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Sweet Tasting

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 7 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica, 30% Sativa,
10% Ruderalis
Effect: Long-lasting body Buzz
THC: Moderate - High
THC%: 17.81%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.1%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.4%      Laboratory Report
Country: Spain Spain
Yield: Up to 200 gr Indoors/100 gr out
Genetics: AK47 X Mango X White Widow
Price: 5 Seeds / $55.00
10 Seeds / $95.00
25 Seeds / $190.00
Candy Cane
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Candy Cane
Fruity and sour flavor, this 7 week strain is one of our sweetest tasting auto flowering strains. Super easy to grow this strain is a very strong, long-branching plant with a moderately high yeild. An exotic sweet tasting strain with a long lasting and very euphoric high.

Candy Cane is easy to grow thus it is fit for new growers as well. Not like the other bulk yielders though but this is well loved by our customers because of its flavor and effect.

The THC level of Candy Cane can reach up to 17.81% with CBD of 0.01% and CBN of 0.40%. It can provide its smoker with long-lasting body buzz.

Marijuana Seeds Canada Candy Cane

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101 Reviews to Candy Cane – Auto Flower Fem

Says : Don't get it twisted this plant can be monstrous.... just harvested one and got some monstrous flowers. Highly recommended CropKing wow five ⭐️ strain all day long.
Nicholas B
Says : CK, This company i will stand behind time and time again. Customer Service Alone is the best reason to come to them for your seed needs.! I sent my order in on March the 10th and thought it was taking a little long so i contacted them through email, an they took care of me better then ANY other seed company out there. I look forward to receiving my seeds an leaving a proper review but though that anyone looking in to CK should know the customer Service an professionals there are what we want in our seed company's. Again THANK YOU CK.
Says : I placed an order for a pack of these seeds. I ended up with the feminized photos. Unfortunately, i could not keep them because of a tight time constraint. The plants were vigorous, and huge at 1 n a half months. Makes me sad i had to cull the plants, i just had no other options. However, i notified their customer service via chat on this site. They came through, and ended up sending me the proper seeds free of charge. Thanks CKS, you all are the bomb.
Says : 5 of 5 seeds sprouted. CropKing is always good
Says : Just got my Candy Cane auto flower seeds! Very speedy delivery. So excited to get these bad boys growing!!
Says : To all of you who bought the auto's but they are not flowering like autos don't worry. You got Feminized beans. I'm in week 5 of flower and have huge thick solid buds. My main cola is 19 inches tall. As with the candy cane autos the candy cane feminized still only needs 7 weeks of flower time.Even though sending out the feminized beans was a mistake I'm very pleased with the product. Can't wait until they start selling them.
Says : (Planted-11/6/16)(Harvested-02/19/17) Took forever to flower but overall happy with the outcome. I had to switch from 18/6 to 12/12 to force flowering.
Says : Ordered online on 2/27/17, decided to mail my payment the following day to avoid additional charges. Received my order today on 3/7/17. Thanks Crop King for the quick turn around on my order.
Says : I put 4 of these down none autoflowered at all after 10 weeks they also look quite different any ideas what i might have got because it is clearly not candycane autos
Says : How long will These flower when I flip them over? How tall will they get after veg?
Says : Been vegging since Jan like a chump, might have to chuck them since I have no where to flower them ( have other autos in the same space)
Says : Received my CC Autos on Thursday. Threw them in moist paper towels on Friday. Put them in soil on Monday.... These things are moving at a great pace!!! More to come as the days and weeks go by!! ShaMon!!
Says : Just received my auto CC5 a couple of days early, ty. Starting 2 seeds first to watch what happens.
Medicine Man
Says : For those of you that bought the candy cane autos but they didn't flower like an auto should, don't worry. Someone sent out candy cane feminized beans by mistake. I flipped mine into flower two weeks ago and have very nice buds for only two weeks in flower. When I look close to the inside of the flowers I was blown away by how frosty they are already. I'm in week 3 by 3 days and by what I have seen so far you will be very pleased. This just shows why Crop King Seeds are number 1 on the inner web for buying your beans.
oldschool 64
Says : Switched my non auto CC to 12-12...there 26 inches tall loaded with bud.. Will be worth it in the end 4 sure..
Patrick wagener
Says : I purchased some candy cane seeds in November also. I'm running them now and they aren't autos either. I had them in Veg for a long time before I decided to flip 12/12. Hopefully they will send me new ones. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one.
Says : OK GUYS, so i started 1 jack here auto and 2 candy cane autos.. the jack here is in week 4 bud and the candy canes haven't budded at all. THERE MASSIVE but no bud. this is on 18-6 - THIS PLANT IS NOT AN AUTOFLOWER. But.. good news is i have another set up where i can just throw into 12 12 and were GOOD. Was it just a single batch that was bad?
Says : If the recent reviews posted for this strain are true, does this mean that why will have to be switched over to 12/12 rather than keeping them 18/6. Since they are not true autos
Says : I'm very impressed with the Candy Cane. It's unfortunate about the mix-up some folks experienced but when you get the right beans, this is a beauty of a plant. I'm on the 3rd of my 5-pack and they've been consistently vigorous and tolerant of my (mild) abuse. The Candy Cane tops well in my experience and can get pretty long and branchy if you don't top it. I'll be emailing in a photo of my beautiful girl when it's ready to harvest.
Says : I purchased Candy Cane (CC) with Early Miss (EM) and Train Wreck (TW) to test out an Autoflowers run. As it turned out, the Candy Cane did not Auto. I got 100 germination from the CC seeds and have lovely plants but as the EM and TW are finishing, the CC are still in veg. EM & TW are in week 7 and it is looking like they will finish at week 8 and/or 9.
Says : I got some cc in November and it turns out they were not autos. Talked to the crop king customer service and they will be sending me new seeds tomorrow. Awesome customer service cks!! Thank you and you made a customer for life!
Says : Received candy cane from the last round of seeds along with many other growers. Everybody's grow is the same they didn't turn out to be autos just femanized photos. Very nice plants though. Just so everyone knows they will have to be treated as photos not autos
William Bone
Says : This is my second post for the Candy Cane Auto. I'm very pleased. I started a youtube page showing my grow with weekly updates. I find it easy for people if you see just what it is supposed to do. There were other videos on candy cane, not many. So as I grow it I will post it. It's been two weeks since it popped out of the soil and is now a little bush. If allowed, my channel on youtube is Medicine Man since I am growing for medical use. The only videos on my page is what I'm doing for my Candy Cane grow. Crop King Seeds brought it with a great product. Video is updated every Saturday morning. Thank you and grow great medicine with Crop King seeds.
Says : why did I wait to buy this?... now I can't, and the last time it took forever to get back in stock. I hope you guys will have it back soon. Really soon. This is the one I have always wanted to try, but it was never in stock when I went to buy it. :( BUT...Not your guys fault you have the best seeds ever!!! I hate that the store in my town is not selling your seeds anymore. I think they are crazy... like where else are they going to get the best seeds ever? So stupid on their part... completely their loss! You guys rock!
Says : received my candy cane bean seeds the other day great shiping will definitely be a returning customer thanks
William Bone
Says : First time ordering, thought I would try the Candy Cane. For shipping they said 7-21 days, got them in 7. Nice package. Getting ready to pop a couple seeds today. Customer service is great. I had a couple questions and and in a matter of minutes I had my answer. Will do a harvest post in a few weeks. Crop King Seeds Rocks..............
Says : Just got my seeds today will definitely post an update thank you so much for the generosity Mad respect crop king seeds will definitely be a returning customer
Says : Received my candy Kane beans yesterday! Ordered Dec.1 and received Dec.5! Super fast and exceptional packaging.Germinating now.Looking forward to the grow.thanks King!
Says : I have reached a height of almost 12.2 mm after shrinking severely after an out of season (its summer here) Fros . I hope I can regain some vigour. Thanks
Says : Im impressed with this auto, Candy cane was easy to grow. first time the plants were short with nice side branches. Second time around the plant grew to almost 6feet and took LST well. now on to PK........ cheers Crop King
Says : Just ordered some of these beans and can't wait to see the outcome. I already tried the AH autoflower and all 7 turned out awesome the yield was low but that was my fult do to the shitty lights I used. So I up graded my lights to a 600w hps and mh bulbs I'm pretty sure my yield will triple. The kings customer service is the best I've come across definitely a loyal customer for life and have recommended the king to many friends.
Jeff Havens
Says : Absolutely amazing strain! The yields were phenomenal.. some of the sweetest,tastiest most resinous marijuana I have ever grown.
Says : This candycane is my first autoflower and I'm very impressed, put two girls in the ground in early June and harvested August 11 here on the west coast of Canada where were usually fighting mold in October trying to get a harvest in. The two plants produced 8.2 ounces of very tasty bud. Thanks crop king I'll be ordering more for next year.
Haskell Davis
Says : Hooked up w/CKS 3yrs ago Csndy is my fav A/Fem
Says : Cane is 42" and frosty I couldn't beleave she grew this tall but cant wait for final yield. ty cks
Says : Ordered 5 Candy Cane AF and 5 Early Miss AF. Got extra in a very timely fashion in Texas! Germed 5 and all are growing nicely! Thanks CKS!! I'll be ordering again real soon!
Says : First time growing and I have to say, this strain was very forgiving, and I was lucky to reach harvest considering all the mistakes I made along the way. I grew 2 plants in soil, with ph too high and nutrients were lacking. My yield was lacking as a result, but the smell pre-harvest and final smell, taste and smoke was awesome !! I cured this for 4 months after bringing it to harvest with about 20% amber trichomes and tried it for the first time last night and it was a perfect mix of cerebral effects and body buzz and nice smooth flavourful smoke. I had 3 seeds left over which are now being sprouted and will be grown in Coco, with properly PH'd water, nutrients and proper lighting. I have no doubt I'll yield 2-3 ounces dry per plant easily on my 3rd grow. I'm just about to harvest 1 CKS Purple Kush and 2 White Widow from a 600W LED grow which look like they will be yeilding a lot of dense, resin coated buds!! Thanks CKS for awesome genetics to work with !!
Says : Ran 11 of these between 2 600w hps and am currently around day 70 from seed, They are a huge stretchy autoflower with very long side and bottom branches, i didnt think they would end up sturdy enough to support bud but they are strong stemmed and hardy and budding out quite heavy. 2 obvious phenos, one shorter with larger more dense buds and one super tall loose budded sativa dominant looking pheno.. both smell very sweet and tropical, kinda like melon. I will say the flowering time is longer than advertised at least for someone as picky as me about finished meds, the shorter denser pheno should be done within 14-20 days and i am about to start flush, and honestly the more sativa looking pheno will be AT LEAST 25-30 more days.... putting the total time on these between 85-100 days from seed to harvest. Above average budfrost, yield, quality from an Autoflower though. color me impressed
Says : Candy Cane great strain was very please thanks Crop King they all germinated 2oz per plant. Very easy to grow for beginners..
Robert Dryer
Says : !00% germination. Used paper towel method placed them on top of frig,where it is dark and warm.
Says : ordered 5 candy cane & got 5 seeds 100% germ rate & average 2oz per plant under a 600 w mars led in 8 to 10 weeks very happy!!!! next will be amnesia haze & northern lights!!!!!
Says : Okay, so I got a pack of 25 candy canes, counted them up, there were 26. I used reverse osmosis water ph'd to 6.0 with a little dabble of B1 to germinate, 26/26 germinated in warmth in 3 days. After a coupe of weeks now still have 25/26 going, looking BEAUTIFUL! 😍
Says : I am going to say I was quite excited to start the candy cane AF but have to say after a very long 63 days not real impressed they did bud and out of the 5 I started with 3 made it full term great bud don't get me wrong just no yeild. I will however not blame the seed or the company but will take onis to this one. I tried to do organic and my mistake. I am trying some train wreck now but will be coming to purchase some reg fem seeds very soon as I am changing my garden from soil to DWC recycler buckets. Still think you guys are the best show in town....💯🔥💨👍
Says : 10/10. 4 germinated in 2 days. 4 other took 3 days. 1 took 6 days. 1 took 7 days. Dark room was slightly cool so I warmed it up and the last 2 seeds cracked. All are in amended soil for the tasty buds. On day 10 now.. First 8 are all 3 inches tall with true leaves. Last 2 are above ground but no true leaves yet. Buddy says to expect crops between 55 to 85 days from seed. Great product. Super easy for a novice grower. Thanks CK
Says : Just harvested a candy cane today ! 😎 She smells delicious like candy goodness/skunk/sweet fruit . Very decent resin coverage and nice fat dense colas ! She was grown in pro mix with some minor amendments and grew about 2 feet tall with lots of branches 21 to be exact 500 grams wet so should get at least a qp finished trim and dry ...not bad at all in my books ! She finished for me in about 75 days sprout to harvest ... Great pleasure to grow ! Great gear ! Cheers to the king !
Says : Delivery was AWESOME, so stealthy.. great company .order on line with credit and had know happy with the Candy cane, thanks for the extra.I will be ordering again soon guys are the best!!
Says : I bought a 5 pack of the candy cane from a local shop and germinated them the same day. I read some reviews online and germinated all 5 not expecting much but all 5 have an inch long tail! Planted 4 in dirt and one in a hydro set up (I was too impatient to set up the hydro), all indoor. Let's see how it goes!
Says : Okay I'm so never tried this I have my candy cane fem indoor flowering seeds which are now in the germinating and wondering what size pot do I need to use? I m trying to figure out my shopping list mmmmhhhhh okay I read to use humus organic soil. Also read to get clay pebbles. Also read to cut off the tops when they grow but what week of the growing do I cut off the tops. I'm on a budge and have chronic pain and want to be order to grow me own without going broke. Please help me somebody. Thanks. Georgie
Says : hey just wanted to give a shout out to crop king i just started the candy cane all 5 at once and within 2 days from planting in soil all 5 sprouted healthy and green 1/2 inch. my 5 auto jack herers are around week 6 and big n bushy!. 10/10 so far with the king!
Says : Bought 5 Candy Cane from a storefront, not online, and forgot about them in the back of my fridge for 7 months. I recently germinated them and all 5 sprouted. The one plant is growing literally like a weed, which I'm sure will end up as my mother plant. The quality of seeds from Crop King is quite outstanding, I'm eager to receive Ice Wreck by mail soon and will be back for some White Widow in a few weeks. Thank you Crop King, I highly recommend :)
Says : got 25 candy cane beans to coloroado in 3 biz days, super fast shipping, and there were extras in my pack. crop king rules
Says : Just want to say I am just finishing week to of veg very impressed with Crop King Seeds plants are doing super and when finished I will post a vid on YouTube from steat to finish. I just want to say Crop King Seeds is the best company I have dealt with and these autos are cool never done autos before impressive and you guys have great customer service Thanks again Robert
Says : 84 days from seeds to harvest. The plant was healthy with a nice smell ! I end up with 60 grams of dried buds :) The taste is very fruity and the feeling is VERY COUCH LOCK !
Says : Ordered 5 CCA Seeds to us and 4 days later received seeds as well as two news toys for my wife and I to play with intimately!! Really impressed w delivery! Planted 3 of them and all sprouted!! Will keep u updated as to their progress!! Thanks CKS!!
Says : So I got the Auto Fem Mix and I'm pretty sure the one I grew is this Candy Cane. It definitely has the closest resemblance. This was a beautiful easy to grow plant. Very sensitive to nutrients though so you have to go pretty light. She finished off at about a foot and a half and I got 3 Oz's Dry off of just one plant. A lot more trichomes then I was expecting. It was my first time doing an Auto so I wasn't really expecting much TBH. But let me tell you, I gave her a watering with Ice Water and put her in the dark for 72 hours before I chopped her and she just through out a bunch of trichomes, I mean she was completely COVERED. The high is pretty nice and strong. Not the strongest but she definitely gets you lifted very nice. I only just started the cure a couple of days ago so I don't want to comment on the taste yet as its not anywhere near it's peak. It does however taste pretty good already. As far as I can tell, There genetics are also pretty good. I will need to do a few more grows with there other strains to know definitely, but from this one alone, there genetics seem very great, would definitely be happy to buy from again. Also, Crop King has great customer service. Very quick and great customer service. I would be more then happy to do business with again. Thanks Crop King, Hope to do business with you guys again in the future. Ghost
Says : Got a mixed auto-fem pack and I absolutely love the candy cane. She's growing well outside in a very tropical environment and has been very heat and bug resistant. She takes more nitrogen then my others but will probably end up my favorite out of all of them.
Says : Nice and bushy short plant,about 3 feet high outdoors.Big colas on all branches.Very quick to go into flower (july 6) started may 1,2015 wonderful taste ,even better when cured for 3 months.Good yields.A great strain.
Says : Very pungent sweet strain, resin production is 10x what was expected, flowers form fast and dense with beautifully staggering internodes. She grew to a total height of 3.5 feet. This strain takes well to coco coir and is very resistant to stress and disease. a pure pleasure to all the senses making this an extraordinary gem. If your debating on strains I must say I think you have found the one. video review to be posted on a later date on @ Freedomgrower profile. Keep up the good work CropKing. I look forward to years of beautiful gardens.
Says : Beautiful strain, sweet sweet scent suggesting massive terpene profiles. 3 weeks flower and resin production is through the roof. Coco hydro is very well suited and near impossible to be over watered. Overall this strain is a AA grade. Worth the buy and pure bliss to grow.
Says : All of my Candy Canes popped up in 3 days. I didn't do much research on the autos before I planted. Big mistake.Transplanting or over watering is the kiss of death, well.. the kiss of stunting. I got one doing ok, killed 3 and the last one is 5 inches tall with cute baby buds on it. Plant them in their forever pot and barely water them. They are actually easier to grow than regular weed, just different.I got some more on the way now that I did some research. DON'T OVER WATER, DON'T OVER WATER !
Says : Germed one of the five seeds I received and put it in my tent with my white cookies just for fun.. At day 40 the hairs were 1/4" long and very developed buds accompanied them.. Very strong plant, not an ideal grow for an auto as I'm switching to 12/12 for my main focus ( white cookies) but wow! Next rotation I'm going to fill the tent up with candy cane.. Super impressed with this strain.
Says : Delicious, stinky, sticky, an absolute wonderful strain to grow. A nice skunky stink during veg that went into a very kushy stinky flower with very very sweet taste; unique strain glad I tried it!
Richard Lucas
Says : Ordered 5 fem auto Candy Cane. I had some goofy issue with my internet, but the staff at Crop King helped me out in a HUGE way. We got the order completed through email and I got my 5...scratch that...7 little girls-to-be a day ahead of estimated delivery. I did not pay extra for their guarantee of delivery, but I certainly will next time. The uncertainty without the extra fee ended up stressing me out a little. And my favorite part : the packaging. I felt like I was a part of a little James Bond movie. It was soooooo stealth. Heck, I wasn't even sure if I got the right package. LOL ! CROP KING IS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Says : Very Happy! Popped in on the 11th and waiting eagerly!
Says : I grew one candy cane outdoors not expecting much I put it in a shady area it had a crappy veg.Well I harvested the plant a few weeks ago and I am getting my smoke and final grow report in.This is a very easy strain to grow if u throw the seed in the 5 gallon pot with quality soil outdoors or in. She grows up to 3 feet tall and is super frosty and a almost white green appearance it smells of dank candy and taste exactly like it taste.I was very surprised with this strain and I must get more beans to grow it out as I can see this strain becoming a fav of mine! I only got 19 grams outdoors but i had it in a shady area but the buds really packed up where they had room too.It was 21 inches tall..I am savering every bit of this smoke #StrainGasum #FlavorGasum #mustbuystrain
legacy the cult Creator God
Says : The weed I grew has been awesome had smoked on the growth of the product since the cartoon and video game and worm hole issues but all is in the farming as well, let the force be with you.
Says : second time ordering from CKS ordered 10 5 candy cane 5 early miss awesome service 7 days later had product live out of country with a few extras. Thanks CKS you rock will be a goodwill ambassador and spread the love
Says : I ordered on Monday, the following Monday not only did I receive my order, I also have 3 out of 3 have already sprouted. Great service so far
Says : Someting sweet Mon ! Good seed, CKS is amazing. Lost 10 seeds in the mail ("hmmm !") and CKS sent me 20,10 Candy cane, 10 Revolver, and a bunch of goodies. Thanx Lisa. Yeah me ! 90% germ success. I got a little greedy sowing 18 seed in a small room. They stretched to 4 feet tall, some over that, producing some big chunky colas and decent branching. Both strains are full of crystal "trichs" and sweet tasting, leaving a nice oily taste on de lips. POTENT- Happy,happy,happy. Don't sit down for to long. Couch lock will set in. Lol CKS- umma comin' back re soon mon !
Says : 10/10 rating on all 5/5 seeds I bought. Very strong growing and all healthy looking. 14 inches in 25 days since sprout outdoors.
Says : I ordered a Five pack of Candy Cane on Friday, it arrived today Wednesday. When I opened the package I was happy to find along with the five pack of seeds two fridge magnets, a Crop King pin, a Crop King sticker, a nice note card with stand, a booklet with information on all products, no no no thats all……. a 10% discount on my next purchase! Crop King Seeds has gone way above my expectations, I will be a loyal Crop King Seeds customer for years to come, and will recommend Crop King Seeds to everyone
Says : Ordered 5 and got 7, 3 in green right now, fast delivery and sweet package. Let you know the progress!!
John H
Says : First ever grow. Very pleased with my 300 gram dry weight harvest using 600w mh/hps. I did get multiple phenol types from my 5 plants but flavor was consistent.
Says : Been growing Candy Cane, the plants are at day 55 from sprouting, i assume they are at 3rd week flower now, they look it ! there are 3 phenotypes in this strain.. an Indica pheno that grows till 3 ft tall & 2 Sativa phenotypes that grow till about 7 ft tall.. the Sativa phenotypes do not finish in 7 weeks, they flower for about 10 weeks.. Candy Cane grows huge, from 3ft to 7ft with super long branches, so beware growing Candy Cane, make sure ya got the space ;^(
Says : picked some candy cane up at my local head shop, planted all 5 3 days ago and im 5/5 sprouting. so far extremely pleased !!!!
Says : I ordered these awhile back I got the 5 pack and received 7 which I was thankful for but only 3 of the 7 germinated and started to sprout
Says : Fast shipping!: Ordered 5 Candy Cane seeds on Monday, March 16th and was in my mailbox Friday, March 20th. Popping 2 into my 5 gallon Top fed, DWC Buckets today. If I remember to update in a couple months; I will.
Says : I received my order today! Thank you! Robert
big t
Says : Been growing candycane under 600 watt hps ther probly a ltile bit over 3 ft.theyturned out to a big auto flower anyways thats what I felt anyway im in the 8th week since the seed sprouted the buds are no where near being done but hopefully they wil be done soon and also gain some weight.4 out of 5 popped good success rate.
Says : i bought 5 candy cane ,only 5 in the pack, fast delivery, will buy again , i wish i got some extra , maybe on my next shipment
Says : Well I'm about 65 days into my Candy Cane grow and she is going great!! She has definitely handled some serious LST and loved it! She has actually been nominated for an award on a autoflower forum! Fingers crossed....anyway I sent in a few pics that I was told were beautiful and that they were gonna be posted on the site. Even took the time to retake the pics with the packaging in the shot too make it all official like! Lol hope they appear soon soo others can get a first hand look at the real deal. Anyway as for my lady I couldnt be happier.... Stay glossy My friends
Says : Candy cane is fun to grow. The yield was light but the smoke is smooth. It's not harsh at all. I would definitely buy from you again.
Says : Ordered 5 seeds 6 days later 7 seeds came in stealth package!!! I will be a happy returning customer!!
Says : Quick and stealth ordered 5 received 7 seeds in 7 days in the southern US, good stuff I'll update once I get them started.
Rigo Marquina
Says : So I just received my order of crop king seeds and like to say the seeds look nice and healthy and they even threw in a few extra. I'll definitely be ordering from here again!
Says : Recap I decided just to leave the seed that didn't germinate where it was, its been 9 days and just decided to come to life today!! 5outta 5 thanks a lot!
Says : first shot at growing bought 5 seeds in store 4 germinated and are growing awesome so far!!
al hall
Says : very nice
Says : Got some candycane couple months ago with a few extra very nice plants and hardy ! Smells spicy but yet sweet. Even after being eaten by my horses they came back twice as strong !!! Very proud of this strain I thought I lost them for good! Thank you crop king seeds will buy more soon
Ryan Jan
Says : Ordered 10 Candy Cane and 8 germinated and are growing very well. Thank you very much for the great service.
Drew Boy
Says : Got a gift of candy cane auto's and,some of the seeds where broken!! I sent a e-mail and got a reply right away!!. Within 6 days i received a more than far replacement!!! I have had a great germ. rate and really healthy plants!!!
Says : Fantastic seeds, came out like a rocket, grown in cold frame in march started flower a month later looks beautiful. a wonder for lst. back later at harvest.
Says : you guys are pretty damn good
Says : You guys rock! Got my Candy Cane today in the mail. Very quick and your customer service is the best. I will tell my friends about you.
Says : Wanting to purchase this strain. I'm wondering how high it grows outdoors?
Says : Thanks
Says : Awesome company, order arrived within 4 business days to the Southern part of the US via regular shipping. Very impressed needless to say! Package was discreet and the Candy Cane seeds were beautiful. I even received an extra seed. All 6 of my candy cane seeds germinated and are very healthy. Thank you Crop King Seeds. I am looking forward to my next order of your feminized purple kush!
You're the Best
Says : I'm from Van and picked up Candy Cane in your office. Really cool people and your seeds are awesome. You're the best Crop King Seeds! Will tell my friends about you...
Sarah In Toronto
Says : We just started selling these seeds at our store in Toronto and they seem to be the most popular of the Auto Flowers we have.

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