked me. Within one minute the plant was removed from the tent. Initially thought that the four other plant were pollinated but it seems that they weren't. Question I would like to know is why is it that none of the plants look the same. Two plants look average nice buds, the other two have fantastic looking bug but completely different from each other.
Bruce banner
Says : Ordered 5 ogkh received them in 7 days.4 of them popped. Out of those one pheno was week but the other three are amazing! Two phenos very Haze and one very kush.very strong energetic high.very happy with ck and planning on the pk next
Says : I am on my second cycle of cali OG Kush. Bought a ten pack and discovered how unstable this strain is. Three different looking flowers. One of those flowers was absolutely awesome however i couldnt clone it because i didnt discover how good it was until it was already to deep into flower :( As always the shipping is great however I wont be taking any additional chances on this strain.
Says : I will not grow anything else have had great crops
Says : Bought 25 pack (super fast shipping) and popped a few. So far 100% germ. Chinese LED and Cob, FFOF soil and FF nutes, small tent, and city water with no PH manipulation (7ish before nutes). I feed them every other watering (so about once a week). Topped and LST them early. The grow was perfect but takes awhile to complete. These girls will eat and produce. My grow is for myself so I don't weigh it. But these put out some beautiful and big buds covered in a large amount of frosty crystals. They smell outrageously fruity and good. 3 days of darkness to finish them off. Curing currently. These are legit producers and the seeds are good to go. I haven't been let down by the King... Oh, make sure you keep her underbrush clear and focused growing towards your buds. The OGKH pictures are accurate with my experience.
Mama Kush
Says : This will be my next purchase ! Had great like with the B.I. fems
Says : Ordered 50 Green Crack seeds. Arrived in 4 days and all the beans poped. Thanks Crop King.
Says : 7th week budding everything they said it would be.High recomendment for this strain.It grew quickly and reached my expectations .Happy customer.again!!!!!
Says : So, it's winter and lots of snow and cold in Ontario. I open my mason jar of carefully harvested Cali and smell a blast of fresh strawberries, put a tad in my vape and create art for hours....ahhhhhh
John A
Says : Received my 5 Cali og. Starting out with 1.. it was the smallest of the 5, it’s already on its way,tap roots out in less than 48 hours. 2018 bring it on!
Says : how tall do they get ? and wide are they ?
Says : I've bought 4 fem varieties in 2 orders. Both orders arrived quickly & discreetly and I have 100% germ. Eight weeks into veg state right now and so far couldn't be happier!
Says : this is the second time I bought seeds from the KING all I can say is they have great customer service it is the best very very helpful the seeds should be her by this Friday can wait to get them started
Says : This Cali og kush haze was a pleasure to grow. It grew strong and healthy. 4 plants produced 4,4,5,7 ounces in a 4x4 tent with cob's. The smoke is delish and high is very nice too.
Says : I purchased the Cali og seeds months ago and wanted to do a full grow start to finish before my review ... From start to finish this plant was a pleasure to grow . It held up perfectly to toppings and low n high stress training .. And she ain't affraid to eat either ... About 2 to 3 weeks into flower her sweet yet dank smell just fills the air. These girls are just top shelf at it's finest. Much thanks to crop king for these girls ... I highly recommend these to any an everyone ...
Says : First thing first. After 7 weeks and my plants are definitely showing their true genetics. I had ordered purple kush as well as the cali og and I was substituted with the purp. So I ended up with 2 cali and 8 purple. The plants are completely different looking so it's not had tell . But all the seeds I have had 100% grow success. The cali looks as though it's going to be a small yeilder of high quality bud.
Says : Got my 5 OG Cali Kush/Haze seeds on 8/21. Now 2 weeks into flowering and hope to harvest by end of November. Didn’t expect the huge size of plants so I have to bend them. Cat bit off 2 seedling stems, but was able to replant and now are flowering really nice. This is my 1st grow. Happy with results so far
Trevor Alan
Says : Bought two packs O.G. Kush Haze. 7 out of 10 came up,but 6 of them died in the soil. The one that finished was excellent. Very fruity taste and smell,extremely potent with a nice uplifting sativa high followed by a soft relaxing indica body stone. Just recently sprouted 5 O.G Haze seeds, 4 out of 5 came up,looking forward to getting a lot more of this strain.
Jim mcgreal
Says : Ordered on 9/23 got on 9/30. germinating now.will update on progress and pictures.HIGH expectation I supply the love the the King the genetics.
Says : Shipping was fast. Less then a week. Can't wait to get em growing!
Says : 6 feet tall lol i need to bend all of them. Did an error first time grow. there are multiple cola same as the image. 4 week of flow complete
Says : I absolutely love this weed tastes great extreme high like it says and they take up some space! Give these babys room and you will love this strain!
Says : Ordered a pack of 5, 5 sprouted, popped in rockwool then transplanted to aero cloner then transplanted to dwc. Grown in 4x4 with 1k. Plants were absolutely gorgeous with smells of cheesecake, fruity pebbles, berrys.... very fruity with a hint of cream cheese. I noticed multiple favorite for medicinal value was the skunk pheno ( hazier ) ? The other phenos were much denser and prob more og kush? Trich production was 9 out of 10 on all. With lst, plants would upright themselves in an hour or so, topping would result in new growth two days later. Make sure to give these girls room they get big, stretch moderately and make girthy flowers.Without having a huge hunger. Chopped at week 9 should of went to late week 10 or early week 11. Would I buy these again, MOST DEFINATELY!
Says : Update, ladies have been chopped. I noticed nanners on one of the 2 plants at day 56 and had to chop it. Still was 90% white pistils and mostly clear trichs, probably be turned into hash or rso. Just a mediocre result. The other was a true beauty and lasted to day 65. She probably could have gone another week too. Extremely frosty, sticky and dank. Decent sized buds and medium density. Been drying for a week and going in jars tomorrow for curing. Will update with a full smoke report after. Tried a smaller nug tonight and had a real zippy high, made me want to get up and move. Still tasted good, but I know it will kill after a good cure!
Says : Ordered Cali Kush/Haze seeds (10). Received quickly after ordering. 10 germinated and are growing very nicely at present outdoors and greenhouse. Will add to review when in flower.
Says : One month in and I have mainlined this plant. It has been very responsive to training and pruning(lst and topping). Plant mainstem has shed numerous times and is becoming a beast. It usually rebounds from stress in about two days and vigorous growth begins again. Will post an update in one month.
Says : I ordered hash plant fem and og Cali fem Sprouting now and just wanted to make sure these are photo peroid right? Also have early miss autos in flower now they are awesome ,I'm a customer for life
Says : Today is day 53 of flower and they are everything I hoped for so far. Only sprouted 2 to start with 2 month veg and both are very strong, similar tight structure, dense, caked with resin, and very aromatic. One is a bit quicker and I have started flushing already, will be ready around 60-65 days from flip. Buds aren't as fat in this one, but still killer and rock hard. This one has a musky dank funky aroma with a hint of sweetness and is diamond coated in resin. She will be easy to trim too. Expecting about 6 oz off her. The other has beer can sized buds that are still really dense. She'll take a little bit longer probably around 75-80 days. Not as much resin but still very frosty and more time to pack it on. Her aroma is still musky dank funk, but with some sour instead of sweet. Pungent and lovely. Won't be as easy to trim and has a lot more larfy stuff below. Expecting about 5 oz off her. I'll post a smoke report after the grow is wrapped and they cure for awhile.
Says : Got them fast and had a 100 percent Germanatein. In flowering now love it
Says : VERY STRONG SEEDS, these seeds are very resilient and adaptable but theyre also very unpredictable. some of my plants are very bushy and short which i like and others are growing like a tree(indoors). the plants also vary in size too. one seed i thought was gonna be giant germed perfectly ended up my smallest, and the one that sprouted last is my biggest now. expect to adapt to their quick changes, other than that would order again!
Says : You guys are doing a real great job
jack bascome
Says : cant wait
Betty scrogger
Says : Looking very nice, almost done. Everything is great. I love you and thank you for existing!
Says : Ordered California Haze kush And purple kush.. all germinated grown for approx 6 weeks looking great.. also took starts witch also took off and looking great.. thank you Crop King..
Joe Ortner
Says : Well, I harvested my FIRST plant of Early Miss ever last night and have been "taste testing" it. It only takes TWO hits to get me off my ass!!! I didn't know how strong it would be, but believe me, it is PLENTY strong!! I got 90gms off of it. Have another plant to harvest in about 7 weeks and White Widow is in two pots just after germination...What a GREAT hobby to have!!
Says : I don't know if you can believe this but after 2days water x2 Cali og's 28th Feb Soil, Reducing from 24-0 To 12/12 on 3rd March. Corn seed size Buds appeared overnight 16days later on 20th march tripled in height. First taste today..3weeks 2dayz bud. Last will be 77days from seed! 1.2 metres be at least 2oz 4!!!!Weeks from bud. That's F O U R...4! That's 6weeks and 2days from 12/12 Beautiful dew covered.. Floral exquisite Incredible! Any one else with such a quick time? No mistake 31 days March 30 days April + 14 till reap + 2 from seed till sprout 70 bloomin' 7 Love from s Can't wait till cured. Crop king ..king of seed.
Stephen Patane
Says : I used the 2 bonus seeds choosing the smallest. Cracked in 2days 280217 Pure aged (7.0ph) mill mud 250 HP's after 40 watt LEDs Plus 20watt led guano,silica worm juice and castings 24hr days 3 weeks Reduced to 12/12 on 030417 16 days till bud 17 days done and Two things of great beauty I don't know if my freebies are the same strain One 1.2 meter 2nd .8 One 11 finger thin leaf Christmas tree Intoxicatingly floral Covered with yellow green "dew" The other 9finger with fat leaves, bushy More of a top cola as in only the bottom nodes branched Above that budded at site.. Absolutely exquisite You get what you pay for.... Ha! I didn't pay for these. Cheers King
Says : Arrived extremely fast but I did add the extra $$ ($30) for stealth. 100% germinated, germinated Crop King's recommended version. Now in red solo cups looking good!
strawberry soo
Says : Bought these girls back in february, germinated feb 20. They are now filling out beautifully .I've lst'd them and they train well.I find them a little finicky compared to the fem ww , but nothing to crazy.Enjoying watching their progress.have crown royal on its way in the mail as we speak!excited to see how they go!thanx crop king!!
Says : 100% germ and growing like beasts! 30 days from seed and are absolutely gorgeous and starting to have some funk.Very excited to try the end result!
Says : 100% germination.thank the king. will always buy from the king in the futhrue
The germinator
Says : 100% germination rate as usual with crop king seeds you want results and quality medicine stick with the best like I do and don't mess with the rest.. All hail the king baby... Crop king seeds..I'll be back the germinator
stephen m klausner
Says : love it
Says : i just put seeds in paper towels 2 1/2 hrs ago and i have a taproot showing already super excited ordered 15 seeds thanks for the seeds great quality seeds im gonna be a repeat customer
michael B
Says : Iread a lot of reviews before i chose this co iput my trust in thim and ordered cali og cush and i recieved them 8 days later ordered 5 i will post there progres thay all looked beautifull but the proof is in the smoke !!!!!...thank you all for your help B
Tracy Kennedy
Says : nice add!
Tracy Kennedy
Says : v good!
Says : Put 8 seeds in germination and all 8 cracked . Got them in soil and all 8 have come up. 100% germination Thnx again crop king.
dinky dubs
Says : ordered some train wreck and green crack, man did those got growed and enjoyed!! will ONLY order from crop king seeds again, well worth it!
Says : picked up 10 cali og all 10 popped within 30 hours fast growing the costomer service has been the best ive seen and been dealing with them many times and always great results
Says : Happy little Vegemite here.. in following rules of Sowing..1cracked in 24 hours the other in 30...%100! Stoked! I'm doing that male bow curtsy thing t'wards The King. Thanks.
Says : I ordered some OG kush/haze and some purple kush.They arrived in about 5 days.Best delivery time ever!Germinating them now. Thanks crop king,I cant wait to see how they turn out .
Says : First time grower..purchased 10 seeds.received seeds 5 days after ordering in very stealth packaging to Boston area.all germinated and just planted.can't wait to see results...
The Germinator
Says : I Ordered some cali og kush/haze plus some sour diesel. They arrived promptly, discreetly, and received some freebies as usual. Thanks Crop kings your the best, and the reason why I'm a repeat customer and why I don't buy seeds from anyone else. All hail the king baby Crop King Seeds I'll be back...The Germinator
Bobby Schutz
Says : Can't wait to try!

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