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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Very Easy
Flowering Time: 9 to 10 weeks
Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant
Effect: Uplifting & Awakening
THC: Low to Medium
THC%: 4% THC Chart
CBD: 8% CBD Chart
CBN: 0.60%
Country: Spain Spain
Yield: 500 grams
Genetics: Azura Haze x Amnesia Haze
Price: 5 Seeds / $70.00
10 Seeds / $140.00
25 Seeds / $300.00
CBDutch Treat
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Marijuana Seeds Canada CBDutch Treat
Azura Haze and Amnesia Haze make a winning combination in this ultimate Sativa-dominant medical strain. Spicy and piney, this pain-reliever will deliver a high that is both energetic and euphoric. A good strain for day use as it helps the user feel happy, creative and focused. Robust plants can reach 4 feet or more, with long, slender leaves. Abundant light-green flowers mature in 9 to 10 weeks.

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CB Dutch Treat Cannabis Strain Growing, THC Content,
Yield and Flowering Time

This time around, we bring another strain from the beloved Iberian country of Spain. This Sativa dominant baby is an ideal choice if you are new to the marijuana growing industry because this is very easy to cultivate. Aside from that, this plant yields an insane amount of only the dankest buds. There is literally nothing to ask for anymore.

This particular strain is very easy to work with because it can grow indoors and outdoors. Flowering takes around 9 to 10 weeks, which is about average for its class. As mentioned, this is a Sativa dominant strain that also happens to be the offspring of Azura Haze and Amnesia Haze, which are both royalties in themselves.

CB Dutch Treat is low in THC (only 4%) and high in CBD (8%), which means this is an awesome choice if you are looking for a medical strain that you can light up directly or cook into some dank edibles. Overall, the effect of this plant is very powerful, which is not surprising considering its genetics.

In general, the effect of CB Dutch Treat is mostly uplifting, euphoric, and energetic. This is an ideal smoke when you feel kind of sluggish and can use some helpful energy boost. In terms of medical use, this plant helps relieve pain by relaxing your body and just leaving you feeling cool and refreshed.

As this is super low in THC content, you can rest assured that this is not highly psychedelic like most other strains out there. If you are after medical marijuana purely for the medicinal effect, then this is one of your best options.

Buy CBD Dutch Treat Seeds Online and For Sale in Canada

Purchasing premium quality medical marijuana seeds can be difficult because of the many marijuana seed companies to choose from. However, you can free your mind of any trouble and stress by going straight to the king. As the top seed company in the world, Crop King Seeds is committed to satisfying all of your needs and producing only the best and dankest cannabis seeds available. Place your order for CBD Dutch Treat seeds in our website and we will ship your order right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible.

48 Reviews of CB Dutch Treat Feminized CBD Marijuana Seeds

Says : Grew 2 massive indoor plants. 100% germ. It will produce big dense buds if you work on your technique. Largest CBD yielder out of all three CBD strains here. They smell lovely. Curing them now. I’ve been mixing my CBD bud with other higher THC strains and getting great meds from it. Once again, this is why I buy seeds from CKS...
Says : Bought 5 at the end of October and 4 germinated they are now about 3 ft tall doing great. Just started the flowering cycle and I can’t wait to try the strain when it’s done. Always great quality seeds and fast shipping from Crop King.
C Cunningham
Says : I purchase 5 seeds four of which grew nicely. I used a greenhouse and some outside time when the weather was ok. The total yield was 500 gms after drying but i did not trim the buds very closely. Analysis using high pressure liquid chromatography was 8 % cbd 4% thc. The trim went for coconut butter rub. The bud is curing and i am told its quite nice. im not much of a user myself. Very happy with my purchase!
Says : All the seeds sprouted and grew to maturity, I had given 1 up for dead but cannabis is tough. I grew this along side a different strain in a home fashioned greenhouse. As they grew the Dutch Treat plants weren’t as sturdy looking as the other strain, so my attitude toward them became poor. As the other strain developed buds the DT didn’t, strike 2. As the other strain started really putting on flower, the DT had spindly thin small buds, we live in a mountainous area and the weather was turning, I had all but given up getting much of a crop out of them. We harvested the other plants as they matured and we had time, the DT was still not much account. Just when we were finishing up the other strain, the DT started really putting on flower. So we waited, low and behold as they matured the bud was quite presentable and we were able to harvest all the DT plants. I hung a small branch over a heat vent and was able to try it. I’m so glad I didn’t follow my thought of culling the DT out. It’s great stuff! I vaporize in a “Plenty” before I was done with the dose my chronic back pain subsided, I was relaxed enough to get into a better mood and attitude but it didn’t put me on the couch for the afternoon. I’m keeping enough bud to last me through next harvest, turning some into dry ice hash and the rest into oil. Sorry for the long review but I wanted to pass onto others not to give up on DT. Next year I’ll be better prepared for a late harvest.
Says : This will be my first grow of DT , 10/10 seeds germinated. Again, quality service and reliable product. Very interested to see how these grow.
Says : Got 5 germ in soil and all showed in 3 -4 days. Lost one early on no reason. 4 outdoors since June 1. 2 look different with heavy early buds and other 2 showing long thin buds which are now filling in. Nice aroma and early picks with clear trikes have decent effect. Cant wait for full harvest in 10 days.
Says : Growing them outdoors. Hope they finish on time. Just started flowering now. One is 9' tall. I hope it's a warm fall! :)
The MaXMaN
Says : Will start by saying that I'm a newbie idiot when it comes to growing, I mainly do it for fun because smoking weed kicks my ass. Hense why I wanted to try a CBD strain. Well, I abused the crap out of my seedling and stunted it's growth, ultimately it has not only survived but is now thriving. Very fat stem and due to the early stress and topping, it is a super fat bushy plant now. Almost as wide as it is tall. I took some clones to keep it going and all 4 clones are doing great after 1 week. Very hearty strain, and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to try a CBD weed with little to no experience growing before because it will buffer many new grower mistakes.
Says : Ordered 5 seeds and it was shipped fast, I started 2 seeds as recommended in water and paper towel and WOW 3 days the root was 1 inch long so I put them in the soil. The next day it was out of the ground with 2 leafs !! I’m now in week 4 and it looks fabulous I’m first time grower and growing indoor in a 3x3 tent with led light. Recommend ordering from these guys they have excellent support!! Can’t wait to harvest time. Thanks Crop King!!
Says : Update... My 2 "green girls" (CBDutch Treat) are approximately in their 2nd week of bloom and are looking awesome! One is 45 inches tall with more of a sativa shape to the leaves, the other is 49 inches tall with more of an indica shape to the leaves. Both are bushy with leaves that are darker green than anything else in my outdoor garden. I have them in 20 gallon pots since July 1st, sub-cool's super soil. I can hardly wait 'till harvest! :-)
David McGill
Says : just a note to say thanks. 100% germination.
Says : I got an ounce out of my plant. It smells amazing. Dutch treat is my favourite.
Mike Fitzpatrick
Says : Everything sprouted and grew well. I am 9 days past the 8 week flowering time for Black Indica and still the trichomes are clear. Some buds are dense.
Says : I've grown these plants indoors and out... Very strong and drought resistant plants. Very good yields. Easy to clone. CBD 9.4%. THC 3.5%. Tested high in gariniol, beta caryophyllene, and humulene
Says : I bought 5 of these by accident lol. I meant to get cbd auto cheese but oh well. All popped and of course i drowned one as usual. I grew them outdoors in a very northern climate. I gave one to a friend at week 8 but the 3 i kept are still growing and about 4 1/2 feet at week 11 from seed. They are healthy and bushy in 6 gallon pots with super soil. I will have to bring them indoors to finish because they havent flowered yet because were still getting 16 hrs daylight up here. I'll have to bring them in because they'll freeze before they'll be ready for harvest. But for now ill leave them out until 3rd week september. I'll update once they're done but for now they're looking beautiful
Old man indica
Says : I'll vouch for CBDbudMan on the heat tolerance of the CD Dutch treat plant. I also live California central valley. I don't remember the last time It's been below 104 degrees. It's July 23rd now. Tomorrow will be 108. I gave a CB Dutch treat clone to my 63 year old brother in April. He likes growing outside. It's a nice size plant now. He also had 2 cali og kush/ haze and 2 white widows all from CKS. A couple days ago...after God knows how many days over 100-110 degrees..the cali and widow plants pretty much gave up and threw in the towel. The CB Dutch treat looks completely unfazed. We were amazed. Still trying to talk him into growing indoors.
Says : I've got 2 of these growing in my backyard right now. I started them from seeds, from Crop King Seeds of course. I have discovered some things about them and I'd like to share... I find that they tolerate heat better than my other strains, 98º to 113º is common in So Cal summer. They are NOT tolerant of high ph levels, preferring soil ph of 5.5 to 6.5; 5.9 - 6.1 seems ideal as the leaves are very healthy and dark green at this level. My spouting experience is the same a "Old man Indica"... exploding out of their shells. Everything in my outdoor grow is CBD rich. As a result, they are all Hybrids. I'm mentioning this because, even though the CBDutch Treat strain is said to be a "stative dominate hybrid", these plants are shorter and bushier than anything else in my garden. They are, by far, the easiest strain that I've ever grown. I look forward to the "fruits of my labor" later this fall. I will keep you posted.
Old man indica
Says : Picked at 9 weeks and it's Super sticky and fragrant. I'm curing in jars now. The 2 plants yielded 5 ounces. I sampled a couple of buds early...very enjoyable with just enough thc to let you know it's there. It's the type of herb that you can smoke a joint and go out into public and still function without an overpowering buzz. Its weird but I could actually feel my blood preasure lowering and calmness wash over me. I'm going to make edibles out of most of it..but keep the best buds for smoking. Can't wait to start my next grow..every old fart needs a hobby. Thanks Crop King...not my first purchase from you..and wont be my last.
Says : I placed my order last Saturday & received the complete order on Thursday (in Alberta). That is some awesome service! I've also purchased their seeds from a local retailer here in Edmonton but that's hardly necessary with their speedy delivery. It was a pleasure doing business with the King & look forward to a long relationship. Thank you!
Says : Ordered my seeds out of the depot in BC as an online order from CK. The 5 CBD Dutch Treat arrived under the 2 weeks time frame. Germinated 2 herbs and they just finished two weeks ago. Curing nicely and the flavor is coming around. A nice strain for relax or small chores in the garden. The 2 herbs grew average during veg with nice mid width leaves and as much as 11 fingers on the large fans. The budds turned out okay for having 300 LED watts each...not dense but not fluffy either. Flushing 3 weeks before trimming brings a smoke that's smooth with earthy flavor and has a nice white ash. The frost covered the budds and leaves with average density and was true to it's 9-10 week budding estimate. The budding box remained at a constant 30-40% humidity, the temp was from 15 deg Cel during it's daytime off period and up to a max of 24 deg Cel during it's lights on time at night. The 2 herbs mostly cured now produced 1.25 oz each under my growing conditions. More lighting will produce more product and denser will vegging this herb for 6 weeks instead of the 3 weeks I did. This product was worth the bucks and the grow. It's a great daytime calm for the anxiety. Nice job CK.
Old man Indica
Says : I'm now into week 3 of flower on my CB Dutch Treat. I only grow 2 plants at a time..but they've gotten massive and have out grown my 3x3 tent. I'm now growing them out on the floor with some reflective emergency blankets draped on either side of the plants. I'm used to smaller,compact indica plants.. now i have 2 sativa trees in my grow room! I'm only using 2 300watt led grow lights, but it seems to be plenty of light for them. Loaded down with buds and looking amazing.. I can't wait to make edibles out of them. What a rewarding hobby!
Says : This is a genuine CBD dominate strain. I grow, process my bud into concentrate. I enjoy high CBD dabs, allows me to consume frequently without slowing me down. This strain provides tons of "feel good". I really enjoy the smell. You get out what you put in; if your grow is solid this will produce an airy, but resin glazed bud. Consider harvesting this one early I've read that leads to higher CBD levels. Not going to lab test this batch, but as an avid consumer of high CBD strains I do vouch that my harvested flower is definitely high cbd. Enjoy.
Says : Great seeds ordered 5 seeds germinated 4 seeds,they all sprouted and are doing well.
Old man Indica
Says : It's true what they say bout gettn' hurts. I recently retired at 65.. just in time to enjoy a worn out body that 45 years of back breaking work has inflicted Upon it. I've been enjoying cannabis for longer then I'd care to admit. I've also gotten pretty good at growing it! At my rapidly advancing age..I just wanted to see what was on the other side the mirror. I wanted to go less THC and way more CBD. Thats why I decided to try the CB Dutch Treat. This my 4th grow with Crop King seeds. I have to admit, when I first saw the seeds I was a bit disappointed. I've never seen beans that small before. But.. big things come in small packages!..these litte beans cracked open in the glass of water over night and went to the strait to the paper towel as the tap roots litterly exploded out of the seeds. Caught me off guard and had to scramble to plant them. Again they exploded out of the soil the next day. The seedlings look great. I've never had seeds in this big of hurry..thats ok with me..I'm REAL anxious to try it!! Hopefully pain relief is on the way. I'll repost with the results!
Says : My first try at growing any seeds, and they were easy. Indoors, I did get buds, but only small ones, no doubt to my lack of knowledge of growing. Harvested, I am benefiting from the pain-relieving quality of this strain.
Says : ordered 10 of these. ordered dec 24,shipped dec 27 and received dec 30.will update on the grow and harvest.CKS will be my vendor.thanks CKS
Stoney Smurf
Says : Theese seeds were great on popped out of thier shells strong, and continued to veg and impress me. Week 9 into flower the top cola is as big as a 2l pop bottle. 100% organic outdoor grow. Cant wait to make hash from the plant Thanks Crop king
john j
Says : had a seed left over from 2016 so planted Mar. 2017 in 20 gallon bucket outside. Harvested a week ago and dry bud = 2 lb. +. appears to be an excellent return on investment.
Says : Super easy to grow. I'm trying to get some CBDream started right now, and it's apparent that CBDutch treat was much easier. On my first grow, I didnt even fertilize until I'd repotted in 3 gallon containers. Then I buried a dead goldfish (they'd died on their own. Poor fish pond decision) in each of four pots w my plants. Then I really just added bedding from the chicken coop on halphazardly. Only used "real" fertilizer once they'd started blooming. I still got about 6 ounces of harvest from 4/5 plants. Really was idiot-proof. As for the effects—they are perfect for the medicinal user. Mild body high with almost no psychedelic effects. Great for daytime use. If you're a first-time grower and just want a medicinal strain, this is the one. Hands down.
Says : I have not actually purchased this strain directly but was gifted by someone IN THE package, so will give a review nonetheless. Very decent strain and the high CBD to me was really apparent. The lower THC also made it easier in times of LARGE pain to have more control on the way it affects me and allows me to still be pleasant, yet alert. Not the largest producer but would say average, but for the increased analgesic effect it seems a fair trade. I describe how this works for me is it 'allows me to ignore the pain', and that is the best I can describe it. Next purchase WILL be these seeds. Thanks
Uncle T
Says : Very happy with the results of my first try with this strain! Grown in an 18x24 Superlocker with a result of 125g! Had to keep it small for stealth, buds were completely covered with crystals, and the final result is everything they promised..uplifting, pain relieving, great daytime energy and focus. Got one outside now, looking forward to seeing it full size...will update in the fall. Thanks Crop King, you haven't let me down yet
Says : Harvested in April and I can say DT is great Medical Cannabis. I used a small amount to create pain cream to take the edge off arthritis and it works far better than anything I have used from the dispensary. No comparison.
Mr Perfect
Says : this stuffs great, cut it when its young and its just like starbursts! does get you a little stoned, but in a good way.
Says : Ordered 5 seeds. Started out in November and still in veg mode with all five plant very healthy with nice broad leaves standing at 27 inches.
Says : A little disappointed so far. Out of three seeds Ive got what clearly look like 3 distinct strains. For the premium cost I would have expected an F6 seed stock at the minimum.
Says : Got my girls in a micro grow cab first time with the dutch treat if its like the rest of the strains cks has it will be a treat!go nowhere else ladies and gentlemen two thumbs up
Says : I started the seeds in March and planted outside in June... Now they're just monsters! One is 10 feet tall! Started flowering just a week a go! O_O
Says : Anyone have a review on smoking these gals??
Says : seeds germinated good, decent weight at harvest, sweet fruity smell and dense cola formation. needs extra support near end of flowering for sure. watch trich colors for proper harvest time
Says : Help. Got five seeds in April. Moved outdoor end of may. Says plants grow to 4 feet. They are at 9 feet tall. Wasn't expecting that. Just statted to flower . These guys are giants. Let me know how big yours got
Says : Received 6 days from ship date with a few extras. But what was weird was that it looked like it had been inspected but I still got the seeds just not what they were shipped in. Odd. Any clue ck?
Says : Finishing up a CB Dutch treat grow. The stuff smells like juicy fruit gum and the colas are super dense. It seems to love full strength soil nutrients trios. It doesnr stretch mutch at all and is perfect for those doing a SCROG or wanting to keep a short stature. The seeds have so far been 100% viable.
Christopher King
Says : High quality company and seeds, their attitude "the customer is always right" is the icing on the cake for this first port of call seed bank!
Henry colon
Says : Awesome fast, stealth shipping, outstanding communication , would defenately buy again Can wait to Reap the fruit of joy. 10 + company
Says : Update .... All 5 seeds germinated and are about 4 to 6 inches long. Homerun hit by using this company!!!!! Thanks for your quality and service.
Says : Just received my CB Dutch Treat seeds. This company is legit. I look forward to a long relationship.
Says : after 6 days got 100% success on the Dutch treat and each has 4 leaves already. sweet!
Says : first time buyer ordered on a Friday got them the following Monday(6 business days) way before they where expected. was happily surprised with the catalog and other swag that came with. now lets see how the seeds do.......

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