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Fast, Medical Strain

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica
Effect: Indica Body Buzz
THC: Moderate - High
THC%: 17.15%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.2%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 4.2%      Laboratory Report
Country: UK UK
Yield: Up to 500gr indoor/300gr outdoor
Genetics: Haze X Northern Lights X Skunk
Price: 5 Seeds / $55.00
10 Seeds / $95.00
25 Seeds / $190.00
Early Vixen
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Early Vixen
Fast flowering Indica/Sativa blend with great medicinal properties. The fruity undertones make this strain a favourite amongst patients, great if you suffer from anxiety and depression. Fast flowering, dense crystally buds in 8 weeks, Vixen is a go to for a clear cerebral high.

Any grower can go for Early Vixen marijuana seeds because this is just easy to grow. It can be grown indoors and outdoors and it can provide you with good yield for as long as proper light, nutrients, fertilizer, soil and growing methods are used.

With 8 weeks of flowering time, you will get up to 500 grams of buds. This strain is a combo of different high quality cannabis strains like Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk. There is no question why Early Vixen would make you become satisfied with your efforts and investments.

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36 Reviews of Early Vixen Strain – Feminized Seeds

Says : Used my last seed this year. So sad to see this strain go. Well balanced buzz but best of all the one of the best medical strains. I broke my ankle and was out of work for 4 months. Doctor prescribed me perks but I never filled the prescription. EV worked excellent. My last plant produced 5 seeds. I'm hoping I get a female. I have stored this in a cool room in case I never get any again.
Says : First time growing and I gotta say, very impressed my plant is 7 ft tall 3.5 inch wide stalk beautiful , very sad to see it discontinued :(
Says : So sorry this strain is not still available. Was very pleased with the grow and final product.
darryl edwards
Says : best grow ever, not to mention wonderful medical effects - chronic pain, paranoia,anxiety attacks,nausea. this even works on pinched nerves & muscle siezures - from a bowl or two in a pax 2. very happy client-until renewal time. l've been a completely loyal client for years,didn't moan during the rumoured 'troubles', just paid out money as required, re- ordered etc. but was sent something which looked all wrong for me. you cats are great; love the packing,etc.,but can't roller-skate in a buf'lo, help an old man out here...please.
Says : Early Vixen is a vigorous, easy to grow strain. A pack of five yielded a couple of excellent phenotypes with firm buds and a nice fruity profile. This is good morning pot with a solid yet not overpowering effect. So sad to see you go, Early Vixen, but I am not done with you yet!
Says : Harvested mine outdoor after a few frosts october 15 in eastern sask. Needed another 2-3 weeks to finish up. Cured up to a nice mango/spicy-sweet peppery lemon. Its early for a haze cross maybe but id say mid october +\- 1 week finish. To late for outdoor in canada. Other then that id like to try it indoors because of flavor and clear headed high.
Says : Been growing EV's for a while now. Super easy to grow and takes nutes well. Last plant was in screen of green and was over a pound in a 2x4 closet in 8020 coco perlite under 2 mars hydro reflector 48 LED panels. 4 months veg to train to the 2x4 screen. Cloned her hundreds of times. Over 90 pct clone success.
Says : Second grow of my CK seeds. Went with EV and PE. And wow the buds are so heavy. Even after months of LST, all the colas are falling down. So I had to use fishing line to keep them standing up. Never in any of my grows have I had buds falling over before week 6! CK you guys truly rock my closet!! Can't wait to finally decide on my next few strains to try.
Carte bol
Says : Got my early vixen seeds in 5 days from half way around the world. Very excited to get started growing some sticky Ickiy :)
Says : Let me preface this by saying I have a very heavy hand when growing, so maybe that can account for my experiences. Excellent plant, but I found it quite difficult to maintain. Did a grow with White Widow, Hash Plant and Early Vixen (indoor using LST and mainlining), and in comparison, Early Vixen took a lot more labour and reacted poorly to stress. Noticed a distinct slowdown in growth after transplanting/ grooming/ training etc which added up to substantially smaller plants than the White Widow and Hash Plant (all grown at the same time using the same techniques). Also found it hard to clone compared to the other two (especially the Hash). But to be fair, I'm pretty bad at cloning :p End result was very good buds that produced a really pleasant high, but would probably not order again because of how many times I ended saying "Fucking Early Vixen" while growing it.
pg 1st time
Says : 1st grow. All seeds germinated about the 12/17/15 date. They are now in the final stages of flower. Per my previous post, the seed planted in my costly medium is also thriving after I transplanted using my soil mixture. No distinction from the other girls! Thanks to CK and the CK community for input that allowed a first time pot grower to have such amazing results.
Says : Bought 5earlyvixen 5 hashplant 5whitecookies 5darkangel followed germ directions all 20germinated than planted in promix bx all 20 popped an r growing great.Im gonna grow them all outside n c which 1s do best in outdoor NB.I bought these seeds at an outlet in Sussex NB they hav a great selection.All 4strains are on there 4th an 5th set of leaves all fr seeds in my hand 13days ago.Cks is the fir real top quality been grown 28yrs n hav ordered fr many diff seedbanks n by far cks is handsdown perfect
Says : Well it's been a year journey , just for smoking & found the best hobby , I am a firm believer bend your early bitches down and veg longer than you want ! Improve your main stalk size improve you're yield ! Early vixen loves to give amazing clones ! Keep in mind how good she tastes ! Harvest her very late + dry her well + let her cure and she is that special weed to take on a 420 friendly date !!!! Ha ha ha ! For real though her medicinal qualities at 8 1/2 week harvest was bad ass ! Thanks again cks
1st time pg
Says : received seeds. All germinated. This is my first attempt but this strain makes me feel like a pro. Growing in soil that I purchased online. Transplanted a week ago to seven gallon cloth pots. I made a "cool" version of the super soil recipe which I found online.Left one plant in the soil mixture I purchased from the online supplier. All my plants doubled in size within that week of growth, except the one I left in only the purchased soil.I have , since added about an inch of my "cool" super soil experimental recipe to the top of the plant. I am keeping a journal of my plants' growth. My plan is to clone each plant and see if there is a clear choice of which should be chosen to further the gene pool. I am especially curious about the plant which is the least looking, so far as physical attributes presently. It should hold the key in determining if my soil mixture played a part in plant growth ( did it not do well because of genetics, or did it initially do poorly because of the difference in my grow medium ).
Says : Got my seeds yesterday. Started germination after work. This will be my 4th grow. With each much better than the last. First time with store bought seeds. So we will see how EV goes as well as the WW and PE from mjseeds goes here in a few days and then in about 3 months.
Says : easy to grow,nice yield,very good head. my fav
pot head dave
Says : Yea mon....Easy to grow...1 inch a day now in June / July. They look great....PHD
Says : 5/5 germinated well, lost one to damping off, but that's my fault. Very Very easy to grow. Foolproof. She repairs very fast so Stress training is very effective. took about 11 weeks to finish in Organic soil. 2 different phenos it seems. One compact, cheesy buds, the other is more Hazy with foxtails and more airy flowers. Very good anti-anxiety smoke and is a great sleep aid. Real Medicine=It's a keeper.
Says : 100% germination of 10 seeds. Very easy plant to grow for a beginner. This plant will get huge if you let it. Mine are all over 4 feet and still growing indoors in 5 gallon pots. Very happy with customer service and shipping this will definitely be my go to shop from now on.
Says : Germinated 5 of my seeds in Feb... 3 are growing strong! They are about 4 feet tall now and starting to flower nicely. The buds are growing and they smell wonderful. Looking forward to a good crop soon!
Says : So,things took a minor bad turn ! One of my girls decided to not want to be a girl anymore.(totally my issue not a cropking issue)it is my first grow and I experimented!I have a small grow room and LST was my savior but I stressed her and she grew balls !!!!! The girl I have left is amazing and in a month or less we will get to indulge !! Yes this is all about self indulgence! This journey has definitely been good for me (blood pressure) has leveled out and watching the girls grow is a sense of accomplishment ! Seriously people !! Cropkings is the shit ! What they offer is not just a seed but friendly and helpful people (Carrie) very personable and I appreciate both you and your manager !!
Says : Good morning ! In our third week of flower . the girls are amazing ,very healthy and thriving ! Had to learn LST on the fly because they grow so fast ! Have next to no room in my grow room .this is my first grow and has been nothing but f####### amazing and fulfilling ! The only issue I have is that now my girls spend 12 hours in the dark I don't get to spend that time watching the GRASS grow ! Thanks crop king BAD ASS!!!!!!
Says : Just got my seed plus two thanks your service is great I will be getting more soon a happy custom again thank u again Bob
william f
Says : Grows good, smokes good, produces good.
Says : Soaked 48 hrs, planted 5 seeds tap root down in pellets in a grocery store salad container under aerogrow lights 4 days ago I see 2 springing up.
Says : Talking about bad ass little girls ! I love bad little girls ha ha! Anyhow my plants are both lovely vegging like mad but even though they are the same strain they are very different from one another ! To the point leaf shape and all ! First grow and seems we've taken the right path ! Beginning with the seeds !
Says : These bad ass lasses are growing like weeds !!!lol ! Totally impressed ! Not anything but some personal time and effortlessly they grow for us ! We don't grow them ! We pamper and coddle as we would babies ! There is a certain pride in seeing them do well but remember they grow for us and all of their stretching and reaching for light and impressing us ..... And then in the end our complex little girls give their lives for our pleasure and healing ! Thanks crop king and I would say you guys are the cream of the crop
Says : Still bad ass !!! My early vixen babies are three weeks old tomorrow ! Three weeks from germination and three inches tall,full set of second node ! There is more involved than 8 weeks total because there is no way veg will be done to begin flower and finish in 8 weeks ! But what I must say is that patience is a must people ! My babies are in miracle soil no nutes I have my twins in the same pot its nearly 15 gallons and they will support each other ! Yes yes yes experiment folks these babies are bad ass ! I'm hooked on crop king !NO OTHER PLACE TO SHOP GREAT SERVICE GREAT COMMUNICATION AND THE PEOPLE ARE COOL TO TALK TO !!
Says : Half to say everything went well had one male used him pollinated one lady got a whole bunch of seeds out of the first crop i had all males,second crop had two girls thete getting ready to hang up in a week or two.just ordered more seeds w w fem also some hss seeds,i must say real good people to deal with,good everything,many thanx...:)
Says : Bad ass got my seeds in 6 days first two sprouted tails in about 20 hrs ! As a youngster we always stuck our seeds in dirt and waited ! This wait won't be long ! Thanks cks ! Will keep you posted !
Francesca Tabor-Miolla
Says : I'm a 70 year old vixen... this is my first time ever growing herb. I usually over water, over feed, over kill, but want to give these babies a try. Glad to find you.
sam treantafellow
Says : The very best seed bank. They always send an extra or two. I am crop king customer for life. I am currently growin early vixen an its amazing. Words cant explain......!!!!!!!!
Says : Picked up some and first one didn't sprout. EV2 is doing well and is at her sixth node. Can't wait to try my medicine. Cheers.
Says : Awesome first grow, indoors, one plant yield was just over 4 oz. Best thing about this is that it seemed to not stank up the grow area until about 11-12 weeks - I harvested right at 13 weeks, and have a really nice buzz followed by a great ease in to dreamland.
Says : Got the seeds very quick. Thank you Crop King Seeds.
Kyle Edmonton
Says : Picked up a pack of these in Edmonton at a local head shop. Starting germination this week. Will post my review in about 3 months after done if things go well.

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