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Top 10 Mold Resistant Cannabis Strains

Many cannabis growers think that it is hardly feasible to produce strains that are worth a value in cold and wet climates. They are left with no choice but to prematurely pull out the plants even before completing its supposed flowering period and justify the actions because of bad weather conditions. Hasty harvest of cannabis plants will result in a decreased number of yields and underdeveloped buds, making it difficult for retail.

Depending on the type of cannabis, some strains are quite susceptible to molds, pests, and mildew. This is usually a problem for outdoor cultivators. It is caused by the weak late-season sun that hinders evaporation, thus, accumulating moisture. These may also affect the growers that preferred growing indoors with inadequate air circulation.

Although it happens rarely, warm and humid conditions can also generate mold production. Cultivating cannabis strains in wet and humid climates can be a challenge especially when the particular strain only thrives in dry environments. Luckily, there are now highly resilient and hardy cannabis strains that can fully develop even in difficult weather conditions.

The following are the top 10 mold resistant cannabis strains that can flourish to both indoor and outdoors settings.

Wild Thailand

Wild Thailand has been bred for many generations by local Thai cannabis farmers to fix its profile and make it into a reliable and stable cannabis strain. It is a pure Sativa hybrid that has a quick flowering time and a very productive plant. Wild Thailand is known for being highly resilient and resistant to molds, as well as pests. Wild Thailand has a strong fragrance of tasty citrus fruits that is accompanied by a sweet citrus flavor. With a THC content that ranges up to 22 percent is extremely potent enough to give a euphoric experience comparable to having a quick trip to Thailand.

Indoor growers will only have to wait for about 75 to 90 days for Wild Thailand to produce at least 300 grams every square meter, while outdoor plants are ready for harvest by the month of November that yields about 500 grams each plant.

707 Truthband 

707 Truthband rapidly gained the reputation of being a cannabis-must-have from experts. This Sativa dominant strain has solid genetics of the Truth and Maui strains that makes it very adaptable and easy to cultivate, that even novice growers can be able to grow successfully. The buds of 707 Truthband grows compact and heavy on a sturdy branch with good-looking purple and red color hues. It smells dominantly like lemon with hints of spice, pine, and oil that leaves a long-lasting aroma and an experience of cerebral and physical high.

Growers just have to provide enough room with proper ventilation and light, coupled with regular attention, for 707 Truthband to produce a yield of at least four kilograms. This Sativa-dominant strain takes about 10 weeks to fully mature, but the bounty of harvest it can produce is worth all the patience.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is highly resistant to molds and pests. It grows about 2 to 3 feet tall and is very suitable to cultivate outdoors. Just make sure to harvest it by the last week of September, and you can have about 800 grams from each plant. Moreover, because of it being resilient and versatile, it is easy to cultivate in any type of growing environment. With just the right amount of water, growers can guarantee high-quality cannabis buds, which branches are quite huge and filled with resinous flowers.

Sweet Tooth is an Indica dominant hybrid that comes from the lineage of two potent breeds, namely, Nepalese and Afghani. Such combination creates a very tasty weed that offers mental and physical high without leading to a couch-lock experience, especially when consumed in the right dosage. The powerful aroma and flavor it boasts followed by the uplifting cerebral buzz makes Sweet Tooth suitable for late afternoon use.

Blue Forest Berry

Blue Forest Berry is a highly mold resistant strain that is easy to cultivate and does not require a lot of time and attention. With a height that only reaches up to 150 cm, and a compact structure,  it is easier for growers with limited spaces to cultivate. Since it is very adaptable to different climates, you can plant it either in cold and wet areas, or in places with high temperatures as well.

Blue Forest Berry can thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings and can produce yields up to 700 grams each plant, especially when grown in optimal conditions. The flowering period of this plant only takes 8 to 10 weeks and is usually harvested during the end of October. When Blue Forest Berry reaches its maturity, its color becomes tinted in many shades of purple and deep blue.

Colombian Gold

Colombian Gold is a Sativa dominant hybrid plant that was bred from a different cannabis strain found in the mountains of Columbia. With a THC content that ranges up to 19 percent, it is a very potent strain that prompts a strong cerebral and body high, which makes it ideal to consume during the day. Most of the indigenous people grow it over many generations and utilize it as medicine for different ailments.

Colombian Gold grows into a tall and vigorous plant that has many side branches that are resistant to molds, pests, and even mildew.  This strain can thrive in any given setup whether indoors, outdoors, or in the greenhouse. Poor weather conditions do not definitely affect its growing situation and can produce up to 600 grams of yield from each plant. The flowering period takes about 11 to 13 weeks, quite a long period, but it is worth all the time and effort.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is another mold-resistant strain that consists of mostly Indica genetics. It grows well in any given setups even in higher latitudes such as the summer season. Growing it indoors can take its flowering period for up to 9 weeks and can potentially stretch for about 3 meters tall. The yield produced outdoors can reach about 500 grams from each plant that can be harvested in early October. Also, because of it being highly resistant to molds and pests, Durban Poison is recommended even for beginners to cultivate.

There are many desirable effects that can be achieved through Durban Poison. Consuming it for medicinal purposes can relieve anxiety, stress, depression, and even chronic pains. Durban Poison is not only offering an uplifting effect but also it makes someone active and creative throughout the day. Durban Poison also has a great flavor of licorice with cloves as an aftertaste.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is popular among the cannabis world due to its pure Indica content that offers an extremely body high experience. Growing this cannabis strain is easy due to its high resistance to molds and does not demand time and attention while it is still in the process of flowering.

This cannabis strain has a quite high THC content that ranges for about 19 percent making it provide relaxing and euphoric sensations. Such effects are what makes this strain preferable to be consumed at night in order to unwind after a stressful day of work. Northern Lights has a great sweet and fruity flavor with a spicy aftertaste.

Furthermore, Northern Lights can thrive well in both indoor and outdoor setups and can reach about 160 cm tall. The flowering period lasts for only 8 weeks and is expected to yield about 500 to 600 grams per plant.

Shining Silver Haze

Shining Silver Haze is known for giving an uplifting effect, sweet flavor, high resistance to molds, and short flowering period. With 21 percent of THC content, this strain reduces stress and provides a euphoric feeling. Shining Silver Haze is resilient in humid, and harsh weather conditions making it easier to cultivate. It also produces large buds, so it is required to install some kind of structural support for it to hold its own. After 9 to 11 weeks of flowering, the plant can yield up to 550 grams each, while outdoor growers may harvest the yield during the early weeks of November.

Royal Moby

Royal Moby is another cannabis plant that is very resilient against molds and is known to be the top choice for growers who live in humid regions. Aside from being susceptible to molds, Royal Moby offers a strong fragrance of peppermint that comes together with cedarwood and lemon pine as aftertaste. These different varieties of flavor induces a relaxing effect and meditative high. Also, with a THC content that averages at about 21 percent, users can expect an intense and long-lasting euphoric high.

The Royal Moby plant can reach a potential height of up to 3.5 feet and can possibly yield up to 700 grams of buds for each plant. Royal Moby is loved by every grower due to its massive personal stash that can easily be acquired after 7 to 8 weeks of flowering time.

Pineapple Chunk

Pineapple Chunk is a Sativa dominant strain that grows for up to 10 feet tall. This strain has a fruity and skunky taste that is known to be loved by every cannabis user. Pineapple Chunk is easy to cultivate and can thrive even in harsh weather conditions. After 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, the plant can yield up to 650 grams of buds each plant. It is recommended that users should practice caution upon consuming this strain because of its highly potent THC content that reaches up to 25 percent. When consumed in high dosage, Pineapple Chunk may overwhelm the mind that may cause some serious medical issues and give you couch-lock experience.


Cultivating mold-resistant marijuana strains is a great idea, most especially if you live in an area where the climate is always wet and cold. Now you can be confident knowing that there are various marijuana strains with high resistance to mold. You could now easily search these cannabis seeds online or find them at Crop King!

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