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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 70% Sativa, 20% Indica,
10% Ruderalis
Effect: Sativa High
THC: Moderate - High
THC%: 16.25% Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.14% Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.11% Laboratory Report
Country: Spain
Yield: Up to 250 gr Indoors/150 gr out
Genetics: Original Jack Herer
Price: 5 Seeds / $60
10 Seeds / $110
25 Seeds / $200
Jack Herer (Auto Flowering)
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Jack is back in Auto Flowering form as a Dominant Sativa. This uplifting easy to grow Sativa can take up to 9 weeks to finish flowering and can grow up to 3.5 feet with long branches and thin leaves, yet small enough to fit into any size room. Similar to the original Jack Herer with the genetics of Ruderalis, she will impress any new or experienced grower.

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44 Reviews to Jack Herer – Auto Flower Fem

Says : Just ordered W.W auto, can't wait! But the Jack Herer sounds excellent! Will be buying soon. It's all good with the Crop King! May the winds of good karma blow everyone's way! Regrds.
Says : Love the smoke. Very uplifting clear and creative. Only been yeilding 20ish grams in organic 3gal. Im growing more for quality then anything though. And it shows, good enough to make a hippy cry.
Says : Shipping was perfect, low key and right in time! I followed the germination process as advised and I had sprouts with in 24 hours. Wanted to leave a review like this because I would of liked to see a review like this before ordering to give me a price of mind and hoping I can do the same for you Can't wait to see the results and next I want to try Dutch treat, the reviews looks great
Says : Shipping was perfect, low key and right in time! I followed the germination process as advised and I had sprouts with in 24 hours. Wanted to leave a review like this because I would of liked to see a review like this before ordering to give me a price of mind and hoping I can do the same for you Can't wait to see the results and next I want to try Dutch treat, the reviews looks great
Says : All 5 of my seeds germinated. Now I have high hopes for a competed good grow.
Jack Herer
Says : All 5 seed Germinated with in 72hrs. Grown in ProMix HP. Vigorous growth right away. Started to flower at 3-4weeks under a 18/6 light schedule. Vegged under 400watt MH. Flowered 800watt MH/HPS. 1plant harvest @ day 82. 3 @ day 90 and the last one @ day 98. LST and light defoliation Hard dence meds. Great smoke. Very uppy. 15.2 Oz total from 5 JH. Very happy with these meds.
Says : They said it couldn't happen but my first planting of Jack outside produced some seeds. Last years planting was disappointing due to a different supplier. So I planted all my 2nd Gen Jack seeds. Great turnout. Put them in the ground and after a couple weeks 7 went male. That left 7 female. They all expressed low growth, dense colas and short growing time. My best was magazine cover quality, 2'x2' producing 4 oz. My average overall was about 3.5 oz. per plant.Good effects that only got better during storage. Amazingly, there were a few seeds again. Gen 3 coming up!
Says : just harvested 1 yesterday, easy to trim, and the tightest buds ive grown to date. will be under 2 zips, but over 1.5....hospitalized halfway through the grow, so they were neglected for a couple of weeks, so a very resilient plant. I don't keep track of the weeks, (they finish when they finish), but can say, they finish earlier than train wreck.....they smell great, heres hoping they puff great also.
Says : About the coco coir....roots organgic works well with about all autos :-)
Says : I germinated 3 seeds under a 400w HPS light, and after a few weeks, transferred them outdoors. Two months later, I harvested 10 ounces of amazing buds. Strong, happy, and with great taste and smell. I highly recommend the Jack Herer Autos, easy to grow, easier to enjoy. Thanks Crop a loyal customer....
Doman Singh
Says : I had ordered some seeds from the dispensarie in my hometown unfortunately, only one pack of the two strains I purchased only germinated. I was ready to go buy some new ones when a friend told me to contact you guys. I have to be honest I didnt expect any help or like most customer services lines they would have told me I was out of luck. The young woman i spoke to sad that I didnt get her name she was unbelievably helpful and want to say that the customer service was BEYOND helpful and I am very appreciative of the companys help. THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN :)
Says : Ended up with nearly two zips off the one plant.
Says : Will be harvesting one plant this weekend. 90 days. Will post results when done. Plant grew very well without any issues. It did grow a little tall though. Would suggest FIMing to keep it shorter. Height was about 42".
Says : I've heard of good results with coco-coir. There are several options to purchase and I'm not sure which one to get. Any help would be appreciated. First time grower. Thanks
Says : All germinated, extremely good start:)
Garland douglas
Says : The sweetest tastiest bean I've had in years I'm 60 something years old and 40+ yr smoker and jack herer was a total suprise very thought provoking such a pleasant smoke
Says : I oreder on May 8 received seeds May 17. Awesome.
Says : has anyone successfully harvested Jack Herer grown in DWC?
Phil Paramore
Says : I have grown several of these plants and have seen several phenotypes as well. The largest plant was 40" tall and yielded 7.6 oz of dried bud! The first one I grew was about 30" tall and yielded 120 grams. I grow in coco coir and use AN for fertilizer. 3 gallon cloth pots. For me this is some of the strongest medicine of all. Very uplifting and true to its Sativa genetics. I have harvested as soon as 80 days and as long as 104 days from the sprouted seed going into the coco coir. I germinate with CK method. Also feed very lightly with every watering. Very earthy smelling buds many with a hint of pepper and a bite on the tongue. Very resinous. I have grown CK auto varieties Candy Cane, Revolver, Northern Lights, Jack Herer. Train Wreck is on the way and I have Amnesia Haze and Trans Siberian coming in to finish from other providers. Crop King seeds is legit. Great customer service. Free seeds. All seeds have had excellent germination rates and their on line information seems to be very accurate. I rate them highly as a provider of quality products and great customer service. Be patient with the autoflowers and don't transplant them. Overfeeding can slow them way down too but they are amazing plants and fun to grow. Excellent taste, aroma and potency. Sativa strains take a bit patient....but in my opinion worth the wait. Frostiest of all so far but I have not sampled yet is Amnesia Haze. Really looks like it got snowed on!! Any this auto Jack is the BOMB in every way. Crop King Seeds is great too!
Says : hey throwing an update out there, My 5 Jack (autos) are at day 45ish and are all between 2' and 2' 6''.. bushy beautiful plants require a little bit of maintenance but 16-20 heads per plant hoping 2oz per plant. all flowering beautifully going into roughly week 3 of flower. love these babies to death, FYI* 5 Candy Canes i started two weeks ago are growing even faster!! right on CKS
Says : CKS is awesome!! I was a little worried at first cause the seeds are small but the first one I tired is up and running. No worrys now!!!
Says : Bought 5 of the Jack from a retailer in my city. All 5 germinated within 18 hours and went into 5 gal pails. It's 14 days in and they are all looking healthy. One seems to be lighter in color and taller than the others but all growing at an acceptable rate! Thx CKS
Says : less than a week from finished with great results.2 grown with 150w hps in 2 gallon pots, both germinated in 24-30 hours.only fed sparingly with organic dry nutes,top dressed and ewc teas.they are both 2.5 ft tall and extremely frosty with a large main cola and 12ish side colas.Thanks crop king!
Says : hey just thought id toss my results out there, got 5 auto fem Jacks from cks, all 5 germed and after 48 hours went straight to final 3 gal pots. at day 21 from seed. all between 8-12'' healthy thick bushy and a delicious fruity smell. will post my harvest results.
Says : Crop King has impressed me again! I ordered 25 jacks and received a couple extra; very fast delivery (Thursday-Monday in Texas!) And the false return address matched my line of work (where I had them shipped) which added to the stealth of the shipping! Long Live The King!
Says : Turning out really good. Wish I had better equipment but still. Lovin these autos
Mr Greenthumb
Says : this bitch after 5 weeks have start bloom in 18/6 lights stage after 2 1/2 feet tall whit canna coco A/B veg nutrients LOL
Says : First time growing. got these guys in soil from out back. Hope it turns out
Says : Hey thought I would drop my experience with this miss. Jack herer very nice robust plant strong very very dense hugs about a foot tall yielding 100 grams dry per plant yaaay lol thanks cks I need to order straight from you guys next mabe get some freebi seeds :p
Says : The best ride ever. Excellent Sativa, alert and energized effect, Beautiful easy to grow plants, 120 grams dried bud from 2 plants, one of which was minimized due to sharing small space with another plant in the same pot. 80 days from putting sprouted seed in cocoa core, 3 gallon air pot to harvest day. One of the 3 best I have ever experienced.
Says : My first order from CK, to Virginia. Received my beans in about a week, nicely packaged and very discreet. Going to give some to my buddy to try out. Beans are going in this coming weekend, I'll post again once they get going, just wanted to let you guys know that shipping to the US is no problem and pretty speedy. Haven't seen Jack since I spent time in Amsterdam, it was one of my faves then, can't wait to try my own results.
Says : Excellent results from this strain on my first auto grow. Super happy with these plants and Cropking seeds. I am currently growing Early Miss and Revolver. I am loving the autos right now. Super easy and simple to grow. I am blown away by the potency of the Jack Herer. Yield 120 grams of super high quality bud from 2 plants. Shake and trim is excellent for cannamilk and edibles. Thanks Cropking!!!
Says : Beautiful nicely stabilized genetics. i got lucky and 1 of my 5 plants turned a nice purply color and smelled absolutely astounding compared to its sisters. the 4 have the well known woody jack smell but the single gem smells like fruit,hash and berries
Says : Ordered some auto fem Jack H. My first time with autos so not sure if this is normal for autos or not but they absolutely reek from the moment they popped. Really appealing sweet funk smell, can't keep my nose out of them. 4/4 germination in pots/soil put out under the sunshine. Cropking is a solid option for seeds.
Says : Received my U.S. shipment in 10 days. Ordered 5 J.H. and 5 early miss. 100% germination rate with their method. 8 up and growing outside. Height varies, probably my growing methods and the wet then hot dry weather. Each is THICK and sticky. Harvest in one or two weeks. Anxious to try. Am recommending these to my indoor growing friends. Will buy these again and others from Crop King.
Says : Great yielder. Nice long solid nugs on the lower lats as well as the main cola. Slightly fussy feeder. Great strain
D train
Says : Received 7 beans today which was nice to get a few freebies! Thanks Crop King Seeds you guys are awesome. Your customer service department was really nice and friendly. All my beans germinated in 2 days and now are healthy seedlings! couldn't be more happy. I am now sure that i will be a long term customer. Thanks again CKS
juanito bananas
Says : 5 seeds germinated in less than 84 hours after an overnight soak in H2O before planting. Outdoors in 5 gal. buckets daytime temps > 90 deg F. Yee Haw.
Says : best smoke ever not as good as dark angel in my opinion
Says : Cropking seeds you rock! Have bought a few dozen seeds ,all great genetics.the jacks take a bit to grow ,but with tender care make great medicinal herb!likes higher ph water.but vary the range when watering.not too much light when flowering.
Says : Germinated on April 22. Has been in flower mode for about a week now and is 20.5" tall. (June 9)Smells fresh, can't wait to see what the next 7 weeks bring. Great service, great seeds.....gotta be great smoke. I have two of these girls growing with two Purple Kush and three Dark Angel. Grow smart, grow King.
Jake's bakes
Says : Awesome flavor and extremely bushy plant!
Tiago Martinho
Says : Can I pay by delivery
Says : Very vigorous plant. It continues to grow many strong side branches under 18 hours of light, the plant is now 24" tall & doesn't look like it's going to flower anytime soon. I'm expecting good yield from this one.

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