Jelly Bean Regular Marijuana Seeds

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More About Jelly Bean Regular

Your Tasty Jelly Treat

Coming from a cross between Orange Skunk and Space Queen, Jelly Bean is a Sativa leaning plant that likes to spend most of its time building up towards an explosive ending. The flavor and aroma of this strain take from its parent strains with a delightful blend of fruity tropical flavors with a very earthy aroma. Jelly Bean likes to spend its time lingering around the minds of its users. It starts off with a euphoric rush that sets the mood for the rest of the session. The effects take a drastic turn that gears toward a boost in vitality.

Many of its effects turn out to be medical in use as well. As the effects take place, it also changes the mood in an instant doing away any morbid thoughts of depression and anxiety. The mind and body are invigorated, making this an ideal weed to smoke in the afternoon.

Planning to sow the seeds of this strain? Look for a sunny climate with very warm temperatures so you can have a significant amount of yield.


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