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regular marijuana seeds

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Are you in need of regular seeds? Well, look no further, as Crop King Seeds‘ regular cannabis seeds for sale are here for you to indulge in. Our regular marijuana seeds are high quality cannabis seeds that are ideal for growers who want to experience breeding their marijuana strains. These regular weed seeds have a chance of growing both female and male marijuana plants so that you will have enough for your breeding needs. Buy regular marijuana seeds today and avail our discounts and promos on our wide variety of strains!

What are Regular Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are the standard plant seeds that haven’t been genetically modified. They are the easiest to find and are recommended by some seasoned growers for beginners. They allow for mistakes during the learning process and provide a better understanding of the full growing cycle and plant care. They are also important for developing new strains and crossbreeding. The downside is that they have a lower chance of producing female plants, which are desirable for consumable flowers. 60% of regular seeds are likely to be female, meaning 40% of the plants will need to be removed after cultivation.

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Is Regular Seeds Beginner Friendly?

Growing plants from regular seeds are relatively easy and accessible for novice growers. Regular seeds were used before the introduction of feminized and autoflowering varieties. Half of the regular seeds are female and half are male, though environmental conditions may affect the ratio.

What are the Advantages of Regular Seeds?

Regular seeds are important for growers who want to grow their own supply of cannabis plants. Male plants can be separated from females and their pollen is collected for later use. These seeds are also used by outdoor growers who want a natural growing process. However, keep in mind that regular seeds may produce male plants, so if you only want female plants, consider buying feminized seeds or autoflowering seeds. Regular seeds are also important for breeders, as they are used for crossbreeding and maintaining the cannabis gene pool.

How to Grow Regular Seeds?

Growing regular cannabis plants can be challenging as they have longer life spans and require specific lighting schedules. Consider using an indoor growing area for close monitoring and protection from pests and weather. During germination, use our special germination procedure and provide the best lighting from germination to flowering. Change the schedule to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark a few days before flowering to identify the gender of the plant. Separate males if you want to grow weed, and leave them with the females if you want to cultivate seeds. Regular seeds also require the best soil, nutrients, and careful care to become healthy and productive.

Where to Buy Regular Marijuana Seeds?

When buying regular marijuana seeds online, make sure to only deal with reputable and trusted seed banks like Crop King Seeds. We are a USA-based seed bank with a good track record and history of providing high-quality premium marijuana seed strains to patients and consumers. Our seeds go through a stringent selection process to ensure world-class quality. Trust us to provide the best value for your money and to keep your identity safe during transactions.

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