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The Educational Opportunities of Growing Your Own Cannabis

Knowledge of cannabis cultivation cannot be measured solely based on one’s experience. Even though your growth may occasionally produce good results, you still need to do a lot of reading and training to learn more about growing cannabis. If a grower is knowledgeable enough, they can determine the origins of any unusual diseases that the plants may contract.

While some cannabis cultivators go through training, many of them travel abroad to take courses and advance their cultivation abilities.

The Best Online Cannabis Schools For Growing Weed

  1. Cannabis Training University – Growing Medical Marijuana Certificate Program

The Cannabis Training University has invested years in building one of the most reputable names in the field of online cannabis education, and with their expanding curriculum, it’s clear why. 

“How to Grow Medical Marijuana” is a 22-lesson cannabis video course that also gives access to more than a dozen books on topics like how to clone marijuana, the top 10 mistakes new cannabis growers make, and the 30 essential items for any indoor marijuana grower. 

The course covers a variety of topics and problems that growers face from the seed to the curing room and is appropriate for both novice and more experienced growers. 

Additionally, students can benefit from having access to some of the most well-known authorities on cannabis cultivation, such as Ed Rosenthal, the legendary cannabis grower who serves as the CTU’s chief horticulturist. 

If you sign up, you’ll gain access to resume and career advice, as well as round-the-clock customer support.

  1. Green Flower – Cannabis Cultivation Certificate

Green Flower, a leading name in online cannabis education and training since their establishment in 2015, offers the top weed growing study course, the cannabis cultivation certificate. 

The course is intended for those who want “the training necessary to grow quality cannabis at scale,” according to Green Flower. 

The curriculum, which spans 13 topics and more than 20 hours, was created by a diverse group of cannabis experts.  The topics cover cloning, watering, harvesting, drying, and a wide variety of other topics, including cannabis genetics 101. 

According to Green Flower, the course is intended for job seekers in the cannabis industry, as well as home growers, seasoned cultivators, and business owners. At the end of each subject during the course, students will receive knowledge checks, and they will also have access to a closed student forum where they can assist one another. 

Additionally, the course takes measures to guarantee that students retain their knowledge. Students can only retake the final exam twice without paying for a third time, and they must score 80% or higher to pass.

  1. Stockton University  – Online Cannabis Studies Certification

Students at Stockton University in New Jersey can pursue a minor in cannabis studies while earning college credits. Adults who are not enrolled in the school can learn everything there is to know about cannabis at their own pace and entirely online with the help of the online cannabis studies certification program.   

Beyond cultivation, a wide range of topics, including the cannabis industry, are covered in the cannabis studies program.  Cannabis law, cannabis for adult use and for medical purposes, a business overview, and cannabis-related topics.

Students learn about seeds and seedlings, vegetative growth, clones and cloning, cannabis flowering, before harvest, harvest and drying, and grow rooms during their study of cultivation. 

The course is designed for all types of students, but it is specifically aimed at “anyone who is in or aspires to become a part of the cannabis industry, or anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge of the industry,” according to Stockton University.

  1. Oaksterdam University – Horticulture Certification Program

For people who want to learn how to grow cannabis indoors with a professional level of quality and output, look no further. 

The organization claims that Oaksterdam University’s horticulture certification program “provides the most comprehensive indoor horticultural education available for entering the cannabis industry and expanding your personal growth” and is jam-packed with tools, presentations, grow labs, and mastery exercises. 

The university’s impressive faculty of cannabis experts created the entire curriculum, which begins by instructing students in the fundamentals of both federal and state law as well as how to deal with interactions with law enforcement.

The course first discusses seeds, clones, and setup procedures before moving on to feeding and watering.  Students are instructed on the life cycle of the plant and how to best promote growth through drying and curing after a thorough examination of the hardware needed for indoor marijuana cultivation. There is also plenty of time in the course to discuss what to do precisely when something goes wrong (because it’s likely that they will at some point).  

One of the most well-known colleges for cannabis education, Oaksterdam University, has more than 40,000 students enrolled in its programs since 2007. These students not only received the curriculum but also practical training, exercises based on real-world situations, and education that may help them succeed in the cannabis industry.

  1. THC University – Grow Basics Certification

Not every grower is looking to make it a job, a side gig, or anything other than a hobby. 

The Grow Basics Certification from THC University is a good choice for anyone looking to learn the ins and outs of cannabis cultivation so that their indoor grow at home will produce some buds they can be proud of. 

The course does not attempt to overwhelm the students with unnecessary technical information or in-depth studies of cannabis law or other topics. 

This course is extremely basic but can actually provide newcomers with the knowledge and confidence they require.

  1. Green CulturED – Master Grower Certification 

The Green CulturED master grower certification is intended for new growers as well as seasoned professionals who want to “expand your grow operation and become a grow master.”

Despite the name, the course also delves deeply into the fundamentals of growing, as well as perhaps more complex subjects like growing cycles, cloning, genetics, and the specifics of lighting. 

The classes are delivered through a variety of interesting video lessons with knowledgeable instructors and are easily accessible through the mobile app. 

Additionally, students have access to a members-only community where they can network with others in the cannabis industry. After completing the course, students also receive a fully digital certificate that can be easily added to any online resume.  

The school also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  1. THC University – Horticulture Specialist Certification

The THC University horticulture specialist certification program can provide the education required for those seeking to advance beyond the fundamentals. 

The program is for advanced education in cultivation and includes 16 different subjects, ranging from seeds and seedlings to vegetative growth, hydroponic gardening, and hash and oil production. It is taught by internationally renowned cannabis expert Jorge Cervantes (aka George Van Patten). 

Similar to the other courses offered by the university, the horticulture course uses videos, games, a drag-and-drop interface, and micro-focused lessons to keep students interested and learning. Additionally, students can access all nine of the college’s study plans for a single fee. After graduating, students are welcome to use the extensive cannabis job board at the university.

Why Take An Online Cannabis Cultivation Course 

To finally master weed cultivation 

  • Students who want to grow their own marijuana, even just once or twice, can get the information they need from an online cannabis course. 

To enhance cannabis growing abilities

  • Cannabis cultivation programs also target students who have a background in marijuana cultivation and have produced a few successful harvests. For these students, the courses can really delve into the specifics of how those successful harvests functioned and what they can do even better the next time around. 

To improve employment prospects 

  • A cannabis cultivation course can help you get there if you want to work in cultivation or if you’re a cannabis professional who wants to present a more well-rounded body of work experience. 

To gain a deeper understanding of weed 

  • Growing your own marijuana is a rewarding experience in and of itself, but it also fosters a deep appreciation and understanding of the plant that someone who has never grown marijuana would not fully understand.
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