Papas Candy Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Strains Overview

Papas Candy is a sweet and relaxing indica-dominant strain that’s perfect for different medical conditions, including pain, epilepsy, asthma, nausea, anxiety, stress, depression, and many more. It’s best for evening use, to cap a tiring and very hectic day. Growing this strain takes longer but will give you more yields.

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Additional Information

More About Papas Candy

Delightfully Sweet and Surprisingly Nurturing

Papas Candy is a mostly Indica strain that is a cross between High Level and an unknown strain. Bred to perfection to help with medical conditions such as pain, epilepsy, nausea, and asthma, this is the type of weed you would want to smoke in the evening when you want to get good quality rest.

The relaxing high and calming sensation that this strain exhibits allow for a more tranquil experience for its user. The sweet fruity flavor is quite tempting, especially during inhalation. After a few tokes, one should feel a lot better as the body buzz slowly creeps in and lingers within the body.

Growing this Indica dominant strain should take only around 60 days to flower, and harvest will result in a decent amount of yield. Known for its paralyzing effects, Papas Candy is definitely a great recommendation for recreational users who want to enjoy a good body buzz and for medical marijuana users who seek relief from ailments.

3 reviews for Papas Candy Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. 5 out of 5

    Brett Gilligans:

    Can have a lot of this strain without feeling guilty! The taste was so good, I really liked the sweet hashy profile of the buds! They showed a remarkable resiliency in growing. Stems were strong enough to hold up the juicy nugs! Perfect for beginners, just gotta look out for the males! I felt completely spaced out after hitting this strain. Smooth and silky hits got me feeling good! High lasted a long while too! 5 stars is the only way to go for this!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Tammy Reid:

    I want to enjoy more of this Papas Candy Reg Marijuana strain! This strain is said to be an Indica and its effects are promising! I purchased some seeds and it is no doubt that the seed grew miraculously! After I planted it, it bloomed within 60 days. The flowers of this strain are perfect! After I cultivated this strain, I smoked some and sweet sensation lingers, the effects are more euphoric and even myself cannot help to smoke more. There was this time wherein I felt some kind of stress and anxiety but when I puffed this one, the pain went away. I noticed that when I finish smoking it, some piney and cerebral buzz stays within a minute that I enjoy most. I tried to recommend this strain to my relatives and as far as I know, they enjoy it more than I do!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Heather Davis:

    Very obedient plant. I can’t imagine that the seeds successfully grown with a height of 40 inches within 2 weeks. The plant has so much to tell, very potent and has a great yield. It also like the medium humidity level, which I prefer to put it in a green house growing room. I can say that this product of yours are from quality genetics. Rate is A++

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