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Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 60% Ind., 30% Sat. & 10% Rud.
Effect: Strong High
THC: Strong
THC%: 21.10% THC Chart
CBD: 0.70% CBD Chart
CBN: 0.3%
Country: Spain Spain
Yield: Up to 250gr Indoor/150gr Out
Genetics: Original White Widow
Price: 5 Seeds / $60.00
10 Seeds / $90.00
25 Seeds / $185.00
White Widow
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Marijuana Seeds Canada White Widow
We took our feminized White Widow and made her flower automatically. High in THC and known for white trichome crystals and orange hairs that develop at the end of its flowering stage. Easy to grow, especially for beginners. Caution the high from White Widow is not for beginners.

Marijuana Seeds Canada White Widow

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Price : $60.00

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27 Reviews to White Widow – Auto Flower Fem

Says : Am very pleased with my order thanks to a lot more advice my girls are in flower 3౦ days after sprouting thanks cks
Says : I must say that crop king is one of the best..I had a bad experience with some seeds and called them up and the lady's didn't think twice took great care of me and my order and I'll buy from no one else..So thanks for the help..
Says : white widow auto seeds poppin some quick some late ,even as babies these babies are already beautiful. They look real good crop king.Might get the same ones next time.Can not wait till they mature smokeable. Thank you Crop King
Says : Was given a 5 pack to grow for MM patient... all 5 popped within 24hrs in glass of water kept in dark at 74 degress.. transferred to damp paper towel 1/2 tap roots in another 24hrs.. planted in 5 gallon pots... 1 already broken surface and shedding helmet within 24 hours under 2x 1000 watt cob led's.. great job crop king... quality product 👍😆
Says : My White Widows came in the mail in 5 days. All germinated , and within 3 more days I have strong healthy seedlings. I will be getting more. Thanks Crop King....
Says : Just got my seeds today white widow auto very happy with the shipping just under 10 days cant wait to germination and have a good smoke most definitely have more business with you guys big thanks!!!
Tn Tim
Says : Just received my auto white widow seeds. Fast ,stealthy delivery as usual! I also ordered several others, including: CBD Auto Cheese, Northern Lights and NYC Diesel, this time ! I will review the WW and CBD Autos after I get around to growing them out! All the Autos from the King have been great,so far, of the four I have previously grown!
Cory Rees
Says : OK I order the autofem mix and they all look beautiful !!!! 1 month in and they are female but out of 13 , one turned to a male . My question is , how long before I see buds and I can have st ???
Says : Added these to cart paid and got seeds been growing 6 weeks no flowers emailed customer service looked it up not auto flowers said my order went through as regular white widows make sure you look before paying my plants should of been almost done so they offered me 50% off next purchase thanks
Says : Week 6 no buds yet,lost 2 out of 10 one plant is a lot bigger close to 2 feet others are slowly catching up hope they flower soon
Says : Amazing how well this strain is doing ended up getting it before new year's I'm on week 11 all organic fertilizer and wow such a great strain was told it would be a low yield but from what I see she's really packing on the weight at the end of flower thanks so much CROP KING shoot me an email if you want any pictures.
Says : Day 27 from seed, starting to show sign of budding, so many branches, look like octopi making love. Did lst but no topping, branched out quickly after tying down at (5th) node approx. Will send pics if I can when bigger. Very pleased with the King. Loving autos more than photos now, will order more soon, can't wait. Silica, calmag, and LEDs and CK White widow autos go together like peanut butter and jelly. Thanks again, very pleased.
Says : Seeds arrived fast...germination was super fast (all 5 growing) and they are now growing 4th set of leaves and its only been 13 days since the seeds even arrived. So excited to see the results and to watch these girls bloom. Thanks CKS! Would love to see other plants of same age to compare if anyone is interested.
Says : Just over three weeks old now, wow are they ever doing well, thanks crop king, looking forward to this next month of growing.
Says : Hey dudes thank you much for the prompt shipping. Super jazzed about these babies. Either way i am very satisfied and you have a loyal customer. Thank you Ckings.
Says : 4 out of 5 of my white widows popped beautiful. Now there in there 3 week of flowering and there looking bushy and beautiful. This is my 4 order from cropking and they have the best seeds in the business.highly recommend them.
Says : I ordered White Widow autos from Crop Kings and received my seeds within 4 days so thank you for that. Also 3 of 3 seeds I tried to germinate were successful. Two days after that all 3 are poking up through the soil!
Richatd mckenzie
Says : 42 days in under 1000 watt mh.plants are big.two are 25 inch.huge fat fan leaves .bought 5 all popped .about to go into flower.ill up date
Joseph Martin
Says : Wow! 4 of 5 are alive and kicking. Broke a taproot when transplanting one but recovered well, not sure where 5th seed ended up. Do you count the seed leaf as a leaf? On fifth set of not in a little over a week, so fast. Bigger than month old reg. seeds already. Am thinking about the next strain that I'll get this month. Any ideas? Am thinking of Northern Lights auto. They love the cob LED sooo much.
Says : Ordered 25 of these. 100% germination rate using the cup of water method suggested by cks.
Chuck Green
Says : Hi CropKing i receive my ordre and more gift tank you à lot . Sée you
Says : bought a 5 pack of these seeds, got home, followed the germination instructions provided and all 5 seeds cracked within 18 hours. it's been 6 days now. The tap root is out on 2. one is about a 1/4 inch, the second is about 3/32 of an inch. on the other 3 seeds, the tap root is just about to pop out of them all. overall i am very pleased. all the seeds cracked fast and the tap roots are showing quickly. i'll post updates and pics
Says : 20 days in 4 started in water then the paper towel,3 out of 4 popped,put in coco coir under cfls for first 10 days and now under led mars 600.Pics coming soon.
Says : Have 4 of these started one week behind 5 candy cane little bit of slow starters compared to the cc but we will see how it goes pictures when finishing!
Joseph Martin
Says : Just bought five of these beautiful baby's today, dumped them into a glass of water even before i took my shoes off, hope they like the new light. All I hear is bad things about LEDs and hope to prove them wrong with these babies. Thanks CKing
Says : ....10 days in, 2/2 germination, veg lights are on today!!!! Started Northern Lights at the same time, let's see who wins!!!
Says : Just got them today, germination started!!!!! Will post updates!!

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