Hindu Kush Regular Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Hindu Kush is a complex, legendary strain that comes with a mixture of pine, spice, and overpowering sandalwood. It is pure indica with a wonderful high, and thus it’s perfect for nighttime use. This is ideally a versatile strain, but it’s best to grow outdoors where it can stretch and grow to its maximum potential.

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Additional Information

More About Hindu Kush Regular

One Word: Legendary

This pure Indica strain is named after the region where it was predominantly grown – Hindu Kush. It is a region situated between Afghanistan and Pakistan. While it is a pure breed, Hindu Kush remains one of the most complex brands of weed. Its aroma alone is a mix between pine, spice, and sandalwood, while the flavor shares an herbal diesel taste with hints of floral sweetness.

You may have already guessed that this pure Indica strain offers one of the exhilarating high. This strain is famous for its cerebral effects that stretch for hours. Ideal for nighttime use, the strong body stone creates the perfect atmosphere for better sleep. The mind-numbing high also eliminates any sense of pain from the body.

Growing this strain is quite easy as it is naturally inclined to grow outdoors without any need for human interaction. However, a good amount of care would increase its yield.


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