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Fastest Growing Marijuana Strains

Growing marijuana strain is not an easy thing to do. Things article would help if you considered a lot of things when you are planning to start growing. The first thing to consider is the law about Marijuana seeds on where you plan to cultivate, and the second thing is your chosen seeds, assess their effects, flowering phase, and benefits. This article will tackle the fastest-growing marijuana strain that you can find in Crop King Seed.

The list of fast-growing marijuana strains is guaranteed to be quick-growing and high-quality seeds. New growers and skilled marijuana growers can grow these seeds and harvest their products quickly.

What is a Fast-growing Marijuana?

You may not be optimistic about Marijuana strains to buy for your successive growth. Your choice will be strongly affected by personal taste and events. While some of you might be looking for high yields or specific effects, other people would select strains that are resistant to molds or have short flowering periods. Growers assess their genetics to seek and fix traits in the offspring. We will present a set of strains noted for their early flowering characteristics. All the varieties listed here have a flowering period of no more than eight weeks, which does not dispute their durability.

Combining different seeds with fast genetics and tiny flowering seeds is possible. Time is reduced as the plant starts to flower or bud as breeding continues. Another method used for harvesting fast-growing THC seeds is autoflowering by making the plant skip its development cycle and vegetative phases. The plant naturally goes straight to the stage of flowering. In a massive range of strains, fast flowering THC seeds come in. It grows rapidly feminized strains of THC-rich cannabis. High-quality clones are combined with autoflowering marijuana of the 3rd generation to establish marijuana hybrids of the first generation.

How Fast can Marijuana Grow?

There is a great deal on how long it would take to produce a specific cannabis plant. When they select a strain and buy it from a seed bank, the grower should have the proper knowledge to grow the seeds. It is important to know the rules before starting.

Indicas start to grow quickly and have a better yield than other strains within just 8 to 12 weeks of flowering time. Sativa also has a fast-flowering time of over 10 to 11 weeks. But their results are lower, and the plants are taller. Hybrids can go in several ways, often dictated by their most genetic traits. They also have a mix, such as a shorter foliage stage and a long time of flowering.

Cultivating Fast Growing Marijuana Seeds

A cannabis plant blooms entirely throughout a season in around 3 to 5 months. Fast flowering seeds, on the other hand, will flower in as little as eight weeks. These plants are genetically engineered to bloom in a shorter period. Marijuana plants should be able to harvest after just 6 or 7 weeks of breeding.

You can cultivate THC seeds with a short flowering period both indoors and outdoors. Indoor weed growing allows you to harvest a smaller crop more quickly. When compared to other seed strains, outdoor planting maximizes grain yield even more rapidly. You will have a good chance of escaping poor weather as its plants bloom so early. All of this is geared toward increasing cannabis plant growth. These THC seeds need very little care whether they are grown outdoors or indoors.

TOP 10 Fast-Growing Marijuana Strain

Northern Lights Autoflower

One of the well-known marijuana is the Northern Lights AutoFlower. This strain is a lightweight, fast-growing, and dense marijuana strain and is well-liked by many cannabis users. With glazed buds and a gentle honey-musk scent mixed with an earthy Afghan taste, this easy-to-develop weed strain. Not just that, it is also powerful, with a THC content level of about 15 percent. This strain is sure to provide you and your buddies with comfortable laziness and a happy, mellow moment as a Cannabis Cup champion and a crowd favorite. If you are growing Marijuana for private or recreational use, owning a Northern Lights is the best thing you may add to your collections.

Early Miss Autoflower

Our fast autoflowering Early Miss is accessible to moderate development, thriving in both outdoor and indoor development. In a very brief amount of time, it flowers, consuming only seven weeks. You will also be embraced by dense buds in a short amount of flowering time and much more resin than you could think. This strain is 60 percent indica, 30 percent saTo0 percent ruderalis indica-dominant. The yield of this plant, especially compared to other auto-flowering strains, is incredible. You will get up to 100g in product outdoors; this amount rockets up to 200g indoors.

It is known that Early Miss has a smooth calming effect which you can sense in each inch of your body. The Amount of THC of this strain assures that this magnificent plant can coldly knock off all your tension. Its fragrance alone, an alluring mix suggestive of this strain’s kin, should be enough to draw you in.

Train Wreck Autoflower

This plant can be cultivated outdoors or indoor environments, and flowers in just eight weeks are graded as easy to develop. So do not be shocked when massive, thick buds embrace you with crystals and bright hair all over you. The potent smell of this plant alone is almost adequate to knock you unconscious and gives you a crazy mind-buzz.

This autoflowering Train Wreck strain is a solid, gnarled, and utterly mind-blowing high of 60 percent Sativa, 30 percent indica, 10 percent ruderalis, and a descendant from the famous OG Cali Trainwreck. Train Crash is often noted for some of its therapeutic effects. Much medicinal Marijuana looks to this kid for relief from varying forms of discomfort and related physical problems. Light up Rail Wreck with a calming impact on the body and hear an almost sudden joyful vibration.

Revolver Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Revolver is an autoflowering and quick to develop and develops in both outdoor and indoor environments. It is a strong fit for smaller indoor gardens because of its medium plant height. This variety, strongly yielding and feminized, is ideal for first-time farmers. The revolver marijuana strain has a lengthy indica influence and is medicinally active in appetite enhancement and pain relief. You should assume a fast finish in up to 7 weeks because Revolver is auto-flowering. If you vape with a body vibration, you will witness a high tale that will cause you to come back for even more. The concentration of THC is poor to moderate.

Lowryder Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Because of its short flowering time and flavorful tastes, Lowryder is the first-ever auto-flowering strain. This strain can be exposed to growers who want to understand more about growing marijuana since it can show you all the stuff you need to grow cannabis. To begin blooming, Lowryder Autoflower hardly depends on light cycles. In every sort of climate, it thrives and typically only requires sunshine and nutrients to flourish.

With this ease of cultivation, there is no question why growers choose to cross this weed to obtain those characteristics with another strain. While this strain can grow short and thin, there is still one intense strain with a THC content of up to about 14 percent. The keynotes to watch out for while consuming this weed are soothing and rewarding.

OG Kush

The OG Kush is a fast, automatic marijuana strain that offers the same spicy stone taste typical with OG Kush. It is a good strain that comes with extreme cortical symptoms that may result in a couchlock effect if you are not vigilant. It is quick to cultivate this variety since it is a mechanical strain of cannabis. Because of its auto-flowering origin, marijuana growers must find this variety easy to grow. The initial form of this cannabis may have its problems, but these issues are resolved in this version. In a warm outdoor setting, it performed well.

Sour Girl Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The Sour Girl Autoflower is an easy-to-grow strain that could grow well in both outdoor and indoor environments. This plant is perfect for cultivating outdoors due to its tall height; however, this strain needs many vertical areas in an indoor environment. Sour Girl autoflowering is an ideal choice for novice growers because of its high-yielding features. It has lengthy Sativa gene effects followed by mind buzz and is excellent for relieving stress, depression, and anxiety. Sour Girl is a versatile variety of marijuana that helps you to cultivate either indoors and outdoors. Typically, the plants hit a moderate degree of height. Around the exact moment, the flowers appear to be moist and savory.

Lambs Breath Autoflower 

Lambs Breath is autoflowering and quick to cultivate, which thrives in both outdoor or indoor conditions. Lambs Breath was the favorite strain of Bob Marley and is remembered for its concentration, imaginative and energetic characteristics. This South African strain is a perfect way to start the day happily and great for minimizing tension and anxiety. When you cultivate this vine, you will find instantly that the buds exude a pure and colorful green.

The buds are huge and packed everywhere with snowy trichomes. Lambs Breath is often filled with a recognizable and unique smell. You will detect the cheesy and skunky smell instantly, which is also correlated with the taste of burning tobacco. It incorporates several spices of woody, bitter, and piney, which are both pungent flavors. However, the smoke is distinguished from the scent, as it has smooth and pleasant features that make the smoke tasty and enjoyable to breathe at the same time.

Jack Herer

Jack comes back as part of the autoflowering strain! It takes approximately nine weeks for such an upbeat, easy-to-develop Sativa and complete flowering. It can develop towards 3.5 feet in height, small enough to fit into any space of any size. This auto-flowering version may be grown indoors and outdoors, with a medium yield of 150g outdoors and 250g indoors, similar to the initial Jack Herer. This Jack Herer comes from Spain, just like any of the best strains you can get high on today.

This tiny auto-flower has an uplifting influence of 10% ruderalis, 20% indica, and 70% Sativa. Also, for days, you choose to forget about your troubles and sit back for a few moments, the THC content clocks in at a mild 16.25%, creating the perfect smoke. You will find yourself in absolute silence, ending with a relaxed and renewed brain and a happy mood, just a few tracks.

Candy Cane Autoflower

Fruity and sour in texture, one of our sweetest autoflowering is smelling strains and can be grown in just a 7-week pressure. This strain is an excellent, lengthy plant with a relatively high yield that is super easy to grow. An unusual weed with a protracted and euphoric sensation has been well-loved by cannabis enthusiasts for its taste and effect. The Candy Cane THC amount of CBD of 0.01 percent and CBN of 0.40 percent will go up to 17.81 percent.

The result of The Candy Cane is often euphoric. There’s a lot of body buzz coming with it, and for hours, it’ll last. You will lay down for most of the day and enjoy the high amount of smooth and delicious sugar produced by this strain. There are many lovely and fruity strains out there, but only Candy Cane provides this sheer, unmitigated pleasure.

Tips for Quicker Harvest

In addition to selecting a specific strain that is renowned for its fast-growing, there are many options you might consider as a grower to speed up the process. Some Indica (or Indica-leaning hybrid) strains have very brief flowering periods just by default. For Sativas, it typically takes a longer time. If you want to harvest rapidly, it’s a wise move, to begin with, a Sativa or Indica-leaning hybrid.

Pick High-yielding Plants

Growers sometimes get selfish, and that’s why it takes them a long time to harvest. They want to improve their plants’ size and output, but any development requires plenty of time. If your main objective is to get a decent crop in a short amount of time, you would be happier if you opted for lower quality. Find a high-yield strain such that it is possible to minimize the growth time, but you still get a decent crop at the end.

Consider Using other Growing Methods

Aim to grow indoors instead of outdoors, where you have better lighting capacity, and therefore do things like launch the flowering phase faster than happens typically out. On top of that, to accelerate things during the vegetative stage, you may also make a big difference in growing medium-go for hydroponics instead of dirt.

Adjust the Lighting

Lighting is everything especially in the different phases of your grow cycle. Offer your plants more light during the vegetative period because they can use up as much energy and grow more quickly. Start the flowering phase early by giving them only 12 hours of light and darkness a day.


Pollinate your buds around a week before harvest to improve their ripeness in the final blooming week. The buds will produce spores, but their shells will never have time to harden, leaving them bearable.

Finals Thoughts

The next time you decide which marijuana strain you want to cultivate, consider the ten fast-growing marijuana flowers even for the worst of gardeners. Select the best height or floral strains; either the outcome you need is chosen. Also, ensure the plants have a lot of gentle love and affection to mature into huge, healthy, abundant, and high-inducing plants.

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