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Sativa Marijuana Plant

Sativa Side Effects: What you Need to Know!

The legalization of marijuana is getting more public support even before, especially that research has been conducted to explore the benefits that we can get from this weed. Marijuana is used not just for recreational use but also for medical purposes. At this time, we are aware that there are three types of marijuana, Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. In this article, we will talk about Sativa’s side effects and also its benefits.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is known by many names. It is called cannabis, weed, pot, grass, herb, bud, nugs, skunk, ganja, Mary Jane, Aunt Mary, among others. Marijuana is said to be the most commonly abused illicit drug globally. Marijuana is derived from a cannabis plant. It is the dried leaves and flowers from a cannabis plant. It contains two main active compounds, Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, as well as other active compounds like Cannabidiol, or CBD. The THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects derived from marijuana, while the CBD is the active compound that is responsible for the medical benefits. 

There are three types of marijuana. These are Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. Indicas have a strong physical high and can bring about relaxation that can take away stress. Strong Indicas can leave you glued to your couch feeling lazy or can lull you to sleep. Sativas, on the other hand, can produce mental effects that can lead to euphoric and energy-boosting high. Hybrids are a mix of both strains. There is an Indica-dominant hybrid, and there are also Sativa-dominant hybrids.

What is Sativa?

Also known as Cannabis Sativa, this type originated in countries or places with warm or hot climates. These are countries like Central America, Southeast Asia, and western parts of Asia. These plants grow tall and thin compared to their counterpart Indicas, which tend to grow small and thick. Most Sativas have fingerlike shaped leaves. They also take a longer time to mature. 

Sativas are known for their psychoactive effects; thus, most of them have high THC contents and have lower doses of CBD. The psychoactive or mind-altering high can enhance the mood, boost energy, reduce the risk of anxiety, help manage the symptoms of depression and other mood disorders. 

Examples of popular Sativa strains are Durban Poison, Acapulco Gold, and Panama Red. These strains are best known for their psychedelic, energy, and creativity-boosting effects. They are also very popular among cannabis connoisseurs.

Effects of Sativa Strains

Sativa strains, as mentioned, are known for their psychoactive or cerebral high. It produces a strong mental high that can alleviate the mood, boost energy, boost creativity, focus, and

productivity. For most cannabis consumers, Sativas are the perfect choice for artistic inspiration.

It is also a good aid if you are facing a busy day ahead and need a little push in finishing very important tasks. It can enhance the mood. That is why it is recommended in the treatment of behavioral disorders such as anxiety, depression, or trauma. Sativas are best for daytime consumption because of their stimulating impacts. Unlike Indicas, Sativa strains are not often used for pain relief because they have a lower CBD ratio. The sedative effects are low for this strain. Sativa is the best strain for cannabis users who want to stay mentally focused while enjoying the effects of marijuana.

Sativa side effects

They say that you can’t always have everything good. The side effects of Sativas are somewhat also closely related to the benefits that we are getting from it. Just like any string medication, there are also potential side effects. Most Sativa side effects are also common to marijuana in general.

  • Anxiety and Paranoia: Cannabis sativa has a high THC content that can bring about psychoactive effects. Usually, this is being enjoyed by recreational users. The effects can be overwhelming, especially if you are in an unfamiliar place or surroundings. The high may cause a feeling of panic and anxiety with palpitations. In some cases, especially for inexperienced cannabis smokers who have tried to
  • smoke a strong Sativa strain for the first time, it can lead to paranoia or temporary psychosis. This effect can happen to people who have predisposed mental health issues. This can happen to anyone who seemed to be overwhelmed by the effects of a strong Sativa strain. For this reason, novice consumers are always reminded not to consume potent marijuana because they may not be able to handle the effects.
  • Insomnia: Sativa strains are energy-boosting; thus, it is not best to consume at night as it will keep you awake all night. The main reason why Sativa strains are recommended for daytime consumption is because they can boost energy and keep you upbeat all day long. It can help you finish your tasks without stressing yourself. So to avoid experiencing insomnia, never attempt to consume Sativa strains before bedtime.
  • Dizziness: This is common to most marijuana but most likely with high THC strains. As consuming weed can lower blood pressure, it causes a feeling of lightheadedness. To keep this from happening, make sure to keep yourself hydrated at all times.
  • Munchies: Cannabis can boost the appetite, and this effect is almost common to any potent weed. Though this can also have beneficial benefits, especially to those who are suffering from—a loss of appetite due to a particular medical condition. 
  • Dry Mouth: Another common side effect for most cannabis. This happens because the THC binds with the receptors in the salivary grounds, and it slows down the production. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated when you are smoking weed and experiencing dry mouth.


Cannabis Sativa is very popular for recreational use. They have a great taste and smell that attracts cannabis consumers. As they are known for their energizing effects, psychoactive, and uplifting effects, they should not be taken in excessive amounts to minimize Sativa side effects. The best way to combat Sativa’s side effects is to take everything in moderation. Always be a responsible smoker to enjoy the effects of your weed. The goal is not to get the minimum high but to enjoy the type of high that you can get. Again, everything is good but in moderation.

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