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how to make a filter for a joint

Weed 101: How to Make a Filter for a Joint

Whether you’re a novice user or a seasoned cannabis enthusiast, learning how to craft a joint filter can greatly enhance your smoking experience. Many people worry that using a joint filter may diminish the potency of their beloved cannabis. However, in reality, employing a joint filter allows for optimal airflow and prevents unwanted roach problems, leading to a more satisfying consumption.

Now, let’s delve into the methods of creating a joint filter, enabling you to elevate your cannabis sessions to new heights. With a range of techniques available, this guide aims to combine your passion for cannabis with your dexterity in crafting the perfect filter.

Different Ways How to Make a Filter for a Joint

Before jumping into the different ways to make a filter for a joint, let us first gather what materials we must need to do this task successfully.

At a smoke dispensary, you can purchase tip paper or premium filters, which provide an all-natural filtration for your cannabis. These filters ensure a clean and enjoyable smoking experience.

However, if you find yourself pressed for time and unable to visit a smoke store, alternative options are available for crafting a joint filter. One method is to repurpose the packaging from a cigarette carton, utilizing it as a makeshift filter. Another option is to use cardboard, such as the packaging from your rolling papers.

In desperate situations, any cardboard can be used as a makeshift filter, including containers from Wheat Tins or even an empty and clean toilet paper roll. It’s important to note that using these makeshift filters may come with higher risks than using the correct filter paper, so exercise caution.

With these options in mind, here are various approaches to making a joint filter. Choose the method that suits you best and enjoy an enhanced smoking experience with your beloved cannabis.

The Star Method

Creating a star-shaped joint filter requires a steady hand and a pair of scissors. Follow these steps to craft the filter:

Start by making an accordion fold with a regular joint filter tip, as you would typically do.

Once you reach the midpoint of the accordion, fold it in an “end under” manner to form the star shape.

If you desire a tighter star, fold the accordion once more.

To complete the process, roll a new filter paper around the star-shaped filter paper.

The Heart Method

Crafting a star-shaped joint filter necessitates a steady hand and scissors. To create the filter, adhere to these steps:

Begin by making an accordion fold with a regular joint filter tip, following the customary method.

When you reach the midpoint of the accordion, fold it in an “end under” fashion, shaping it into a star.

If you prefer a tighter star shape, fold the accordion once more.

Finally, wrap a new filter paper around the star-shaped filter paper to complete the process.

The Girelle Method

Step-by-step guide to creating a girelle-shaped joint filter:

Begin by taking the end part of your filter paper and flipping it over or rolling it inwards.

Roll and unroll the end of the paper while positioning it in the middle of your palm or finger. Apply increasing pressure during this process until you can feel and see the girelle shape forming.

Apply gentle pressure as you continue rolling to maintain the shape without making it too tight, which could flatten the filter paper.

Once you have achieved a well-formed girelle shape, unfurl the entire filter and start rolling it up again. Repeat this process multiple times until you reach the opposite edge.

The W or M Method

Step-by-step guide to creating a folded “M” or “W” shaped joint filter:

Begin by grinding or crushing your preferred cannabis flower into a fine texture with small particles. Place the ground cannabis in a container and seal it.

Take the filter paper and hold it by the short end. Fold it approximately a quarter-inch upward towards the opposite edge, creating a small channel.

Roll the filter paper tightly, maintaining the previous fold, and fold it about a quarter-inch towards the opposite edge so that a shape starts to form.

Flip the filter paper over and fold it for the third time, this time in a “W” or “M” shape. Leave a little over an inch of the unfolded part. Alternatively, you can create a spiral shape if preferred.

Hold the three folded segments together firmly, ensuring they are secure but not crushed. Then, wrap the remaining unfolded part around the three folds, causing the “M” or “W” shape to overlap.

The “M” or “W” shape should be visible in the center, surrounded by the round filter paper. Adjust the size by making minor adjustments to the folds or releasing some space.

The Mercedes Method

Step-by-step guide to creating a Mercedes-shaped joint filter:

Begin by preparing your filter paper and transforming it into an accordion shape. Fold the filter paper back and forth in a zigzag pattern.

Once you have completed around four-folds, you can start shaping the Mercedes shape. Visualize an upside-down view of the letter “Y.” This will be the general shape you aim to achieve.

To create the Mercedes shape, manipulate the folds of the accordion. Bend and shape the filter paper to resemble the desired shape, with three distinct branches resembling the arms of the Mercedes logo.

Finally, to secure the Mercedes-shaped filter, roll it with a new filter paper. Place the Mercedes paper at one end of the new filter paper and roll it tightly, ensuring the filter shape remains intact.

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