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High CBD & Yield

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Moderate
Flowering Time: 10 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 60% Sativa
Effect: Psychedelic Effect
THC: High
THC%: 20.77% THC Chart
CBD: 0.24% CBD Chart
CBN: 0.08%
Country: South Africa
Yield: Up to 550gr Indoor/350gr Out
Genetics: Original Durban
Price: 5 Seeds / $55.00
10 Seeds / $95.00
25 Seeds / $190.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Durban Poison
This original strain was brought to us in the 90s from Africa. After perfecting the feminization process in our European labs, we can now offer you this Sativa-dominant beauty. Maintain energy, happiness and creativity with this sticky, trichome-rich girl.

Marijuana Seeds Canada Durban Poison

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Durban Poison Cannabis Strain - Feminized with High
THC Content and Amazing Effects

Descended from the Original Durban, which is named after its origin location of Durban in South Africa, Durban Poison comes with the same highly psychedelic effects that its parent is known for. That is not surprising at all, given the high THC content of this cannabis strain, which can go up to more than 20%.

It can be grown outdoors and indoors, and its buds are always fat and heavy and coated in thick layers of sparkling trichomes. You do not even have to smoke Durban Poison to get excited. The sight of its large glands generously overflowing with resin should be enough to make you drool.

If grown outdoors, Durban Poison can yield up to 350 grams. Indoors, that number shoots up to 550 grams as you have the full control of your indoor grow. This is not bad, considering how much you get out of every particle of the buds of this marijuana strain. The developing buds alone during flowering are already tempting enough.

Aside from psychedelic effects, a euphoric high can also be expected as a result of smoking this strain. Moreover, your energy spikes and creativity is given a boost. Therefore, this is an ideal smoke for days when you have to be productive or need to think up concepts for important projects at work or at home. There is also no burnout effect after. Talk about clean fun.

Durban Poison is also ideal if you are into the euphoric effects or feelings induced by strains that are predominantly Sativa (Durban Poison is 90% Sativa.). Nothing is better than sitting under a shade and feeling your mood slowly being uplifted by a humble Durban Poison joint. Therefore, this is a strain you would definitely like to have in your arsenal. It has everything covered and takes you on a wild psychedelic ride while boosting your mental faculties.

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Aside from the guarantee that you are ordering premium cannabis seeds from Canada, ease of transaction is a major benefit of dealing with a trusted and reliable seed bank like us. We accept orders for Durban Poison and our other strains online and accept payments processed through bitcoin, PayPal, and credit cards, cash and money order.

19 Reviews of Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Says : Received package in a week. Following the water soak/paper towel method, all of my seeds germinated within a day. Planted them after two days in the paper towels and already seeing the first set of leaves. Thanks Crop King for the fast delivery and 100% success rate on germinating your seeds.
Says : Ordered on Friday afternoon, seeds arrived Monday Morning!!! Amazingly fast!!! 1st time grower - will follow germinating instructions and followup with grow details.
Says : Shipping time was 6 business days. 5/5 successful lives brought into the world, Feb.17, 2018 at 9:02pm. Thank you for your prompt customer service, CKS. I will be returning.
Says : I use Durban Poison every morning for my nausea, which works better than any other thing tried. Excellent sativa "working" buzz removes the edge without impairing thought or motivation. I have some growing as we speak.
Says : 1st time ordering from CKS but definetly wont be the last time! Very good customer service, Lisa was very helpful with everything I asked, decided on a couple of strains, placed the order on Sunday, by Friday they were soaking !!! Fast and realiable. Really recommend! Will come back with updates on the seeds.
Says : Super fast delivery! Soaking now!
Says : Holy crap that was fast shipping. Ordered Thursday got them Monday. Thank you crop king I can't wait to germinate. Best seed bank.
Says : Unfrikn believable popped 3all over 12ft dense dank beautiful ez grow watch the drying so dense make sure your ready and humidity is low have the fans on pay attention while drying
Says : Grew this strain outdoors and a week or so away from harvest. Grew to early veg under controlled environment and then moved outside. Very little care after that. My girls are 4.5 to 5 feet and look like little Xmas trees full of kolas! And the fragrance...holy cow. Great yield. Cant wait to hang it and dry it then try it out!
Trevor Alan
Says : I've had Durban Poison from other seed dealers several times and this strain from Crop King is the best I've seen yet. Left alone it will grow into large sativa trees with small buds that might not finish properly. Prune it extensively and it should finish nicely. Taste is excellent,the stone is a clear headed buzz with no burnout effect afterwards.
Says : Order 5. All germinated! Near the end of the season and they smell amazing! Can't wait to taste it! This strain is very stable and a strong grower. Extremely happy with my purchase!
Says : Amazing shipping!!! I'll definitely be back for more if everything turns out. Will update.
Says : Just got my seeds, All but one germinated! SO excited! THANKS!
Says : Amazing excellent customer service!! Had tried the Low Flyers Dwarf and the strain was really weird, one plant grew to the roof, the other was all veg, then the other one really small pop-corn. Upon hearing this CropKing immediately shipped these Durban Poisons. They were here just over the weekend!!! Doing great I LOVE CROP KING
Says : Shara bro you should be able to the height down if ya attach strings from your soil pot to your branches it'll naturally bush low lol treat it like a bonsai tree
H.R. Redfrogg
Says : I love the seeds I get here 9 out 10 to bud Crop King seeds makes it right. Durban Poison nice plant size smell not hard to grow inside. Fast starting seed 1 soso plant in 10 and that was my bad.
Says : Gotta thank the folks at CK 1st DPS not hitn on much made the call all it took customer service head & shoulders above the rest
Says : Got these seeds over a month ago. Super happy paid for 5 seeds. They grow fast. They are huge at only one month veg. Flip quick they seem to stretch alot. Been getting inch of growth each day easy in soil. Worried about my tent hight. Lol.
Says : It's heeeeeere

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