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Strong & Powerful / Good Yield and THC

Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Growing: Easy
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica
Effect: Strong High
THC: Moderately Strong
THC%: 24.10%    Laboratory Report THC Chart
CBD: 0.7%      Laboratory Report CBD Chart
CBN: 3.0%      Laboratory Report
Country: Spain Spain
Yield: Up to 400gr indoor/300gr outdoor
Genetics: Original White Widow
Price: 5 Seeds / $60.00
10 Seeds / $90.00
25 Seeds / $185.00
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Marijuana Seeds Canada White Widow
Our feminized White Widow is a former Cannabis Cup Winner that is high in THC and CBD. Known for white trichome crystals and orange hairs that develop at the end of its flowering stage. Easy to grow, a great yielder and perfect for cloning. Caution the high from White Widow is not for beginners.

Considered to be the world's most popular strain, our White Widow feminized seeds are perfect for new and advanced growers. This is easy for the new growers while still offering a very high yield of potent buds. It can provide you with strong cerebral high effect.

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White Widow Strain Growing, Flowering Time, THC Content, Yield

For information about how to grow white widow feminized seeds you have come to the best marijuana seed bank. The White Widow strain was reported to be bred in Europe and won the Cannabis cup in 1995. This is a plant that has bright green leaves and white hairs and can grow over 8 feet tall outdoors and should stay under 4 feet with hydroponics, soil or with LED lighting. For lights we suggest you check with your local hydroponics store in either the USA or Canada. The time it takes for growing White Widow will vary with outdoor and indoor. You will have to change the light from light to increase the darkness when you are ready to turn them into a flowering stage. For more information about White Widow, we suggest you review our growing forum.

The THC content for White Widow can range between medium teens to high levels in the 20s. And yields will vary from where you are growing White Widow. For example, anyone growing in hot areas like the Southern USA might get a large yield as opposed to someone from cold areas in Canada. On average, you can grow feminized seeds in about 3 months for the total time. Make sure you always follow the germination of seeds instructions that you can fine on our seed site. You can buy supplies such as lights, fertilizer and nutrients, a tent, and even a grow box from a hydroponics store in a city near you. White Widow as a medical strain can be recommended but we caution beginners as the THC can be strong.

Buy White Widow Feminized Seeds Online & For Sale From Canada

To buy Marijuana Seeds from Canada it is important to know they are a reliable seed company with good reviews on White Widow. Our seed bank is located in Canada with shipping around the world. We accept all methods of payment including credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard and currency such as Bitcoin.

412 Reviews of White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Frank oputs
Says : White widow femonized cannabis seed
Says : Was a blueberry fan but due to shortage we tried white widow and are just as happy ;)
Jane haskell
Says : Grew some last year and was quite successful
johnny mad apple
Says : grew this strain several years ago that i got from a freind or thats what he claimed they were but thanks to crop king theres no guessing i know what im getting and what to exspect when there done cant wait to smoke these lovely ladies
Ed the head
Says : Bought ten for `18 grow season, ten of ten germinated (my method - place paper towel in ziplock bag and moisten using filtered tap water, five seeds to a sandwich bag - spaced evenly, everything as clean as can be - in very warm very dark spot - covered to keep warm and block light,check daily in darkened environ with no bright lights/flashlight only, transfer to dirt when 3/4 inch tadpoles, make `em struggle 3/4 full starter pot, add 1/4 inch, water, 1/4 inch dry on top, keep very warm/well lighted till large transferable root ball forms), my six did well in very poor outdoor soil (my bad), my buddy did great with other four outdoors in decade old garden, unbelievable number of forearm sized clusters (great soil conditions). The two plants near the tomatoes seemed to not like the peat moss treated soil (adds acid as biodegrading, tomato loves acid). Incredibly Happy, I went 10 for 10 and all produced, I just need to up my game and soil quality. Am returning for more of this and other varieties. :)
Says : Thanks CK, we make a good team. 100% germ. I cleared all the lower veg and popcorn and grew 8ish big spear colas per plant (5gallon FFOF). Sticky and frosty.
Michael Roman
Says : All seeds started no problems. Plan to order this strain again . Beautiful plants !
Says : Another 10 for 10 , 100 percent b-u-t-ful thanks again
Says : Once again BAMMM they have outdone themselves. 100%. Germ and grow of all seeds. They rock truly. Don’t be fooled by cheaper places to buy I spend a few more bucks for the best.
Says : This is my third review of the King. White Widow, Yes. I got Williams Wonder seeds from Nevile back in the 80's, duct tape ya to the couch. You know what they say about history repeating it's self.... W.W. is Great. I will be looking at more of your seeds soon. Thanks C.K.
Says : The White widow was great had a great yield and THC was in the low 20's. Great weed.
Says : All seeds germinated and look great so far. I transplanted out of cups and they took off in new pot. Thanks for the extras!!! I hope they yield heavy as I am a commercial caregiver. I am going to veg for 8 weeks before 12/12 flip. My seeds came super quick too. Amazing service!!!!
Says : I'm on my fifth grow ever and ordered seeds every time from Crop King Seeds. Every grow has been excellent. Growing white widow right now and 22 days since i flipped to 12/12 they look beautiful. They look like they should be at day 30. These white widow are awesome but so were all the other strains from this company.
Says : Ordered my seeds they came and plant 2 of the 7 and both popped up I will be ordering again for sure
Crop King Seeds
Says : Hi, flowering time for a feminised plant is when you decide to induce flowering. Usually by changing the light cycle to 12-12. Once flowering has been induced, it will be 8 weeks until ready to harvest. Flowering is normally induced after your vegging phase. Other strains with similar flowering times and effects would be Black Indica and Green Crack (green crack is a little longer though)
Says : White Widow says "Flowering time 8 weeks". Two things: What is meant by Flowering Time". Would 8 weeks be from germination to the beginning of flowers or to harvest? Define Flowering time and the length of time please? And second, I'm shopping for something new. I grew your White Widow as I built a grow area, and 4 WW plants came out super. I cloned them and still have several seeds left. Can you suggest something similar with hi yielD & Hi THC,still a pleasant high but a shorter "Flowering Time"? I've gardened all my life but growing WW felt more like science. A whole new experience. I thought I signed up for your newsletter last year, I signed up again and will watch for it.
Says : These have been great so far, all 5 germinated no problem and are currently flowering. I'm pumped for my first ever harvest, they smell so damn good!
Craig David
Says : Had a beautiful outdoor grow on this one. Grew her in a half-barrel. Very easy to grow. Topped only once. Yielded 370 grams. Might be the smoothest smoke of any strain I'ved tried. Great morning smoke. Puts you in a dreamy mood. Great for observing nature, listening to your favorite music, or sorting out all the world's problems with a friend!
Crop King Seeds
Says : Ok, check out the previous reviews. Hundreds of people all successful. Think maybe the problem is on your end? Call us on 1844 276 7546. I guarantee with our advice you'll get better results.
F U crop King.
Says : Your white widow seeds are total bullshit. What an f n piece of shit! never had one grow. Grew iffy at best ! Very disappointed. Next.
Says : Excellent
Says : I just ordered for the first time. I am happy to hear all the good customer service reviews.. I am fairly new on growing.. I do not want to germinate all 10 at once.. What is the best way to store seeds that I do not want to grow yet?
Says : Tests in from last batch. Tested at 24% THC, right on the money.
Says : grew 4 white widow in DWC all parameters dialed in. All 4 plants were in same nutrient bath. Two plants almost identical and did the white widow thing with the beautiful tricombs etc. Produced as expected. Two others were differentiated spindly and low producers. Guess that is the chance U take with biology never know what yur gonna get.
Says : Started indoor mid feb. Put outdoors in ground after last threat of frost in early May. Used 1 cubic yard of soil per plant. Harvested 7pound per plant average dried and cured mid October. Great product. Huge frosty buds.
Happy Gardener
Says : Grew 5 WW : about 5oz per plant. Best yield ever. Very easy to grow from Day One.
Happy Gardener
Says : Grew 5 WW plants with perfect results. Strong healthy plants, huge buds, problem-free. But am finding this strain a bit heavy and it's giving me headaches. Only smoking 1 joint per day, so can't be over-use. Certainly settles me down at night and promotes sleep, but can't stand the all-day headache hangover the next day. Anyone else find this?
Says : Growth: 100% success germ rate. The plants stayed small and filled out thick. 3 months from seed in an organic soil yielded 2oz a plant. Cuttings Rooted Quickly. Smoke: The smell is Nice, but not Loud. Its pretty stealth. This strain IMO is super strong, Good for relaxing, and almost numbing when you over-use. I've had many Kush strains that claimed to be pure Indica's that weren't even close to this strain in the relaxing feeling it provides. 10/10 if you like that. You WILL sleep!
Richard Parker
Says : When you say 400 grams you mean all 4 seed not one seed gives you pound. Of bud clarify that?
Says : Got a pack of the widow last winter, started baby’s indoors and put them out early spring did the full veg outdoor then moved them to a sun porch for flower about 9 weeks one of the finest batches of smoke I’ve had in 15 years and blew away my expectations
Jimbo Bobjames
Says : Ordered tuesday - arrived in NY on saturday! Will definitely be coming back for any future needs. This seems like a great source :)
Says : I don't see how people keep blaming crop king for your mistake read the description it clearly says what type of seeds they are and if your still unsure just ask their customer service is great if your not getting what you want it's probably your mix up!READ THE DESCRIPTIONS!!!
T. Flath
Says : Just got around to these, I only grow indica or indica dom hybrids, 90% of my hybrids have ww in them, so I figured it was about time to grow it,popped 3 beans and got a nice high pop on all seedlings, I have a 100% germination rate with ck over 8 years though I germanate my beans using coffee filters, no lie! I needed another plant to go with the 3 ww, I have some revolver I had for about 2 years, purple pheno so I popped 1 of those too, even after 2 years that bean popped no problem, again a nice high pop after 2 years, not too shabby, well I'm on my way, when the ww gets going I will probably have more to say, until then, t. Flath
David Peele
Says : I live here on the coast in Central California. White Widow grows exceptionally well here. (outdoors)All seeds germinated and grew to maturity. Clones very well also. THC content is awesome. Smell is very minimal keeping snoops away. I would recommend this strain to anyone, also very easy to grow.
Says : Got the seeds on the 29 of Sept. 3 weeks later a ft high . Top on Friday and 2 days later have 12 colas reaching for the sky. Thanks crop king seeds
Steve dog
Says : I had no luck with the amnisiahaze kush i hope thi is less work. Isdisabled can i just water theses auto bloom
Says : Ordered and they came fast. Grew outdoors in native soil mixed with cow and horse droppings. Planted and fed with Advanced Nutrients. Micro, Grow, Bloom. WOW they flowered fast I harvested at day 96. Got 4oz off of three plants. After trimming and curing. Smoked it and OMG it’s good. When I harvested I used a loop to look at the Tricombs. I harvested at about 10% milky and it’s way beyond what I expected. I am a heavy Cannabis Smoker and have an unholy tolerance. Will order Girlscout and Blue mixed. Can’t wait to grow again. When the temperature dropped down to the 50’s at night and 70’s during the day they really filled out.
Says : Repeat buyer, 10/10 germinated and did it strong. Started germination Friday night October 5th ,this morning(October 8th) they were ready and put into soil.
Says : Ordered 5 fem ww seeds.. recieved quickly in great packaging..all 5 popped.. i have 5 really nice plants growing.. thanks crop king..
Says : Please offer some info; using crop kings germination process (paper towel) when the tap root pops out and you transplant the seed in soil, do you place under grow lights then, bare soil for (18/24hrs)? Im confused on when to put under lights. Bare soil or wait til the seed grows a small steam with 2 leaves? Please help... Lots of info on veg and flower but not seedling stage. Thx
Edward D Brown
Says : Well, everything is picked and stored in mason jars and wow, what a haul. My five white widow plants all reached seven foot tall and four and a half feet wide. They were well branched and each yielded better than a pound of bud. So my opinion of White Widow is that it's easy to grow, reaches impressive heights in both containers and in the ground plus produces bumper crops. I had two in large containers and three in the ground. As for growing it again, I sure would except that I have plenty already so next year it's Blue Cookies feminized seeds. Already ordered in fact. And check out the yields on Blue Cookies though from what I've been able to find out, Blue Cookies is only a four foot plant. We'll see anyways but it's high in THC and tastes great so it looks like a winner to me. See you next year
Says : I ordered my White widow seeds, came within a week fast a very stealthy shipping. Didn't even know what what it was until I opened it and looked in the clever item that concealed my seeds.. not to meantion the 2 extra free seeds included in my 5× pack.. I am currently on week 9 of flower (still not enough Amber trichs) and these girls exceeded my expectations.. huge, dense, frosty, colorful buds. Very happy with "THE KING". Will be purchasing some Green Crack, or white cookies for my next grow.. can't wait to harvest and smoke these beautiful girls.. DO NOT sleep on the White widow, you will be very pleased
michael waldrip
Says : my white bitches are about 7 inches tall budding like crazy are they going to get taller?there about 2 months old info please
Says : I bought WWF seeds a couple years ago and still managed to get 1 seed to grow this year. I've been only giving it brown sugar water, along with epsom salt and the organic nutrients called 'Growilla'. I'm currently in around 5 weeks flowering outdoors and I supercropped and topped her. She looks like shes a purple pheno an slooks whiter then ever already with huge buds! I should get around a pound coming this october 15. thanks CKS!
Kevin Miller
Says : Alright, so my experience: I ordered 25 WWA seeds back in March of 2018. They arrived maybe four days later? Very speedy, fairly discreet packaging. Easy to navigate website, fast shipping and a customer service rep that reinstated my first time buyer's discount after it got messed up when my payment didn't go through the first time. Good experience so far. Germinated six seeds according to their instruction. Six of six popped, though one popped 24-36 hours later than the others and I fiddle-fucked it to death after planting. So germ rates are good, seedlings are fragile, par for course far as I can tell. Then I went ahead and stunted another one of them, but it was eventually able to recover. So, 5 seedlings, each in a 2 gallon smart pot, under two 200w BD LED lights in a ~2.75' x ~4.00' (just over one square meter). Roots Organic soil and Guano (feel kinda 'eh' about their nute line, but it was my first time fully organic growing). The grow was going perfectly in the first few weeks. Healthiest plants I'd ever touched, not even the cotyledons showed any signs of yellowing until a good bit into flower. Problem is, two of my plants are putting off some dumb kind of growth that, in the end, resembled the pictures of Dr. Grinspoon you can easily find online. Just an alternating ladder of single calyxes complimented by one single-bladed fan leaf each attached to each. Totally bizarre, and very low-yielding. One of the five plants looked exactly as I expected it to, and although the finished product wasn't as dense as I'd have liked, it made a few handfuls of big, pretty flowers. There was more than 50g from that plant, and about 2 ounces between the two weird ones. But wait. Two of mine plants haven't even started budding yet, and harvest time is in two weeks. What kind of autoflowers are these? It was at this point that I wondered if CKS was full of it. Three different phenos out of five plants growing, including a phenotype that isn't even autoflowering? In my autoflowering White Widow? I'll be honest, I was pissed. Smoke on the pretty plant was mediocre. Flat taste profile, halfway decent, kinda heady high. Might've pulled early at only day 71 so I'll take some blame their, for sure. Still, lackluster results from that one. One of the weird plants was garbage, turned the whole thing into edibles. The other weird one, although much smaller, was very resinous and especially skunky. Good flavor, decent buzz, yield was the only problem. It was the easiest plant ever to trim, though; I literally just ran pinched fingers up and down the branches and all the calyxes and those itty bitty leaves just sloughed right off. So, four ounces from three plants, one ounce went straight to edibles 'cuz the plant was not good... and two regular ol' bushes that had been vegging the whole time under the 20/4 lighting I was using. So, I decided to flip the lights on them and see where they got me after a little super-cropping and repotting in six gallon smart pots. Well let me tell you, these things became veritable monsters. It was difficult maintaining green leaves on these after the switch as compared to the plants that actually autoflowered, but that seems pretty normal for a lot of growers. either way, they finished in the middle of August and yielded right at eleven ounces between the two. I was ecstatic. Still am. The buds were generally smaller than on the first good plant, but they were super abundant. It took a while for them to cure and get a good smell and all, but now they're tasting pretty freakin' good with a backend of skunk and a floral fruitiness to them. The bag appeal is decent, a pretty light green with lots of orange pistils and acceptable nug shape, some of which was the densest of any I've ever grown. And the yield blew my few past grows out of the water. I'm actually quite pleased with the end result on these ones, even though they weren't even autoflowering which still rubs me the wrong way. I did some more research and found a lot of people that had problems with CKS after my first round, and I was thinking I'd gotten bamboozled. As I looked into other companies that provide autoflowers, though, even more reputable ones seem to have issues with some of their seeds being photoperiod instead of autoflowering. More so, it's not uncommon for their to be undesirable phenotypes that occur in a lot of other banks' strains. So I don't really know how to feel about my initial outrage. I'm trying a different bank and breeder this go around just to get some comparisons, but I'm not convinced I'll have much different results. If I run into similar issues with other breeders' seeds then I'll assume that's just the way things are, and CKS will definitely be a viable choice for seeds purchases because, as I said in the beginning, the site is easy to use and their delivery is very prompt. And I mean, damn, I got around .7g/watt which is about two or three times my next best grow's results. Autoflower or not, I am really pleased with the two photos I grew. So in the end, thanks (I think) for helping along with that success.
Says : Amazing genetic traits got lucky with one of my girls she has the pink hair pheno. My other white widdow is 9 ft tall and starting to stack those buds on im expecting off the 2 about a pound
Grampa Scurve
Says : I've grown for over 40 years, this is a very hearty strain, cuttings do well, the quality is wonderful, really good producer of nice big flowers. Highly recommend this strain. Had a lot of good success with crop king seeds.
David McGinnis
Says : I had great success with White Widow a couple of seasons ago but I had problems this time and only ended up with 4 of 10 viable plants. I lost two in germination, two were mutants and a couple just didn't want to grow. The remaining four are strong, beautiful plants and loaded with buds a few weeks to go. Anyway, Crop King replaced the whole pack and my other CK strains are doing great so will chalk one up as an anomaly. Will definitely buy again.
420 Farmer
Says : Called CKS to ask a general question about an environmental factor and effect and what I could change or do differently. I specifically said I wasn't looking for any compensation and just wanted to correct my situation.The technician insisted on sending me some replacement seeds.That move in itself cemented my opinion on the company and their policies and insured my future support.Other companies no matter what their product could take a lesson from CKS , and the staff is beyond helpful and courteous on the phone.5 Stars
Says : First off ordered and had my seeds within 10 days. Germinated as instructed by Crop King. Started 4 seeds on Wednesday and here it is Sunday all in soil and all an inch tall. If you want the best seeds, ORDER HERE... you won't be sorry..
Says : I got 100% germination with 6 seeds on this one, as it weathered the the summer (outdoor grower) not one had a hiccup, strong and steady. Which leads me to believe it really is a beginner strain, very simple, just used a high-grade soil from a local hydroponic store, stuck with RO water the whole way, thats it. As far as results, seriously, mine look better than the ones pictured as examples, this one anybody can grow.
Mark A
Says : Grew 3 white widows outdoors and they grew 8ft. Nice yield. Get a lot of great compliments on this strain.Would buy again, but may try something different, been smoking the widow for 10 months and 1-3 hits still gets me a nice buzz....thats a wow!
Says : Oh my god i love how this strain grows. Low tight and tons of bushy new growth. Never in my life have i had 6 tops on a plant under a foot tall. Absolutely amazing genetics. I paid for 10 and i had 100% germination. Oh and not to mention i had my seeds in under 7 days and thats unheard of.
Says : All five seeds germinated after following crop kings guidelines. After being knock over twice by either animals or weather the girls are doing awsome and 6ft tall. Thanks Crop King!!! Cant wait to try White Banner and Crown Royale next season.
Says : beusing whitewiddow now for 4 yrs never a disapointment just ordered anwew
Says : My white widow are about 6inshes tall already blooming there looking very good any info about them?
Dan from Kentucky
Says : My seeds arrived quickly. I had 100% germination. They are looking good and flowering. I did think it odd that a few have purple buds. I suppose it is some strain variation. Anyone know anything about that? I will definitely buy again from this company.
Edward Brown
Says : I must say that I am super satisfied with the 5 White Widow seeds I bought. All 5 plants are between 6.5 and 7 feet and at least 4.5 feet wide. Lots of branching and they've been budding for two weeks now. Looks like I'll have a ton of long buds. Surprisingly, of the 5 plants, 3 are turning to purple bud. Don't know if that's usual for White Widow although I know there are many purple strains. Anyways, the purple ones look awesome. So, I'm anxiously awaiting this weed. I may at some point flash a wee bit of bud in the microwave to give it a try.
Crop King Seeds
Says : Alexander, please call us for help. 1844 276 7546
Says : Thanks for such great service. My experience purchasing from you was seamless...Thanks
Says : its is the first week of august in Missouri...The first frost should be about 3rd weed of October or 11 weeks Do I have time to germ and grow outside...
Says : Ordered 10 and received literally less than a week later. I am so impressed.and i had 100% germination.
Says : Looking like another great year from Crop King. Ordered 25 WWF seeds in April. Germinated in rockwool (I know~but it works best for me) and all 25 popped. Vegged under LED for 30 days before going outside (Ontario). Fast forward to now: 4 in 15 gallon pots outside in living soil being fed probiotics regularly. They're monsters. The other 20 are in the ground in a guerilla grow site I've used for years in sandy loam. I check on them once a month (just rainfall for these) and theyre bushy 6 footers too! Looking forward to the first week of October for harvest. Thanks Crop King!
Alfred harris
Says : I order 10 seeds got them quick. Germinate all 10 thay never rooted. So I call them and thay are sending more seeds. So I call that good business.
Alexander Munoz
Says : I am sad to say that I have been greeted with disappointment from my first batch of Crop King Seeds. The Feminized White Widows did not even live past the seedling stage. I germinated them correctly, as instructed by the website, with no success. I am going to try a different seed company for now. RIP my 70$
Tom from New England
Says : Amazing! Prompt e-mail notifications and seeds came in less than 2 weeks. Purchased 10. Followed the method and 7/7 popped up and they're now in Fox Farm soil and flourishing. Was concerned initially but very happy with my purchase!
4x4 Indoor
Says : The White Widow Strain is excellent! I have been growing Crop King, White Widow Feminized indoors in 4x4 spaces for over two years now. I grow four (in 7ft tall tent) to seven girls (in a 8 ft tall 5x4 closet) under 600wMH 20hrs/day for up to 4 months. Pruning and removal of undergrowth approx bi-monthly during grow. I bloom under 600wHPS 12hrs/day, again for up to four months after doing a BIG prune on my overgrown plants to bring them at least 2.5-3ft under light first day of bloom. This final prune is done just b4 36-48hrs darkness I give them before I start the bloom cycle.) I regularly achieve a high yield of excellent bud. Word of warning to all indoor growers for all strains! Indoor plants will not survive contest with spider-mites, etc. Natural outdoor controls to predatory insects are not present in your tent/closet. NEVER bring outdoor plants or clones into your grow!
Says : CROP KING!!!! 5 Motha suckin stars. Just your customer service alone! I was in-experienced, and crop king went the extra mile to make sure I had germinated seeds, 80% guarantee Honored. I had 100% success rate on germination using their method. The widow plants aren't as bushy as id hoped, but they do grow very quickly once rooted. This strain clones very well, faster than all others I've tried so far. Not to mention the bonus stuff the shipper threw in. Bravo!!!! I'm a return customer for sure.
C Deez
Says : I bought 10 white widow, 5 green crack, and 5 sour diesel. I attempted to germinate 5 white widow, 5 green crack, and 5 sour diesel. All but one germinated! This is my first grow, so I was very pleased as I was expecting about an 80% success rate.
Says : Michael They are stretching to the light. Very common issue. They need more light. If u ar using florescent move them much closer. 07/20/18 04:30:31 PM Says : My white widow just started growing about 5 inches tall but they are top heavy and fall over should I stake them up? Their indoor plants.
Rob J
Says : Repeat customer, looking forward to growing these seeds. I didn't even have time to blink and my order was received on the east coast of the USA! Props!
Says : My white widow just started growing about 5 inches tall but they are top heavy and fall over should I stake them up? Their indoor plants.
Says : To Bull's plea for help... The reason your girls aren't flowering yet is simple. They're outside and it's July. Sit back and enjoy your outdoor grow. Depending on what part of the world you're in, they should begin to flower sometime in August. No worries...
Says : got a few different strains , white widow all seeds germinated great and are healthy looking sprouts about a week in.
Says : Why do my White Widow feminized plants do not flower after 10 weeks of growth outside? Please help!
Edward D Brown
Says : Oh, here's an interesting one for you. When I transplanted one of my white widow seedlings (8 or 9 inches tall) to a large container it broke off at ground level. A clean cut right at ground level so I took the plant, stuck it in the container and kept it well watered. That plant is almost six feet tall now and very full. Glad I didn't give up on it.
Edward D Brown
Says : My five White Widows have been in the ground eight weeks now, actually two in large containers and three in the ground, and they are all huge, from six to seven feet tall and quite wide too. However three of the plants are definitely Sativa plants, or the Indica/Sativa cross, with light green leaves that have narrow fingers. The other two look like Indica plants with large, dark green leaves with very wide fingers. Is it possible that two seeds reverted back to one side of their parentage? Whatever those two are the largest, most vigorous plants so I can't wait to see how they turn out.
David McGinnis
Says : Hi ... In May, I started ten White Widow seeds inside looking forward to my normal outdoor garden. Nine germinated and I put them in my box for a few weeks of veg and waiting for good weather. Two were odd - kinda cool with lots of tight curly leaves. Six were normal. The weird ones never grew past about five inches and are both dead. Three of the other six haven't developed much and are sickly. The other three look healthy. My hash plant are doing good and although I have a problem with my auto cheese, that's on me. I recently bought more of the auto cheese and look forward to doing them right this time as an indoor grow. I've just started the blue cookies and two of the five are sprouts this morning. I hope I have time for a good outdoor grow with them. Kinda late start to replace the widows! Anyway, my normal experience has been awesome but the white widow were a disappointment this time around. Two years ago, that strain was incredible here, six foot bushes! The white cookies last year were about the same. (Southern Ontario) David
Ganj farm
Says : First ever grow tried crop king white widow.first time being as observant and researching but of course overlooking a couple things along the way I still wound up with a good yield of literally the best stuff in the area. Learning a lil more as I go this is a real winner especially for a first timer itll only get better and better. Jyst wish it was a little better for pain relief but itll get you high in ways you never knew. I'll be trying a medical strain soon
Says : On second gen of White Widow and I have to say I love this strain. 9 out of 10 germinated successfully but we lost 3 due to mold (my fault). The remaining seven flowered beautifully and I kept the most prolific as a mother. For me, this strain responded well to organic fertilizers, so don't hold back. It also clones faster and more reliably than any strain I've seen. The flower is nice and dense and the smell consists of very strong citrus and some earthy tones. The few plants I tested with topping responded well and developed two nice main colas. As always, I'm impressed with CCK. Great company, I'll continue to come here for all of my seeds!
Says : Been customer for years had a issue with mine not arriving I called y’all reshipped to me I did receive new order germinated all 12 all came up 5 days later another package showed up in my mail I called and told them now I have all 24 up and growing UR HONESTY IS appreciated
Says : Got the white Widow, germed four all four popped, almost lost one in transplant but she still managed flower at 8 inches, will order again, thank you so much for sticking to your word. Peace, love, and soul to cks!
Eward Brown
Says : I've had my 5 White Widow seedlings planted for two weeks now, two in very large pots and three in the ground. All are doing well but one is going gang busters and I'm sure it's a different strain. Four are a light green with narrow leaves but one, which is in a pot, is dark dark with much wider leaves. It's also very vigorous,very full already. Can't wait to see how it turns out!!!
Says : I germinated 10 White Widow and all popped but only nine became seedlings. Six of the nine grew very well but three are much smaller and have odd, dense leaves, I'm happy with them and will put the knarly little ones in my outdoor garden. All my grows with Crop King Seeds have been excellent and I expect these will be too!
Brad cushing
Says : Purchased 10 wwseeds almost 2yrs ago im a newbie but germinated 5 seeds all 5 up and growing 7 days in and they are doing great.. you guys rock! Seeds set in my dresser for almost 2 disabled and funds are tight..but i can promise you when i can come up with the money i will be trying some more..very happy..
Says : Got widows.... as advertised and with the guaranteed germination method.... 100% . Babies are growing sweetly right now. I'll check in again cuz they're good girls right nowd
Says : Really impressed with how Cropkings handled everything from ordering to delivery ! I ordered 5 WWF seeds , germinated in 36 hrs... thanks Cropkings! All are looking good !
Says : Great growth rate, excellent green. I originally thought I bought autos. But didn’t was medicine mind when buying. So I have five monsters that will be trampled outside,for mega grow. Will post on weigh and thc rates in fall. So far crop king is better then all other online companies!!! Thax
Says : Got white widow seeds... within about a day. 5 of 5 are sprouting... FRIGGING huge.. get back on results
Says : This is a great company with excellent products I plan to do a lot of business with krop king thank you for a bright future as for the complientiers try it before you open your mouth you might be surprised in how good krop king is white widow. Hi.
Crop King Seeds
Says : We don't usually do this but this person completely ignored our germination guide and got poor results because of it. Please, please, please follow the germination guide. Tom, contact us on 1844 276 7546 and we will help you out.
Says : Old time outdoor farmer new to buying seed's was told by Jane to try White widow well they all sprouted on 420 how about that Thanks
Says : I most have got some duds...Not a single one germinated. I did the overnight damp towel between two plates, on a seedling heat mat, transferred into rooting plugs that'd been presoaked in a seedling/rooting mildly brewed kelp tea. Not a single winner. The 30 I popped from ILGM seed bank, as well as 30 from True North Seedbank....Popped just fine. maybe 58 out of 60. I only ordered 5 from crop king, I'd never heard of them, but I like trying new stuff. I doubt I'll order ever again, unless they read my review and make good on it! I am a current, licensed professional cultivator, and have also grown my own for the last 6-7 years during the summer gardening season...I do not feel as though I have made any mistakes germinating these seeds.
Says : So far so good, I germinated white widow and black indica. 3 of each. And all 6 plants are up and about 2-3 inches tall. I started them on April 16th
Says : This strain was great! I grew 2 7 footers outdoor in a less than ideal climate. Finished flowering in almost sub zero temp. harvested just over 500 grams combined.
Says : Ordered 10 WW for CKS.. started 6 of them and got 7 (one was a twin seed).. so far so good im 2-3 weeks from harvest and it went well.. out of my 7 girls there is clearly 2 big winners and 2 looser who had some issues but overall very satisfied and will order again
Big Wurm Sherm
Says : I was wondering if i could apply for the CK guarantee ? I ordered the White Cookies several months ago & only got 1 to germinate. The one that did germinate was/is somekind of mutant with irreegular leaf fingers, off set internodes, & in form more like a broccoli florette. It was sickly through out it's cycles & far behind it germinating classmates. The buds are very small & very white & resemble wild strawberrys & late into flowering it's leaf color favors Jack Herre. I've been watching closely for herm, but it hasn't yet. ( knock on wood) i germinated exactly like ck suggest & exactly how i've done the other 4 strains of ck strains. thank you for your consideration
Old timer
Says : Ordered ten ww seeds germinated 9 up an doing great i will. Order again
Edward D Brown
Says : I recently purchased five White Widow feminized seeds and began to germinate them last Friday night. None cracked open in the water glass and it took a very long time to get them all to sink. However, this is the second day in the paper towels and all five have cracked and the tap roots are all showing. Can't get any better than that! I'm giving one plant to a buddy and planting four for myself plus hopefully four of another strain. I plan to put three white widow into the ground and one in a very large container. So, hopefully I'll be writing again in late fall to say I scored big time. See you then.
Says : I germinated 5 seeds, currently have 5 plants in 5th week of flower and looking just fine. First time, very happy!
Joe R
Says : Great place fast at getting my bbs. And all my girls are looking beautiful. Thankyou
Says : I would just like to say I believe I screwed up germinating my seeds and I called crop king they walked me through it to try and get them to germinate. On top of all the help they sent me extra seeds just in case. I will say this company is great they stand behind the product and they help you through everything I will buy all of my seeds from crop King. All my seeds germinated plants are growing great thanks crop king.
Says : I started to germinate these seeds at the end of December. Currently only 1 plant remains and it's only about a foot tall and we are now mid march. I'm not sure about the 3 month flower time considering that I'm going on month 3. Looks and smells nice, But I wouldn't grow this strain again. I think I need to find something better for soil grow indoors in Canada.
Says : I'm coming close to harvesting these beauties. Previous harvest was splendid, good yield, good taste, genetics are close stable. The smell gets overwhelming around week 4 of flower so if indoors have your carbon filter in hand. Buds are dense, a sweet pungent smell once cured and a smooth smoke. Just ordered gc from the king, excited to add them to my garden
Says : Great seeds wonderful wonderful place
Says : Awesome
Randall allen
Says : Thank you for sending the replacement seeds from the first order which was bad started the new batch and all cracked plan to do a lot of bisness with a great company like yours thank you for your honesty you have great products thank you for a great future Ran.
Bud man
Says : Four weeks in vegging,have topped an looking great will be flowering in about two weeks,white widow is amazing love these plants
Says : Very nice quality and yield. Smooth taste strong effect.
Says : Is this website a scam?
Says : Very strong plants good yields
Says : I would like to thank cropking seeds for being 100% truthful with the advertising! I purchased some WW seeds that arrived promptly and well packaged. I failed to follow the germination instructions properly and went straight to rock wool as specifically instructed not to. I won’t lie, it was a complete pain in the ass to germinate them at all. That being said, I still got the 80% germination rate and my girls look beautiful. If by chance you are an idiot like myself and need to learn the hard way; -set germ tray to flood and drain every 30 min and cover the rock wool cubes. -RO water ph 5.8 -.5 ml calmag/ gal -1ml rapid root/gal -Heating blanket under germ tray 82F -humidity in germ tray 55% - loads of hope with moments of despair and self loathing Thanks again Cropking for a quality product!
Says : My first ever order. I ordered 5 WW and paid via BitCoin BTC (first-time user of BitCoin as well). Crop King support was good. Packaging very good. Delivery time excellent (BTW I live on the other side of the world where stealth packaging is very important). So Happy. Will let you know how things progress. :)
Says : I got my seeds back in december and germinated two of them. Both popped but only one came up after transplanting. Now they are in week 7 of flowering and looking beautiful. SO far 10 weeks total since germinating. Nice fat heavy buds on her. Beautiful plants. Will be harvesting this week. :) Crop King Seeds are the best!!!
Says : I ordered seeds from ck on Thursday. 10 White widow fem, 10 Green Crack fem and 5 CBD fem. I payed extra for the ensured discrete delivery because, I wasn't going to risk loosing 270$ of seeds to ups. They were at my door Saturday morning. I was impressed. I got them in a CD sleeve in 3 small bags. I will let you know when I germinate. Definitely on time tho! Thanks guys!
Says : Update on my grow, I bought 5 White Widow seeds and have 5 healthy happy girls just entering flower stage. Being my first grow I am super happy with the results and will update again. Just a note, I did not have any issues with transplanting these girls, I went from the initial pod to a 1 gal. pot, then into their final 7 gal. smart pots. Next time I will go straight from pod to 7 gal pot and take that transplant step out just to lessen the handling of them.
Bible Belt, help us!
Says : This put out some nice bud. 100% germ and fast shipping. She was a little shorter than my OGKH. The WW buds were smaller and more popcorn than I like, but it's good. I probably should have cleared more green lower on the plant. For personal meds, I'll plant more seeds next time. She wants to keep putting out new growth, so keep it trimmed and cleared down low. I will grow again. Keep spreading God's seed.
Says : Shipping was great just started my first two seeds of white widow hope all goes well THANKS CROP KING GOOD SREVICE
Says : I tried this outdoor and another excellent strain. Grows like a Christmas tree mine was 9 feet high. And stinky even before flowering. Recommend outdoor if your neighbors aren't nosy.
Says : First grow in tent love smell taste only use basic nutrients called the grow box nothing extra watch light and humidity and feed and you be happy
Says : Amazing strain and a great example of it by Cropking. Not the easiest to grow, not the biggest yielder, but wow what a smoke! Truly the perfect hybrid. Bliss.
Says : I use Fox Fire ocean forest. works for me
Says : Needing help to chose what soil I use to grow my seeds.
Says : Ordered 10 W/W they all popped and all have sprouted got my order in 6 days to deep south USA.... GREAT JOB CROP-KING ITS NICE TO DEAL WITH PROS...WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED ALL THE WAY TO MY VALCANO....
Says : Bought some WW in spring. Three plants, outdoors, 7ft. to 9 ft. high. Total organic, 14oz. and shake, just ended its curing stage....and its just ass kicking! Have been getting awesome respond from friends and family. Its a one two hit smoke with a smooth draw and fruity smell. This batch is
Says : First grow. I was super impressed with the shipping method. Baught 5. Growing 4 and 3 are awsome 1 is a runt due to my transplanting and being first time grower. Do not transplant autoflower. Start with the pot you will finish in. Super happy guys. Will you send me some free literature? Later. Will buy more soon. Thanks.
Says : First grow indoors love how they look can't wait
Rog A
Says : Hey guys, I bought your 5 pack of White Widow feminized seeds in April 2017. All germinated and grew fantastic. This was my first grow and it came out awesome. My yield was 30 ounces once dried. Best flowers ever, everyone who has tried these flowers say it is one of the best, if not the best, they have ever had. Thank you for a great product and a great strain. I grew outdoor in a small greenhouse. Rog
Says : Wow What can I really say I'm a first time grower the customer service was awesome. I can't even explain how many mistakes I made because no real knowledge of growing. But I still got a good harvest that will be cut down on Sunday
skunk works
Says : out 10 seeds 8 germinated. 4 seedlings died sick. 4 veged. i chose the best two to tranfer for my space. they are both doing fine. the other two i gave away for someone else to try. i think crop kings stepping up their game.
Josh Rapier
Says : Looks awesome and has a great yield rate
Matt g
Says : Had problems buying seeds called got everything taking care off and even received with in 5 days and in a discrete packaging definitely bona order more
Eastern Ontario Grower
Says : Ordered 5 seeds, early spring. Cracked 1/1 seeds, indoor under led. Cloned 20 off one plant. Vegged indoor until weather was warm enough.. had a cold rainy summer, plants produced major bud.. warm fall allowed me to crop early to mid October. Easy to grow
Kyle the dutchie
Says : Service was great. Fast and easy. Diligent.
Says : 10/10 for trich production. Smell is Similar to CK's SSH... very unique fruity smell. Keep an eye out for one more particuar hearty pheno ; ) Shorter broader leafs. Thanks CK
Says : Great seeds. Planted outdoor feb got 7ft high 6 feet around ...Smells is strong ... two houses down smell it's fruity skunk .. Just smashing!!!. Really like the service that this company has provided... Great company...
Fred E
Says : White widow was everything I expected! Great taste, awesome high and easy to grow. And have had 100 per cent clone success. I could not be more pleased. Don't miss out on this gem!!!
Magilla Guerilla
Says : Discrete, effective shipping. 100% germ but will not use paper towel method again. Compact veg with wide leaves. 50% stretch when switched to flower. Clones well. Good indoor or out. Sticky, resinous, trichome covered buds with white hairs turning orange toward harvest. Vegged 8 weeks, flowered 8 weeks under LED indoors using LST. Very effective in the vaporizer. Fun to grow.
Jeri dunphy
Says : Very happy growing great started budding 3 weeks ago, 7 to go!!
Donald Britt
Says : I just got done growing white widow and it where good
Shadilay Cannabis
Says : Its a compact plant and a good yielder. Easy to grow with good nose and frosty with a light green colour when your done. Fairly compact buds. Can`t speak to others experience but it turned out how I expected.
Jannette martinez
Says : Got me some white widow seeds needs one week and patience is some thing I need it smell great and looks BEAUTIFUL
Says : Waiting to see what happens next.
Michael nolan
Says : Got my seeds no problem just have to wait one or two months then growing season starts. Thanks crooking
Says : I received my C superfast thanks you guys for everything and I will keep you guys posted on my grow
Says : I just finished my first crop of white widow that I got from you at the Lift show. The first 10 popped right up and took cuttings as soon as they were big enough, they rooted right away and about 10 days later when I went take more cuttings from the seedlings I found 7 had started to flower and 7 of the new clones were budding too. Not much yield from a 3 inch plant or clones from auto flowers. When I complained you sent me 5 more seeds. I planted them and they were fine and the clones from those and the first 3 that weren't auto flower were all nice vigorous plants that gave a good yield, tastes good, nice strength. The new issue is that it doesn't look anything like the pictures on your site or at all the dispensaries I've seen it at. It looks like a red haired sativa, long skinny buds. What variety did I grow, It's a little hard when you call it white widow and people roll their eyes or laugh
Jonathan paul white
Says : Thanks again girls ,it's been great talking with you ,And fore u know me ill be getting more very soon ,because of a friend I haven't seen in a long time my bud Tommy CHOUNG SEND HIM MY BEST AND HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY LOL I wish I had a plant to give to you but I miss the good old Jonboy peace Brothers and sisters power to the people and are Lord Jesus Christ Amen. To All peace.
Jonathan paul white
Says : How long in the dark do u think it could. Open and sprout out with its tail for w.w.A.Seeds
Jon Paul white
Says : Hi I just got my package of W.W.AS. AND IM STARTING TO GERMINATIE W.W. AUTO,SO FAR NOTHING ON SECOND day waiting for it to start its life tomorrow ill look again man I hope this seed open on the 3 day well king I hope these seeds open.wish me luck tommy C.FROM Jon p white widow .
Says : Ordered the white widow feminized and very impressed in the plants very nice thanks
Jonathan paul white
Says : May I ask your company how big do the autos grow for white widow fem/ and what are the best NUTRIENTS TO LOOK AFTER THIS BABY girl any body just let me know thanks fr Jon Paul.
Says : Great seeds ordered some, all germinated can't wait for final product
Says : Amazing! I'm only two weeks in the vegatative cycle and already almost two feet tall. All germinated, all female. Very impressed will be ordering again!
Says : First time customer. Based on my experience so far. Will not be my last. 4 germinated and 4 popped. Wish me the best. Thanks to everyone for leaving feedback and helping us newbies.
Says : I was going to ask you the breakdown of the White widow , sativa /indica thanks
Says : I bought 10 AWWF planted 5 all good 11days later at about 10 inches tall they flowered and 60 days later and averaged 3 OZs per plant...The first wa a real ear ringing gum throbing experience...way cool CKS...hjd
Says : What is the breakdown on the White widow , sativa and indica thanks
Says : @bettie: White Widow is known as an easy to grow strain but in my grows I've found that you really need to have a long veg period with her to get any bigger than 12-18" high. Give her at least 8 weeks in veg, she'll be worth the extra wait.
Says : I bought 5 seeds they germinated but when they went into the dirt they grew only inches what the hell am I doing wrong
Jody Anderson
Says : Crop Kings customer is the best! Had an issue with the WWF and they took care of me 100%. Definitely have a customer for life. Thanx again Crop King you rein!
Says : Beginning week 5 of flower and Wow! Trichome production is crazy! I lst'd her early on and she has a nice even canopy of 13 beautiful colas. I flowered early so she's small, 2' tall X 2' wide, but the whole plant is pratically one big bud! She also smells amazing, spicy and very pungent. From the looks of her i can tell she will be about a 9 week finisher, but we'll see. Great genetics...ty Crop king. I will be buying the Early Miss auto for my next grow.
Says : Powerhouses man. All seeds popped. Discreet shipping awesome customer suport. 5/5
Says : Beginning of week 3 of flower and my WWF is looking beautiful! After a 1 week transition from 18/6 cycle down to the 12/12 cycle she was already showing pre-flowers by the end of the first week. Now she already is in full flowering! She hardly stretched at all, which i need because of my limited grow space, but Wow! What a lovely lady. :) She is definitely an Indica dominant pheno, dark broad leaves, short and squat. Only 28" tall and almost as wide. Her flowers are already looking dense, with yellowish hairs. Internode spacing is short and buds are developing all the way up the stem. I'm growing with a 450w led and supplement with another 400w hps during the middle of the day to simulate peak sun hrs. This is a technique i've used with great success. Seems to really push the plant to produce big fat nugs...quickly! There are many other other techniques i use in my grow, but this is already a long review. One last thing. "Foliar Switch" my friends "Foliar Switch" use it on all feminized seeds. Will keep your ladies from throwing nanners. Thanx Crop king for the wonderful genetics. My first time buying beans from you and I'm more than impressed.
Corey b
Says : Well im in week 9 with at least ten more days to go on this white widow. My other two were done a few days ago and they look like a totally different strain altogether! Great frosty as hell bud on my first two but a horrible yield of a pitiful ounce and a half a plant dry! And tiny popcorn style buds...nothing at all like the white widow I grew from greenhouse seed company about ten years ago...this last one looks right and smells right for widow so hopefully in a few more weeks I can say its a far though out of seven strains ive been happy with two...the rest im still in the middle of...
Says : Thank you for providing a much needed service. I'm a novice grower but these plants were strong and happy in spite of all of my mistakes. I cannot say a single negative thing about my experience with CK! Trustworthy, fast, discrete...
Says : Germinated 3 seeds ended up with 3 different plants it has taken more than 10 weeks to flower output is no where to what they say no way is the output is 400g far from it was not impressed with it no density to buds have got some purple kush started hope this works the white widow sure fell short
Says : i am very pleased with my order of w.w. they are all sprouting from germination I used a different method altogether but similar to cks way 5 out of 5 100 percent germination growth thanks crop king i'll stop by and say high and I will post pictures of them later Happy Customer :)
Says : WWF now in week 1 of flower and looking great! Very fast flowering, she already has hairs all over. I did however run a 1 week transition phase between veg and flower. Really seems to help with stretch and flowering time. Not to mention it dramatically reduces stress and the chance of her throwing out nanners later in the flower cycle. I lst trained her for a perfectly level canopy and 13 nice tops to absorb light from a 600 watt led. On day 7 and 17 of flower i will spray her with optic foliar switch, which will further reduce any chance of nanners. More updates to come. Thanx Crop King for the wonderful genetics! Also, took 3 clones and they all took and are doing great. :)
Says : White Widow Fem, Beautiful plants, mine are 6 weeks old and about foot tall, very heavy feeders, cant keep enough nitrate to them. 18 hrs light, 12 sun, 6 7200k MH 1000 WATT.. Growing very fast, got to keep the blue light on them or they will stretch, Haze Xtreme are also very heavy feeders when under lots of light.. These two seem to grow well together with same light and fertilizer schedule.. SAFEST, REPUTABLE COMPANY TO BUY FROM.. THANKS
Says : 2 Lovely ladies growing about 2 weeks from flower. Popped 4 seeds lost my first 2 to a stuck shell and one dampened off, buyer error tho. 2 different phenos on the two growing, sativa dominate and indica dominant. All and all Im pleased w mt cps order.
Says : Tip* To reduce stress on feminized plants when changing over to flower, you can reduce the light by 1 hr. per day until the 12/12 light cycle is reached. This will dramatically reduce the chances of stressed induced hermaphodrization.
Says : Looking good, week one from the time I received the seeds
southern outlaw
Says : 10Pack all popped and produced some very nice high quality buds. More like a sativa in Effect nice energetic non heady high. Awesome company and strain would grow again for sure.
Says : To dave with the harsh smoke use blackstrap molases it makes any plant smooth & sweet ! It's a little hard to find look @ grocery store
Says : Well I just got done my crop of ww and I'm very impressed you gotta let them go the time cause in the 8th week they put over half their size on. Very crystaly and hard big buds. Will definitely come back to this strain.
Says : My first seeds came in very small and light tan at darkest. No striations. As i predicted only one popped. I called Crop King and had no problem. All seeds were replaced. 100% success. Looks great so far. Just one question. The old were marked WWF, and the new were marked WW. I only do photo out doors. No dwarfs or non feminized. I hope they got it correct. I should know in about 4 weeks if they are dwarf autos. Those are marked WWA. So for now all i can say is cups up Crop King for the excellent service and great pride and stance you take with your customers and product. Thank you.
just bud
Says : were not shipped in 24 hours. arrived in 9 days. soaked 12 hrs swollen by then. the ole paper towel trick for 10 hrs.tap roots were good. put in dirt 12 hrs above ground and look good.thanks yall its all goog.
Strawberry soo
Says : ordered my og x haze fem amd white widow fem , package arrived within 5 days.I only germinated a few they came up they are 3 inches(ww)and the og are four inches.i pinched the tops off one of each so far.they are beautiful.not one male in the bunch i got two pkgs of 5 seeds.I am so happy.I will say more when they are farther along.
Says : I ordered my seeds in Nov 2014 and since then I've grown four of these plants using soil/hydro HID/LED with flushing, no chemicals or sprays, and the results were all harsh smoke/vapor, smells and tastes like pine needles. Soil/HID produced the biggest strongest yield. A couple of my plants produced bananas at the end of flowering. Smoke is rough so vaporize instead. Even water-cured the vapor still has a lingering harsh. Pure THC is super harsh, so maybe it's just because this stuff is so strong? It's easy to get a little too high from this stuff and have to lay down for an hour or two. I've grown other strains under exact same conditions and even smoked they were all a smooth dream in comparison and still produced a strong high. I would recommend this strain if you're looking for pain relief or curing insomnia and an easy grow with a good yield of strong bud, otherwise stick to sativas.
Says : Awesome guy im from australia and i ordered 5 white widow feminized seeds and got delivered withing 8 days
Says : Bought many different strains from CK Thought i would try WW . knowing a lot about this strain . AS ALL MORE ORDERS they had it delivered within the week , i always order Sunday morning and here by Friday . i always order the 5 pack , and never once did i lose a seed / plant . The kids are about 10 inches now and in 10 inch pots . Will re`write a review upon my first joint .
Says : Watch all strains for NANNERS
Rob De Land
Says : Looking forward to the first purchase.
Says : I bought 5 seeds of the ww and within 2 days they were cracked and in pots. I topped and did some lst. I'm In my 5th week of flower and have nice golf balls all over it with some of the thickest crystal I ever saw.
Says : i ordered white widow seeds from crop king seeds , they came within days , was very satisfied with the quick and discrete shipping ! you will have my business in the near future ! thank you for the great customer service
Blu from Connecticut
Says : Thanks Crop King I just receive my WW seeds all germinated It was very easy to do.
Jody Anderson
Says : Was gonna wait a few weeks b4 I germinated my WW, but I couldn't wait. Did it the CK way and now i have a beautiful looking 3" seedling. Only gonna do one for now, I still have seeds left...btw thanx for the seeds CK. :) Will keep posting updates.
Says : First time here like the fast shinping
Says : Just wanted to say I bought several different kinds of seeds and got them fast and so far everyone I have planted is now a great plant about to bloom :) I am so excited and have Crop King to thank for my happy garden!
Nikk A.
Says : Two sides of spectrum. I got seeds and was stoked. Majority of seeds looked white without any stripes and too early. However all but 1 germinated and 2 didn't take. I bought 20 PROPS for sure. Things looking great so I'm hoping next order ( cause I'm for sure ordering again ) I can request more developed seeds. They are terrific here so I'm sure that's no issue. 5 STAR for sure. Which is why with develooed seeds it'll be that much better. Keep up good work.
Jody Anderson
Says : Received my WWF seeds today. Soooooo excited! First time growing WW. Thanx CK for a speedy delivery. Took less than a week to get my beans. Will keep you updated on my WW grow. Not gonna germ seeds yet, for another few weeks, as i have a Bubble Gum getting ready to go into veg and have limited space in my indoor grow room...
Says : Got my seeds this place is the truth seeds all pop and doing good
Says : Fem White Widow grower here. Ill shoot you straight. Seeds looked white and underdeveloped. At least mine did. Didn't matter. 100% germ rate. I'm in the last cpl weeks of flower and couldn't be more happy. The smell is like pine tree sap but sweeter. If come up to you and say smell my finger.... You should!
Says : After several weeks of TLC, to my girls all 4 white widow seed have been germinated and have sprouted beautifully,it's really looking great, I'm so excited. can't wait to do more business with CropKing, Da King of The Crop !! P.S. Will show pics very happy..!!
Says : I started my baby girls in the middle of November, an they are looking great, using fox farm nutrients, getting ready to put the PK 13/14 to them for bibber buds. I usually cut away the leaves an makes lolly pops
Says : Thank you Cropking, Geminized 4 of my whiteWidow seeds were germed planted and sprouted quickly, Cropking was kind enough to send me some complentary seeds when they didn't have to because 2 didn't germ,my family and friends are well pleased,thanks to my nephew for sending me to cropking instead of someone else.Living Large in da hood.Lee,AKA King James.. ps. will update on PK.Purple Kush..Thanks again king of the Crop...
Dennis Reid
Says : I heard about white widow, I want to tried a few.
Says : 16 days old lookin butiful love this strain can't wait to try out white widow auto feminized this white widow strain already smell FANTASTIC I can't get over it defentaly would rate 10/10 for all types of growers
Says : W.w. germed 4 100% also 4 S.D.100% great start with the king juzt ordered G.C & the new P.D.10 day turn around too South East U.S. CUSTOMER SERVICE 100%
Purple Kush Yes
Says : Crop King is Awesome!! - I'm about to harvest my 4th grow of Purple Kush - This shit has been great - Beautiful Purple Buds - Very Sticky - Great High! After Smoking PK for the last year + I am now about to try out the White Widow - right now I have 3 out of 3 seedlings growing nicely. 100% germination rate of course - I will probably grow this for the next year and I can't wait to watch it grow and see the difference between this WW and the PK. I highly recommend Crop King seeds to anyone that is afraid to pull the trigger and buy seeds in hopes of them actually arriving.... This place is legit - Pay for the tracking/shipping - they will arrive and you will be happy. Thanks-
Says : This White Widow is amazing! Pulling down my 3rd grow with Crop Kings seeds and can't wait to try out more of their products.
Says : The customer service is awesome. Had an issue with germination and CK didn't even hesitate they threw some new seeds in the mail quickly. And now its harvest time and they look and smell crazy good.
Says : Harvested my first White Widow plant about 5 days ago. Just started smoking it, and, well...possibly the best tasting, smelling, smooth smoke I've had in a while. Great punch but won't knock you out. Frickin love it and I made sure to clone the hell out of it. Excellent for first timers like myself.
Mr. Tao
Says : Seeds came in and can't believed they made it. Definitely will be ordering from you guys time and time again. You guys just bought yourself a lifetime customer. Thanks
David behm
Says : Love the reviews, can't wait for my seeds to arrive in Alaska.
Says : on my 5th set of flowering, picked a pheno type out of three I had gotten from a seed pack to clone that I like the characteristics of. I've been growing in soil, using Advanced nutrients. using a Mars Hydro LED with a 3watt set, switchs to a 400 watt 5watt LED set. Now none of the above really matters much for me, What I want to tell people about is DJ shorts 13 hours of darkness 11 hours of light for flowering, Everything is moving faster with that extra hour of darkness, I see a pheno type differential in the flowering. everything is more dank, pistels started popping out after the second day of switching the lights to flower. last time it was a solid 6 or 8 days. my last flower cycle took 10 weeks, this one looks like a true 8 week, which is great for soil.
Says : Just finished our 5th White Widow crop. Excellent as always. No complaints from anyone ever and it is super easy to grow. So far, I have gotten 100% germination and never had a single youngster not survive. Also, after 5 crops, no sign of hermies which can be a problem with feminized seeds from other seed banks. CK has the best customer service and super fast shipping to my area in the Great Lakes...only 5-6 business days. Looking forward to the Purple Kush crop in a couple of months.
boom chronic
Says : bought 10 white widow seeds and so far have 4 out of 5 success rate and they turned into beauties!
Says : Didn't turn out at all like i wanted. cant even smoke the buds. i grew them outside so maybe they just didnt get taken care of enough maybe this isnt a strain for outdoor in my area also i didnt flush them. smoke is very harsh and tastes awful. also didnt resemble the look of white widow at all
charles vaughn
Says : its fun too say for every one that likes white widow you mite doo the same with some nice tasting purple kush so anice look ans see its good site DIG IT
charles vaughn
Says : houdy all frinds this time I am growing white widow fem I have growen befor and it is just affine smoke so if you wander how it is too grow it aint no problem any one can do grait just let cure at least 4 weeks in a cool place have fun
Says : I germinated 3 White Widow seeds. All 3 germ'ed. I just flipped them into flower today. Up to this point they have done amazing. Extremely healthy, very easy to grow, very stress resistance. They are bushing out like crazy. With a little coaching I have a ton of colas on the already. I highly recommend this strain of White Widow.
Says : White Widow works GREAT on my nerve pain. Really a fun high too :)
Says : hey guys gals me again jessse try crown royal omg that's the next one if like you say ure a novice grower cant **** this up its again super easy and this stuff is all its suppose to be check it out man its a strong strain u can clone up to 4 times and lose very little effects same with your widow always clone your strains just a tip you do as u do but if you clone you can overlap your grow good luck happy harvest
Says : I love this website. 100 percent germination. I've ordered 3 strains, honestly was very sceptical of ordering the 1st time but they have helped this novice grower out a lot. love the trailer park boys love this website always very discrete.
Says : Man.... super impressed with everything so far. Great customer service, quick shipping, and the seeds germinated very quickly and have turned into some beautiful seedlings. Can't wait to see the finished product!!!
Says : hi all just to let all of you no if you have never had this strain I erg u to start with widow VERY easy to grow just follow the germ instructions and that's all there is to it feed and care for them for 8 weeks total and you shall yield at least 90g per of the best stuff you have ever had from seed to flower this is a remarkable strain its supereasy to do order TODAY U WILL HAVE YOUR SEED IN 7 DAYS word of advise novice growers should start with feminized seed cant mess up the sexes if you start with little ladys good luck and grow away its a lot of fun
Says : I received my order within 7 days. I purchased 3 strains. WW being one of them. Every seed I received has germinated and are looking very good. I am really looking forward to going through the growth process with these seeds. I definitely consider you guys as my go to seed folks. Thank you
Says : the staff is great i had bit of problem with train wreck auto i bought they replaced seeds without a blink i grabbed 10 green crack fems while i was there the lady i have dealt with a number of times great customer service always very help full i will keep getting seeds there
Says : I got mine just in time. Thank you for such a great service.
Says : crop king that's all I have to say they are the best hands down thanks KING
Says : I bought some white widow feminized seeds and I was not disappointed. They were shipped quickly and discretely to my house in Canada and I germinated all with 100% success. I ordered a few more when I thought I didn't have enough and those also came very quickly. I will be ordering more seeds from crop king soon, I am very pleased with the results and the genetics as well as the quality of service I received when calling crop king to ask questions. Kudos to cropkingseeds for a stellar performance and a great beginning to my first grow from seeds rather than clone. I will go with seeds more often because of how easy and convenient this was! Thanks again!
Says : hi fellow growers I have grown this strain from the king it is so great I ordered it again I grow a simple garden 1o plants 90 days killer bud every time I have never had any problems with anything from germ to finish all seeds pop only 1 out of 20 iv purchased so any one who thinks they cant grow killer bud you can start here with the king do some research and go for it im a guy who spent 5200 a year now I spend 2500 on electricity take care have fun get RIPPED
Master P.
Says : I received my ww to PA. In 8 days. Planted 1 outdoors after using paper towel method in early may.. August 11 started flowering stage. She is 14 feet tall and her top cola is 16 inches long. She will have about 8 ounces wet on her by 2nd week of October when she is ready to harvest. She looks like a Christmas Tree and Smells of pine and skunk for 30 feet all around her. She is awesome.TY crop king won't be going anywhere else for seeds ever again. Going to try crown royal next , indoors with cfl lights. I have posted pics of WW on 420 .
Says : I got my ww seeds in a week ordered 5 started 4 100%germ So far within 24 hours very satisfied definitely be back for the white cookies
Says : love the out come of my w.w but have a ques. one plant has already flowered and some excellent buds starting kind of concerned the others are just in veg. state and how long should I take till I harvest my buds can you send me a picture very happy with your service and product got 4 out of 5 seeds
Says : ordered 10 wwf all germinated in 3 days over 1inch root out of seed with paper towel method thank ck
Says : Received my w.w. seeds and can't wait to get growing Pass Pass Puff Puff
Says : Received my W.W. today, Can't wait to start. I grow indoors hydro. ordered #5 seeds Thanks Crop King,Appreciate!
Says : Just harvested our 3rd crop of WW and it is awesome as always! 100% germination so far and the plant is very easy to grow - no issues. I love to grow it because of its beauty and the unmistakable smell of gardenia & bergamot. My husband has been a cannabis fan for 50+ years and he says this is the best and most powerful of ALL strains! His only "complaint" is that he has a difficult time remaining in the vertical position...! We live on a farm and he often vapes just before going out to mow the grass....not with the Widow....he has a hard time just finding the tractor!
Charles Bourroughs
Says : Love this strain easy to grow and great results in fem and in auto.great taste. Fast shipping and a helpful staff . I am ordering some purple kush as we speak.Keep up the great work CKS 1 loyale customer
Says : I purchased a pack of 5 WW. Received them in great condition. I received in less than a week. I did get the shipping insurance so made my order a bit pricey. But They arrived safely. I started one yesterday with the cup and paper towel germination technique. We will see how this goes. If all goes well with this one I will def be ordering a few other strains. Interested in the autos next. And they are def crafty with their delivery. I lmao when I opened the package. Thanks King Crop Seeds
Says : i bought 25 purple kush and 5 white widow feminized seeds 80 percent germination just what they said would be. there customer service was great, very nice and pleasant i will go back for all my seeds
Says : Easy to grow, low(ish) smell, easy to train and the finished product is in the 'one hit and quit' realm. Great addition to any grow, only negative I can think of is that it doesn't make the most flavorful buds.
Says : All i can say is i have ordered from other seed companies before and Crop King beans has outdone any strains i have grown. So far 100% success rate with their germ method. They are now the only seed company i will purchase from.. They are very respectful and courteous with outstanding customer service. I am just a customer and one for life. Happy days are in your future with their quality beans. Thank You CK, you are the king!!!!!!
Says : wow great seeds bought 10 all sprouted.sprouted within 2 days. put into areogarden for 2 weeks.wonderful roots and happy.into 1 gallon pots.2 weeks later had to move 5 gallon was topping all the way 4 of the 10 seeds had great genitices sorry cant spell but after topping they came out with 3 sets of nodes.would buy again.
Says : lisa is great very helpfull looking forward to ww well let you know how it goes!
Says : Our 6 white widows are growing good wish I could post the pix
Chris L
Says : my white widow should be here tomorrow and i got 2 widows in the back yard my personal experiance so far with these gurls is lovely ones 17 inches and the other is 19 its bushing out like crazy and stinking a bit i cant wait to see the buds grow in i def will be back in fall to try your Afghani but 5 stars on this lovely widow crops king very stable (Y)
Jamie Lepew
Says : First time customer & so happy!!! Started beans 5/21/16, 3 for 3 White Widow, 2 for 3 Purple Kush & 2 for 3 Crown Royale! Shipping was fast and discreet, was able to track beans on their journey to the east coast. I am so looking forward to seeing these plants develop!
Capt. Commando
Says : Ok. I'm day 5 into my first grow and not only have all 5 seeds popped, but I'm just planted the first one in my DWC system. The others all have tap roots, but only one was large enough (approx. 1") to plant. Absolutely pleased with your product and your customer service! Thanks, again CK!
Capt. Commando
Says : Great product! My WW seeds arrived as scheduled, and as promised, no worries! Currently germinating them and after 24 hrs following your recommended germ procedure 4 of the 5 have already popped! Thanks CK! I'll keep you all posted.
Says : Experienced grower here and I never saw until now how fast germination could really be for the first time.. king crop has high quality strains..folded in wet napkin and in 2 days root was an inch long and hairy..talking about healthy stains:)incredible! Guys,Don't wait too long to check on your beans.This crop is from the king...UK here:)
Says : Just to let everyone here know about how nice and concern king crop crew was said I'll recieve my beans in 2 weeks and got them in 10 days:) Packaging was so Discreet.all my beans are solid and fat.Feminized is the way to go.I strongly recommend ordering from here. It's only king crop for me and my friends.forget the rest and shop with the best (KING CROP)
Charlotte Gray
Says : My first time growing white widow.
Says : Every seed I have ever ordered came in very quickly and all germinated king crop is the king
Says : Just recieved mine today ! Thanks king!
Says : You guys sent me 5 white widows, three have already germinated and sprouted everything's going good 100% success in germination vegetation room is T5 flower In Bloom room is Mars Hydro 144 x 5 reflector series will keep everybody posted nectar of the Gods advanced
Says : All the seeds have popped up here on 4 20 '16! Good timing for the return of the longest sunlight.
Says : Hi. Just got white widow. First time doing this. Can definitely use some advice, staring, taking care. Thanks
Says : Thank you for the help today you guys will have all of my business promise that
james Paddock
Says : I'm writing to tell you that I appreciate you all for being there when needed. I wrote months back and for first time ever I asked you folks forhelp with seeds as someone ripped all my girl passed Jan 25 ,and thanks to you folks she was not in as much pain and she was able to eat.I'm happy to see there is still true people out there that are still fellow humanbeings and care about others.thanks again and you will have my business for ever.peace and God bless..
Says : cool website! thanks guys
Says : I'm currently 7.5 weeks into flower. Plants look amazing! Does their White Widow run true to the 8 weeks flower they have listed? I am seeing A few Amber tricomes.(10%) Thanks!
Says : I have two growing at the moment, two slightly different pheno types, the scent is different on each. One has more Vigorous growth, but could get plenty of clones if wanted. Can't wait until my flower area is free.
Says : How many white widow plants do you guys think I can grow in a 2 by 2 box with a 300 watt led hydro Galaxy ?? I'm a first time grower
Says : Got them, grew them, bad ass weed!
Says : I am currently growing this white widow all seeds germinated one seed was three weeks behind the other sisters currently it is 4 times the size of the plants that were four to five times the size as a seedling growth it is the mother one other white widow I kept as a mother the others are in flowering White Widow is one of those one huge center Cola varieties at least that's how mine is coming out..
Stoney Roads
Says : Ordered some WW back at the beggining October. I germed 4 of the 7 I recived and 4 popped and all were female, I have harvested 1 if the 4 and wow it is some great smoke. I was growing in a 3x3 area with a scrog and am sure I'll yeild between 600-700 grams dry from all 4. The 1 I harvested I got 137 grams dry, and it was my smaller lady. The taste is great and it is very strong lol. I am no beginner and it is definitely a stay at game night smoke. It really helps me with my stress as well. I will be growing NY Diesel auto and Green crack next. Crop king is the King of cannabis seeds.
Donny D.
Says : Well, What CAN'T I Say About MY FAVORITE SEED BANK ON THE PLANET? "First off, I'd like to THANK ALL the STAFF & Employees @ Crop King Seeds. I know it's a TEAM Of Amazing People Out there on the West Coast Of My Wonderful CANADA! So let me start by admitting that I didn't do the proper research when I needed Seeds to - - Grow My OWN MEDICAL MARIJUANA I just went to TORONTO (since I live a short drive away. I trusted that In Our Marijuana Seed Providers here in Ontario might have a Concience. I was WRONG of course & it cost me $200.00 as a result. Not 1 seed germinated Oh Well> Lesson Learned. I decided to subscribe to High Times Magazine. I mean if ANYONE would Know who was legit & whom wasn't it would Be Them. Sure Enough I believe I only opened the Mag & There was Crop King Seeds Logo & Info. YES I was ashamed @ my sillyness in NOT trying this method right off. None the less. I Immediately purchased some White Widow Feminized Seeds. Others as well but the review is for My White Widows. When the seeds arrived the Packaging was the first thing to set me at ease. Then I looked @ the seeds under my Magnified Glass Light & Bammo! I Knew I was Good to Go. Not Only did all the seeds Germinate but ALL Were Indeed Female. I Know Right? Well I should also mention the Germination Instructions & then The Forums available for helping ALL Growers Everywhere exchange info & the comradery is second to None I've ever found. I've learned more there than I could have if I'd taken Botany as a Major In College. lol Thank You Kindly Crop King Seeds for All You've Done & will continue to In the future. I look forward to all New Strains I've yet to try. Sincerely: Donny D.
Says : my white widow show up yesterday it took 5 days from order date due to family day but all in all the seeds look great my summer grow is gonna have 3 of your strains in the garden thanks crops king
Says : Order 10 seeds over Christmas and even with the busy time of year they still arrived within 7 days.... Love the Crop King pin I received also!
Says : Extremely pleased extremely fast shipping to Massachusetts there's a reason they are King
Says : Got my Widow seeds to Colorado in 3 business days using the 30.00 shipping option, VERY FAST, honestly i cant get clones that i want that fast so kudos. Also got a bunch of extras. Will be competing in your journal comp so check there for results.
Says : Bought and grew these, start to finish I had zero issues. Once cured it's amazing. Top quality ☆☆☆☆☆
Says : I ordered 5 white widow seeds I germinated them just like they said plants are dong great. Crop King is awesome My pants are huge. Service is great fast delivery this company is great! Will definitely order seeds for the future. Thanks
Says : Just wanted to say your seeds are the best got them on 2/6 soaked 5 of them like you said then put them in the paper towel wrapped in tin foil as this always worked for me today 2/11 all 5 got put in rw cubes with at least 3/4" tails I have never had seeds from any other seed company start so easy see a lot of post on here with people having trouble germinating It ain't the seeds!!
Says : Ordered 5 WW Auto Fem and 4 days later received in Indiana USA. Great job.
Says : Ordered 1 week ago . Just got here wow best service we have got . Hope product is as good as delivery time. Love the reviews for white widow dying to try em. CropKing excellent .
The Germinator
Says : Having a Super Bowl thanks to Crop King Seeds....all hail the king baby...I'll be back...The Germinator
Says : my 1st crop king white widow. i planted 2 plants and 1 month later 2 more. 1st 2 i let get 2 foot tall. 1 plant 2 8 inch buds,1 9 inch and 1 13 inch very fat full buds. other plant just a little smaller. 1 hit good lite buzz, 2 hits excellent smooth buzz, 3 hits is all you want because your fried !! flushing other 2 today. (TASTE) VERY VERY SMOOOOOTH VERY VERY LITE ABSOLUTELY NO COUGH. I JUST DONT THINK IT GETS ANY BETTER !!!!! PURPLE KUSH WILL BE MY NEXT GROW THEN BACK TO WW. THANK YOU CROP KING FOR A GREAT PRODUCT !!!!
Says : Ordered my WW seeds1/30 got here today 2/6 very fast shipping here to Tenn. love the way they were shipped going to germ them this eve. You guys are the best you got a customer for life
Says : harvested my crop and left a little out of curing process to sample, and it was some of best weed i smoked and it hasnt even went thru curing yet. and i been smoking for 30+ years. ty ck and im getting redy to order 10 more.
Says : I might add I've ordered from here before and always with 100% success..thank you so much Crop King:) :)
Says : AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Ordered 5 beans only had 2/5 pop...:( wtf? I called in and talked to the customer service rep..she identified a flaw in my process and sent another 5! Which then went 5/5!! Customer for life here. ..and definitely telling my friends.
The germinator
Says : Harvested my first batch of White widders; it feels like christmas everyday now. Thank you crop king seeds for providing me with the medicine that I need...ill be back for some skunkers...#stokedabout#newcksstrains...the germinator
Says : here is an update 7-10 more days till finished, looking very fine, been under 8hrs light 16 hrs darkness for a week now, boy do they smell and look great, ty again crop king and i will be ordering real soon from you guys. not sure what to order maybe white widow again.
The germinator
Says : I ordered some white widow seeds and was so pleased with the results I ordered them again. Thank you Crop King Seeds...the germinator.. ill be back
Says : Got my White Widow seeds within 5 business days, {across country}. Germinated first 3. 100% success. Will germinate the other 2 today. Hope to post some picks later on. Well done Crop king, you are the best!!
Says : Thank you crop king I order my white widow exactly one week from today,after much anticipation my white widow has arrived I can't wait to get them in my tent
Says : fast shipment order on 12-17 and received them on 12-24 . and thank you Lisa for all your help
Says : This was my second order and my second review. Once again i am very happy with this company. Fast shipping to tx, very discrete and i had 100 percent germ rate on the last order. Thanks guys
Says : I ordered on Friday and they got here(TENN) today Wed.This is the second time I have ordered and they have gotten here within a week both times,
the germinator
Says : Superb company and seeds. they arrived promptly and discreet thank you crop king seeds your the best wish other companies operated with such class but then again your royalty ..all hail the king baby the germinator...I'll be back
thr germinator
Says : All ten are already hitting puberty and under two months. They all* germinated and are looking great; all female as promised. They are starting to bust out white hairs like crazy. Soon they'll be full grown ladies, crop king seeds is the best. I've bought from other sites and no one compares to crop king seeds... Thank you...the germinator..ill be back
Says : This is a follow up to my review of 8/29/2015. I got two phenos here, one was nice and frosty and done in 10 weeks. Great smoke and high. The second went 14 weeks tall with heavy nugs and a great skunky smell. The high is terrific, the neighbors all look like aliens, All hail the King!!!
sean w
Says : Planted five white widow. Awesome yield and grade a quality!!! Absolutely caked with thc! Couldnt be happier. No other seed companie comes close! Keep it up guys!!!!! :)
the germinator
Says : All ten are already hitting puberty and under two months. They are germinated and are looking great; all female as promised. They are starting to bust out white hairs like crazy. Soon they'll be full grown ladies, crop king seeds is the best. I've bought from other sites and no one compares to crop king seeds... Thank you...the germinator..ill be back
Says : Receive my Wwf seeds today only took 5days get services
Says : This is my 2nd attempt at growing....anything. My first try was a complete disaster. (NO FAULT OF CROPKING). I made every mistake possible. Every seed I have received from Crop King has germinated. Even my disaster germinated perfectly. Crop king was kind enough to send me 6 White Widow seeds (free) and I started a journal on 420 recently. They are some of the best looking plants I have seen. Check them out. Thank you again.
Stoney Roads
Says : Well I got my free replacement seeds and Germinated and all have sprouted and are doing awesome. I recommend using Sprint water to Germinate got 100%. Growing 100% in coco. I do have a grow journal on 420
Says : Crop king is definitely the best seed site there is. Customer service and shipping is above all the others I have used. Keep,up the good work guys.
Says : Just got mine cropkingseeds are the best
Rick Klassen
Says : I am now growing my 3rd strain of Crop King Seeds and I've been extremely happy with the outcome and the overall quality of the bud!I have been ordering from a local seedbank for your seeds but now I'm just going straight to you!Thanks tons! TwistedRealm
Stoney Roads
Says : I wanna say I made my first order of ww and got no problems. Granted something went wrong with the germ process so I gave the king a call and talked to one of their Queens and amazing customer service wow. I am impressed. I am a new loyal customer 100%. Thanks crop king. I will use spring water this time. And will update as soon as possible.
Says : Do the trichomes on this plant ever turn amber? 11 weeks into flower under HPS and they are still clear/cloudy. Plants are looking wonderful, just don't know when to harvest.
Says : King thank's a lot.
the germinator
Says : The ww ladies sprouted and are looking awesome, thank you crop king seeds. You have made a lifetime customer.
Says : Ordered regular blueberry a few weeks ago, strong healthy plants and got 3 freebies so today I placed my 2nd order now since I have love and trust with crop king I am going to see whatsup with WW!!!
stoney toads
Says : Ordered my beans about 5 days ago and got them today. Got everything extra as well. They look a little inmateur and white not marble like most of other seeds I've gotten around. We will see if will germinat in a day or 2 and update my review
Says : very fast shipping, got 10 seeds all sprouted but one doing bad so i pulled it but 9 are looking nice. tyvm ck. i will order again and also let you know how my white widows are doing. great job
the germinator
Says : Got my 10 ww beans today, thank you Crop King Seeds. I'll be back..the germinator
Says : Seamless transaction and reasonable delivery time. Will do business again.
Says : White widow seeds are the best , as long as you have right dirt, water correctly, fertilizer it, it will come out great. Not hard to grow indoors either.. 1st timer and mines going give me close to 350 yield
Says : I bought a 5 pack of WW and germinated 3 to start in case something went wrong I didn't want to ruin them all. But the first 3 germinated but one quickly died after 2 started slowly and I killed one transplanting. The one is growing a little slow, but it is growing. I started the other 2 both again germinated but again one died and the other is growing slowly. I started another kind after that and that kind is growing real good. So I Don't Know what I did wrong. I am pretty sure I drowned them. 100% germination.
Says : Ordered ten ww, delivery was very fast and discrete. Been using same method of germ as cks for years. Unfortunately only seven of ten cracked. Ended up with 6, one went retarded on me lol. Must say the six are looking very nice. Hope germ rate is better next time. Gonna try cr and cc.
Says : Just recieved my second order from CKS very impressed again fast discrete shipping this time got white widow seeds received an extra 2 seeds tyvm CKS u are definitely my go to source for all my future orders also white cookies strain amazing currently n week 6 of flower very impressed
Says : Just recieved my second order from CKS very impressed again fast discrete shipping this time got white widow seeds tyvm CKS u are definitely my go to source for all my future orders also white cookies strain amazing currently n week 6 of flower very impressed
Marlon T Everett
Says : We at CANNABIS QUAKE take pride in our suppliers as we do in the cannabis industries, located here in central USA the love and care the employees put into their clientele we at CANNABIS QUAKE will keep coming back.
Says : Well first off Crop King is a great company period. We had some billing issues which were cleared up professionally. I live in the USA so my order bounced around the post offices for days before arriving in great shape. I ordered 4 types of seeds one was white widow. This is my 8th grow and these WW were tough to germinate (the others popped right up). I didn't give up and even soaked one for a week and it popped. Ok so I did have a problem with mice eating two WW seedlings (the mice have since gone to mice heaven) out of 6 seeds only two plants are growing. So basically 1 never germinated and 1 died after coming up. No complaints all the others had 100% germination. It also seems the WW likes a lot of N fertilizer as it turns yellow more quickly than the others. Well they going to flower now and I will report more later. All hail the king...
Says : Heavy resin producer. Compact nuggz she gets better as the mother gets older loves extra uv light.I have some awesome picks but dont know were to up load?
Lady Greenthumb
Says : Just harvested 1st WW. Growing outside in SoCal. I pulled it when there were perhaps 10 to 20% amber threads because I dried one bud in a warm oven and the smoking results were so spectacular I wanted to lock in that high . Best high ever, left me with a very happy smile and I'm a chronic depressive. I planted them June 1st and they started flowering July 7. Harvested on Aug 24 to emphasize the THC. I left the bottom third of the plant to try for the couch lock effect. Perhaps the drought and extremely high temperatures this summer was why they were ready so soon. My other 2 plants got a little more shade so they might have two more weeks before they are yanked. PS. I have tried dozens of pharmaceuticals, grown weed before but this is the bomb! Thanks, Crop King, for the fine seeds.
Says : Bingo! After only four days, one of my White Widow seeds from CK actually sprouted in its starter plug. Now, while this may not seem like a big deal to most experienced growers out there, it is a major development to someone like me who has never grown anything out of the ground. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a fantastic yield of some really great hootch.
Says : just bagged my first WW from CKS. A little over 5oz and just over 4 months from start to finish. Very nice strain. Very nice taste. Very nice head. As far as accompany, I had a problem with a order and CK was good to their word. BTW I was told onlyCanadian orders arrive in the cool packet. Stateside gets a couple extra seeds instead. That's pretty cool.
Says : Lisa tells me that my White Widows should be arriving in a week or even sooner. I've been a consumer for 50 (yes, 50) years ever since the 60's (when they used to sell dynamite stuff called 'Vietnam Red' and 'Jamaican Tops'). But, over the following years I've paid exorbitantly for mediocre stock most of the time. At long last in my later years, I've taken the plunge into growing hydroponically for myself. My grow box is due to arrive next week which will hopefully coincide with my seed delivery. Not having any horticultural experience (let alone hydroponics) it all seems quite daunting, but I shall diligently endeavor. Much thanks for the ability to order by phone and for CK's very friendly staff. I'll post my progress as I go along.
Says : I bought five seeds and all germinated but I had a problem with one damping off after about 1week.I started them off late but it is now august9 and they are about 3 1/2 feed from the top of my 3gallon bags and are in 2week of flower and are doing great I will get a good harvest,cropking seeds are the best seeds I have ever bought and I bought the white widow!very happy will be buying a lot more this winter!
Says : Just recieved mine. Super quick service and got through to nz a ok :) Shall keep you posted with the process
Says : purchased 5 seeds received 7. received within 6 days - amazing - only planted one due to small growing room. very healthy plant so far but only 15 days into the grow. I will keep you posted.
callan fryer
Says : Excellent service! Fast and Discreet shipping! Quality product! A few extra seeds too, which goes a long way! Will be purchasing Purple Kush, White Widow and Jack Herer next week can't wait! Hail the King! Thank you!
Says : This will be my first time trying will lrt you know the out come
Says : Bought 5 White Widow seeds, received 7. 100% germination rate in 2 days. That is Awesome.
Says : Ordered White Widow less than a week ago.. They arrived in 4 days (B.C. To Ontario - snail mail)... Followed recommended germination process and have already had great success 90% ( after only 2 days ).. Can't wait to see how these ladies turn out.. Very happy so far.. Thank you 👊
Says : ty ck all is well I made a small mistake I let them veg 1 extra week by doing that the ww is 8 inches above my canopy other strains that are also ck beans this strain of ww grows so fast I will have to bend the tops down other than that 7 weeks left to harvest all 10 cuttings I took are healthy and happy my advise to u all is try thanks again ww it grows like a weed lol ps b careful with your fertilizer at this point if they look good and happy don't mess with success yahooooo ck
Says : CKS are the bestjust turned them 2 days ago time flys when ur having fun veg went great got 18"tall very full showing there sex these girls are unreel from my experience the yield will be at least400gs I started the beans in april cant wait 8 weeks to pure bliss THANK YOU CKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Says : Order ten last Friday and 12 arrived on Monday (across Canada) plus 5 free Purple Kush. Planted half of everything and all germinated within 36 hours! They are now planted! I currently have WW and love the strain. It will mold if you grow indoors and do not top it though! I am very happy with Crop King and will be coming back for more!!
Says : Very quick delivery to aussie land only place to order with confidants.
Says : Bought fifteen and received 18. All 18 have done great with no issues. Now in the veg state.
Says : out of 7 seeds got 3 up already and 3 more should pop up by next week. one of the 7 seeds was small. i didnt expect it to pop and it didnt . 6 out 7 not bad.
Says : these are the strongest little ladies. I have used other banks in the past never havei had 100 percent germ. they will be ready for the cloning process IN 3 weeks any new growers out there this strain YOU CAN DO IT 1 MONTH AGO I GERMINATED 3 OUT OF SEVEN ALL PLANTS ARE OVER 10 IMCHES TALL AND ARE FULL THEY WILL YEILD AT LAEST 300G love crop king seeds next order PURPLE KUSH JUST DO IT THIS COMPANT IS THE BEST
Says : update germ went great in full veg looking great very easy to start will let u no how flowering goes very excited first time with widow feminized crop king lives up to there product 100 percent thanks again
Says : great looking seeds. fast shiping.ordered 5 seeds got 7 that s great. cant wait to try theses out.
Dave Smith
Says : Just bought my seeds today and getting them ready for germination. Had really good luck with these last year and my niece has been raving about them ever since. She has MS and tells me mariguana is one of the only things that alleviate her pain, and that the "White Widow" I sent her last year made her feel better than any other strain I've sent her. Thank you CROP KING for helping me help someone else.
Major Peters
Says : I received my order of White Widow yesterday. The shipping was FAST, and I started the germination process today. I will update as things develop. Let me say this, they was so discreetly packaged, it fooled even me! Great job! I'm looking forward to a nice, long business relationship with Crop King Seeds!
Says : I just received my order from the KING, and I received more than I order, 7 of each order!! ""Bitchin"" shipped very stealthy. Germinating tonight. I live in KY, and received the order in 7 days. King Crop has got my Business, for sure!!!!!
Says : Ordered 10 White Widow seeds and to my surprise they arrived within five business days. I received 12 seeds rather than 10 which was nice. I decide to start with 6 seeds and see what kind of germination rate I would get. I followed the growing instructions to the letter and to my surprise all 6 seeds germinated and were ready to plant within 5 days. I had prepared six 7-gallon smart pots (lots of room) just in case. I had decided to use Foxfarm Ocean Forest potting soil but was afraid it might be to hot so I mixed 1/3 Foxfarm with 1/3 plain topsoil and 1/3 perlite. Just got them into the pots today and will have to wait to see if I made the right call on the soil medium. I'll repost in a couple of weeks and update on how the soil medium worked out, but for now I can say I am extremely pleased with cropkingseeds. They did their part and came out 100% right. Now we'll see if I can do mine.
Says : three out of three going clone crazy still have four for future use crop king and I are batting 1000 easy germ 3 days thanks again HAVE GREAT SUMMER EVERYONE !!!!!!!!! talk in fall CROP KING ROCKS
Says : Order took just over a week to receive. 100 % germination. Two I killed easily, my high mistake, so the two extra sent was well appreciated. Thank you! Very good growth and cloned beautifully. Onto flowering. I've tried other seed companies and have had very bad outcomes. CKS is fast and discreet. I give them a 10/10 and will continue with them from now on. So impressed I just ordered Dark Angel to see if it's a good complement to my garden.
Says : these guys r 4 real ya hooooo
Says : Just got my beans to Ohio .you guys are the best
Says : a company you can believe in. Seven day delivery time from order to delivery. Ordered 10 white widow received 12. Great company
Says : Just ordered to Ohio can't wait for white widow
Rigo Nemeth
Says : Is it posible that you can send the seeds to Germany ???You got so mutch good seeds and i want to order mutch of it,ok! Thank you for answer !! Your Rigo Nemeth
Charles Bourroughs
Says : Just ordered some White Widow and also Early Miss auto flower cant wait to get started THX CK Seeds. Will let you no if I get any extra on next update
John Davis
Says : This is a amazing strain all the seeds sprouted and grew well. The widow is really easy to grow. It flower big and very dence buds that are just caked in THC. Just a warning with this strain make sure u have very good air circulation and low humidity during flower because these dense buds will rot more easily.
Steve Behr
Says : Was happy to receive 7 seeds for my 5 seed purchase. Six mature plants is the legal limit in my location, so I thought I had one extra. However, only 5 germinated when I followed the suggested soak & wet paper towel method. I am very happy though, as all five have sprouted in the seed starter soil that I am using outdoors, this in only 8 days total time.
Says : Got my package on time in a clever way might I say haha. Haven't started yet because I'm practicing with a few clones my first run. But just wanted to let the viewers know. These guys are legit. You can trust them. I don't put my name for obvious reasons. Thanks cropkingseeds. I will be coming backs!!
Says : very good seeds. i bought them 1 year ago and it still sprout within 2 days. I also got extra 2 seeds.
Sam Prater
Says : hey aj, don't sweat it. These folks are some of the most honest folks I have ever done business with and their strains are REAL. They are some proud folks, also. They have the best seeds in the business and they aim to keep it that way! Read my other post, regarding finished product. If you don't get your seeds someone else did, but Crop King sent them where you asked them to.
Sam Prater
Says : Excellent strain! I got buds so good the folks at the dispensary ask me for it, when I go in for retail stuff. They don't get any! Mine is Mine! It is very cheesy smelling and very strong tasting and kicks like a mule once it creeps up.
Says : Just received them took a week. I'm happy so far. I'm excited to start growing.
Says : took less then a week to arrive and i was given extras, happy happy happy, thank you
Says : I don't know hat to say yet but hopefully this is gonna be some good weed I'll let ya know when I smoke it lol
Says : Just sent in a huge order to CropKings. I'm alittle ify as this is my first time ordering from here and sending in cash, will update in a week or so, fingers x
Says : Very good service. Got my order in about 3 days. Defiantly will be back for more. Highly recommended
Says : 7 white widow seeds arrived in AUS within a couple of weeks...great service, and discreet packaging..Thanks!
David Johnson
Says : In the process of placing my first order of White Widow, will in form on results.
steve F
Says : I just couldn't resist ordering 5 more white widow seeds.(I refer to my post on 1-29-15) They arrived in just over a week!Even a couple of extra, THANKS!! Nice shipping guys! I have given samples ( of the plant, not my seeds ) to professional growers and they were amazed at my success! You guys are the greatest! Can't begin to tell you what a relief it is not to have to constantly look for male flowers!
George K
Says : Just placed my first order with crop king and my card was declined due to it being an international order. One 5 minute call to the sweetest girl and we had it all fixed with an alternate payment option and my order was on its way. Great service, hopefully great genetics as well. I'm a master grower going back to the mid 80's so we will see what some new genes can add to an ancient valley purple skunk strain. I will report back with my results complete with high res photos. Thanks again for the great service, George
Dr Banner
Says : Grade A Service all around. Long live the King.
Says : I just received my order of White Widow seeds today. This order arrived in a discreet package that included 2 extra seeds, (for germination failure percentage I presume). These guys ship Fast! They notified me of shipping the next business day and I received the order in 3 days!! I have just placed an order for Black Indica today. I will update everyone on the growth and finished product once the results are in.
Paul Torres
Says : secondtime order.I planted two seeds three days after they burstwright out.
Sheck Purple
Says : First time buyer here, Planted the germinated seeds, got a twin trunk White Widow. (2 plants 1 seed) I am amazed so far. I will baby that one. cannot wait to see what the rest will do.
Shawn mac
Says : all 5 seeds germinated. was an easy grow and the finished product was nothing short of great.
Steve F
Says : I was hesitant because I live in Oregon, but the 5 White Widow seeds I ordered showed up in just a few weeks! I followed the germination procedure on the site and while only one of the 5 sprouted, it turned out UNBELIEVABLE! We grew it hydroponically in "gravel" and topped it twice. The result was a plant so resinous that tearing it down we had to rinse our fingers in "Everclear" (191 proof) every few minutes. After cleaning up our snippers and fingers, we let it evaporate... got a 4 gram ball of pure resin out of it! You guys are the greatest! Until I got seeds from you, I was using 2nd, 3rd, 4th or more generation seeds from who know what anymore... I always got a few male flowers that would show up and pollinate a good 15 - 30% of the plant.... Hate picking out seeds..... By the way, we don't "manicure", just remove any leaf with a visable stem, dry it "crispy" dry and vaccum pack it in 1/2 gallon mason jars.... And we got 15 7/8 ounces off that one plant! Those seeds paid for themselves 100X over what the cost!
Says : Super fast shipping. Got my seeds and a couple xtra goodies!! Thank you crop king. 5 stars
Says : First time ordering from The Seed King and I will for sure be coming back . The seed rate to pop ratio was amazing with only having one out of ten not work. The end product for me at least was a very smooth, light but strong hitting smoke. I will definitely be using The Crop King again soon .*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to everyone
Eddie E
Says : Took 10 days to get my White widow seeds good job. bought 5 seeds got 7 thanks.
Binny G
Says : Just amazing. Great customer service, prompt shipping that was very discreet, amazing product. I am very pleased and will repeat business. Don't ever stop what you do crop king.
Says : super fast shipping,great looking seeds.if germination is done as suggested they will sprout...thanks again guys
Says : I received my seeds quickly and CropKing is by far the BEST. I'll be back...for sure!!!
Sara baker
Says : First timer on Ck didn't know how true it was but I got my seeds in 7 days over the holidays! !! Forever a CK customer -Sara B.
Says : It only took 6 days to get the seeds delivered to west coast, simply amazing! Placed second order as soon as the white cookies & crown royale were released, can't wait to germinate them! Great seed bank, will come back for more!
Smoke Sumn
Says : Good
Gary the Farmer
Says : I just got my 5 seed packet last Friday the 5th. I followed your sprouting directions to the letter in a glass with bottled water and 5 days later I have beautiful 1/2 inch sprouts. I'm planning to put them in dirt today and start the White Widow Farm. Very pleased with the quality of seeds and the germination, 2 for 2. Thank You
Says : This White widow strain say's it's great for cloning.Has anyone tried cloning it? and what hours of system are you using.I bought 5 seed's and i just started with 2 of them and they both cracked and are in the dirt now.For the first 3 weeks i'm going to go with 25 hr's of light then knock them down to 12 hours of light.I have used this hour system before and they grow like a donkey cock.I'm going to be ordering the purple kush strain again.I don't smoke but i'm told that purple strain is 1 hell of a buzz.I use another seed bank as well but the 2 strains i bye from the King are the white widow @ 26% and the purple kush at 27%.
Says : Verry satisfied 100% germination stoked will be back for more
Says : excellent plant easy to grow 3 out of 5 germinated but of the 3 that grew I got 3.5 pounds of grade A smoke. buds that were bigger around then a 500ml bottle of water and about 1-2ft long
First time
Says : 100 percent satisfied! All 10 germinated and had a high yield of grade A bud! CKS rule! Keep up the good work!
Says : Just recieved shipment. And i was amazed to see very mature seeds. Ive had alot of different places send me seeds and 90 percent of seeds that ive ordered were young seeds (white cracked pigeon food) very happy to have found a place that has good customer service, nice stealth shipping, and mature seeds.......... thanks crop kings ALOHA
willie Oglesby
Says : Trying this strain for first time.
willie Oglesby
Says : satisfied
willie Oglesby
Says : Trying seeds for first timw.
willie Oglesby
Says : Trying this strain for first time. Fast delivery to say the least. Germinated 6, the day they arrived and all sprouted within 4-6 days. Now have really nice moms and a small crop in already. Just under 2 calender months. Saving 4 seeds back as backup for emergency but given this product and quick delivery, really didn't need to do that. Well worth the money to get feminized from this site, since I didn't use this site when purchasing last time and I got inferior plants and terribly ripped off. ( no refund or credit on better seeds ) ditch weed is what I got. Live and learn - so I'll be back here. Nice plants, really nice.
willie Oglesby
Says : Great seeds
willie Oglesby
Says : Feminized seeds
David Gould
Says : good, if this works
Says : Awesome service, 100 percent germination. Very classy packaging, wont buy from anyone else. CKS rules
Says : first time
Says : 10 sedds
Says : thanks
Louise D.
Says : Trying this strain for first time. Fast delivery to say the least. Germinated 6, the day they arrived and all sprouted within 4-6 days. Now have really nice moms and a small crop in already. Just under 2 calender months. Saving 4 seeds back as backup for emergency but given this product and quick delivery, really didn't need to do that. Well worth the money to get feminized from this site, since I didn't use this site when purchasing last time and I got inferior plants and terribly ripped off. ( no refund or credit on better seeds ) ditch weed is what I got. Live and learn - so I'll be back here. Nice plants, really nice.
Says : Just got my white widow seeds you guys are the best 4days delivery to new zealand thanks
Dr. Rob
Says : Quick delivery, secret packaging. Second time I have ordered, highly satisfied!
Says : Ordered 10, received 12...100% success rate and settled nicely under fluorescent light...will plug into room when they get a couple sets of leaves...staff, shipping, seed quality all a class act...thx
First time grow 22
Says : Awesome service, 100 percent germination. Very classy packaging, wont buy from anyone else. CKS rules>
Says : Awesome so far 4 weeks into first run. 100% seed germination. Looking great. Thanks
Says : Very very...! Pleased with the service. I can tell it's the beginning to a long and prosperous relationship. Couldn't be more satisfied!
Jhony B good
Says : Cant be better. Great client support. even got more seeds than I bought. Will buy more later!
Says : Just finished a pack of northern lights ! Was very Impressed I will keep getting packs of seeds from this company I'm very Impressed with the outcome so far of what I've grown and cropped out and yields very nice! Can't wait to do this White Widow !
Says : i placed my order late on the 26th. my order is already out for delivery, and today is the 5th day after i ordered. i live in southern u.s., so this is super fast! p.s. you need a fan page just for your stealth shipping. that is crafty!
david schneider
Says : I love your white widow seeds
J..G SoCal...
Says : You guys are the best I just got my white widow seeds and even got extra seeds tanks I will order more soon
Jake S.
Says : Perfect!!!
Says : It took a bit over 2 weeks and I was starting to get worried, but in the end the seeds arrived safe and sound. Considering I ordered them into the middle of Mexico, I'm extremely happy, and a bit impressed! Germination rate was 100% so what else is there to say? Oh yeah, I even got extra seeds! I'm beyond pleased, F'ing A++
Says : Just got my White Widow order today and was extremely satisfied with the fast and very discreet shipping. This isn't my first go around with CKS and will not be my last! The candy cane auto I ordered last time is just days from harvest and I couldn't be more impressed with the quality. excited to give a smoke report on it soon once it is cured! Meanwhile time to get these WW going and look forward to trying the zeuss very soon!
William J
Says : Fast discreet delivery to the U.S. 100% germination. 10 beautiful little girls. Will post results in 12 weeks or so. Will be using crop king exclusively from now on. Extremely satisfied.
Mirko Gogolin
Says : Awesome good stuff. Thanks.
Harry F.
Says : very pleased,with the service and honesty. Will reorder soon ty.
ken reyklin
Says : prompt service,thanks guy's
Brian K.
Says : White Widow is my favorite strain. I ordered from you guys and got my seeds quickly. Awesome stuff you've got here.
jeannie keys
Says : satisfied

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