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Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy - Moderate
Flowering Time: 7 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica, 20% Sativa,
10% Ruderalis
Effect: Stoney yet High - Full Body Buzz
THC: Low - Moderate
THC%: 13.67%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.1%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 4.2%      Laboratory Report
Country: Spain Spain
Yield: Up to 250 gr Indoors/150 gr out
Genetics: NY City Diesel X Original White Widow
Price: 5 Seeds / $55.00
10 Seeds / $95.00
25 Seeds / $190.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Revolver
Auto-Flowering and easy to grow, thriving in both outdoor and indoor settings. Its medium plant height makes it a good match for smaller indoor gardens. High yielding this strain is perfect for first time growers. Long lasting indica effect with a clear high, Medicinally effective in appetite stimulation and pain.

Since Revolver is auto flowering, you can expect a quick finish to up to 7 weeks. If smoked, you will surely amazed with the Stoney yet High – All around buzz effect that will make you come back for more. The THC level is low to moderate but the yield is high.

Revolver is a combination of NY City Diesel and the Original White Widow. With the crossbreeding comes a mostly indica hybrid which is highly medicinal in nature.

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Revolver Marijuana Strain Growing, THC Content, Yield and Flowering Time

Just like most of our other autoflowering marijuana strains, Revolver Autoflowering is an easy to moderate grow. The flowering time is merely 7 glorious weeks, which is a lot shorter than those of most strains. A cross between NY City Diesel and Original White Widow, this strain is 70% Indica, 20% Sativa, and 10% Ruderalis.

This strain, which originated from Spain, has a low to moderate THC content of 13.67% that leads to a pleasant kind of stoney buzz. The yield is quite impressive for an autoflowering strain. That means this is a good option if you are looking for a plant that flowers not just quickly but also in huge quantities.

If you are looking for a strain with a buzz that lasts for hours on end, a clear-headed high accompanied by a strong body buzz that you can’t find elsewhere and will certainly keep you coming back for more, then you will do well with our Revolver. Get absolutely devastated while remaining happy and sharp with this sweet plant.

As an offspring of strains with medical properties, our autoflowering Revolver can also be used by medical marijuana patients. This plant can be used for pain relief and stimulation of appetite. If you suffer from eating disorders and various kinds of body pain, you definitely want this around.

This is a good strain to grow if you are looking for a powerful high that lasts long while offering some relief for common body ailments. Our autoflowering revolver will benefit you a lot if you are looking for versatile strains that will appeal to a large crowd with different interests and purposes for smoking weed. Rarely will you ever come across such a strain. One whiff of this beauty and you will certainly clamor for more of these dank buds.

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Our autoflowering variant of the legendary Revolver cannabis strain ships worldwide inside discreet packaging. Canada customers will receive their order inside the original packaging. Feel confident about placing your order for high quality cannabis seeds through our website because we keep all order details privately and securely. Likewise, you can send in payments through credit card, bitcoin, Interac E-Transfers (for Canadians only), cash and money order in the mail. Buying cannabis seeds in Canada has never been this easy, quick, smooth, and seamless.

36 Reviews of Revolver Auto Flower Marijuana Seeds

Says : All 5 sprouted with in a day! I’ve grown revolver before and it turned out great. My first successful grow a few years ago was actually revolver so I’m pretty excited to grow it again. It was really easy to grow last time I’m expecting it to go just as smoothly this time.
Says : WOW man you guys didnt even have to do all that. So as my previous review which was lengthy I know and apologize about that. But again WOW!! So I had stated about my autos all crapped out didnt pop etc, others were weirdly deformed yada yada yada. But havent really been back online to check for any response of any kind and had forgot all about it. I just figured got a bad batch and that was that and focused on the White Widow Fem. that I had stated were doing quite well. No lie a neighbor comes walking up with a envelope in hand and says " Hey I think this is yours they delivered to my house by accident" me not expecting anything was like WTH is this??? Go inside proceed to open it up and theres a familiar bubblewrap and smaller pkg inside. Im still like HUh? But I open it up and BAMMMMM you guys totally hooked me up with a new batch of seeds. Man yall dont even know. What has been a bummy kinda past week you all TOTALLY just cheered me up and I do so appreciate this gesture. I had stated in Email about you all being Grade A on the shipping speed. Well go ahead and make that Grade AAA in Customer Service and Satisfaction. Got my business from here on out for sure for sure. Again THANK YOU GUYS AND GALS so very much. Im still walking around in circles for no apparent reason in the living room. LOL But really thanks fixn to start soaking some tonight. :) :)
Crop King Seeds
Says : Hi, We're contacting you today to troubleshoot and work on some replacements
Says : Man I was super bummed out with my 2nd order. So shipping was lighting fast even sent an email stating that to whomever. But this order has been crummy to say the least. Whos to blame ? Who knows but outta 10 of the Revolver Auto seeds 6 were incredibly tiny almost solid black and out of the 10. Only 5 popped open then outta the 5 using same routine ive been using with no issues 4 sprouted first leaves. But oddest thing ws all 4 were either deformed in someway and one just grew 2 white round leaves. White ? Ive never seen that before. Now the 10 of the W.Widow Auto's are champs and doing superb but then again The Dark Angel Auto's outta 10 only 7 popped and 3 same issue were deformed and died similar to the Revolver ones after a mere week and a day or to. Needless to say kinda sucks outta 30 seeds purchased 14 total made it past the Greenhouse Dome stage but what sucks even worse than that is atleast some of the Dark Angels made it and werent deformed but absolutely none of the Revolver Autos made it at all much less even popped out the shell. For my 2nd order which was double from my first in size yielded less plants. Wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH.
Says : I have grown many auto seeds from the King with 100% germination! I am knocking on wood as we speak! lol this one holds a special place for me because the last one I grew had a top that was the size of a 2 liter pop bottle! Its the biggest single bud that I have grown! I still can't believe it! Amazing! Great genetics! Thanks to all involved! Will definitely grow again. I have to see if I can grow another bigger,! Next to impossible but I'm going to try!
Says : First time grower here. I've had big problems growing Revolver. At least half of the problems were my fault. I'll begin with my conclusion: start Revolver in a 3-5 gallon container of coco coir mixed with perlite or vermiculite and feed with General Organics Flora series using about half strength Lucas Formula. They like that. Originally I wanted to grow in organic soil using only water instead of feeding any extra nutes. But I transplanted the seedlings into soil that was too hot, and nearly killed the plants. They got nasty burns on the leaves, and I had to transplant them back into neutral grow media, which stunted their growth significantly. It is day #30 from germination, the plants are about 4" tall with only 2 nodes, and I'm seeing pistils coming out of the tiny flowers. They are in 16 oz solo cups of coco and vermiculite, and I'm feeding with half strength Lucas. I plan to continue this regimen as long as they seem to like it. Unless something changes, I don't think I will be able to transplant them into a larger pot because I don't want to stunt their growth any more than I already have. OK, those were the things that were my fault. The other problem I had with this grow was seeds that didn't grow true leaves. Using the exact same germination and planting methods as the two plants that are currently growing, two of the seeds that I started did germinate, and they sprouted in coco/vermiculite, but they just stopped growing. One was a twin plant. With these two seeds, they simply never grew true leaves. I have no explanation. Eventually they kind of turned brown and died. They didn't damp off. They just didn't grow. Using what I have learned, I just sprouted another seed in a 3-gallon air pot. It's day 7 from germination, and it seems to be OK. I hope that I will not make the same mistakes. I am not super invested in whether it lives at this point, because I am done with autoflower plants. I will only do photo period plants in the future.
Says : Once again crop king came thru, just grew revolver my house is so dry it finished on the branches in 5 days, totally smokeable, great smell, strong and a bit spicey a bit of dank, I had reservations about buying this strain beacuse of the low thc content, what is it? 16 percent but to be honest the product is good, I would rate upper mid grade, no couch lock just a nice mellow relaxing high, slows your mind and body down quite niceley,a great strain if you have bad anxiety and want to get off the zany bars or k pins, whatever poison big pharma is dolling out for that particular ailment, any way it's a very nice relaxing buzz but not so high you are couchloked and helpless, as stated a bit touchy with nutrients but this plant is a most definite winner, crop king could you please try and get some kush autoflower seeds!! I feel bad when i stray, but if you decide to grow revolver you won't be disappointed SNOLEPERD
Says : Revolver day 69, flushed her out today, will put plant in darkness for 48hrs, a very nice plant! Larger then expected, lot's of side branches low on the plant, not a huge amount of frost but flower crystallized with nice oarnge pistols, had a humidity problem plant still came in right on time around day 70, an easy auto to grow but she can be a bit touchy with nutrients go easy,the plant is definitely a winner,if product is as good as it looks a most definite winner. SNOLEPERD
Says : Revolver day 68, a very nice plant, lots of lower branches, nice main branches, lots of flower,some nice frost,had a problem with humidity but she finished right on time around day 70, nice oarnge pistols, have not sampled final product but the plant is a definite winner, just go easy on the nutrients she can be a bit touchy. SNOLEPERD
Says : Plant is 41 days old, a rather large auto, lots of nice bud site's, a little slow but she is comeing into her own, will flush plant soon and add botanacare pro flower base +bloombastic & put her under my bloom booster not a bad plant, easy 2 grow, I have not sampled her yet but she smells nice. SNOLEPERD
Says : A smallish plant, growth is a little slow but she is about to top of at day 36, I'll bulk her up 4 2 weeks, take her out of veg & hit it with botanacare & bloombastic that should do it.
Dr Doug
Says : Bought 5 seeds, all germinated, got 5 gorgeaous awesome smelling plants, harvested yesterday. Zero problems, no pests, paper towel germination, 5 gal pots, watered from the bottom using rain water from my fish tank, tight flowers. Just over 10 weeks seed to harvest. Not the biggest buds you'll ever grow but stable, fast and wicked buzz. Perfect for a grow cabinet. I would highly recommend Revolver.
Says : Finished in 10-12 weeks from seed so 7-10 weeks of flowering. Grows 2-4 feet so you may want to train it down. The sweet smelling pheno is great. Ignore the medium thc rating, this hits harder than the 18-22% dope from the local dispensary.
Jonathan paul white
Says : I just bought some seeds of revolver and heard what people think about it ,and I hope they will open up for me if not I will be calling them and talk to one of the pretty lady's ,peace to the crop king.
Bob Marley
Says : 5 out of 5 germinated. Out door in 7gal pots Pro Mix HP Range from 12" to 32" Week 8 nice hard nugs Starting to get purple.
Says : took 15 days to come in standard canada post but eh what ever i popped 4 and 4 came out, they have grown decent hope i dont run into any problems :$
Says : I would recommend the Early Miss Auto instead if you want a decent Auto plant! I germinated 3 Revolver Auto seeds exactly to the official 'paper-towel-method' instructions. Only two of them made it. And one of the ones that sprouted was a mutated plant. It grew asymetrically and at half the speed of the other Revolver. It is still a very sad little plant. The second one has grown more properly but is still not a very large plant as it was unable to ever get bushy. First bad seeds yet.
Says : cant wait to try em when they get in ;)
Says : Just got my package today.... Thank you crop Kings.... Can't wait to start growing.
Says : I made a few orders at CKS the first 2 went great . 78% the Early Miss came up . So ordered Train Wreck next . Got nothing . Called in The lady ask me a few questions .She told me to go to bottled spring water & stop using well water . They sent me out 15 more seeds . Got them in less then a week on a Monday . 14 Germinated by Wednesday & all have popped out ground by Saturday . Ordering more today . It means a lot when people keep their word to me .
Says : Put some Revolver on almost two weeks ago and out of my 5-pack, two didn't germinate. I called the company and was in contact with the friendliest customer service agent I had ever talked to and she is reimbursing me with a pack of White Widow. She told me not to use well water because of the high iron content. The plant that is doing best is under a screw-in LED floodlight. Hitting Canadian Tire on payday for some more. Thanks CKS.
Says : I always soak mine in a pill bottle or a small container,and use hot water,and soak overnite and most will be popped open,then put them on a paper towel that is damp,till u get what u want,
Says : I have purchased several strains from Cropking. Every one was easily started using their start method. The only variety I have any problem with what so ever is Revolver. The first seed would no germinate no matter what I tried. Finally on the second seed attempt, using the emergency method I got a tap root and we will see. I just got it in the ground today. I called Cropping for advise and the nice lady said give it more time. Submerging it did the trick. My point of this post is not to complain about the Revolver. After visiting with the lady she said she was sending me some Crown Royal seeds free of charge. For my inconvenience. I was really impressed with the offer. This just shows how great a company CKS is and their support for their customer's. This is the only company I will ever use. You get what you pay for no hassle , no excuses just great customer service.
Says : Had trouble germing several seeds. Called CKS and spoke with a manager who suggested not using the filtered PH'd water for germination. He said to use simple bottled spring water. Thought I was doing the seeds right. Just wanted to pass that along for anyone else having the same issues.
Says : Ordered on the 10th, have two seeds soaking in a cup on the table tonight which is the 18th in sunny Southern California. 8 days from Canada, not bad. Thanks CK.
Says : Just received my seeds today. This is my first grow, and I can't wait to see the end result! Thank you CKS
Says : Very fast and stealthy shipment. Thank you cks. Jackjones i got 5 seeds and 1 of seeds was also a mutant dawrf. Other then that ill be for sure using cks again.
Says : This strain is great for relieving back pain. 5/5 germination. Most cracked in 2 days. 1 took 7 days. 4 are 3 inches tall on day 10
Says : germed 2 on Oct. 7, its on about day 85, 12th week from seed, and still packing weight on the buds. I probably could have harvested a week or 2 ago, but its still packing, so im letting them grow. very easy to grow strain.
Says : Hi !! Any of you guys harvest Revolver Auto-Flo-Fem ? How mutch wet or dry ? He he
Says : Absolutely awesome strain. Late to flower but it went into overdrive. Buds everywhere over night each and every night for about 2 weeks. Just harvested wet weight 3.75oz. Stinky super super sticky, extremely dense, all buds are the size of Tylenol pill bottles. Thrived and bloomed fully under t5 lights. I'm blown away by this strain!!!! Perfect bang for its buck and definitly will be growing more revolvers in the near future. Thank you CKS!!! Hey any free promo seeds? Like wanna send me a couple jack herer beans!?!? Plz plz plz plz lol
Says : First seed germed was a mutant dwarf, grew only to three inches tall! Second germed and is now a foot high, multiple side branches and very thick little bush! Pleasant smell, hasn't flowered yet, not sure of it's time frame? I would recommend this strain for indoor grow in limited space!
Says : SUPER easy to germ and grow. I was very surprised at the amount we got from 2 plants. My wife the person using for medical pain tried ot today after curing for a month and a bit stated "Suzie 0 Revolver 1" Her pain is crushed with this strain.
Says : Less than 24 to germ. in less than 4 days 3 are above ground and sure other 2 are on way. these girls want to grow!
Mad Grower
Says : I hate you Crop King Seeds for sending me 8 seeds when in fact I ordered 5. Just kidding! Yes, I'm very happy with what I got from you and I was surprised with the 3 extra seeds. All popped and my new babies are now growing strong! Where can I send there pics? Wanna show them...
Jeff Los Angeles
Says : This was faster flowering than I thought. If you like low maintenance then get this strain. Seed to bud in 8 weeks flat.

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