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Sativa / Indica Blend

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 50% Indica / Sativa
Effect: Full Body Stone
THC: Medium THC
THC%: 17.19%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.4%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 2.0%      Laboratory Report
Country: Netherlands    Netherlands
Yield: Up to 550gr indoor/350gr out
Genetics: Cheese X Jack Herer
Price: 5 Seeds / $55.00
10 Seeds / $95.00
25 Seeds / $190.00
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 Marijuana Seeds Canada Dark Angel
Dark Angel balances both Indica and Sativa characteristics while making it easy for the novice grower. An excellent strain to chill at home or for moderate pain relief while allowing for mind exploration. The leaves will be dark green and minimal, while the nuggets will be compact with THC crystals and aromas of coffee and nutmeg.

The THC level of Dark Angel Feminized is amazing which can reach up to 20%. There is no question why it is good in relieving pain and for medical purposes because it has also a decent amount of CBD which is at 0.04%.

Easy to grow and can flower up to 8 weeks – these are just some of the many things that you will like about Dark Angel Feminized strain.

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Dark Angel Feminized Cannabis Strain Growing, Flowering Time,
THC Content and Yield

This strain deserves way more credit than what it is getting. Being equal parts Indica and Sativa, Dark Angel lets you have a taste of the best of both worlds. Capable of growing and yielding handsome quantities of resin-rich buds indoors and outdoors, this plant is classified as an easy grow. Therefore, if you are new to growing weed, this may be an excellent option for you.

Dark Angel is the offspring of crowd favorites Cheese and Jack Herer. When growing this plant outdoors, you can expect yields amounting to around 350 g. Indoors, a single Dark Angel plant can give you up to 550 g of trichome-filled deliciousness.

This strain is primarily used for relief from minor and moderate body pain. The full body buzz induced by Dark Angel is guaranteed to keep you locked to the couch for hours as your mind is left free to wander and clearly think.

It is nice to have this strain around if you are into spending weekends in absolute relaxation or would like to calm or soothe aching muscles. This plant is also quite versatile. The THC content is high, and the CBD content is also at a good amount at 0.4%, which explains the effect of this plant against some bodily ailments.

We recommend Dark Angel for growers who would like to have an interesting, versatile, and easy grow in their garden. This strain caters to both medical and non-medical marijuana patients, and it combines some of the best effects of its parent strains. This is quality that you can rarely find elsewhere.

Buy Dark Angel Feminized Seeds Online & For Sale in Canada

Buying marijuana seeds in Canada should not be as hard as you think it is. This is why we continuously improve our processes and systems. We want to ensure that you are given no less than stellar cannabis seeds and service as you deal with us. As for ordering Dark Angel seeds, feel free to place your order online. You may pay through credit card, Interac E-Transfer (for Canadian customers), bitcoin, cash and money order in the mail. For any questions or concerns, please contact us anytime via our phone, chat and email.

95 Reviews of Dark Angel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Says : Had a successful first harvest and was able to get 8.5 oz of quality bud and trim. It was a 10 week flower under a 600w hps in a 3x3 scrogging for the first time in a rdwc system I designed and built for this grow. I am very pleased with the quality and quantity I was able to get from just one plant. Buds are dense and crystally and has a crazy interesting aroma, close to nutmeg and coffee as described!
michael bevens
Says : they look good
Says : I personally don't smoke pot but love growing it. My quality testers are 2 old hippies. They keep asking me to grow more of this strain. It was their favorite so far out of many strains. I only grow autos nowadays and am hoping cks comes out with this strain in an auto.
Says : Finally found a CBD chart. I grow where height is important. Is their a height chart and a Indica/sativa chart?
John Miller
Says : Bought DA coupe months ago new grower ck id's awesome beautiful pants 6 out of 7 popped went by ck terminating page thanks co will be ordering soon
Says : Thank you so much! This stuff is perfect. Stubborn to get past first couple weeks maybe on this one.’s papaya with more colour..... thanks jack ass..I mean jack herer
Says : About 4 weeks into the grow, only 2 of 5 seeds sprouted after planting. One is growing aggressively, the other a bit slower, both in the tent. I'm still expecting good yields from both. It took 5 seeds to find 2 good plants though, which isn't 80% unfortunately.
Says : Great smell and real nice taste on the new favorite since early vixon has been discontinued
Says : They all germinated fine looks like. I'm just wondering how many days untill they pop above the soil surface? I have 2 of the 5 that popped up within 2 days like normal(planted 1/3 inch below the surface. Its been 4 more days, am I just keeping moist pots at this point?
Crop King Seeds
Says : You refuse to listen to us. Any advice or help we have tried to give is met with mockery and this is the result.
Says : Purchased DA but only had 2 pop. The two plants that grew Were stunted with deformed leaves and very small buds. Poor qualty seeds,very dissapointed.
Harold Mutter
Says : Purchased 10 Dark Angel seeds 3 years ago. Had difficulty getting them to germinate. Crop King replaced these seeds free of charge.First year grew two indoors, not great but got 5 oz of quality bud. Stored seeds in fridge, second year the seeds terminated at the sight of water. Grew two outside in pots, topped out at 5', list both when I was on vacation but got enough for a batch of Green Dragon. Third year started 2 plants indoors around March. At 8" transplanted to 2.5 gallon pots and moved outside end of May. Hooked up to lawn sprinkler system feeding from well with iron rich water. Fertilized with plant starter in beginning and once in full veg state sprinkled with lawn fertilizer. Both plants topped out at 9', huge heavy colas laden with tricks. Yielded 21 oz of pure dried trimmed bud, 3 grams of scissor hash, and 16 oz of leaf and cuttings for Green Dragon. Half joint your on your ass for 5 to 6 hours, and a great taste. Happy, happy.
Says : Started 5 for indoor grow, 100 percent survival. Into my 3rd week of flowering and looking good. Will post when all done. Love Crop King, 3 orders with you all and great results.
Says : I'm growing this one for the second time. You want to let her grow to it's full potential. Not allot of leaves... Big fat bus with lots of crystals.
Says : Great strain got it as a clone have now bought the seeds just started to germinate looking forward to the product as the clone produced some unbelievable nuggets.
Says : This is a great strain to grow id recommend it..
Says : I really enjoyed having Dark Angel in my tent this round. I love the way she grows.. very thick and dense buds. Good genetics! The seeds llooked great.. I am curing now but out of the three strains I grew this one had my favorite smell and taste.. after curing the smells really start to come out. Shout out to CropKingSeeds. I'll def order this again
Says : Finished my first batch. Grew three and got 5.2 oz out of them after they were dried and removed leaves. Tried it yesterday afternoon and very happy with the effects. Was hoping for slightly higher yield but the quality is awesome so can’t complain.
Says : I ordered my seeds a while ago I just switched them t their 12 hour cycle last night so let's hope they bud nicely , 4 out of 5 seeds germinated and all 4 are doing great. I hope I get a good yield off of these I'm looking forward to trying it
Says : Finally harvested mine after 7 weeks in flower. Trichs started turning amber so it was ready. I dried some out in the oven cause i couldnt wait lol. Very smooth which surprised me because i only flushed it once because i was expecting another week in flower. Its one of my first grows and i know i made many mistakes but im happy with the outcome. Clears the mind and arms want to float lol. Reccomended
Says : I have a Dark Angel in DWC about a month from harvest. At the moment it's about 1 1/4 feet tall but has a 3 foot diameter due to my LST and supercropping. Topped it at the 4th node back when it was in veg. The two branches that took over dominance are now about as thick as the diameter of a nickel and the main stem holding it all together is almost too big too for my fingers to go all the way around. The bottom parts that receive very little light were removed about 2 1/2 weeks into stretch so the majority of the buds are getting plenty of light. Speaking of buds, this plant is covered with them. The buds themselves are covered in very fat trichomes making it hard to see the green of the calyx's beneath it. The sugar leaves and a lot of the normal fanleaves look as though they have been dusted with trichs by god himself. I highly recommend this strain just for the awe it brings growing it. Im sure the taste and potency will be nothing short of exceptional.
Says : Great seed two weeks 8" looking good thanks Crop King
Says : I just finished up 2 of these plants they look amazing still drying right now but can’t wait to taste those sweet smelling sticky buds by the look of thing off of 2 plants it looks like I should get about a pound I grew indoors with led lights using advanced nutrients connoisseur formula In hydroponics I’ll send another review when it’s cured and weighed peace out fellow growers
Says : I had a dark angel 2 pounds in a greenhouse and a white cooki 1 3/4 pounds the dark angel had the best flavor out of all the strains I've tried frome the king
Shadilay Cannabis
Says : All seeds sprouted, clones come very fast. Medium size plant with noodley branches, kinda annoying but they don't snap. You can make this one grow sideways if you wish. Buds are pretty sticky with a nice earthy smell, not too dense though. Its okay coming from a greenhouse so I would assume it be pretty nice indoors.
Nicholas Cole
Says : I have 2 Dark angel plants growing now, they are very indica dominant staying low and bushy. Unfortunately only 2 out of 5 germinated even though I followed the proper steps. Very happy with these plants though, crop kings made an excellent hybrid that grow easy and quick. They thrive through the first few weeks of veg in only FFsoil with no added nutrients besides liquid seaweed and root excell. I topped one and fimmed the other. Will be starting flowering soon. Package took less than a week to arrive to southern states which is a huge plus for me. Thank you crop kings glad to use your seeds and strain l for a first time grow.
Says : Love the Dark Angele is my favorite great befor bed
Says : I have 2 little ladies ready in a week for flower. The DA ladies are very bushy and skunky! 100% germ rate.
Ganja farmer
Says : Got my seeds a week and a half after ordering, BIG THANK YOU TO THE KING OF CROPS! Awesome stealth! Will update with my progress...
Says : When can I start putting nutrients on the seedlings?
Says : its been a long ride w/ these two beautiful plants and im about 4 weeks away from harvest. already bought some WW autofem and started round 2 super stoked the DA is really starting to smell just gorgeous. love it. will continue to buy CKS. might try sour diesel for round 3. <3
Janice Nelson
Says : I am germinating my Dark Angel seeds now. I'm a first time grower. When do I harvest-when trichomes are milky or amber?
Says : After some well learned lessons I got one up under the light lookin like shes a winner and two nice seeds.left I'm gonna mother her aND clone to make up for the damn rodent heist and bad soil issue..regardless crop kings is the ish I just got my next batch some sour jack and blueberry already showing is get some pics up here
Says : I am back again to give another review as i just finished curing a plant which I cloned from my original Dark Angel seed. I am happy to say it didn't stretch much at all this time as the mother did starting from seed. I grew in promix this time instead of hydro and I got 146g of bone dry bud under 2 400w's. One hps and one mh. She was only 2 1/2 feet tall from top of soil. These girls produce an unbelievable amount of branches. The light was being shared with a bunch of smaller plants which were 4 wks behind. I used a combination of hydro nutes and after 2 weeks in flower I switched to Biothrive organic nutes and it seemed to pay off. The smell is heavenly (will stink your house out sitting in the bag), and clean tasting. Flushed at 6 wks and gave straight water until the end at 8 weeks in flower. These girls will need some kind of support as the stems cannot support the massive nugs! 👍🏻 I had ties everywhere holding up these big sugary buds. The buzz is actually better this second time around, not sure why, but no complaints. It's a great balance of body and mind effects. I just bought an Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer and it is the best money I ever spent. The high is incredible and so clean. It compliments the Dark Angel flavor so much! So, easy to grow, easy to clone, short and bushy growth, covered in sugar, massive yields and very pleasant high. I bet under bigger lights in optimal conditions, this strain could easily yield a pound per plant!
Says : Got 4 of these girls in my flower room, definately got the very sativa leaning ones. This plant was hard to keep under the lights it stretched and branched out so much, almost haze like in its stretch and alot of my leaves are long and hazy looking as well... bud does not look dense but is sugaring up and smells out of this world, but i really do wonder if i got a mistake and was given a pack of haze....they arent going to finish until about 3 weeks after the purple kush, green crack, and bubba
Says : Just got Mail yesterday, very pleased with packaging & delivery speed ! will begin germinating tonight! I will record all progress
Says : Hey guys. I bought 5 seeds of this Dark Angel a few months ago. I am currently growing the clones from the original mothers. This strain grows fast and is very forgiving when it comes to under/over watering. Easy to clone. Now the good part. I ended up keeping just the 2 phenos because they grew the bushiest, and were the most potent. I dunno if I got lucky, but I only have 2 400w metal halides and this baby got over 4oz per plant. First crop was in hydro, I am now using pro mix with lots of extra perlite and the results are looking fantastic so far. Now 6 weeks into flower again and she looks like she may even give much more than 4oz per plant. The sugar that develops is crazy. The final smell in the bag when fully cured is addicting. I can't keep my nose out of the bag. The buzz is a balance of body and mind but more sativa-like in my opinion. I like the fact that it doesn't couch lock me so great daytime use. I like how I can still function and be creative on it. The buds really get fat in the last couple weeks. Watch the color of the trichomes. Don't harvest too early or you may regret it. I let my first girls go 10 weeks because it was taking so long for the trichomes to mature. However I had a cold snap which affected temps in my grow room and may have affected the length of time needed to flower. I had a few buds bigger around than a corona beer bottle!
Says : just planted germinated seeds. These seeds were 5 for 5 on germination.
Says : I nearly thought you guys ripped me off, that package claimed to have arrived two days earlier. Pretty sketchy, but i got em. Thank You CKS
Says : I got my seeds in 9 days. I started 4 seeds and they all are doing fantastic. One of the Dark Angel seeds is growing at twice the rate as the other one. The two Candy Cane seeds are about the same. I can't wait to see how they turn out, but I suspect this is a common human desire.
Says : I'm happy with these beastly babes. My germ rates were 100%. Dark olive green leaves and long, dense buds that filled the branches. Nice balanced stone. Dark Angel out performed seeds grown from a world famous breeder. She loved my organic soil, HPS/T-5 combo grow. She's a monster performer.
Says : Grew DA from clones,late finisher,didn't size up as well as Girl Scout or White widow.
Says : completed grow ,took off early on, upon flowering the usual little buds started ,it just kept growing and growing looking healthy minimal bud change ,later on more little buds in numbers then in the last few weeks they got real fat and just when i thought it was finished yet another spurt (glad i waited ) the buds got rock hard and twice the size of when it looked close to ready .yield was great i'll be doing it again ,timers were 16 grow ,12 flower .i did take a few weeks longer to finish tho but be patient it's worth it .
Says : So thank crop king seeds I got 5 dark angel seeds grew one over the summer in bc it s oct 23 and in bud under 960 watt hydra led light on bloom it started to bud sept 5 it's 4 foot tall has about 3 oz on her in bud just starting to show red last week and she looks very good
Says : I grew five Dark Angels seedlings (along with five Crown Royals and five Early Vixen). The Dark Angels were the hardiest and survived my premature fertilizing with Miracle Grow, which unfortunately killed my CRs and White Widow baby seedlings. All five DA's survived my novice growing attempts and all survived. The one Dark Angel I grew personally, outside in Ontario, was the biggest and thickest of my three varieties. It was also the highest yielder, with thick buds and foliage and grew to about 7-8 ft in height and width. I harvested a large amount when the buds filaments were white, leaving me a lot more to harvest when they started to turn brown. The only thing negative about this variety is the trimming which is more work, given that the leaves are dense, even around the buds. Otherwise, potency, quality, bouquet, are all excellent and I would highly recommend this variety as a hardy, easy to grow, high yielding plant that did very well outdoors this past summer in Ontario's climate. Holes I dug were 2 1/2 ft deep, filled with about a foot of free compost from our municipal dump, topped with a foot and a half of triple mix that I mixed with shrub fertilizer. Watered well all summer and in late August I applied some bloom (pink) fertilizer to bottom of each plant and mixed it in the soil. An easy to grow, great yielding plant that I can recommend from experience.
Says : Picked up 5 seeds of the Dark Angel only 3 cracked and I actually picked the 2 right of the bat after seeing the seeds. The 2 did not look mature enough under a scope and by size. Anyways the other 3 are doing great! Its my first buy from crop king the packaging lol and delivery was on par.I am growing this strain because a customer requested it but interested to see how these perform,yield and smoke!They are currently under a T5 12 54w tubes at 20" and at day 9 from seed to sprout are 2' tall healthy and growing second set of leaves and really not stretching much so distance from light on these are good so I tend to ramble! Will update this strain as it progresses if permitted to in these reviews.I happen to be Canadian and hope to keep future purchases Canadian! Cheers!
Says : Just a note to the guys posting all these "thank you" crop king, etc, etc. Guys, can we get some serious reviews of people who actually grew some strains into mature plants. We have to sift through page after page of useless reviews of step by step drowned out stories of how you ordered your seeds....... We all know we go to the site, select the seeds you want and pay for them via credit card, check, etc. Crop King always gets you your seeds in great time. Now we all know how to order seeds, let's see some real reviews.
Says : I ordered 5 Dark Angel a couple months ago. 3 of the 5 sprouted and made it into plants. This strain seems very virile and easy to care for. Doesn't require topping as branches seem to just sprout out from the main stems on their own; however, i do recommend topping at least once. More branches equals more bud! So far, my dark angels are 3 weeks into flower. They have only stretched a small amount after switching to 12/12. That's a good thing and branches are plentiful let me tell you. This plant grows short and bushy, ideal for indoor grows with big yields in mind. However, this is the first strain I have ever grown in which, after 3 weeks into flower is not showing buds. Lots of bud sites but no actual little hairy nugs starting like every other strain had at this stage into flower. Lol. There are no light leaks and no interruptions in the dark period whatsoever. This is supposed to be an 8 week strain. I can't see them having mature big nugs 5 weeks from now by what they look like now. I will report back later!
Says : really good strain and website in general but it will be better if they telling the cross they made for each strain like other website beside that its almost the perfection.
Says : I've used Crop King for two years now. Seeds have always germinated well, just two duds out of dozens and dozens. This summer, Dark Angel and Black Indica are gracing my garden. Kept them under 24hr light indoors for 5 weeks, replanted and moved them outside on June 7th. Five feet tall now, in early bloom stage with lots of bud sites! I've tried other seed companies and I'll stock with Crop King because I get the best results, indoor or out.
Says : Just got my seeds in, not even passed 7 days; great shipping process and very good with being very discreet, for reasons can't specify lol, number 1 place to get your stuff from
Santana Renoe
Says : 7 days via Dallas paid the extra for the shipping DAF, i like the stealthy moves.. Will buy again!!
Says : 13 days to Australia via "express" post.Thats ok for me and plenty of extra's! Packing made me grin! Genius! Thanks CKS! Given the price I would have been a lil bit annoyed if it had taken any longer, but giving me all those extra's and the smile I got on opening....gave me a warming glow! Now to the growing.....
Says : I was disappointed with one of my orders, usually the seeds are very good. I called Crop King and they where happy to send me more. Thanks Crop King. I will definitely be a long time customer.
Crop King Seeds
Says : Due to your geographic location we are unable to send what you mentioned. It would be a giant neon billboard saying "hey check this out"
Says : I am very disappointed with my order .i purchased some dark angel items from you guys and I didn't even get any info packs or pendent no brocher . Just a Baggie with my item (that's it) I probly won't use cropkings again ! After I spent 70$ smh
Says : Glad I got my order and now after 2-3 days of being in soil after it being in water it's first two leaves are already out. Can't wait for the progress!! Thanks Crop King.. Your awesome!!
Says : Just got my seeds in the mail! Thanks again! Can't wait to check these ladies out!
Stinky bud
Says : 100 % ger. Bought 5 seeds looking great !!!
Says : Came noprob Thanx crop king ! ,did what it should do with any good grower ,and the real point is THC hell yeah a bit of a creeper ,what pain? ,mind smiley and functional ,totaly ripped ,will sleep good tonight yield depends on you i did good :D .
Says : I germinated 5 for 5 of these girls into solo cups under 450w led. Transplanted on day 6 of seedling and was almost root bound. They are in 2.6L pots and look amazing on day 5 of veg. Growing fast and orderly. 1 out of the 5 seems to have some more oomph than the others so it will be interesting to see how these girls fill out. Growing CKS side by side with random "high quality" seeds and the CK plants are at least 20-25% more responsive and look identifiably better than the others. Thanks CK, Ill re-order as soon as I find out what the new strains will be.
Says : I got the Dark Angel seeds 6 days ago. Germinated 2 right away, took only two days before the half inch tap root appeared. Moved them to a solo cup under LED and they sprouted in 3 days! I am stoked! I also have some Purple Kush as well. Will start that grow when the Dark Angel grow is done. Great site and great seeds! Thanks Crop King!
Says : Not finished yet but I got a jack pheno that is streaching outta control. Terp profile seems fruity right now. 5 weeks into flower.
Says : Ordered 5. 4 of 4 germinated quickly, nice. Very short and bushy plants and as described smallish buds but the plant grew nicely without any drama. Took about 9 weeks to mature with very sticky buds that smell great. The high seems more couch-lockish especially on the eyes. All in all very nice if you like a heavier stone. Long live the king!!!
Says : Ordered 5 seeds of the dark angel.100% ger.very pleased with product!!!
Says : I ordered 5 dark angel planted one and damn did it turn out nice got a solid oz out of it. The bud was nothing like the pictures it has a very slight purple and is totally hair but I'm not complaining great very clean cut upper high which is cool I was expecting a ddowner because of the cheese, all in all great strain will definitely grow it again thanks crop king
Says : great site!!!!
Says : I am a first time user of CKS but have been growing for the past 8 years or so with other seeds. I had read some good posts about CKS and their product so I am straying from my normal seed suppliers for a test grow of 5 Dark Angel seeds. This particular strain was picked out with the help of the staff at CKS via email. I told them what I was looking for, what characteristics I was looking for and the suggestion was Dark Angel Fem. (We had a brief discussion about autos and my never trying them. We decided that we would try the Autos after the Dark Angel) So here is my complete experience with CKS to date. I Put my order in on May 19th. Payment was made via interac (I'm in Nova Scotia so it's the easiest form of payment for us Canadians ordering nationally) money transfer. The payment was accepted within the hour of sending. To my surprise I strangely received an email telling me I didn't pay or payment was not received. I shot an email back letting them know the exact details of when payment was sent and received. Shortly after another email to me letting me know that payment was in fact received and my order was to be processed. This morning the package was in my mail box. Packaging was very good. A basic non descript envelope. I opened the package and the first thought that came to mind was wow, these guys spent some quality coin on their advertising and product visualizations. A very professional yet fun look to the contents. I took out the first few cards. One was a 10% on your next order card. There was a sticker with CKS on it. A pretty thick information pamphlet of all the products they offer. A garden plastic strain identifier to mark where your strain is in the garden plus a 12 week recording space for anything you do to the plant and for date keeping. That was a nice touch. Lastly was the seeds. They are packaged in a semi-cardboard package with a small plastic bubble that contains the seeds and a small gold CKS pin. Pretty neat looking. Mine as mentioned above were 5 seeds of Dark Angel. (I have read that some of you lucky buggers got a little bonus when ordering, gift or more then the ordered amount of seeds, full disclosure, not me. I got just what I ordered and sure I"m a lil jealous I'll admit it but I wasn't expecting anything more) So far things have gone good with CKS from order to seed in hand. I look forward to following their very detailed seed germination guide and starting the 5 plant grow. I have every intention of keeping an online grow journal but haven't started it as of yet. I am satisfied with the process and order time of 1 week in hand. If the product is along the same level of their business I will have no reservations in sticking with CKS for my next grows. Thanks CKS!
Says : Ordered 5 seeds with promo code & got 8 seeds in the mail in under 8 days Northeast US. So far so good germination rate 100%.Throwing these under LED and in DWC. Crop King has nothing bu a perfectt 5/5 stars from me & I love this company, looking forward to more orders. More updates soon.
william f
Says : Grow good, smokes good, produces good. What else could you ask for
cody elder
Says : Love this seed bank ordered 5 seeds got 10 only took 2 days to get here. Looking forward to buy more from here thanks king
Says : Great site
Says : i ordered these seeds took 8 days to get to flordia ordered 5 got 7, 6 have popped so far been germinating in the paper towell method for 18 hours will be doing monthly updates. definite thumbs
Says : I Got 5 seeds of this strain the other day, I germinated one and planted it in soil already & It seems to be turning out, it sprout this morning and I switched over to my LED lights & it's growing fast! From seed to sprouted about 4 inches.. in about 3 and a half days!
Says : Just got my package today...8 days total! Fast, discrete, looking sweet, and with extra to boot! I am very impressed thus far, but more to follow when these bad boys take off!
Says : I got my package faster than i expected . My share of the ten seeds i bought was 6 because we got 2 extra and 5 of them are already shot up . Caribbean sunshine during the day and LED's @ night .......super excited and eager to test ......7 weeks more !
Says : Strain is a pleasure to grow for it's scent. Smoke wise after 10 full weeks of flowering was mid par. Not the grade I was looking for. Cured in mason jars for 2 months and still wasn't a smooth smoke. Tasted like lemon and pepper for some reason. Over all disappointed with the results so id say it's safer to go with something we know is great like purple kush. Will email crop king seeds with growth report and pictures.
Says : Final review on dark angel. (Before submission of grow report, photos, smoke report.) phenotype 1 smelled and looked good at 8 weeks but did not produce the quality expected at 8 weeks. Phenotype 2 was allowed to grow extra time now sitting on the start of week 10 flowering, and is much much better. Will be watching daily to determine when harvest is best. Best to let this strain go an extra week or two for full ripe buds.
Says : Update on dark angel. Fast growing, 2 phenotypes so far, light green and dark green colors, very sweet coffee smell (smells like heaven), flowers well and is easy to maintain. Will send crop king seeds extensive high quality photos of this strain from seed to finished weigh in, along with a copy of the grow log report and the smoke get report. Excellent strain well worth recommending.
Says : I love you guys. First time order. I'm in the US. I got my seeds in 4 days. They were delivered on a Saturday. Thank you for the extra seeds. :-) Your private way of sending it almost filled me. I opened it only out of a guess. Your company is way cool. Couldn't be happier with your service.
Says : fast shipping and intelligent stealth packaging, they are germinating now so don't if i'll get 100% germination but they threw in a few extra so doesn't really matter if i get a dud. Solid company.
Says : Bought the dark angel strain. Germinated 100%. Had some heat issues so the first leaves went yellow. Rearranged the area and they seem to be doing great. Fast growth almost as much as my dream kush strain. Crop king seeds is now my #1 source for cannabis seeds. Support this company!
Says : I wanted to let You know that I received your seeds in 9 days ordered from you before and very impressed, Had the biggest laugh at how you shipped them was not expecting anything like that, hubby asked if the next order is bigger do we get a bigger toy lmao. Thank you for your quick service.
Says : Awesome discreet shipping. 5 days to Texas. Ordered 5 and got 8. Germinated 3 and off to an awesome start 3 short weeks later. Anxious to start flowering these bad girls. Will send pictures in about 3 months. :)
Says : Excellent shipping, (I stay in Dallas Cowboy country) received my order in 8 days! All 5 of my babies have germinated and are on their way to a fabulous life! Customer for life here!
King Cola
Says : currently growing Dark Angel & the plants are beautiful, nice vigorous growth & structure, very branchy, the yield is expected to be very good ;^)
Says : The best customer service - fast delivery I am impressed with the quality of service . Good people! Good times!
Says : ordered last week and received yesterday (mid US) i am very, very impressed and will most definitely recommend you guys. AS my name says I'll Bback ;-) Thanks a Ton!!!
Says : super fast shipping,awesome customer service and a great product makes for a happy spender,will purchase from crop king again.
smoke stack
Says : great costumer service and fast delivery,an exceptional product,and company.
Says : The seeds arrives in brazil??? Do You know if any order foram brazil have a problem or dont have any problem and the seeds arrive here Tks
Says : Thank you so much CKS! very very fast to east U.S within 5 days, will be back A+++
Says : I want to sell your seeds in Germany in Colorado. Can we have a partnership?
abo m9l7
Says : I want more from it

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Other strains similar to Dark Angel Feminized Cann...

Rogue Thunder – Regular Seeds
Black Indica Feminized Cannabis Seeds
White Voodoo – Regular Seeds