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High Yield and THC

Type: Indoor
Growing: Moderate
Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: Sativa Hybrid
Effect: Spiritual Uplifting
THC: Medium-High
THC%: 18.50% Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.80% Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 0.40% Laboratory Report
Country: United States
Yield: up to 400gr indoor/300gr outdoor
Genetics: Original Sour Diesel
Price: 5 Seeds / $60.00
10 Seeds / $110.00
25 Seeds / $200.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada Sour Diesel
Quite possibly the most popular strain in the world, Sour Diesel’s reputation as a pungent, fast-acting fuel is legendary. This Sativa goes straight to the head, imparting a cerebral, energetic high.

Dank buds smell of citrus fruits and open diesel. This plant grows quickly, particularly in the first 3 weeks of flowering, and is an excellent choice for “sea of green” gardens. Light green flowers mature in 10 weeks.

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Sour Diesel Feminized Cannabis Strain Growing, Yield,
THC Content and Flowering Time

If you are looking to grow a Sativa hybrid indoors or outdoors, then Sour Diesel strain is ideal for you. Classified as moderate in terms of growing difficulty, Sour Diesel flowers in 8 to 9 weeks, but flowers may take 10 weeks to fully mature. Expect fast growth, especially in the first couple of weeks into flowering.

Sour Diesel has been around for a long time and has earned the respect of both veteran and novice growers and users. This strain has made a name for itself through its uplifting effect that has been called “spiritual.” The THC and CBD contents are fairly high, measured at 18.50% and 0.80%, respectively.

The stink of its buds alone already explains how this strain got its name and why a lot of weed lovers adore it. A unique mix of fruity, citrus, and diesel-like odor, the scent of Sour Diesel teases, tantalizes, and lingers long after you have finished it. You can smell the huge, dense buds of this plant from worlds away.

The killer effect of Sour Diesel kicks in almost immediately, which is one of the reasons this strain has gotten so popular. The effect is mainly cerebral and energetic. You can feel it shoot straight to the head as quickly as each hit. Just like real diesel fuel, this strain gets you revved up right away.

Sour Diesel is a recommended option if you want a clear and undisputed winner in your grow area or garden. A tested and proven favorite, this strain never fails to draw crowds. You should grow Sour Diesel if you are looking for a leading strain with huge yields, fast-acting effect, and unbelievably high potency.

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Buying the best marijuana seeds in Canada is not your only objective as a grower. To ensure that you are getting premium seeds and not getting ripped off, work with only a trusted seed bank. Having been in business for a while now, we have earned the respect and confidence of many growers. Just like them, you can get your Sour Diesel seeds and other cannabis seeds easily and quickly from us. We accept credit cards, bitcoin, EMT interact for Canadians, cash and money order in the mail. Please contact us if you have any questions. Our phone, chat and email support are available 24/7 to serve you.

53 Reviews of Sour Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Says : Fast delivery great customer services will buy again
Says : Fast delivery and 100% germination!
Says : all i got to say is the seeds i bought wicked plant my plants looked way more frosty than the pics on this site 8 week flower awsome weed happy now im doing og kush so we will see for the real weed lovers this kind you have to try good high and it doesnt make me tired and taste real good yumm so order these seeds !!!
Says : Good shit
Says : I grew four of these plants, starting them indoors in late winter here in the Rockies, then moving them outside in May at an altitude of 6700 feet with plenty of sunshine, and then because of the long flowering through November as the temperatures changed into early fall, I had to move them back indoors under LED lamps. But, wow, was the effort worth it. The flowers doubled in size and they were so beautiful to look at and care for. I only used two seeds and tuus made two clones out of the tops of the two mother plants. They did require more vigilance because of the loss of air flow once inside, though, for powdery mildew on the lower fan leaves, which I wiped with an H2O2 spray solution and cotton wipes. The colas on these plants were amazingly long, buds very dense and heavy. Post-harvest I made some really potent THC Avocado from the decarbed leaves and the budlets, so I do advise saving the leaves on Sour Diiesel. The THC oil really went a long way in settling down my chronic allodynia, a symptom of my migraines.
Says : Bought 5 they sent 6 and arrived very quickly out of the 6, 3 germinated so not super thrilled about that but the three that germinated look fantastic and are now in week 5 if veg and will double to flower shortly, had a small powdery mildew issue on one of them but it's to be expected with Sour D as it is prone to to it 3 out of 5 stars would be 5 of 5 if all germinated if I do purchase more I will definitely buy 10 or more hopefully o can nab a few clones off of the three that did sprout and that will make up for the unviable seeds I recieved, will update with potency details after harvest and cure is complete.
Peter Ripley
Says : Hello, I'm interested in 5 seeds of sour diesel.Are they guaranteed female? How do you start the seeds in small pots and when is the best time to buy them. I want to grow them outside at my cottage at the beginning of May next year.
Says : Beautiful plant grew two sour diesel and three hash plant excellent crops three and 3 quarter pounds
Old man Indica
Says : Ordered my beans on Tuesday...showed up on Saturday. It doesn’t get any better then that. This will be my 5th grow with your seeds. I have 3 weeks left on my Cbdutch treat Cali og kush. Can’t wait to start my winter grow with the Sour diesel. The staff have always been friendly and helpful and I totally appreciate that! You guys know how to keep an old man happy and you definitely have a customer for life! I’ll let you know how things go with the diesel.
Says : Fast delivery and 100% germ. FF soil and trio nutes. Grow was perfect. I was a little disappointed it didn't have the overwhelming smell of your NYC Diesel??? I was pleasantly surprised after a few bowls of some cured bud. Taste was average. A nice day and/or night smoke. Defiantly will grow again.
Says : Great germ time no issue first week of grow great leaves came out perfect in the second week all 7-7 died on me :( I almost cried until I spoke with someone who advises not to use nutrient rich dirt as that is my medium. I have an inquiry can you add a descriptor as to the types of dirt one should use for the different strands in the descriptions ??? Thanks again for all your help...
Jack Frost
Says : Fast delivery.. All 3 i started sprouted.. Update with results.
Says : Just received my package and was surprised to receive it so early. Thank you early and efficent and wish me luck on my first growth ever... Thank you CropKing me and my wife are excited and will keep updated as our strain is in germination at the moment.
Says : Ordered 5 Sour Diesel fem seeds, received in less than a week. :-) Germinated 5 using water glass and paper towels as specified on the site here. All 5 cracked and grew 1/2” taproots in just one day! Can’t wait to see how they grow in hydro! Thanks CKS!!!
Marley quinn
Says : I got my order in quick like in a matter of 5 days there going good now just a few more days and I can pop the babies into there new home can't wait thank you so much crop king mwah
tori weldon
Says : Make sure yoiu harevest based on trich colors, mostly cloudy some amber for regular strength more amber for m,ore couchlock effects, great genetics, fuel taste a true diesel this pungant flower will kick your booty if let flower long enough took 9-10 weeks until above trich criteria was met. This one is an easy one to clone, good stuff will order again for sure.
Trevor Alan
Says : Bought one pack Sour Diesel,5 out of 5 sprouted,grew nicely,looked exactly as the photos on the package and pictures I've seen. A bit of a sour diesel smell while growing,but none while smoking it. Very poor potency,a complete waste of time.
Says : Ordered on the 20th received on the 22nd and today the 26th the 2 i started are opened up and looking good. 😊
Shadilay Cannabis
Says : Compact plant, easy to grow. Beautiful frosty buds with a good quality nose. Very impressed with the yield on this one. Really tight inter nodes during veg and flower. I hope Crop King keeps this around for a long time to come.
Says : Purchased on the 14th, shipped on the 15th, arrived on the 17th (I payed the $30) 2/2 germination
Says : RE: SOUR DIESEL: Just finished 5/5 and was really amazed how high the yield was, and frankly how the high was but for myself it was a dreamy kind of high but in my case the plus was that it was a great analgesic for my shoulders and neck where osteoarthritis is debilitating without this, and am OFF the Tylenon-3 (60/week) to zero now. Not much more needs to be said to convince me but do give it a whirl as it seems a good result not really expected in this strain. Thanks!
Says : Purchased 10 seeds in spring 8 germinated,but the plants outside June 1st. They are now 2 weeks into flower and looking amazing. All around 40 inches in height grown in 7gal smart pots. They sure do love there nitrogen. I backed off when they went into flower. But the lower leaves started going yellow. So added nitrogen back into the feed cycle and there looking great again.
Says : Wow what a high yielder! Very pleased with the consistent genetics CKS is providing me. Just placed my third order with them today which will bring me to eight different beans from them. Never disappointed.
Says : 5/5 germination in 3 days. Bought from local store. See how they go from here.
The Germinator
Says : 100 percent germination rate as usual with crop king seeds. My girls are looking fabulous, robust, and healthy they are starting to mature and are busting out those hairs ...thanks Crop King seeds ...I'll be back the Germinator
Says : Just finished my first grow of Sour Diesel and was very impressed. It grew very fast and healthy and flowered immediately. The yield was the most I've ever gotten from a plant from Crop King seeds (250g of completely dehydrated bud; 0% moisture for maximum preservation) but still far below their rather ridiculous claims of 400g. That much from one plant would be hard to do without dedicating yourself to making it as big as possible while still vegging in only a two month time frame. Calyx development just wouldn't stop so I grew as long as I could until it started sprouting bananas at week 10 (bad hermie genetics?). Anyway, this strain is also the stinkiest of any strain. It's smell is overwhelming! So be prepared for that. After drying the smell becomes much less, kind of a lemon diesel fuel smell. Smoke/vapor is relatively devoid of smell and taste, unusually smooth. The high is silly at first then turns into a normal high but not as exhausting as White Widow is. Duration of high is standard. I've grown White Widow, Purple Kush, Super Silver Haze, and this is my favorite.
Bruce Denwar
Says : First run of this strain and it is looking good and smelling even better. I cant go past crop king for reliability and quality. As described it is great for sea of green and is well in front of my strawberry direct from Amsterdam. Cheers guys , thanks again.
Newfy Kush
Says : I have bought many times from Crop King and i Have had great success and i would recommend them to any serious grower . I have sour diesel in flowering right now, I received 5 seeds and all 5 are strong .Will update when harvest is complete. Happy Smoking
The Germinator
Says : I Ordered some cali og kush/haze plus some sour diesel. They arrived promptly, discreetly, and received some freebies as usual. Thanks Crop kings your the best, and the reason why I'm a repeat customer and why I don't buy seeds from anyone else. All hail the king baby Crop King Seeds I'll be back...The Germinator
Says : Great stealth. Hooked me up!! and 100% germination on the 3 seeds I started. Thanks! These guys are legit.
Says : I put the girls in a glass of water for 16hrs then moved to a paper towel. After 24 hrs in paper towels on a heat mat they are showing one half inch radicals. On a side note, if you're not using distilled water check the pH level of your water. My water straight from the tap measured 8.5 had to bring it down to 6.0. I don't know how much pH effects your germ but I didn't want to chance it.
Love tht Erath
Says : cropkingseeds is the truth. I have bought pack of Bubba and Sour Diesel seeds and must have did it the old way cuz the last time I pop seeds was like a year ago and that was white cookies blueberry and purple kush, and then ducked them up. and not even a week later I've received both packs of seed and this was during Christmas time and I still got them and they pop.Thanks to customer service who Is real professional and caring of other, guided and bless me with the seeds. Yale is well appreciated in my book. And p.s, I never write or leave comments, so believe I'm honored!
Says : Grown the sour d a few times now. Grow tips she loves nitrogen and always doubles in height during flower.
Frank castle
Says : If sour D isn't in your garden..shame on you. I get a buzz just saying sour Diesel...i can't find my keys
Maximo Alarcon
Says : Sour diesel the best in the word
Says : Fast shipping. I'm in Massachusetts. Talk about discreet shipping, when I first got the package and opened it, I was like, is this a @#$!% joke. They fooled me and I bought it LMAO. I bought 5 seeds 5 sprouted up like honeymoon d#@!s. 2 got tangled up in their shell and rockwool, but make a smooth recovery. They are strong and vigorous at this point. I will see if I can update my review when I finish the grow. My advice is this, if your searching online though every seed bank in the world. This site is the real deal. Just click, buy, you'll be growing in no time, just like me. Cheers
Says : 100%head high. Tastes super sour,super sticky.
john bascome
Says : first time grower told sour diesel the best
Says : I purchased 5 seeds, got 5 plants, 3 were over 3 meters tall, 2 were 2 meters, the biggest plants I have grown in 40 years. Including pretrim I got 2200 grams of bud and 125 grams of bubble hash. Best per plant yield ever too. Seeing these plants turned experienced growers into giggling idiots, mugging for pictures. Outstanding yield, excellent quality, no doubt that I will buy again next year.
Says : got seeds within 10 days 3/5 germ rate. 7 weeks into flower and buds are dank and extremely sticky, all 3 plants around 30' tall planted in pots outside. gonna let her go about 9 weeks weather permitting.
Bertrand Russell
Says : I bought ten seeds last spring, 5 Sour Diesel seeds from Crop King and 5 Power Skunk from (edit) another company. The 5 from Crop King seeds brought in great results, after getting 4 big and 1 smaller plant when they sprouted, all highly productive. I got 2.5 oz of very careful trimmed product from one Crop King Sour Diesel plant that I put out wild during a dry season. From the 5 (edit) other company seeds I got 1 strong plant and 1 runt, 3 did not even sprout.
Says : Stinker! 1 plant no filter, whole house reeked. About to harvest I couple weeks. Can't wai to smoke this. Already ordered blueberry a p kush!
Says : Recommend this strain very vigorous large dense colas and sticky and stanly. Great genetics perfect germ rate
Says : Sour d takes around 10 weeks. Stretch isn't that bad when flowering. Not too much scent to it, produces a good 2oz. when finished height is 24in. without topping.
Richi Rich
Says : 5/5 germinate,amazing growing best seeds i used.
Says : I ordered 5 received them very fast and had 100 % success rate of germination! So far I am finishing my third set of leaves and everything looks great. I will definitely be buying more in the future!
Says : Germinated using the crop king method and recieved 100% germination... Cant be more satisfied!
The Germinator
Says : Definitely getting some of these on my next order...ill be back...the germinator
Rich C
Says : Received quickly ... Fast growing plant. Full and Beautiful about 2 feet tall and still growing.
Danny Macc
Says : Got seeds about 2 weeks ago (Mar 7, 16). 100% germination on all 5 SD seeds. 100% of them are in Veg, and we are about 6-8" tall already, heavy foliage, and very strong stem and root systems. Would highly (lol) recommend to anyone for growing, however, this strain is not the easiest for newbs. You will need to spend lots of time caring for this little girl. Happy Growing!
matthew quiroz
Says : Good
Jonny B
Says : Just placed order.

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