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Top 10 Fast Version Cannabis Strains

So you may be a part of the rapidly growing culture of cannabis. Growing your own cannabis is an enjoyable and inexpensive way to produce  top-quality  buds. Cannabis growing is becoming the new hype, especially that it is getting more acceptance  from the general public. Cannabis is not just getting approvals  for  of its recreational and medical benefits but also because the phenomenon of homegrown cannabis is spreading across states and countries.

Cannabis is a versatile plant that can be cultivated in a myriad of growing environments. However,  growing cannabis requires patience as they take weeks to flower and be ready for harvest. Regular cannabis strains can produce top-quality  yield even though it takes time to harvest them.

Thankfully, cannabis cultivators and breeders were able to develop seeds that can flower faster and can be harvested quickly compared to regular cannabis strains  without sacrificing quality. These are seeds that are fast versions of the regular cannabis strains. Fast versions of cannabis strains are ideal for stealthy home growers, guerilla growing operations, and for impatient cannabis growers. . They are photo-dependent  strains whose flowering period are  faster compared to regular cannabis strains . These strains are a cross between a top-quality female clone that was selected from a bunch of regular seeds and a good quality auto-flowering female. The auto-flowering female should be reversed so that it can produce the pollen that passes the auto gene on the cross.

Here is a list of top fast version cannabis strains that you may want to try cultivating in your  garden:

Royal Cheese (Fast Flowering)

This Indica-dominant cannabis strain was created to mimic the effects of the Cheese strain. Royal Cheese  is a cross between Old School and Afghani cannabis strains. This strain has a THC content of 17%, which can bring about a strong relaxing physical high. It has a sweet and classic taste and aroma.

Speedy Chile (fast flowering)

This strain will treat the buds with its fruity, pine, and spice flavors. Aside from its incredible taste, it brings about soothing effects and allows the body to enjoy a strong and relaxing  high. The THC level is powerful at 16%.  Speed Chile (fast flowering) can be harvested after about six weeks  using a 12/12 light cycle.

Candy Kush Express (Fast Flowering)

Candy Kush Express (Fast Flowering) is a cross between Sweet Special and OG Kush. This strain can bring about a strong stimulating head rush that soon tapers into a relaxing high. This fast version of the cannabis strain can be harvested after about seven weeks of flowering. Candy Kush Express will delight your buds with delicious sweet flavors and the aroma.

Green Poison (Fast Version)

This strain is a cross between Green Poison and a selected 3rd generation line of Green Poison Auto. This strain can grow robust and sturdy. It boasts of a strong aroma of sweetness and fruits that it carries to its delicious taste. It can also be harvested 6 weeks after the photoperiod has been changed. This fast-growing strain is a head-turner because of its amazing physical and mental high, which is what cannabis consumers love about it.

Crystal Candy F1 (Fast Version)

Known for its sweet flavors, this strain is a cross between Crystal Auto and Sweet Special Auto cannabis strains. It has a pleasant aroma that will remind you of a candy shop. It develops a huge number of big buds.  Crystal Candy F1 is known to be a high producer of large trichomes.

Red Mandarin (Fast Version)

This strain is a cross between Red Poison Auto and an elite clone of Tangie. It develops resinous buds and very beautiful flowers. It has a sweet tangerine taste and aroma, and can be harvested in 6-7 weeks. This is an ideal strain because  it features exquisite taste and aroma, high-quality yield, and an eye-catching appearance with its reddish and rosy resin.

Sweet Cheese (Fast Version)

This fast version cannabis strain is a cross between a selected clone of Sweet Cheese and a 3rd generation Sweet Cheese Auto. This strain has a strong aroma of spicy cheese, which it got from the original Cheese genes. This strain grows large buds and trichomes, which can bring about high-quality yield.

Sweet Skunk (fast Version)

Sweet Skunk (Fast Version): This strain is a product of crossing Sweet Skunk Auto and an elite clone of Early Skunk. It has a sweet scent and taste with very compact buds and resins. This Indica-dominant strain can bring about a strong and relaxing body high.

Passion #1:

This is an easy seed to grow. It has citrus-like buds that are dense, long, and full of resin. The flowering period is about 6 weeks and can bring about yield at about 250-750 grams per plant. This Indica-leaning hybrid was developed in California. It provides  a long-lasting physical high that can shake off any stress.

Quick Critical+

This Indica-dominant strain will let you experience a long-lasting physical high. This strain is about 7-14 days quicker than the regular version. It is easy to grow and also high yielding. It smells skunky lemon, and the taste is citrusy with a THC content of 16%-20%.


The list we have above includes just a few of the many fast version cannabis strains that you can choose from if you are thinking of cultivating them in your garden. You may also purchase premium quality fast version seeds at Crop King.

Many cannabis cultivators are now switching to fast version cannabis strains because of their  advantages. Fast  version cannabis strains  can be harvested in a short period, and since they are feminized seeds, the end products are of top quality, and it is economically beneficial.

If you have decided to grow fast version cannabis strains in your garden, bear in mind that they are different from the regular versions. It is best to do research or ask a cannabis expert who has successfully grown this type of strain for tips and advice. Thanks to technology and innovative thinking, cannabis growers don’t have to wait a longer period for cannabis to be harvested. Fast version cannabis strains were created to speed up the harvest of large resinous yield as little time as possible.

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