Chocolope Candy Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Chocolope Candy is unlike any other kind of sweets you’ve tasted before. This hybrid is strong, powerful, and promotes creativity and mental stimulation to users. It is effective in different uplifting moods and can help relieve pain, muscle cramps, and strains and will help you combat stress for longer hours.

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More About Chocolope Candy (Regular)

You’ll Never Taste Candy The Same Ever Again

Chocolope Candy is a Sativa dominant strain known for its potent head rush that would get its users extremely blissful and contented. Often regarded as a thought-provoking hybrid, this strain’s aroma is very distinct, and its chocolate-coffee flavor is easily one of the most recognizable tastes. It is not surprising why this uniquely-flavored cannabis is a fan favorite. The cerebral buzz is very strong and promotes a sense of well-being to its consumers.

Its medical application should not be undermined. This hybrid is a definite mood-changer, and patients with eating disorders will find this weed very delectable. It is an invaluable asset to the medical community, knowing that it can provide relief from physical agonies such as pain, muscle cramps and spasms, and many other afflictions. Though the effects are temporary, it is still very potent enough to last for hours.

An overall generous yielder, growers will need to nurture the seeds under the warm summer sky. Thanks to its stable genetics, Chocolope Candy has all the best traits of its parent strains that ensures this is an example of top quality cannabis.

1 review for Chocolope Candy Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Aldwin Holmes

    Aldwin Holmes

    Very very classic and addicting strain. I love that it comes in regular seeds! Highly resistant to pests and disease. Gotta keep an eye out for the temp though, this will need more light that usual. I decided to go with some HID just to be sure. Amazing looks as well, they give the classic bright green shade with some nice trichomes giving it a glossy finish. Sweet, bitter, and lightly floral profiles are great as well. nothing too overwhelming, they compliment each other well! Loved the light headed buzz. Gets you awake but no paranoia at all! Very well balanced, I’m definitely a fan now!

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