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Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 6 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica, 20% Sativa
10% Ruderalis
Effect: Natural High
THC: Low - Moderate
THC%: 10.85%     Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.1%       Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 1.8%       Laboratory Report
Country: Spain Spain
Yield: Up to 75 grams/plant indoors
Genetics: Early Girl X Low Rider X Ruderalis
Price: 5 Seeds / $55.00
10 Seeds / $95.00
25 Seeds / $190.00
Dwarf Low Flyer
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Dwarf Low Flyer
Dwarf Low Flyer is an easy to grow short plant with a 6 week flowering time. Perfect for hydro or indoor areas with lack of space. She will stay under 2 feet and will flower automatically at 12 to 18 hours of light per day. Low to medium natural high.

This is a very unique marijuana strain that will satisfy your needs without worrying about the grow space or anything else.

Dwarf Low Flyer comes as a feminized autoflowering marijuana plant which is awesome for indoor guerilla growing. Do you want to hide to the best that you could with your grow, then Dwarf Low Flyer marijuana is what you are looking for.

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Price : $55.00

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Growing Dwarf Low Flyer Indoors and Outdoors – Potency,
Yield and Flowering Time

If you are looking for a quirky autoflowering feminized strain that delivers a unique kind of high, then this might just be the plant for you. The Dwarf Low Flyer is an easy to moderate grow that can thrive in both indoor and outdoor grows. This is also one of the quickest flowering strains we have, flowering in just 6 short and sweet weeks.

Being 70% Indica, 20% Indica, and 10% Ruderalis and the offspring of Early Girl, Low Rider, and Ruderalis, this strain is undoubtedly a sure hit among your friends. Just like most of the best strains on the market nowadays, this one originated from Spain. You really can’t go wrong with strains from that beautiful Iberian country.

At 10.85%, the THC content of this beautiful plant is nowhere as high as the others, but that is what sets it apart. Dwarf Low Flyer autofem delivers a sweet and smooth natural kind of buzz. It is just pure fun and relaxation, and nothing extremely hardcore or too soft.

This is thus the perfect smoke for those times you just want to relax for a bit and then go back to what you were doing right after. This appears to be a good option for beginner smokers and veterans who want something relatively mild for a change. It does not hurt to switch every now and then.

This is for growers and users who want variety. Get yourself some of these beauties if you are ready to be surprised and pleased at the natural kind of stoning this baby brings. You should also have this ready if you want something you can just light up in between tasks, classes, or shifts.

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105 Reviews of Dwarf Low Flyer Marijuana Seeds

Says : Order arrived quickly and without an issue, looks good. Will submit another review when I know more. Thank you.
Says : Update on my 2 Dwarfs, after 12 weeks I cut and hung them. Think they could've gone another 1 or 2 weeks in the ground, but I got anxious. Hung for 10 days, and the net weight was 41 grams on 2 plants. Now further drying in Ball jars. My learning curve will continue with Lambs Breath just now breaking the surface, have improved my growing medium and keep reading and educating my self - Happy Growing!! also much thanks to Crop King!
Says : My fiancé and I have grown these 3 times. The first two shows were flawless. Only had 2 plants out of 30 I think that had odd characteristics one was 10” taller than the rest and had sativa shaped fan leaves and the other grew to 4’ with lots of stretch and sativa dominant. The last ten we only had 2 with the characteristics that we were looking for. 2 were only 8 inches with a yield to match. One was a mutant that I discarded. One didn’t crack and the rest were tall with fluffy buds and terrible yield. I admit I am disappointed but I have had such a good experience with this strain previously that I will try again. It’s a great day time stone for accomplishing chores.
Says : Planted 2 Dwarf's on 12/15/18. Last grow was 1986, decided to get back into my own personal grow. Had a lot of help from my friend GMB; Grow Master Brian; used FoxFarms/OceanForest, 2 gallon pots, 2-18 watt LED fixtures for lights and aluminum foil reflection. 17 hours lights on- 7 off. They were grown at a constant 70 degrees and moderate humidity, basement. Well it's week 11, the tops are pretty full, but the trichomes are still clear to slightly milky, figure another week to cutting time. I'm expecting a decent yield, will update. 11 weeks on a Auto Flower surprised me, be they look wonderful!! Patience seems to be paying off.
Says : These grew amazing, out of 6 plants all budded massive best plant got 3OZ. Other brands claim 200G but this has been my best with 75G. Nice healthy easy to grow. I grew these under a minibar with side lighting and a 2.5ft height. My favourite for the guerilla grower.
Says : Coming to Michigan delivery was quick,safe and secure. First time orderer from crop king, was very pleased. All my beans germinated. I will re-review upon harvest
T. Flath
Says : Sorry, plant even though they are dwarfs do come home 10 to 20 days earlier than an average autoflower, a nice bit of frost, and a plant worth trying, if it was not worth growing I would have not bought this strain 3 times, I love it. T.Flath
T. Flath
Says : Just chopped 4 of these, all plants were between 19 & 23inc, all plants filled in nicely, all plants were purple phenos, I suspect candy cane, revolver, northern lights, and this dwarf share a common ancestor but this is just my theory, plants are easy to grow, the flower is very compact, the plants take pruning fine, plants are completely stable, however during flowering the plants stink, for an autoflower they stink alot, dank with a hint of fuel, a great bunch of plants for a tight space but they do smell so be forewarned, flower is compact with orange pistols, dont let the low thc diswaded you, everyone's brain is different but these are worth growing at least to me, I grew nycd and that has a higher content but does little to help with nerve pain so as I said everyone is different but these are worth it to me, anyway as I said completely stable dwarfs, essay to grow, prune, great bud structure, good bag appeal, plants do stink more than your average autoflowers, not a drawback for me but dont say I did not tell you, even though these plants are dwarfs they come home around 10 to 20 days earlier than a full size autoflowers
T. Flath
Says : This is the 3rd time I grew this strain, the first time 1 plant grew too 40inc, all leaves black as coal, all leaves on plant had 3 nodes, except at the very top I had 1 set of leaves with 5 nodes then back to 3 leaves, tops grew counter clockwise, just loaded with snow, I keep hope I will get another, I was diswaded from trying to make a buy, plants are too small buy something bigger, I did not, these plants are completely stable they all look like they were stamped out with a cookie cutter, plant is simple to grow even for a rookie, all I did was at day 20 I pruned away fan set 4 & 5, at day 30 I pruned off set 6, this got my fans off my branches, by day 40 she had topped off and I had some nice flower to work with, it is now day 50, i switched over to bloom base and atami bloombastic at day 40, she has been flowering now for 10 days, another purple pheno, candy cane, revolver, northern lights and I suspect white widow probably is to I'll have to see as she just poped, early miss & nycd are not!, anyway plant takes pruning just fine, did some branch training, push ups to get them away from main stem, other than that I just let her run, topped off at 20inc, a very nice cola bud, ( most ck plants stretch a bit at the end and this is not a bad thing ) plant will probably yield between 8 to 16g of flower, not bad for a dwarf under 2ft, pistols are just starting to turn, seem to be yellow or oarnge, I forgot as it has been awhile since I grew these but they were all this way, a very nice little plant, easy to grow, a purple phenotype, and if you know what your doing not to bad a yield, it is a dwarf after all, but the flower is very good, good smoke, and the size makes these the perfect plant where space is an issue or you want to do a stealth grow, another high 5 for ck, they even sent a couple extra beans, greatest customer service, the only auto I have yet to grow from ck is white widow & she is now on her way, oh and by the way and I know it's hard to be alive but after 8 years I never had a bean that did germanate from ck, and only 2 problems in all that time and they made it up gladly without the usual go f k yourself, I do like sweet seeds more diverse selection of autoflowers and hardly ever run into problems but I did have 1 or 2 and got the same response go f k yourself, all I ever wanted ck to do is come out with some kush auto, purple would be nice since most of your indica dom hybrid are purple phenos anyway, a nice kush autoflower something sizeable with a bit of yeld, yes you just came out with 2 new strains both sativa dom, give us some kush!!! I grew your purple photoperiod, cross it with rundellis I really do be alive that would be another winner. T. Flath
Says : Just hit day 50 above ground. Indoor grow, grow tent, areogarden ultra, supplemental led lighting, carbon filter, general hydroponics nutes at half strength, ran 18/6 the whole time. Plant is 30' tall and nice and bushy. Looks like it will yield around at least an ounce. Smell is powerful and the carbon filter can barely keep up. Should be ready for harvest within 10 days. Veg period is super short and threw me off a bit. Excited for harvest. Thanks crop king
Says : Arrival was quick and discreet. Haven’t planted them yet. Still waiting on my Jack Herer autos to yield. Once those babies are mature, the Low Flying Dwarfs will be started. I let you know it works out.
Says : Super fast shipping. Ordered these on 8/27 and got them 9/1. They are germinating now will post how grow and yield turn out. Super stoked. First indoor grow.
Says : I bought a 5 pack , They grew perfect , great buds, Just a 500 watt lamp , easy grow , will buy again
Athena coombs
Says : i bought the first pack of dwarf over a month ago and i got 3 out of 5 budding already , i just got my other pack of dwarf today i am very happy with how they are doing i will keep on ordering from you guys
Says : I bought a pack of 5 about 3 months ago, started all of them %100 germination rate, got extremely varied results, 2 of the 5 were decent producers with lots of crystal they were about 2ft tall, another 2 produced a bit less and with much less crystal about 15-18 inches tall, and the last grew to be about 4 feet tall, with dozens of scrawny branches and no real flowers just hundreds of seed pods(no seeds) and a bunch of hairs, this plant actually produced quite a bit of crystal(used it for concentrate) I did get a few brown/black seeds but I don't know which plant(s) they came from, 2 of the 5 are still in flowering waiting for tricomes to turn amber its week 9 of flower,... Now this strain is not very potent so I wouldn't recommend this one for people with high tolerance especially if your growing indoors cuz I feel you just don't get your moneys worth when its done but if your growing outdoor buy a bunch, these things are super tiny so plant directly in ground and their hardly noticeable, this strain is great for new smokers or rare occasion smokers, smells like earthy, blueberry, sweet... my overall rating 3.5/5
Says : they were doing good, and i had to fool w/them. i think i over fed. this was a second run on LR. first group did good. nice lady shows a good time.
Says : growing 3 of these currently (i think?)... they are currently 25-32 inches tall at 48 days. and I think they're still getting taller. Really starting to look like a sativa plant at this point. Don't look like other peoples pictures, but they're happy and doing well anyway. using a 2x2x4 growtent w/ exhaust, soil, and 300w lighting.
Says : They seeds arrived, all of them look like good mature seeds. Fast shipping, discrete packaging. So far 10 out of 10. Great work guys!
Says : Got 5 seeds all germinated but didn’t get much bigger then 8 inches and didn’t produce more then 3 grams a plant really. I’d just go with a different autoflower next time as my white widow and early miss did great in the same conditions
Someone somewhere
Says : Just amazing not even 8 full weeks growing them with 18 hrs of light a day and there done. All five popped all five finished in record time I love them auto and the dwarf is nothing to joke about its the real deal fast and deadly
Says : This low rider is the bomb i grew 2 one was small other was a huge yeild both taste great bit of earthy taste but strong got it tested the big one was at 20%thc .4 cbd .6 cbn i screwd up with tiger bloom used table spoon for measuring instead of tea spoon i caught it after the first feeding allthough it almost killed them but the big one just exploded got like 2 and half oz dry from bigger one and 20 grams on small one loved watchin these grow best thing is u dont need a special light i used a cheap 600 watt led full spec only no veg switch worked fine only like 3-4fan leaves before mmm buds branches out nice aswhell very easy plant to grow recomend for first time grow .due to there incredable hearty plant loved it u will tòo i d be very carful with tiger bloom only use half of recommendations for first 2 feedings then uncrease slow or it will kill ur plants i got lucky dont want to hurt ur baby girl just check em give em love and music and they will turn out great.
Says : If you have insomnia this is definitely the plant you want. I'm pretty happy with my plants I had 5 and all 5 grew perfectly. One thing to consider is that they are fairly sensitive to ph and nutrient fluctuations so be careful. the aroma is faint so stealth grows are perfect. very smooth and pleasant I started sept 1 and harvested on the 11th.
Says : I'm pretty happy with the seeds I got all 5 germinated which is awesome, unfortunately I lost one due to my own fault. all 4 remaining seedlings grew and produced beautiful plants. So far they are growing nicely I'm two weeks away from flowering.
Says : Day 22 from seed and my girls are growing like wildfire. One is a bit smaller than average and one is a deviant phenotype: leaves are different sizes, shapes and colours, but the same size as the rest overall. I'm growing them in soil using salmon compost that I made at work. Good work, CKS, keep it up. Waiting to harvest my CBDreams now; tried some this morning quick-dried and it was quite pleasant.
Says : "NEW GROWER" been about a month now. Three of seven germinated but I feel it was my fault for using tap water later finding out it has a high ph level. I spoke to Crop King and they honored there 80% germination rate guarantee and also told me to use bottled spring water and sent me another pack of seeds. Running on one Mars Hydro 300W inside my 2x2x4 mylar grow tent. FOX FARM HAPPY FROG for the soil after 3 weeks of being transplanted. One plant I transplanted early at 2 weeks in the FOX FARM is short and bushy at 14 inches. The second plant I transplanted at 3 weeks which Crop Kings says to do grown immensly. She is at 26 inches tall and will probably get to 28 inches once harvested. They said she'll stay under 2 feet but man I don't mind a extra few inches at all. It's also budding so much everywhere. The 3rd one is 2 weeks old but struggling and yellowing but hanging in there. I'LL UPDATE AT THE END OF THE MONTH AFTER HARVEST. HAPPY GROWING!!!👨‍🌾🌱
al again
Says : 5th one is up now.
Says : Put down a 5-pack of DLF seeds a few days ago. This is day 5 now and four are up. The last one seems to be in slightly more compacted soil so I'll give it some more time, but even 4/5 is good. I didn't use the paper, just planted dry seeds right into damp soil in their final pots. I'll keep you posted.
Says : *Honest review* These seeds are amazing. Very resilient to heat variations, small grow areas, and handling. Of 20+ seeds ive had 99% successful fems. Ive grown over ten DLFs in a 1x1ft gun locker with great success - impressive yields (1oz p/p) considering the tight grow space. If you have little space, want low maintenance, and an easy grow; you cannot lose with DLF from CKC..
Says : 9 weeks and got some buds. Pretty dank got 85g total from 3 plants.
Says : these are beast growers, esp. if you're doing it for personal use, in a limited space
Says : Bought 10 dwarfs. All have germinated and are about an inch high in the dirt. I cannot emphases enough to follow the instructions. This order almost 100 percent everytime
Says : We harvested our second DLF a few weeks ago and WOW!!! I was quite surprised at its potency. It was a beautiful plant with lots of buds and very sugary trichomes. Wonderful fragrance which sort of reminds me of spicy pine. Needless to say but we are very satisfied. :)
Says : Took a little time but finally got em in the mail. The first seed sprouted but didn't do anything after that(probably my fault). I'm on day 47 and I couldn't be happier. She's very fragrant and is already sugary. Looks like she'll be a good yielder too. Will definitely order from crop king again.
Says : UPDATE!! Yeild was very good, buds dense, great results. curing now, super sticky.
Says : First order didn't get through the mail, but CK expedited the next order and I received it in three days, all seeds germinated (strictly followed CK's directions). The plants grow fast and str8 into flowering in about three weeks, I have scrogged one, NIM one, and lollypooped the others, they seem to take what ever we give them, the BlackDog LED 2 is wonderful too.
Says : This strain has never let me down. I highly recommend it. Lots of full and fragrant buds and only 19 inches high :)
Says : Got seeds yesterday and yes they do come fast order 10 auto white widow i lov cks keep it up
Says : This plant has been awesome. So I have dried a couple fan leaves and though harsh have given a good high. I am in my 10th week now of total grow time and the plant has about 1 more week to go after a couple flushings to harvest this week. I did only 1 topping with some LST and have two big colas with 5 other smaller buds. I could not be happier how this plant has grown and kudos to Crop King. Got my seeds within 7 days of sending the order, so super fast for me. First seed germinated with no issues. Have a small tent and first time so wanted to start with only 1 plant and the first one was a total winner. Thanks CropKing and you can count on me ordering again as I expand my expertise.
Says : Just got my seeds germinating 24 hours ago! 2 have sprouted roots already and I'm stoked! So far I'm confident and I'm sure this will be a good startup crop!!! Excellent job on shipping too! 5 days! Pics to come!!!
Says : Read the positive reviews and took a chance. Super fast delivery and after 2 orders of 4 different strains. I have 90 percent success rate. Healthy seeds on all strains but particularly happy with the dwarfs. Veg out fast to a huge short fat bush. 7 weeks from germination and already nice popcorn size buds forming. I know Ya should leave fan leaves alone because they are big solar receptacles for growth, but these girls are so bushy I had to trim them from get-go. Bottom-line happy as hell with Cropkingseeds. Happy camper here.
Says : wow this strain grows fast! stays very low, easy to grow, amazing so far! This plant is impressive, would reccomend even before seeing buds, can tell the quality of genetics. will update when harvest comes!
Says : Recommend for first grow awesome yield & smoke great have pics and videos
Says : I purchased 5 seeds last year I just started these. I only have enough room to grow 5 at a time all 5 seeds sprouted huge tap roots in only 3 days with the wet paper towel method! I have a 4x4x5 grow tent and a 900wt led light so far so good thank you Crop KING! I will always use you for all my future seeds in I just purchased 10 of fem white widow for outside!
Says : Ok so this was my first ever grow. Seeds came perfectly hidden. Paper towel method worked after 2 days and I planted my seedling in miracle grow potting soil. This plant truly is simple to grow. After 3 weeks of vegging the plant just started to flower. The main stem is forming into a nice cola of bud, you can even see the tricomes forming. There are 2 other branches forming out as well with flowers about to start. There is a slight smell but it's nothing that will alert anybody. My grow is in plastic storage container with reflective material on the sides. I'm hoping for 15g plus since I started it out on a 12/12 cycle right from seed as a test run. TY cKS
Says : 2 days all sprouted.One had a twin-never had that happen before,GOOD OMEN. Will update this grow.
Says : Very nice customer service and fast and discreet shipping! Very nice vendor and helped me out with removing and putting in a new order split second. Only 2 of my 5 DLF seeds took, which took very well btw. Wish the other 3 were here but all part of the journey. Plants are in 2nd week of flowering and one of the plants has an top cola the size of a coke can. Awesome strain and company, looking forward to doing business again.
Says : Amazing genetics (will definitely get more of these) this plant really wowed me.... will definitely keep a few beans .... awesome plant harvested several now and they have been very generous first 4 plants 8 oz dried of some smooth yummy nuggets..... second run looks more promising then first run thank you CK
Says : I ordered dwarf low flyer and was surprised at how fast I got them in the mail. I am a noobie and found your advice on germination a great help as i have 100% on 5 seeds. Thank you so much!!!!
Says : This is the second time growing Low Flyers. The 1st time out of 5 seeds only 2 germinated. The second time all germinated and 2 seeds produced twins. Very easy to grow. I use a 4x4x6.5ft tent with 250w CFls = to 450w. I don't transplant because I don't like to stress the plants so I plant then in 3 gallon cloth pots. My 1st grow I got 30 and 38 grams before drying & cure Off my 1st 2 plants. My second grow out of 5 seeds I got 7 plants...2 seeds are twins. They were are all about 24 to 31 inches tall and produced 60 to 88 grams before drying & cure. All in 65 days. I use "Pro-mix" Bx with Mycorise for soil and Schultz 10 15 10 liquid plant food for Veg with Maxi Bloom for budding. I ran 18 hours in veg & 12 bloom. Fed them every 3 days with misting them every day with just water. These are the easiest plants I have ever tried. 2nd crop I got bud tops as big as Coke cans.
Says : My experience was awesome, seeds came a little later than I thought they would but no complaints, i germinated them first thing and was amazed at how fast they grew I love cks and hope they continue doing what they do best I will be happy to give some photos for the website on the final product peace. One love.
Says : had very little cash and a 85 what bulb. worked,not a large crop but will be happy when they cure. any one know what is min. size whats you should use for one plant?
Says : Got a few strains from cks low flyer, candy cane , cb cheese all auto planted one of each ..... all sprouted in 2 days .... thank you cks ;)
Says : Awesome ordered a few strains low flyer caught my attention 4 days and got them .... I hope they do well .... will update soon 😎
Says : As I wrote a couple months back, seeds for dwarf lowrider arrived super fast and I had 100% germination on five seeds. Long time outdoor grower but never tried auto-flowers or full indoor grow before. For two weeks kept solo cups under 3 32w CFL full daylight bulbs (each bulb equiv. to 250w) There after transplanted to 2 gal pots and placed each plant under 2 23w 100w equiv. CFL's. Adjusted PH now and then and fed very modestly weeks 2-6. Early flowering and amazing growth. Harvested all five plants today at 66 days with average of around 40grams per plant before drying. I wish that all my outdoor gardens were so simple!
twelve inches
Says : i have brought dwarf low flyer should I top this auto fem or let grow
Says : I rec'd my order so fricking fast! Thanks.... I'm totally geeked to try my hand at this. I consider myself to have an awesome green thumb so I'm excited about this challenge. Thanks ya'll!
Says : I ordered these back in April. 1st time indoor grow for me. I planted 2 seeds and both came up. I ran LED 600 watts for 24 hours straight for about 50 days until I harvested. One plant had big buds and the other had gotten stressed out, but produced thinner pop corn buds. I got about 22 grams from one plant about about 28gs from the other. It does have a skunk smell while its growing, but it changes to a fruity/piney smell once its harvested. The plants stayed small, under 2 feet and I was able to fit tow of them in 3 gallon smart pots inside of tote to grow. They grow fast and they are very forgiving. The smoke is good, it makes me feel good, nice body high, not too overwhelming, but I can definitely feel it, and its relaxing. I like these seeds and the plant that they produce. Good first time grow seed for sure.
Says : Just spoke to a rep and am overwhelmed by the customer service. Everything about your company exceeds all expectations
Says : Wowza, cks is on point. I live in New England and I believe that I got the seeds on the 5th day! 100 % germination, I being a 1st time grower did NOT expect the seeds to germinate so fast (1/2 - 1 inch)in 48 hours. I had to to put my diy together QUICK and have been making improvements everyday. So far it has been 4 days since I transferred the germinated seeds into my hydro set up. 5 out of 6 have 4 tiny leaves each and a 6th beginning to grow as I type this, haha. I highly recommend CKS to everyone and for any and all advice. Thanks CKS...I plan on posting pics at harvest time to see what how nice of a yield I get from my first attempt at doing it myself. Regardless of what I am able to produce CKS.. AWESOME, 420MAG AWESOME, AND I CAN'T WAIT TO HARVEST TIME. And with that I SAY GOOD DAY!
Says : Excellent service got them within 5 days and I was a first time grower but not any more ;) . I grew 2 plants and ended up with 20g off first plant and a zip off the other plant so all in all great first grow! Long live the KING!!
Says : Can't speak to genetics yet. CKS customer service was SUPER and seeds arrived right on time! 48 hours after opening package I have germinated seeds (water method 18 hours, then damp paper towel) and I have 1cm taproots. By 72 hours they should be solo cups. Not new to this, but my first auto-flower and it's fun to watch the speed of progression. Thanks CKS!
Says : The seeds for DWARF LOW FLYER have arrived,first time to a tempt my own grow. Wish me luck.
Uncle T
Says : Planted 2 of these in a small 18 x 24 space, made the mistake of trimming lower branches on not do this! Trust what you read about autos and don't do anything more than LST to them. Both were ready to go in about 60 days from seed, but the untouched one produced double...approx 1.5oz dry. Very pleased with results, and quality and looking forward to next round and minimizing mistakes! I highly would recommend for super discreet needs :)
Says : Fast & Reliable Shipping to Texas... 3-1/2 Days ! Excellent Customer Service. Time to grow !
Says : I already have some early miss growing in dwc with leds and they are looking nice about a month to go so i thought why not try some of the dwarfs 6week from seed to bud shot why nut.
Says : Ordered this and candycane and received them in 7 days. I only have room to grow one plant at a time. I chose the dwarf as this was my first grow. It took 10 weeks from seed to harvest with a yield of 3oz top shelf bud.
Says : Crop King is the best. Quality seeds for real. This strain is great for little space. Easy to grow perfect for a beginner. First time grow and pulled 2 oz from one plant in exactly 57 days from seed to harvest. Thanks Crop King customer for life.
Says : Amazing results in a limited grow space. As simple as it gets in terms of maintenance. CK is amazing with shipping, very fast and discrete. Highly recommend this strain for those with limited grow space. I have a very small grow space but have consistently pulled at least 1.5oz from each grow.
Says : got my 5 growing solid and fast. Efficient plant for moderate lighting.
Says : Ordered 10 quick delivery considering I live in oz 12 day looking back on a few comments I'm feeling confident on the success rate express post was spot on;) I will be buying more
Says : Bought 5 DLF - germinated one along w/another auto - both germinated but the other seed (won't name) failed to thrive breaking the surface but dying whereas the DLF is a beautiful little seedling that keeps growing each day a wee tad bit.. (on the second set of leaves in less than a week -BTW this is my first grow and this seed broke the ground on 4/20!!! - Your seeds Crop King are vibrant... I've got a Train Wreck Auto that just cracked in the paper towel which will join my baby soon!!!
Says : Just ordered my first time seeds as well!! Looking forward to updating with my progress! Bless CKS for making this world a little bit better place!!
Says : I just ordered the Dwarf Low Flyer, I can't wait for my seeds to arrive, I'm a first time grower and I'm so excited 😎 I will post updates wth results
Says : First, FABULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE! Staff went above and beyond to fix a problem. Next, good business people who adhere the adage of always delivering above customer expectations. Finally, stealth packaging to the U.S. that gets through. It took me a while to find the product in the package, but it's worth the effort. I'll leave more feedback after germination and grow. Thank you!
Says : I bought 5 dwarf auto fem low flyer seeds; all 5 germinated and they are growing right now. Im very pleased because its the first time i try this strain. Cant wait to harvest !!
Says : Planted 1 dwarf low flyer in a small bucket outdoors in may this year. My mom made a mistake topping it on its second week of veg! It only produced under 2 grams. I'm very happy my locel nursery distrubutes crop king seeds.
Says : looking for fem. seeds for indoor growing.... hopefully a dwarf...... what do you have/////
First timer
Says : I got these seeds towards the end of the summer and planted these babies in an organic crop field. If youre looking for a loe matinence strain then this may work, I was content with the results and I just finished curing it for two months since yesterday, and its quite tastey =)
Ed Geehring
Says : Can't wait to get started! Thanks
Says : My Dwarf Low Flyer are a week away from be ready they were grow in a AeroGarden. one plant with a bubbler.
Says : Just had my first order of DLF from Crop King. I sent in cash, which kind of had me nervous, sending from the states. But I in a few short days I was contacted by a friendly staff member. After receiving my payment, it was less than a week that I discreetly received my seeds and started germinating. I'm still in the germination process, but as to the customer service, I don't have anything but positives to say about the experience. Would highly recommend to anyone considering a purchase.
friendly toker
Says : hey veryone im fairly new to this specific strain it is end of august in Ontario and am thinking of growing this outdoors from the last week of august... and than bring it inside once I gets cold I have a balcony Im thinking of giving it a try let me know what you guys think please and thank you! (organic grow outdoors)
Says : I received my seeds on may 30. They emerge throught the soil on June 1st. Actually, 2 of 8 are 30 inches in height. They actually on week 2 of flowering and it smell very spicy ! I have them under HPS 600 watt in my grow tent of 4 feet. This plant can be over 24 inches easily. If you are limited in space, try to make lst at the veg stage.
Says : Ordered 5 DLF, got 5 DLF with catalog, a pin and few goodies. All seeds sprouted and did quite good. Harvest wasn't stellar (15 grams a plant) but feels like it was my fault. 4 plants were bushy and short, one was taller with fewer (but gigantic!) leaves and very long stems. The high is stronger than expected. Will buy more. Maybe the best seed seller on earth. Period. Ships fast, discreet and is VERY RECOMMENDED.
Says : All I can say is wow to the service and the shipping of these awesome folks at CKS
Says : I got my seeds today 5 day delivery 4/25. I ordered 5 and got 7. And i already started germinating. Ill make sure to keep updates. Thanks CKS.
Says : So i bought 5 DLF yesterday 4/19, im really excited to get started, jus hav to wait for delivery, this is gonna be my first grow, so im hopping for the best. I did a alot of research on what to get and what to use.but i hit a dead end finding the seeds until my friend recommended this site. So far im liking it lol andre ally hhelpful, thanx CKS
tim coleman
Says : I purchased 5 and got 7. 100% germ rate. Started flowring at 2 weeks. I have them under LEDs and they look great. The buds are really starting to fill out. I am very impressed with cropkings. very discreet and I will definately be a return customer.
Says : Successfully grew two crops from early December- mid March. Great for ease, and grow speed. Tastes, and feels great too! Highly recommended.
Says : Wow i got my seeds and im really happy with the way the dwarf low flyers are looking. so so easy to grow im very happy with crop king seeds thank you cop king tom
Says : Hi there I picked up a package of you dwarf auto fem seeds. I germinated at rate of 100% , then I planted my sproutlings in my aerogarden classic that was two weeks ago all five plants are in amazing shape
Says : Just got my 5 seeds. 3 days delivery. With couple good things in the box, but without additional seed/seeds. Happy anyways! ))
Says : Got 3 germ'n 2 days they popped in soil. Lookin forward to 6 week turn around. Bought 5 got 7. Good deal and stealth.
Says : Ordered 5 seeds , 100% germination rate and they are now 40 days olds and near 1 feet tall , started flowering schedule 12/12 one plant started showing pre-flower , this is my first grow and this plant is noob friendly like me ! Will order more for my next grow
Says : Got my Dwarf Low Flyers thriving on my window sill, flowering already and looking beautiful! perfect germination rate when I started. Will buy more next season! thanks
Says : 7 day delivery, good service, 100% germination, have some early miss going and low flyer
Says : Anyone know how long it takes from sprout til harvest?
mike leblanc
Says : send 5 seeds
Says : Could you consider sending this item to Japan please?
Says : The Dwarf low flyers I got from you are doing great. Your germination guide is awesome. It helped a lot. I used different germination method with low success rate but with your guide everything was changed.
Says : Crop King Seeds Dwarf Low Flyer is awesome. I ordered 10 and got a few extras. 100% of the seeds germinated. Harvested them a week ago and now I am high! LOL Can I you send me your catalog?
Says : ordered 5 seeds got 8! I started a germination today so I will let you know how it goes. I am a 1st timer. -wish me luck
Rod L.
Says : ordered 5 DLF seeds and received 8! big props to Crop king Seeds. so far i have gotten 4 for 4 germination sucess rates,using the paper towel method by the way. I will check back after they complete their grow.
Eric L.
Says : I'm back to update with the germination. I almost forgot to update it. well, I'm very happy with the result. 9 out of 10 sprouted and they look good. Will order more from you guys! Awesome company.
Eric L.
Says : Ordered 10 Dwarf Low Flyer seeds and I received them quickly unlike with the other companies where I ordered from. Crop King Seeds is by far the quickest to deliver. I'm germinating the seeds now using the paper towel method. Will submit another review about their germination rate for this Dwarf Low Flyer that I ordered.

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