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Tips to Grow Fem Indoors

Useful Tips on How to Grow Feminized Cannabis Indoors

Legal cannabis is becoming a norm in thirty states in the US and other countries as well. The legality of the use of cannabis is not only limited to smoking or consuming it for medical and recreational use but also cultivation as well.

As the phenomenon of growing marijuana is sweeping across borders, you might be interested in trying your green thumb grow your cannabis garden and be a part of the rapidly growing cannabis culture.

Growing marijuana or cannabis is relatively easy and fun, but it is not as easy as going to the store and just picking up the seedling. Before you decide to grow your cannabis garden, keep in mind that it requires practice and patience, but do not worry because the result can be very rewarding.

Growing Your Own Cannabis Garden

In growing your cannabis garden, you have to consider a variety of things that will significantly affect your cannabis cultivation method. You have to decide first which strain you should grow. By determining which strain you want to develop, you can now see if the strain is suitable for the location you have in mind, the weather condition and if you need some other materials for your garden.

Aside from just selecting the strain, you will also have the option of whether to select a feminized cannabis seed. In this article, we will talk about growing feminized cannabis seeds indoors.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

In the cannabis community, growing feminized seeds is becoming a trend. Many marijuana cultivators are shifting in growing feminized seeds instead of regular seeds. Feminized seeds are bred to disregard or eliminate male chromosomes. With feminized seeds, you are developing female plants. Cannabis cultivators prefer female plants as they produce smokable buds, and they have significantly active components such as THC and CBD.

The Advantages of Growing Feminized Seeds

The biggest advantage of growing feminized seeds is that you will no longer have to worry about male plants or male chromosomes. You are also producing your feminized seeds, so you don’t need to go to a cannabis store to buy feminized seeds. Feminized seeds can bring about large yields; thus, you will make a bigger profit if you market your products. Female cannabis plants attract more buyers as they contain more THC and CBD compared to male plants. They have great taste and aroma and amazing effects that appeal to most cannabis consumers.

Feminized plants are relatively easy to cultivate, and they grow from medium to tall. They start to flower as soon as they receive less exposure to sunlight. Harvest time can be around 12-20 weeks, and it can produce a medium to large yield.

Tips on Growing Feminized Seeds Indoors

So you have decided to try and grow feminized seeds rather than regular seeds. Keep in mind that they are not the same. The growing process is entirely different.

  1. Select the best strain for you. Once you have a strain in mind, try to do a little research and check if the growing condition of the strain is suitable for your environment and location.
  2. Make sure that you are purchasing a feminized seed. Once you have a strain in mind, make sure that the seed is a feminized version, as it can be just regular or an autoflowering seed. Be aware that even though there are many cannabis stores, not all of them sell feminized seeds. Make sure also that you get a top-quality seed as the genetic composition of the seed can affect the quality of your production.
  3. Check your growing environment. Make sure that you can provide the best growing environment for your plant. In this case, we are growing the plants indoors. Make sure that you have an ideal location for your plants.
  4. Check the best cultivating method that would suit best for the strain. We are talking about traditional methods like using soil or methods like perlite, coconut coir, vermiculite, and rock wool. Methods like hydroponics and aeroponics are also effectively used. You can also use deep water culture that does not require any medium at all.
  5. Check the air. If you are growing your feminized seeds indoors, make sure that you have a good ventilation system. Your plants will need to have proper exchanges of gasses. Good air ventilation will prevent molds from infesting your cannabis garden.
  6. Check the temperature. For indoor growing, the best temperature should be about 27 degrees Celsius. Temperature higher than that can be harmful to your plants.
  7. Provide your plants with water and nutrients. Plants need to be watered but do not overwater them. Check the pH with a pH meter. Also, feed your plants with the right nutrients and minerals for them to grow healthy.
  8. Germinate your cannabis seedling. Make sure to provide your plants with the right growing conditions for them to start their life cycle. This is where you select the right location. Choose the best environment that is ideal for your plant’s growth.
  9. Be aware of the lighting system. During the vegetative stage, your plant may need to have 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark every day. A timer would be very useful in monitoring the light changes during the different phases of your plant’s life, especially from vegetative to the flowering stage of your plant’s life.
  10. Harvest. Carefully harvest your plants. Before harvesting, make sure that you have done your research on the right drying and curing process. Your cannabis plant should be rich in pistil and trichomes.


If you are a beginner, it is best to get tips and advice from master cultivators or cannabis experts. Doing research can be very helpful in the process of growing your feminized seeds indoors. If you have been cultivating regular cannabis seeds for quite a while now and would like to try growing feminized seeds indoors, it is good to know the differences between growing a regular seed from a feminized seed. Growing feminized seeds indoors is relatively easy, but it also requires patience and skills for successful indoor cultivation. Mind the little details and provide your plants with the tender loving care it needs.

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  1. Just started growing indoors. I f you can give me names of books that will help with the growing. Also list of good companies selling the female seeds.
    Thank you very much.

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