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Sea of Green Growing Method

Sea of Green Growing Method of Marijuana Plants

Sea of Green, commonly recognized in its abbreviated name “SOG,” is a growing method of marijuana plants that compels the flowering phase at an earlier period. Marijuana plants will only be in the vegetative stage for around two weeks. With the Sea of Green, the harvest is scheduled earlier than the usual cultivation of marijuana plants. 

Many cannabis cultivators are employing the Sea of Green growing method of marijuana plants. Specifically, the veteran growers use the Sea of Green growing marijuana plants to achieve the maximum possible yield.

What are the Benefits of SOG?

So, how does the Sea of Green method work, and what makes it beneficial to the growers? The method is commonly used, particularly if space is entirely bounded in a grow room. It lets the grower maximize the space without forfeiting the yield. If you place the plants into the flowering phase with a 12/12 light system, you can suit many flowering plants into more extensive space. The produce of one plant may be smaller; however, the yield you can gain accumulatively will be higher.

Sea of Green Growing Method of Marijuana Plants – Pros and Cons of SOG Method

The Sea of Green method is very popular in the cannabis world. But aside from the positive effects of this method, it may also exhibit some cons. Here are the pros and cons of SOG:

SOG Pros

  • The shorter period of growth also lowers the risks of diseases, pests, and mistakes. As an output, there would be a better opportunity for your plant to grow hearty for the extent of its life cycle.
  • Growers do not have to be anxious about not fully developed lower buds.
  • Although you lead with a lesser yield per plant, the average yield for every square meter is quite bigger. Growers also get the advantage of multiple harvests per year. 
  • You can employ the Sea of Green method in a limited-space grow room because you require lesser vertical spaces.
  • Once the plant is set for reaping, you can cut them nicely and immediately because of the high ratio of bud to leaf.
  • As there are lesser leaves to eliminate, lesser organic waste is made.

SOG Cons

  • Although there is a minimal thing to do once the plants get into the flowering phase, you have to exert plenty of early doors. Works include searching for appropriate clones, getting cuttings, potting, and assembling drippers.
  • While the plants are less likely to catch the attention of pathogens and pests, if they get ill, the whole crop can be exterminated since the plants are neatly packed together.
  • You will have to throw a significant volume of the growing medium after every harvest.
  • You may only use specific kinds of plants considering the manner the Sea of Green method works.
  • If you appreciate making edibles, the insufficient trimming of leaves can be a blow.
  • You should be cautious not to surpass the legal cannabis growing limit of the state. If you choose to rear plants repeatedly through the Sea of Green, there is a good possibility that you will result in tearing the law. Punishments for too much marijuana cultivating range from a heavy reparation to prison time.

Promising Harvests and More Volume of Marijuana

Generally, Sea of Green growers has time restrictions. Some varieties of marijuana plants exceed ten weeks to finish the vegetative phase. With the Sea of Green method, growers get more promising harvests and more marijuana. This is a technique used by more extensive operations where constant production is needed.

Rearing marijuana through an artificial light implies that you have to utilize light more expertly. This is not just because you are paying for the bill of electricity, but mainly because you want to seize the best from your plants. A lot of grow rooms are established to light marijuana plants from above. Through this approach, the top branches and leaves throw aside on the lower portions, implying that there will always be a part of the marijuana plant that is not getting enough light.

If you load the plants in great proximity, you establish a shade of buds that maximizes the use of your light. A single huge HPS light can only provide you one alternative for lighting; however, numerous HPS grow lights can give you better light scope across all crops.

The Sea of Green method is particularly beneficial with vast volumes of cuttings from a replicated marijuana plant. It saves you the effort to purchase seeds and makes sure that the plants are female and of excellent quality. 

Sea of Green grows commonly do not need pruning; however, some cultivators prefer to clear out the lower branches underneath the canopy. This assists the plant in settling its concentration on the central bud and enhances the general airflow beneath the canopy. You may also replicate these cuttings and secure another bundle of SOG plants to repeat the system.

How to Employ the Sea of Green Technique?

You don’t need to have an expert skill for the Sea of Green technique to be efficient. What is only essential is you have a good comprehension of the concept. The absence of required training and pruning turns the Sea of Green to be one of the most straightforward techniques for cultivating marijuana. 

Here is a detailed guide on how to do the Sea of Green method:

  1. Sprout the seeds or get cuttings to make clones
  2. Rear them with an equivalent of 18 to 24 hours of light. Wait until they reach a height of 10 to 12 inches. 
  3. Secure ideal spacing, preferably 1 or 2 plants for every square foot, and replace the lighting system to 12/12 to compel the flowering stage.
  4. Once a sticky canopy of buds develops, cut the branches underneath, and utilize them for clones.
  5. Reap the fruits when you are already prepared.

Some cultivators initiate a 12/12 lighting system if the plants only grow around 6 inches. Similarly, some cultivators may load the plants more or less compressed depending on their requirements. Their needs may alter, relying on the grow room and the variety of strain.

Tips before Employing the Sea of Green Method

Although many cultivators have already confirmed the benefits of using the Sea of Green method, it would be best if you also equip yourself with the following tips before you finally jump into the procedures:

  1. Genetics is an essential factor. Do not select a plant that is likely to prosper widely and shaggy since you will be loading together as many plants as it is. 
  2. Do not go for a plant that would seem to expand in the early stage of flowering. Choose a plant with a quicker flowering phase.
  3. See that all the cuttings you utilize have the same size and from a similar mother plant at a similar growth stage. Preferably, the cuttings you employ should have a length of 3 to 6 inches and exhibit tips that are dynamically growing.
  4. It is not advised to use seeds if you are planning to employ the method of Sea of Green. This is being explained that the seeds will unavoidably lead in plants prospering at various heights. As an output, the shorter plants are likely to be left in the shadow.
  5. See to it that you use a minimal number of 4 plants because the Sea of Green method will not work with a lesser number of plants. Nevertheless, you should also be cautious not to use an excessive number of plants. The use of too many plants will lead to greater growth of branches but minimal production of bud.
  6. Indica strains are the reasonable options because they exhibit one main cola and flourish short. If you consider using a Sativa strain, see to it that top it few days before compelling it into the stage of flowering. 


Growing marijuana plants can be straightforward. All you have to secure are the basic things like a few seeds, pots, light, and water. Nevertheless, you wish to maximize the yield and save some time; simultaneously, you will find the Sea of Green growing method of marijuana plants to be very effective. There is no other cultivating approach that can allow you to reap so much in just a matter of a short time.

It is understood that each growing method may have its pros and cons. However, depending on your location, equipment, available space, experience, and personal requirements, the Sea of Green, or maybe other methods, can be suitable for you.

Messing your hands with dirt can beat any learning obtained from books. Perhaps it will take just a few attempts before you become an expert, particularly in employing the Sea of Green method. The method itself is not complicated; hence anyone is free to try and see how it works.

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