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Large Yielder

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy to Moderate
Flowering Time: 8 to 10 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa
Effect: Body & Head High
THC: Strong Yet Aware
THC%: 22.12%  Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.2%    Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 1.0%    Laboratory Report
Country: Canada  Flag
Yield: Up to 550gr indoor/350gr out
Genetics: Original Haze X Cheese
Price: 5 Seeds / $40.00
10 Seeds / $70.00
25 Seeds / $120.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Haze Xtreme


We took the popular Haze and made it Xtreme with increased psychedelic effects and a potent Sativa high. Known for smaller dense buds and moderate sized harvests Haze Xtreme will give you a body and head high allowing you to excel at daily activities while maintaining creative conversations.

These are regular Haze Xtreme cannabis seeds. What that means is that all of these seeds are a mixture of both male and female. When you grow them, the males should be separated from the females so that they do not pollinate. If they are kept together and pollinate, you'll have a bunch of seeds produced with no flowers. When growing marijuana for making usable flower, its important to keep the plants separate once they start growing. Telling the difference between male and female plants is as easy as checking the pre flowers when they grow. A "pre flower" is when the plants start to flower the males will produce pre flowers that are "ball" shaped and the females will produce pre flowers that are "pistil" shaped.

Haze Xtreme is mostly sativa and can reach up to 10 weeks to flower. The effect is awesome with body and head high which will leave you awake so this is not a good for a night smoke. This is fit for those who want to keep active and productive with their day-to-day activities.

If you want to experience an extreme result of Haze then Haze Xtreme is the right cannabis strain for you.

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Price : $40.00

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Haze Xtreme Marijuana Seeds for Sale - A High THC Strain
for Indoor and Outdoor Growing

As the name suggests, this strain is an intensified version of the legendary favorite Haze cannabis strain. This strain amplifies the already extreme effects of its parent and delivers a more potent high effect. These are the things that have pushed Haze Xtreme to fame and converted many growers and users into instant fans.

The overwhelmingly pungent aroma alone of our Haze Xtreme is already highly irresistible. The scent is a unique combination of various notes and lingers for a long time. It is the kind of stink you just want to bask in and jumpstart your day with.

The THC content of Haze Xtreme is high at over 22%, and the high mainly focuses on the mind while keeping your body relaxed and pain-free. The CBN content is also a little high at 1%. Experience increased psychedelic effects while still managing to go about your daily routine and friendly banter with your friends.

Haze Xtreme is an easy to moderate grow. This huge-yielding plant can be grown indoors and outdoors, with a difference of about 200 grams in terms of yield. The flowering time is anywhere between two to two and a half months, and yields can go up to 550 grams (indoors; outdoor estimated yield is 350 grams).

This highly potent cannabis strain is recommended for growers and users who are looking for a heavy mind high without compromising productivity, physical activity, and awareness throughout the day. Regardless of whether it is a busy day at work or at home, Haze Xtreme is the perfect companion to have nearby, which makes growing it absolutely worth it. This superstar strain is a deserving addition to your arsenal of high-THC marijuana plants that make busy days not only bearable but also enjoyable.

Haze Xtreme Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Canada with Discreet Shipping Worldwide

Crop King Seeds’ Haze Xtreme is among the best known favorites internationally. To make our seeds more accessible to you, we have made the ordering, payment, and shipment processes easy, simple, and seamless. We accept payments via bitcoin, credit cards, EMT interac (for Canadians), cash and money order payments. We ship our cannabis seeds worldwide inside discreet packaging and we run discounts and promo every now and then. Simply submit your order, and we will take it from there.

72 Reviews of Haze Xtreme Regular Cannabis Seeds

Says : Just got em popped in dirt can’t wait till they sprout! Discreet shipping and customer service was awesome. Will put new once they’re growing
Karl Stoker
Says : just trying out the growth
Says : Amazing looking plant I have 8 plant so stable you would think they were clones. Frost and lemon scented
Says : This is my new fave. Explodes from the pod, looks prehistoric, likes light and heat. Anxious yo flower these beasts.
Tannaberton Abacrombie
Says : Got 5 and all popped. They look like 3 weeks old at ten days. I like this strain. people comment the buds are not all tight but that's the kinda pot it is. I get 300 to 350 grams a plant. started in green house Apr 15th and in the ground June 1. Cut on Sept 25th.
Justin Warner
Says : Well im impressed with how fast i received my beans shipped Friday here Tuesday great job C.K
andré turcotte
Says : Very disappointed on 5 seeds only 3 have sprouted and on the 3, 2 are starved
Says : Seeds came in a week and started germination and all taproots sprouted over night. Very pleased with quality of seeds and Crop King service!!
Says : All seeds germinated if you follow directions you can't go wrong.. growing indoors and plants are already above my knees.. told my dad about crop king after showing him pictures cuz he lives in a different state. And he ordered for himself and my uncle. Pretty impressed. This was my second grow and it's pretty good.
Says : Holy s***! Super fast shipping. Shipped Thursday arrived Monday!! Very discreet too which my wife and I though was awesome. Got them germinating right now!! Woot woot.
Says : Just ordered these, wanted a Sativa and keep some males for breeding. I’m going to cross with blue cookies I’m pretty stoked I’ll keep you updated.
Says : I didn't have better than 5 out of ten germinated but started them in April in a green house in 5 gal buckeys. I put them in the ground May 15th and by Oct the oneth there was 300 grams on each female. Very good pot but I wanted 10 out of 10. I got 3 females that was enough I guess.
El Guapo
Says : So post below me confirms this but... Its Sept 8, 50.5 degrees latitude, days are getting shorter, 5 other strains in my greenhouse are in full bud mode. Except for the Haze Extreme... It's maybe at best in the transition phase, still no buds. Not recommended for outdoor. Unless you got a light dep thing going on. This is not suitable for real outdoor
Samantha Trottier
Says : When does Haze Xtreme start to flower? I have an outdoor grow in my backyard. It is September 1 and I still do not see any white flowers at all in my Haze Xtreme. My other strains all began to flower weeks ago, but not Haze Xtreme (except for males). I have identified around half my Haze Xtreme crop as males, and eliminated them; but I have not seen 1 white flower on a female yet. I can tell they are female, but no flower yet. Can anyone with experience with Haze Xtreme in an outdoor grow tell me when to expect to see flowering? We are now in September, and Toronto is starting to get colder.
Says : On third day only 3 seeds germinated with a .5 inch tap root Hopefully one female
Says : I bought 5 seeds the strain Haze Xtreme they sent me 7 seeds. All 7 seeds made the Germination process. I just hope that 5 plants are female
Says : I like this strain. All 10 seeds germinated, six females and four males. Very good genetics, nice uniformity and very easy to grow. 300 to 400 percent stretch topping out at 6 feet tall, indoors under 1000w HPS.Great daytime smoke
Yves LeBlanc
Says : This is the best weed in the world and my small world for myself...???
gerry lewis
Says : i picked up 2 separate packs of haze extreme and out of the ten plants i had 2 of them come up with sugar leaves and growing very weird.. some insight as to what they are doing or if its something that is regular amoungst haze extreme plants.. i have other plants that are growing perfect and other 2 that started growing great but later started the sugar leaves as well as growing weird they grow slower and greener.
Says : So far 100% with ten seeds, two purchases 8 months apart. Start these April, 1st in one gallon bags then 5 gallon buckets May 1st. Put the buckets in the ground May 15th in larger/deeper than usual holes and stand back. 2 meter high plants with a large footprint. Tying down did not seem to get me much more than the 250 gm I got from straight up plants. Late finish, Oct., 1st, but worth the watching as the larger leaves turn purple. No mould. Smaller, but tight buds I trimmed by hand. My artist and musician friends seem to appreciate HX to the point of being pests about it...HA!
Says : ordered 10 regs xt haze. got them in like 5 days. most 12 awesome also.... germed 4 all popped in 48 hrs and are in plugs. update to come. thank you crop king for saving the day
Says : Planted 3 haze extrem, got 3 girls. Killed weak one with to much love. Other 2 survived 110 deg summer and my learning curve. Sativa all the way! Just the way I like it. Two mothers. Can't wait for 2018 64 years and more fun. Thanks for the help Crop King your the best!!
Tannaberton Eh Abacrombie
Says : Picked up Haze extreme seeds in March and started them April 1st...stuck 'em outdoors May 1st and keep a close watch for frost. By Oct 1st had 2 meter high plants with 300 grams on each. still think they could have used another two weeks. Not a sign of mold at all. Crazy goood pot with a very unique taste. Already I have a bunch of new friends. Orderin' more as we speak...or text whatever.
Smallltown boy
Says : I got a 5 pack of these for Christmas 2016 to plant spring 2017 , not one of the five spouted, was kinda disappointed, what hoping to have a sativa to smoke over the Christmas with the fam, might try another go with these next year but will most likely go with the autos, I've also had white cookies and candy cane auto
Trevor Alan
Says : Bought one pack Haze Xtreme,3 out of 5 came up,2 were males. The one that finished took a while,grew thin and slender buds and turned purple. Extremely potent,smoking too much could cause anxiety,small doses are excellent and long lasting. Recently started 5 seeds,4 came up,too soon for gender identification.
Says : Great bud,be prepared for 10 weeks before harvest. Great effects, stoney but manageable. I run five miles after a couple bong rips in the morning.
Shadilay Cannabis
Says : 50/50 males female ratio. Huge yielder, its no joke. Light green color, unique smell. You can see the root genetics in there. Big plant in stature, be prepared for some serious stretching. Good strain
Says : All germinated. I am a newbie grower. I lost some plants due to trial and testing. 4 are all females and look beautiful. I just started flowering stage about 2 weeks ago. I use rain water and this has a perfect ph of 6.5. They are being grown indoors. I topped two of them and they are slow to flower. The one I didn't top is shooting up very fast. 18-24 inches in 4/5 days. I received the seeds very quickly. So far being new to this they have been very easy to grow and I love it!!! Thank you Crop King!!
Michel Bertrand
Says : Grows very well, not happy with amount of male seeds in tho. 3 out of 5 were male, other 2 grew very well.
Says : Germinated 7 beans, 5 healthy but only 2 females. Beautiful buds! Kinda lanky with striking deep purple stems at 9 weeks. Wonderfully strong high, best described as mildly psychedelic. Too soon for a flavor profile. 1-2 weeks to go. WONDERFUL STRAIN!
Lyle antoine
Says : I got 5 HE replacements for the ice wreck that failed to germ. All 5 popped, only 2 have survived. Definitely showing the thin sativa leaves... And compared to my other CKS strains (hashplant, blueberry, Zeus, CB DREAM) the remaining two have been super slow growers, with their leaves always dying...maybe that's the strain. I'm trying my best to keep them alive and healthy but if they make it to flower, it'll be my last Haze Extreme I'll grow...not happy with them at all...I will try the Durban poison and Cali of next for sure
Nick S
Says : Germinated all 5, 100% germination, been growing for 8 weeks, 4 inside, been outside for 4, no stress when hardening off, super healthy looking plants. WAS super pumped till this week, all 5 are showing male pre flowers...... lost for words.....
Says : All 5 germinated and I ended up using 4 ..they looked great and seem a good choice for scrog in particular was amazing but 3/4 (including the best 2) ended up being male I have only one..too bad they don't come in feminized because I will now only buy fem seeds after the heartbreak of roosters in the henhouse ..I'm now trying to figure out which of the feminized would be best for scrog grow
Dave in oz
Says : Been growing for 10 years and it was the biggest plant and buds I've ever grown outdoors it's going to push the 5 pound mark . Also it's a lovely smoke Good strain for Australian growers outdoors .The only thing that I didn't like is it is a bit to long turn around indoors where there is many strains that can yield the same if not more indoors but still good smoke Outdoors 10/10 Indoors 7/10
Says : Amazing plant! Grows fast, afghani is also great! I recommend both to anyone and everyone. Thanks crop king!!!! Best customer service ever, and great prices. Looking forward to new strains...
AAAA Medicinal
Says : Fast delivery. All 5 of my HE bean sprouted in 3 days from soak. I appreciate the paper towel method for rookies but the green house method is way faster and is more efficient. I had a issue with plant count after I gave away 4 of my HE to friends and only kept the one and got Super lucky she a girl!!!! About to Monster crop her and watch the massive results. After some LST and Topping She is a ball with 26 TOPS READY for flower. WHOOP WHOOP!!!
Says : I've only used 2 seeds and got 1 male and 1 female. So far this plant is very nice to work with. I only veg 30 days and my girl is a monster in the making! No lie it is filling more then half of a 14x17 and 8ft high room! Iam now one week in to flower and can't wait to see my end result. I have 3 layers of trellis to contain her,I won't be like the poor guy that cut down his plant before it got to big! I will show pics start to finish when I'm done
Says : From 10 seeds I ended up with one female plant at the end that must of just got pollinated by a male cuz certain branches gave off excellent herb and seeds and other branches crazy good buds. Vaping with Haze Extreme has helped me greatly with my pain management. Watch your plants closely toward the end to make sure you have a nice variety of cloudy and golden brown colored tricones. thx Crop King
ryan Hewitt
Says : Thanks
Says : Haze extreme was awesome. 2 boys three gals. Recommended for sure.
El Guapo
Says : So far 5 out of 5 germinated quickly and easily. I really hope it turns out better than those god awful pics on the website.
Says : I just got the Haze Extreme seeds in the mail. I just hope that these will look a lot nicer than the picture of them on this site. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some nice looking plants.
The germinator
Says : Iv tried the rest that claim that got attitude now i stick to the best the crop king seeds
Says : Got seeds 7 days after I ordered them I will be back
Says : Seeds arrived today. Speedy stealth delivery. Thanks Crop King!
Says : Very legitimate company, incredibly professional I was very skeptical before receiving my order in 9 days regular shipping. Appreciate the gift
boaz lagniappe
Says : Took 5 of the 10 of my Haze extreme out of the fridge storage from 3 months ago, and germinated them 3 days ago with 100% success. All 5 sprouted and transplanted the peat pellets Haze Extreme babies to small coco coir cups. Thanks CKS!! A++++++++++
Says : A heavy toker from late 80s to early 2000s, I got tired of the heavy, sleep inducing indicas and quit. Dont blame growers and sellers cuz i understand yield =$. Now my mind is blown but can still function on the best weed Ive ever had. (Visit to amsterdam in 1995 included) For personal use SATIVAS rule!
Says : My order got here stupid fast, I really appreciate the service.
Says : I am so humbled to do business with y'all. received my order today, plus a deLIGHTful 'lil gift. Looking forward to doing more business with such a great company in the future. A very happy Cajun in Louisiana!!
kim jones
Says : I grew haze extreme outdoors and had huge success, still have plenty even after sharing with all who are into it. Great seeds, also grew dark angel, and super silver haze, all good crops. go crop king!
wet beefy smacks
Says : SO I got 6 out of 10 to germinate and i was able to get 5 of 5 to germinate for my green crack. they are all in soil for the last 2 weeks and range in height from 3"-6". I cannot wait to see these babies grow
chris (update)
Says : after buying my haze a few weeks ago i decided to germ them a couple of days ago out of a 10 pack i got 4 seeds out of 10 i dont know what they are yet i do plan to plant them soon tho this gave me alot of hope in the white widow i got laying around and the blue berry these are real gems thanks again
Says : i bought a pack of haze a couple of weeks ago and cant wait to try them outside thanks crops king i'll leave a review for widow too when it arrives
Says : I jsut receive my order of 5 seed of haze extreme today. It took 5 days! Crop king is the best !
Says : easy to germinate, fast growth, I dont know why but cannot get to flower, have cut crops down twice and on third gen clone,avid grower. Any help?
Says : Customer service is great, product arrived within seven days of ordering. I ordered 5 seeds they sent me 9. I followed the directions from crop kings to the tee. Only problem I had was that only 2 out of the 9 germinated. It happens every now and again, I will be a repeat customer. Thanks again crop kings the two that germinated are beautiful and healthy.
Eddie brady
Says : Good things
Says : Very good
Says : customer service was great, fast and easy wen seeds pop i will comment more but overall you all r great
Stu k
Says : Great germination 5 out of 5. Very uniform phenotypes. Very fast growing and a tall stretchy plant. Clones well. Will post more of a review when it's done along with pictures.
Blacky from québec
Says : amazing service got my package today thanks you cks ten on ten on the discretion and quality of delivering
Niko Styles
Says : 5 out of 5 sprouted! - Came by in person to pick up seeds. Super friendly people.
Says : Got my package today after ONE week of the order placed. I'm all the way in Texas. Excellent customer service.
jose avila
Says : Good
Says : Ordered within Canada ($10 Shipping), received item 4 business days after order was placed, received in an unmarked bubble envelope, product packaged very nicely inside the envelope. Thanks!
Says : thanx for the fast service and extra seeds.germination was good.looking healthy and good.about 3 weeks to flower.i will let you know how they finish.i will be getting my next seeds from Crop King Seeds.
Says : I got my seeds within a week in the USA. Very quick Crop King Seeds. You are the best! Lisa is a superb customer service rep. Really awesome company.
Domenik Milton
Says : My number is 678 761 5033 please contact me I would like to make a purchase.
Tear Gas
Says : I got my seeds today. Will germinate them soon. Thank you very much for the quick delivery.
Says : Crop King Seeds - thank you very much for the quick delivery to my address in Canada. It arrived within after 3 days and the seeds are well packed. You have the most beautiful packaging.
Happy customer
Says : I am very happy with my recent order from Crop King Seeds. Their Haze Xtreme turned out to be really an extreme haze as promised. Will order more soon.

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