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California Orange Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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For those looking for something to utilize during the day, California Orange is a well-known and veteran strain that has already made its mark. The reason for this is that it keeps one’s thinking clean while also providing a somewhat stimulating cerebral high. What is known about California Orange Strain is that little is known about where it came from. The only information we have is that it came from California and earned its name because it tastes and smells like oranges. Get your hands on the California Orange strain autoflowering marijuana seeds from Crop King Seeds and enjoy free shipping on orders over 200$.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Parents: Orange Bud x Mango Haze
Flowering Time: 9 – 10 weeks
Climate: Continental, Mediterranean, Sunny, Temperate
Yield: 350 g/m2 – indoor | 400 g/plant – outdoor
Flavor: Fruity, Orange, Sweet, Tropical
THC Level: 15%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Up to 180 cm
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What is California Orange Strain?

Cali-O, C.O.B, Cali Orange, and California Orange Bud are several names for the famous California Orange Autoflowering cannabis variety. Its development may be dated at least to the 1980s, and its longevity is sufficient to make a strong statement. This cannabis has a well-established reputation in the cannabis business since it has been available for a long time and was produced by crossing the Orange Bud and Mango Haze strains. The peculiarity of this ganja is that California is where it originated. You may immediately guess how it acquired its name if you combine its background with its zesty terpene profile.

Strain Effects

Smokers can experience the high right away without being overstimulated because of its Indica-dominant DNA and modest 15% THC content. Because of that reason, it is a great marijuana even for new users. The impacts are felt in the body as well as the intellect. It will improve the tokers’ dispositions, which will eventually make them more highly alert, imaginative, and concentrated. The Indica buzz will then start to take hold as it eases bodily tensions, leaving users noticeably relaxed and comfortable.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

A mouthwatering orange taste characterizes the California Orange strain. When you smoke this marijuana, you may also detect hints of a tropical and fruity flavor. A delicious flavor will linger on the tongue after exhaling. California oranges have compact, leafy buds. The buds are even sticky inside when burst open. The leaves are light green and so heavily coated with trichomes that they resemble matte in texture.

Growing Information of California Orange Strain

Despite reaching a maximum height of 180 centimeters, the California Orange Autoflowering plant is readily cultivated both inside and outdoors. This herb can be grown with little effort, but as it grows, it requires some stress management. The Sea of Green (SOG) planting method may be used inside. You can even grow it hydroponically. Its buds can be harvested after nine to ten weeks. However, if it is planted outdoors, the harvest time would be from late October to early November. Then, the crop per plant may amount to as much as 400 grams.

Medical Benefits of California Orange Strain

The marijuana strain California Orange Strain offers a wide range of medicinal benefits in addition to being the perfect all-day recreational smoke. Despite having an Indica-leaning genetic makeup, this strain can still be helpful for both physical and mental conditions. Smokers who experience anxiety, despair, or stress might benefit from this cannabis’ capacity to provide mental clarity since it will calm their unpleasant thoughts. Their bodies will feel light as tensions are released, in addition to their thoughts being more at peace. This result can assist in reducing tiredness, aches, and pains.

1 review for California Orange Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Richard Sanderson

    Richard Sanderson

    Oh, folks! CKS’s outstanding seeds never cease to impress me. This fantastic fruity pot has a natural orangey flavor and a sweet aftertaste that I always crave. It was really REFRESHING! And, with my natural soil, I had no trouble growing this. Then, after about 9-10 weeks, it provided good yields and grew taller than I imagined. This smoke offers me a head high that clears my mind and allows me to finish those tasks that have been left undone. These are good value for money and effort that everyone must have!

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