The best way to start growing your own marijuana plants is with seeds, there is no doubt about that. While there are different categories of marijuana seeds that you can choose from, regular seeds come with their own unique advantages when grown. There are also certain factors that need to be considered, including your overall growing experience, growing location, target flowering time, and desired amount of yield.

What are regular seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are the standard plant seeds. They have not been optimized using any genetic process of engineering in order to make anything that will work differently in nature. This means that they are typically the easiest to find. Some seasoned growers recommend the use of regular seeds for novices and beginners for two very important reasons. One, novice mistakes that are committed are part of the entire learning process. As such, they should not be done with the rarer, more expensive types of seeds.

Two, regular seeds give beginners a better understanding of the full growing cycle, as well as the type of care that the plants need. These types of seeds are also critical in the process of developing new strains. They are also useful in crossbreeding.

One drawback, however, aside from the absence of shortcutting features, is that regular seeds more likely produce female plants than male plants. Male plants are generally regarded as undesirable and should be removed if you want to gather crops of consumable flowers. As 60% are most likely to be female plants, only 40% of the plants need to be removed after months of cultivation.

Cultivating regular cannabis seeds is easy

In contrast to most beliefs, cultivating plants from regular seeds is relatively easy. As a starter, they are generally more accessible for everybody, also for novice growers. In fact, even before the introduction of feminized and autoflowering varieties, everybody only learned to grow using regular cannabis seeds.

Naturally, half of the regular seeds are female, while the other half are male. Several factors may impact this ratio. Some growers believe that environmental conditions may impact the ratio of male to female plants, this theory has not been proven and verified just yet.

Regular seeds for producing and crossbreeding

For growers who love growing their own supply of cannabis plants, regular seeds play a very important role in the process. Male plants may be separated from the females, with the pollen collected for use at a later time. At times, the pollen will be applied only to specific female plants. Once they are pollinated, the female plants will begin producing their seeds.

For growers who aims at producing seeds, there might be a challenge when it comes to choosing the best male and female plants for breeding. There is also a challenge in making sure that the entire crop is not pollinated accidentally. Regular cannabis seeds are also used by outdoor growers who want to see their plants grow in the most natural way possible.