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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy
Flowering Time: 9 to 10 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: Mainly Indica
Effect: High Body Buzz
THC: Very High
THC%: 21.40% Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.45% Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.29% Laboratory Report
Country: USA USA
Yield: up to 600gr Indoor/300gr outdoor
Genetics: Afghani X Skunk
Price: 5 Seeds / $65.00
10 Seeds / $120.00
25 Seeds / $220.00
Green Crack
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Green Crack
A Skunk No 1 cross, good enough to be named by Snoop Dogg himself. Green Crack provides an intense body high guaranteed to have you coming back for more.

Citrusy sweet with hints of lemon and spice, a little goes a long way with this smooth, spacey strain. Robust plants grow quickly and often require trellising. Expect strong yields with flowers maturing in only 9-10 weeks.

Marijuana Seeds Canada Green Crack

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101 Reviews to Green Crack – Feminized Seeds

Says : Bought a 5 pack when first released on this site. All 5 germed. The plants were super dence. buds were ok but not what I was expecting. Awesome customer service.
Says : I followed the germination instructions via Crop Kings and hokuspokus, straight magic,100% germination success rate. The tap roots were long as any I have popped before. 16 hours in the cup of bottled water, 1 day on the plate using the Crop Kings method, and just like that. I'm super excited to see how they all turn out and develop .
justin weymouth
Says : thank you
Says : 5 out 5 seeds germd lost 1. Plants grew like like wild fire.
Says : I am curing right now and the stink is amazing. Love GC and got 4 more getting ready to pop and 3 purple kush. Cant wait. This company is the shit. From south Georgia ..... dope!
Says : Germinated 4 and 3 successfully popped. Veg for 74days and lst and topped and all the gurls did great. On day 68 of flower and cutting down after in in 72 hrs of darkness. Shits amazing yo. Crop king is the shit
Says : Ordered 5, arrived in under a week. Germinate 2 only 1 popped up.(littlest seed vs largest seed. Big seed won) she's about 8 inches 3 weeks since she went into soil.
Says : Got my order promptly,germination went great and the girls are in the dirt. Looking forward to this strain. Been a personal grower for 27 years. Will keep you posted thx King..
Daniel Wales
Says : Dear Mr King, All went 100% with previous order of Seeds. I was pleasantly astonished to find extra seeds to make up for the ones that did not germinate from my first order. I did not even complain as I thought that maybe it was a rough trip over here in the mail bag. You must read your mail AND take notes. If this game was a religion (and it almost is) you folks would have been canonized years ago.
nigga nate
Says : man I got some green crack and they grew to about 25 to 30 feet tall and produced about 1 to 2 ounces of good green bud a piece. I ordered 10 seeds and all sprouted perfectly...they said I would receive my order in 7 days and they arrived on day 13...perfect all the way!!! highly recommend cks to everyone...I holler...piece!!
Says : What an easy plant to grow. I live in the deep south and am an outdoor grower. I started four plants the first of March, three are over 4ft with lots of colas and one is 15inchs tall and from the base of the stem to the top is a solid bud, insane. Can't wait to try her.
Shawn Wood
Says : Ordered my GC seeds ;) Love this company. Germinating just one of them now and see how she does.. can't wait .. The seeds are BEAUTIFUL!!!
Says : Just an update from last year's grow. Bought 5 seeds, all sprouted. Transplanted them into fabric grow bags outside. Topped some and let some grow. The ones that were not topped grew very tall 10 to 12 ft. The ones that were topped grew to about 6 ft. weather got a bit messy in late fall and had to cut them down about two weeks earlier than I wanted to. Each plant yielded about 5 oz. I was very pleased with the bud and had more than enough for my self for the year and happily shared the rest with my friends and family. I find the high from this very energetic and perfect for the daytime. A few puffs does the trick. I'm trying white Widow and Cali OG Kush this year.
Says : My first order from the Crop King was White Cookies and they are doing awesome so I decided to order some Green Crack and White Widow simply because this company has gained my complete trust in such a short period of time!! Customer service, shipping and the 80 percent germination guarantee is holding true!! Thank you Crop King Seeds!!!
Michael Forney
Says : What size gallons grow bags should I use on the autoflower NYC diesel seeds I just received from you.?
Daniel Wales
Says : Dear Crop or Mr King, It all worked out fabulously. I got 70% germination with both types. I think that they ( the Seeds ) may have been knocked around a bit along the way to Australia. I applaud your ingenuity and care in making every practical effort to make sure the mail got through. (the Australian Postal system) With kind thoughts, sincerely yours. DW
Says : Crop kings is just truly that king ! Purchased G.C White cookie,sour d ,, all look fabulous,, they are what they say they are good stuff . Posting pics soon
fabiano ricardo
Says : This type is the best for those who like to relax and enjoy life.
fabiano ricardo
Says : Easy to germinate if you follow directions. Grows quick, smells great.
Says : 3 out of 3 seeds germinated 100% with the crop king method, popped out of the soil nicely and growing lovely :)
Says : Ordered them. Got em fast. Paid for the 30 extra shipping and man stealthy and amazing customer service. Its all about patience guys. Dont freak out just let it come. Amazing company. Awesome........
Says : Easy to germinate if you follow directions. Grows quick, smells great.
Herb S. Goode
Says : Ordered 6 strains 2 weeks ago, did the paper towel after about 5 days all but 2 of my beans cracked and had nice tap roots starting. Second week into some coco and I now have all but 2 coming up. Follow the directions from CK and you will never fail. GC,WC,BK,PK,CR and Cali OG/Haze. Will keep you all posted to progress....Thanks CKing
Says : Just as described , after germination (2 1/2 days) the seeds took to the soil like bees to honey. they are all leafy and about a foot tall in just about 4 weeks. The thing is except for our money tree (pachira aquatica) these are our only plants. they're like our kids...... I have to consider their future.... then again....
Says : looong flowering, mine went 11 weeks from time i flipped 12/12 light schedule, but holy cow is this some top knotch stuff, had 2 phenos, one super skunky piney pheno and one more musky fruity almost melon like pheno. It stayed relatively short but threw huge chunky colas that took forever to mature but are rediculously resiny. This and White widow are the best producers of the crop king strains ive tried so far.
Says : My first grow with GC I grew a bud bigger than my head. No shit, colas were freaking massive. I live in high humidity and got bud rot.. If you aren't in danger of high humidity these plants are bad ass and smell sooo damn good. Like citrus fruit.. I'm flowering some about 6 weeks right now...
Says : Ordered on Feb 6th Recieved 12th.(USA) Great customer service. Web site easy to use. Buying using various methods, like cash, cc,money order etc. easy on did not pick the sercuty option tho, but as u can tell im exicited.
Says : Ordered on the 7th. received on the central U.S. Super fast shipping.Can't wait till spring!!!
Says : Just received my order of green crack fem, blueberry, and afghani yesterday. Germinated immediately upon receiving and 24hrs later 13 of the 15 have already sprouted. Looks very promising. And customer service along w stealthy fast shipping has me highly recommending CKS.
Says : Thank you, thank you CK. This is my second order. First was Blueberry. Planted, grew and now smoking. :-) Decide to do a second grow with the left over (3) BB seeds. This time they didn't look as happy as the first, so I opted to get some Green Crack and try them and let the BB do its thing. 10 days later I was planting newly emerged little girls. Love and care for their 8 week stent in Veg mode and now in Flower mode. I was shocked to see the BB kicked it into gear and I have all 3 in Flower mode as well. After doing my inspection I have 2 GC girls and 2 BB girls. Oh hell yeah. I'd include a pic of my babies but not sure how.
Says : My first 5 Grncrk seeds: Well, 5 out of popped, one was a Sativa somehow , but a nice F., One turned male right away, then one more. The remaining 2 , fine females with a few killer looking seeds. Told her my story, she IMMEDIATELY said she would send me 5 more. I will re-order from here on service alone.
Says : All 5 germinated within hrs These were huge seeds, get Out of the way; they grow Cartoon style speed, yayaya But then I screwd up&they got Too stressed.the bigest reached over6ft&very purple Sativabeautiful about 6oz Best***meanshit weed.i cant Handle that rushy chemical Speedy buzz...
Says : good god this stuff is strong. grew my GC under LED. responded well to topping/ training. very hardy, robust plants. super-sticky, stinky buds. tripping high after 1 big bong hit. intense and long-lasting. can't go wrong with these seeds.
Says : Super excited! Got my order faster than expected, which has been the norm so far. Last order was Candy Cane Auto which yielded well. Looking forward to growing these Green Crack into monsters!
Says : First time ordering/growing. Shipping took quite a while to US. Order shipped on Dec 9th, got order on Jan 2nd. Shipped over the holidays so expected somewhat longer times, and not like Cropking can do anything once its out the door. So hardly their fault. Just tried one seed, and sprouted after about 24 hours! Got good service through chat on order as well! So Thanks Cropking!
Says : This is my second grow from Cropking.Used a 250watt MH/HPS setup and netted 5.3 oz.of premium bud in 13 weeks with 2 plants.Thanks Cropking.
Sitka Buds
Says : A buddy gave me a Green Crack from Crop King that he culled as it was going to be the runt as of his crop and he need to eliminated a few plants before he started to flower. Well his loss, mine became an absolute monster. Just about to hit week 8 and the branches are starting to break under their own weight. Great strain, does not like a lot of food, seemed to nute burn easy, only needed a little food to become the monster it is.
Says : Very fast shipping, 5 days to states! Thanks CKS your the best!!!
Says : Growing like I injected with steroids. Gonna try scrog on these guys. My third grow with Crop King and averaging 90% successful germination rate. Awesome company in every sense
Says : Will be growing this spring so I can't report on harvest. However I got my order in 7 days US. Customer service was outstanding. Thanks Lisa for the help. Extras were included in the package. Previous seeds I had ordered gave 100% germination. I expect the same on this grow. Just follow the Kings method. Done with other sites. Crop King delivers. Note: this worked well to really push up budding sites and harvest weight. I tied them over to rebar laid along the row. That made every branch act like a top. Wow now that's a cola.
Says : Paid for10seeds every seed popped. Killer strain very pleased reminded me alot of ak47. Sweet skunky good yeilding plants branches breaking at the end of week9from excessive weight. All phenotypes were very similar they've put some time into breeding and i definently will grow this one again I'm thinking I'm gonna cross it with their blueberry which I've still yet to try. You guys are awesome little pricey but i don't mind paying for quality. Thanks guys!!!! You've gotta friend down south😈
Says : Never give reviews but I got my package very fast and clever packaging even gave some extra merch I'll never shop anywhere else. Thank you king.
Says : I never write reveiws, but in this case, i felt i needed to. I received my seeds 5 days after ordering. Incredibly fast, and packed amazing. To my surprise, there was some added swag in the package. Im very very happy with the purchase. Thank you very much.
Says : Got my seeds in a week, so that's good. Packaging didn't look like it does on the web site, just seeds in a plastic bag. I guess I was most surprised by that no freebies were included, I've ordered from other sites and always get a few seeds to try out. Otherwise the experience was ok...
Says : Tried one seed and pop'd open in 18 hrs... Now i'm in the 4th week of flo... and it looks damn good... Easy cloning, I mean really easy... Roots were visible in 8 days... Now can't wait for the holidays... I'm sure I'm going to love this Skunky Afghany mix ...
Says : Its because with indoor you can control the plant by having a veg cycle. With outdoor the plant is on a constant 12/12 schedule therefore it would be in flowering much earlier.
Jeff Havens
Says : Pungent,sweet and a powerful stone..easy to grow and a very rewarding harvest. Green Crack is one of Crop King's best.
Says : Like crack except its green lawlz
Says : I've grown this 3 rounds already it's great all around. This is the best site out there I've sampled many of there varieties. They always please.
Uncle T
Says : Just competed an outdoor grow of one Green Crack seed...that I almost killed by leaving too long in a solo cup....put it in the ground with a little TLC and was blown away, The biggest plant and harvest we've ever seen! The quality is outstanding, and the service I rec'd when calling in for a separate issue were 1st rate. If you're reading this and unsure...don't hesitate, amazing strain. Thanks to the King!!!
Says : This is it: up to 600gr Indoor/300gr outdoor Double yield 600gr indoor compare to outdoor at 300g??
Says : Nice looking plant with a lot of sparkle, upper bud leaves turning very dark green to almost black, is this normal? We are at 8 weeks from veg.
DB 54
Says : brought 3 kinds gc pk sd order 5 each got 7 each started 3 each all pop and got them 7 days.I"ll never spend my cash no where else crop king you rock
Says : Just finished my first grow of crop kings green crack and white cookies all germinated 100% and turned out to be big beautiful plants cant wait to make another purschase of these seeds
Says : First try growing GC outdoors. Live in SouthernOntario. Plant is beautiful. Anyone able to give ma a decent timeframe for harvest. I have a loupe, just curious when experienced GC growers pull em.
Says : my little GC girls are lookin great. On a 12/12 schedule after 4 weeks. All systems go!! Thx CropKing!! Also, thx for the replacements for the few that I had trouble with!!
Michael pagano
Says : Got 5seeds and all doing good.
Says : Been using CropKing seeds for 4 years now . There product is great there service is the best and they deliver what they say . If you use thier germinating method you can not miss I get 8 to 9 out of 10 seeds every time and there fem seeds are always girls NO BOYS . I can find cheaper seeds but it is always hit or miss what your going to get .
Says : Bought 10 green crack seeds growing outdoors blown away they stand over 6 feet already and still have few weeks left before they start to bud
charles vaughn
Says : grait weed you get some folks power is fine don't miss out c
Says : Ok so I topped 3 of the five plants and they look good and are getting bushier. The other two that I did not top are now over 6ft tall and it is only the first week of July. Starting to wonder if these things are going to keep getting taller. If I climb to the top of these bean stalks will I find the Crop King sitting at the top? I really hope these ladies survive the elements so I can have some good medicine for the year ahead. Also wanted to mention that these are grown outdoors in the Maritimes. See my previous posts for details. Hope this is helpful! I'll keep you posted!
Says : All five are now at least 3.5 to 4 feet tall and the stems are about the size around of my thumb. Very pleased so far. Wondering if it is too late to top them, I might try one or two and see how it turns out. I'll keep you posted on my results.
Says : And 7 days later I had my green crack seeds.. BAM! Crop Kings kick soooo much ass!
Says : Bought the seeds online last week. Didn't even take 5 days, got them today. Will start them and let you know how it turned out. So far, killer service, definitely recommending you to give them your business.
Mr. Buell
Says : So far this has been my favorite strain from the king. Grew just two of this strain in small three gallon pots and still yielded just over four oz! I must warn smell is amazing but also very strong. There were times that I would come home and catch a wiff of green crack walking up to the front door! Buds are super dense and tropical green. I just started another in dwc with a scrog net. I will post my yields when it is harvest time. And to my awesome Canadian friends to the north, thank you so much for this amazing company with great customer service and stealth shipping. I will always leave a truthful review on strains that I grow from you. Long live the KING!!!!
Says : Bought a pack of 5 at my local shop. Sprouted them in peat pellets. All of them were up in 3 days (April 18). Put them in small 4 liter pots and under t5 florescent lights (April 24). They are about 16 inches tall and I have moved them to their 25 gallon fabric grow bags (May 30). Now I wait to see how they do against the deer /slugs / rabbits / neighbors / the FUZZ / weather etc.....
Says : every one if you want a frind in cannabis world join the family of crop king you will be treated like a imporint member of this family as long as you are a oniest human and fun too every one is imporint small or big you are real join and be love Charlie vaughn
Says : grate job my things got too me in good time thanks crop KING
Says : Awesome genetics! 4/5 popped and they are about to be harvested. I should get about a pound out of the 4, great yield and smells like chocolate and mint
Aaron addis
Says : Some did well, others didn't produce... 8 outta 12 grew
Says : Ordered a five pack. Very discrete and fast shipping to the states. Germinated 3 all had roots within 24 hours.This will be my first time growing GCF and I am very excited. I have grown multiple CKS strains and have had nothing but great results.
Says : Got my tap root planted, and it's been only 2 days in the soil and already the plant has more than doubled in size, and it has it's first 4 leaves! This plant really does grow fast. I am very impressed. I am writing everything down in a journal at home of my grow. So hopefully I can help someone else starting out with this strain.
Says : feminized my first I don't know what too exp
Says : So far, my GC seed germinated in 4 days. It was even in there just a bit too long because the seed shell had already removed itself from the seedling, the tap root was trying to attach to the paper towel, and it had the beginning of a leaf! I was not expecting this plant to grow that quickly. But I couldn't be happier, I hope it turns out. Lisa really helped me out, and I am so grateful.
david grabarczyk
Says : will let you know
Says : Well I decided to just try one seed of Green Crack since I'm new to growing. I always had a green thumb, but the seed is growing a tap root so fast that it could be planted in 1 more day, and it's only on day 3, at 10 cm. I love this plant already! Thanks Crop King Seeds you guys rock!
Says : Got my GC seeds monday, all germinated nicely! Going in 3" pots tomorrow. Thanks CKS! you guys are numero uno! Ordered White Widow to start next.
Says : Ordered 5 seeds of green crack. 5 of seeds germinated and took root.Seeds delivered fast.Thank you Crop King.
Says : Just bought my first pack of your seeds and decided on Green Crack. I'm so excited to try this strain! Had a hard time picking between this one and Candy Cane Auto-Flowering. A store in town just started selling these CKS a week ago. So I lucked out. Any tips from anyone about growing this plant would be helpful.
Big yeilds
Says : Bought 5 and they all opend 100% germ rate I'm happy butt received order and no breeder pack that's a big turn off for now till the end result ther loss cause I would of send pics wit the breeder pack
Says : these are the fastest germinating seeds I have ever seen! all germinated in two days very strong ,and are growing like.....well like weeds. I can not wait to try them out.
Says : 10/10 germinated, i didnt receive any freebies tho unless you count a pin,, anyways 9/10 are very nice one not so much but they grow damn fast and produce hella big buds on week 4 flower
Says : 100% germination in 3 days...calling mine "GreenK"...crack may be misunderstood!
Says : only 3 germinated kinda sad but the three are doing good. and i followed the paper towel method
Says : Got a 5 pack of these beans and have nice tap roots on all 5, 3rd full day in paper towel. As a first time grower, follow the instructions on this site. Can't miss. Going to try the Purple Kush and Crown Royale next I think. Thanks CKS!
Says : 45 days into veg. I'm keeping mine short, thick and bushy so far I'm happy..
Says : All germinated a lot easier than the widow and purple kush looking forward to trying the bubba kush real soon thanks again cks
wet beefy smacks
Says : germinated 5 of 5, They've been in 6" pots in soil for 2 weeks all of them are between 4"-5" tall and growing fast. super happy right meow
Says : I ended up getting 5 up and growing. Just started 3rd week of flowering, preflowers everywhere.after 7 weeks from seed they are nearly 4ft tall, 1 runt is 2 ft tall. Also long branches, I should have tried sog or scrog (need to learn). Thanks cks
Says : as usual 100% 5/5 on the new green crack, i believe im at 24/25 with CKS
Carol Dorney
Says : I bought 5 Green Crack, 5 Crown Royal, & 5 Early Vixen and all 15 germinated and are growing very nicely, The green crack is so beautiful looking! Thanks Cropking for the 100% in all 3. The best seeds around
Sir Charles Kane
Says : Amazing! 13 seeds, all perfectly uniform and all acting uniformly. 18 hr soak and 24 hr on the paper towels germinated every one which were planted into 4" pots with Fox Farms OF. Three weeks from their arrival, I have flat of 13 3" tall plants already starting their 3rd set of true leaves. And again, all are uniform size and height. For the serious outdoor grower this uniformity makes for a single massive harvest and simplified curing. Plus immediately opening up the plot for the next grow. Great genes and great performance.
Says : 100 % germination of 7 =D seeds in about 2 days abd a night. Seedlings under T8s & T5s(experimenting) are happy and outgrowing their Bubba Kush friends.
Says : Just picked these up on the weekend. Big dark beautiful seeds. All 5 have germinated and are coming along nicely. Needless to say but I will be back to try more strains. <3
420 grower
Says : 5 out of 5 seeds Germinated!! Rock on!! 100%~~!!!!~!!~!~!~!
Says : Got my pack about 3 weeks ago. Germed 3 and all are rising fast.
Says : 5/5 germ nice strong seeds like white cookies good job cks
Says : Big beautiful seeds and I got 100% germ rate. I know the purple kush has a problem with nitrogen when they are young. Has anyone experienced any nutrient issues with the crack yet?
Says : Ordered my Crack 8 days ago. They showed up today . I am east coast in Va. So excited to try these out!!!!
Says : thx crop king 29 hours over 1 inch tap root wow thats a fast germ thx
Says : Just got my order,Thank's Crop King

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