Blueberry Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Blueberry is a well-known classic and former winner of the Cannabis Cup. This indica is known for its colorful fan leaves and purplish bud that produces a fruity flavor and taste. This is an excellent strain for pain relief and relaxation. Repeat customers usually germinate a number of seeds so that they can find a special mother plant from which to easily to take cuttings.

Crop King’s Blueberry cannabis seeds are regular. ‘Regular’ cannabis seeds are a mixture of both male and female seeds. If the male and female seeds are grown together and pollinate, they will produce more seeds instead of flowers or ‘buds’. If the aim is for your plants to produce buds, but you still want to use a regular strain instead of a feminized strain, you can separate the males before they pollinate the females while they are still immature plants.

An easy way to tell the difference between male and female plants is during the pre-flowering stage. At this time the males will produce pre-flowers that are ‘ball’ shaped, while the females will produce pre-flowers that are ‘pistil’ shaped.Blueberry is an easy variety to grow but can be a choosy feeder. The payoffs for your efforts and investments are high yield harvests of tasty and high-quality buds. Even decades after it was first introduced Blueberry continues to be a coffee shop favorite.

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More About Blueberry Regular Seeds

This Indica – dominant plant has purplish buds, which is what earned it its monicker in the first place. The leaves are vibrant and colorful and usually grow in a unique fan-like arrangement. Meanwhile, Blueberry regular seeds are among the best you can get your hands on today. They have a delicious and tempting flavor that leaves a tantalizing aftertaste that lasts an incredibly long time.

A single plant can yield up to 300g of glistening, trichome – rich buds. However, you can push that number up to 500g by growing indoors with the best setup. The THC content is fairly substantial, and the high is of the relaxing kind you normally look for after several consecutive days of long meetings, killer deadlines, and toxic clients.

A lot of people use Blueberry for its relaxation and pain-relieving properties, thus making this strain among the most commonly used medical strain. This strain is the perfect choice for unfortunate cannabis lovers who often suffer from stress and pain in various areas of the body.

The effect is simply unbeatable, and this is not surprising, considering how Blueberry has been around for a long time, even winning the Cannabis Cup at one point. Clearly, this is a must-have for recreational and medical marijuana users alike because it offers something for everyone. It does not matter if you are after the high alone or relief from ailments. Blueberry will take care of you.

This award-winning strain is recommended for growers wanting to work with an easy to moderate growth. The flowering time is merely more or less two months, which is about the same as that of many other common strains. Just make sure to use the right and only the best nutrients because this strain can be a little picky.

85 reviews for Blueberry Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Garth Aka Magicbeanz

    Garth Aka Magicbeanz

    Holy these beans are the size of peppercorns. I got 100% germinate by placing my seeds in a jar with 120 grain sand paper wrapping the bottle , then lightly scuff the seeds lightly before soaking and fallowing CKing germination.amazong vigour in seedlings

  2. Avatar for Bee


    All females from the 5 ordered.Plants were outdoors and finished very nice.Lots of buds and actually did taste like blueberries.Purple in color from the cold October nights.Glad i finally tried this strain.

  3. Avatar for Lapper1960


    Just received my beans! Can’t wait to germinate. Trick packaging! Love you guys..

  4. Avatar for Doug


    Got to be kidding me!!! I bought Blueberry seeds 3 years ago. I put them in a jar with way too much desiccant. Drying seeds too much is supposed to kill them. I then learned about my error and figured I would try to sprout them any ways. Soaked em for 10 hours then paper towel method as suggested. I let the paper towels dry out bone dry twice and figured I totally killed em by now. About to throw them away after the second towel dry-up and figured I would re-wet the towel and wait just in case. Here we are 4 days after start of initial soak in water was begun and I just had a seed pop! Even if this is the only one, it is unbelievable after all I did to kill these poor things. Now I am hopeful a few more will pop since I am only on day four of my totally botched germination attempt. Glad you sell seeds that are hard for even me to kill!! Thanks Crop King!

  5. Avatar for Kae Biz

    Kae Biz

    I got 3 going.. the first leafs was green on top and purp on the bottom. It changes as grown to all green. I ain’t flowered or sexed them yet but I can’t wait to see the buds

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