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Original From 1984

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 80% Indica
Effect: Strong and Long Lasting
THC: Low - Moderate
THC%: 12.10%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 3.5%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.3%      Laboratory Report
Country: Netherlands Netherlands
Yield: Up to 300gr indoor/150 gr outdoor
Genetics: Original Hash Plant
Price: 5 Seeds / $55.00
10 Seeds / $95.00
25 Seeds / $190.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Hash Plant
Compact and resinous this 8 week strain gives a hashish smell when cured. An 80% Indica dominant strain that gives a narcotic body high, perfect for patients who suffer from migraines or arthritis. Hash Plant is a phenomenal strain for hashish due to its resinous content.

The THC level of hash plant can reach up to an awesome amount of 15% and will give you a strong long lasting effect. If you want max power and total devastation, then Hash Plant seeds is what you need. It will deliver you with bombs of potent THC that will knock you out. Even the experienced and dedicated smokers can attest to how strong Hash Plant's knockout punch is.

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Hash Plant Feminized Strain Growing, THC Content,
Flowering Time and Yield

Originated from the Netherlands, Hash Plant is known for its hardcore effect. Fortunately, this is a versatile plant that can grow indoors and outdoors. Flowering lasts around 8 weeks, which is about the same as that of our other strains. Hash Plant is categorized as an easy to moderate grow.

The THC content of Hash Plant is not too high at just a little over 12%, but the CBD level is impressively substantial at 3.5%. The yields are also quite good. Indoors, this plant can produce yields weighing up to 300 grams. Outdoors, the maximum yield is 150 grams.

The effect of this strain is known to be a strong and long-lasting body buzz. It has a narcotic high that benefits those plagued with arthritis and migraines. Pair that with the high CBD content, and Hash Plant becomes a highly ideal strain for medical marijuana patients. It is just one of the many strains out there that offer more than just a regular high.

The body buzz offered by Hash Plant is a killer. It is very strong and known to destroy even veteran smokers. Every inch of your body will feel totally knocked out shortly after Hash Plant kicks in. This is a great smoke for weekends when you have nothing to do and just want to lie down for hours.

This is the right strain to grow if you are after its medicinal effects or know a lot of people who can benefit from the advantages of Hash Plant. This is also a great plant to have if you want its hardcore body high every now and then. You may also want to have this in stock if you are into hashish. The resinous buds of Hash Plant make it the perfect ingredient.

Purchase Hash Plant Feminized Seeds Online & For Sale in Canada

Working with a reliable seed company in Canada ensures that you are getting premium cannabis seeds. Crop King Seeds has been the top seed company in the country for a lot of reasons. Two of which are the fact that we maintain the premium quality of our cannabis strains and our friendly 24/7 customer service. Buy Hash Plant seeds and other cannabis seeds that we have for sale for your garden now. If you are looking into getting other strains of ours, feel free to contact us anytime.

53 Reviews of Hash Plant Feminized Cannabis Seeds

D McGinnis
Says : Beautiful 8 footers LOADED with buds. Over 300 gram yield per plant - outdoor grow. Nice buzz.
Says : This is my favorite. Makes a really good base to mix with other strains. Great for relaxation and sleep. Very high yield and I've had 100 percent germination with CK seeds so far.
Brandy-Jo Ewashko
Says : We grew this plant recently and it was Amazing. Purely Hydro . HST and HPS for lighting. Did everything that needs to be done to get full potential out of these ladies . It really is all in how you grow. End result she tested at an AVERAGE of 19 percent THC ! Highly recommend.
tom briggs
Says : durben poison none of the seeds did anything but my candy cane grew great
Says : I have 2 female hashplants outdoors one is 8ft other is 9ft day 10 for flowering and they are doing beautiful. The one that is 9ft tall is 9ft wide is a monster. Looking forward to the weeks ahead. 100% organic grow in the ground with no store bought nutrients. Breeding the females with a blue cheese x northern lights male.
Says : First time grower in NS Canada. Outdoor grower, fertilized with sensi grow products. Two hash plants are huge with big nice smelling buds. Very pleased and will buy from these guys in the future.
David M
Says : Beautiful tall plants (7') about four weeks into flower with nice long colas that are filling in really well.
Paul Gibbs
Says : White spots on outdoor hash plant leaves is this the start of mildew
Says : Don't let the THC level fool you, this is a very hard hitting strain! I am not sure where the 300 gram suggested yield came from in the CK ad... I harvested just over 14 oz of dry weight off of 3 plants. They are a great producer and respond well to LST! The plants are very easy to grow and the buds are large and tight. Strongly recommend this strain!
Says : beautiful strain, she started turning purple by week 7 and week 8 she put on a new set of pistils. I harvested mid week 9 with beautiful purple buds that were evenly chunky, dense, and easy to trim.
Says : ordered sourdiesel, every seed sprouted, fast ,5 out of 5.had a cuple of bad seeds. But. Crop King replace them. Have absolutely no complaints.
Says : First grow from seed, DWC in a 10 gallon bin all hydro. Handled LST and topping with no problem. I kept it short and it boomed into a big shrub with tons of frosty leaves! 400 watt LED and it was 10 weeks from 12/12 start to harvest. Trichomes were still clear at 8 weeks, don't rush it.
Says : Finish date outdoors new brunswick 9 OCT very good tasting mild smoke average 8 oz plants organic
Says : First attempt at growing from seed. I have had mixed results growing from clones in the past. The Hash Plant is doing amazing a few weeks out from harvest and plant is looking fantastic. Germinated 2 seeds and although both seeds sprouted only one of them grew when placed in soil. The clone off of this plants is also looking great.
Says : First experience with the strain, amnesia haze so far as an extractor is my go to. But I have been informed of the hash plant is for extractors I will let you all know
Says : Have multiple cks strains in my garden and I have to say the hash plant is by far the biggest and by that I mean tallest widest plant I got, just massive, also starts to flower mid to end of Aug. Truly a beautiful speciment
Wesley Geneau
Says : excellent
Shadilay Cannabis
Says : I tried 10 flavours from Crop King this year and this one is the stickiest and has the best fruity smell of them all. Big tall plant, good yielder. Easy to germinate, easy to grow. If its your first time, go with this.
Victoria sample
Says : Growing for mother in law going through chemo
blaine dela cruz
Says : i would love to grow hashish plants but must be aware of the height of the plant, must be short at least 3' tall and and high yielding.
Says : Germ 3 seeds 100% Germ. In week 3 of vegg leafs look great...👍👍🤘🤘 thank you crop kings ur the best
in plain sight
Says : best plant ever!! the trichomes were insane. when looking in microscope it was all crystal/milky/amber trichomes and you could barely see any green... going to make a mother plant out of this strain! thanks CK
Says : 100% Germ Rate. Shipped to NY, USA. All Good Homeie! Beautiful Flowers!
Says : As with dark angel a 100% germ rate. Hash Plant produced the most dense buds i have ever grown. I had to try her as i remember her from the 1980's seed catalogs LOL !!! My space is limited so i chose the fattest of the 3 babies. Beautiful fall colors with reddish hues. Small rock hard nugs with a energetic chilled out high. WARNING: Don't smoke her late at night. A beautiful plant but not as vigorous as Dark Angel.
Says : The Hash plant is my all round favorite of the three Crop King stains I have tried so far. Got five good plants from a pack of five and all with nice fat buds. One pheno is especially sweet with purple and yellow colours at harvest. This one is a keeper. The Hash Plant is a great midday smoke with a noticeable effect that settles into a solid long lasting buzz. Mmm, Hash Plant!
Says : just took them out of one week drying, 2 week curing, and wow. this smoke makes you happy to be alive. took 9weeks and 2 days to mature but I have 900 watt led, maybe stronger light 8 weeks? not sure but great taste, great high. I'm a fan of cks. they may not have the biggest selection but they are high quality seeds. great work ck
Says : Growing this from seed all summer outdoors in Michigan, Looks great ! Giant buds, Topped 1 time, 4 Nice stalks, A few small side buds also. I'm thinking Nov 1st for cutting. Kind of looks like there done now ? Any tips ??
Dylan M
Says : Hash Plant outdoors in a Harsh but sunny mountainous region of BC. I put them outside in mid April at 3 weeks from seed in local hydro store soil. We had 13 hard frosts before June which was a first and this Summer has been very Stormy and very hot. All 5 were topped on Canada day and range from 42-73 inches topped but one pheno would have easily gone 9+ feet. Multiple phenos, The heavier Indicas are 10 days ahead in flower. I'm very happy with this for an outdoor plant. Mold, bug, and extreme cold resistance. Very stealth odor. Sexy Ganja photos to follow at end of September.
Says : I am grown Hash Plant from Crop King, these plant have now reach 13 feet, I was hoping these seed would stay short, now mark my word, they are very very nice plant, but dam hard to hide, I live in Southern Ontarin (Niagara)when do these plant start to flowers OUTDOORS? I know where at around 14 1/2hrs of day light now, when will the start to flower here?
Says : Shipped fast and stealth, Germinated quick ! Week 9 of grow (Out Doors), Looking good. Cant wait.
Says : A really great plant, and my top pick for a beginners plant. Very surprised it's rated as an 'easy-moderate' to grow instead of just 'easy'. And don't let the lowish THC put you off, the CBN content more than makes up for it if you like a classic indica high. PROS: Reacts well to almost every growing technique (LST. HST, mainlining, lollipopping, etc). Also bounces back quickly after training and trimming, almost impossible to stunt growth. Clones easily. Very forgiving of mistakes during growing and especially curing. Will not turn into flavourless straw if dried too quickly. Does well in cooler temperatures. Doesn't need many ferts, easy to flush. CONS: Incredible reek from flowering to drying, not a huge thing for me but not suitable for a stealth setup. Can suffer in higher temperatures (28+). Flowering time fluctuations. I had a 10 pack of seeds, one finished in 7 weeks, two finished in 8 weeks, six finished in 9 weeks and 1 took almost 11 weeks to finish. Can be hard to tell when finished. Red hairs come early and aren't a great indicator, need to watch the trichomes closely to harvest at the right time.
Says : this is my first time growing and wow the 2 week old seedling iv got is looking really good (even though i didn't germinate it and its also the winter solstice here in Australia). I'm so excited to see the results and smoke it too. CAN'T WAIT :) . also i dropped it yesterday so hopefully it's okay oops :/
Says : No problems at all with these genetics EXCEPT for one thing - harvest is NOT 8 weeks - my five girls just finished 10 weeks in the flowering room (after 6 weeks in veg) and the amber trichs count is just 5 to 10 percent. I figure one more week to get to 70% amber trichs, which makes 11 weeks flower time. Crop KIng advertises 8 weeks flowering time for Hash Plant. I believe this is a "generous" (read under-cut) timeframe they have provided to help market the product. My advice is to put 'em into flower earlier than you normally would if you want to get even close to having your plants matured by end of week 16. I currently have 5 Crop King Bubba Kushes in veg, and I will report back on that page about how those genetics fare from a real life viewpoint. I that Crop King allows its customers to post objective observations with regard to their product offerings. Kudos. It beats having to rely soley on marketing material to plan their grow rotations. If I had known HP would take so long in flower I would have been able to plan my veg/flower room rotations around that time frame. Paix. Squeedmon from southern Ontario, Canada.
Says : if 'they finish shitty' it's on you this strain is more of a 8-10 week strain with the majority ready to go by week 9 descent yields, heavy resin production as expected. taste is wild which I don't care for but we'll see after curing, it's not going to change that much. strong high leaning towards a sativa lift. easy to grow
Says : This is the best strain i have worked with so far n also the northern lights i know i will be back for more hash
Says : They start strong an finish shitty to be honest I've done 4 crops of this and just completing the 5th, my Bubba kush is always good as is my sour D just sayn
Says : 5 for 5 germinated very quickly. I can tell at 4 weeks old I will buy this again next year. The frost is finally gone by the weekend so time for the move outside. Very uniform and beautiful specimen. Until they start to get tall they do not ask for much food, but just grow like a dream with some nice clean water.
Says : Can't wait to See results
Says : four weeks into flowering and they just look so great, the only thing bad about this plant that in their 3rdweek of veggie stage i had to turn on carbon filter because they were real strong odor. but carbon filter took care of the smell so it wasnt that big of a deal. placed few previous orders from ck and they just great, helpful, and always answer your questions. germination rate acceptable, 90percent for me. keep up thegood work.
Says : Grew some out last summer just now gettin around to smoking it. All winter I been smoking Bisho Purple and some local dank that I grew last summer. All I can say is WOW. Very intense high and really really nice aftertaste. Soo happy just wish the yield woulda been higher.
Says : Great so far germinated in no time and growing strongly, can't wait to try it a mate grew these and it was unbelievable quality
Says : They all germinated now let's see what they have to offer
Says : I germinated the HASH PLANT FEMS AND WHAT A HAPPY CAMPER I AM they are just showing their Beauty now
Says : Germ'd 1/1 so far
Says : I just harvested my first crop of this strain and I can't wait to try it out. Buds are nice and tight, with a sweet, tangy aroma. Also plan on making bubble hash and oil.
Says : i just ordered my seeds will update when i receive them.
Says : Ordered my seeds just waiting for them to get here I will update after they have gotten here and we have had a chance to work with them :) !!!
Says : Just placed my second order and I am very pleased with the service and quality.Crop King is really the "King".Will purchase more in the future.
Says : I bought a pack of crop king seeds from zagas in Prince George b.c about 2.5 weeks ago only 3 of the 5 seeds actually took sprout.
Says : Thank-you so much. Received this seeds as a gift from my order sweet. Can't wait to germinate with my White Widow.
Says : Received 5 of these as a gift from you on an order. Thank you! 2 are big & beautiful. Surprisingly, 1 has turned a DEEP purple on half of its buds & leaves... can't wait!!!Thanks so much..
Michael Agresta
Says : Would love to purchase 1 pack?

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