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Dutch Treat Strain Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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Dutch Treat Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds is the perfect choice for those seeking a moderate growing experience with a touch of expertise. This Indica-Dominant hybrid strain is known for its impressive attributes and is sure to satisfy even the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica-Dominant
Parents: Northern Lights x Haze x Ruderalis
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
Climate: Temperate, Warm, Mediterranean, Sunny
Yield: 400-500g/m2 (Indoor), 10-200g/plant (Outdoor)
Flavor: Pine, Sweet, Spicy, Herbal, Fruity, Earthy
THC Level: 10-15%
CBD Level: 0.20%
Terpenes: Terpinolene, Myrcene, Ocimene
Height: Small (Around 1-4 ft)
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

With a THC level of 10-15% and CBD level of 0.20%, this strain offers a potent and well-balanced high that delivers relaxation and euphoria in perfect harmony. Cultivating this strain is a rewarding journey, with a growing period of 8-10 weeks, allowing you to witness the transformation of your plants into beautiful, resinous buds. Get your hands on the legendary Dutch Treat Strain cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds and enjoy free shipping on orders over 200$!

What is Dutch Treat Strain?

Prepare to be enchanted by Dutch Treat Strain Autoflower Cannabis Seeds, a captivating hybrid born from the exquisite combination of Northern Lights, Haze, and Ruderalis. This strain is a true gem, offering a remarkable experience that caters to both recreational enjoyment and therapeutic relief. With a THC level of 10-15% and CBD level of 0.20%, this strain unleashes a potent and well-rounded high that will transport you to new heights of relaxation and happiness.

Immerse yourself in a state of uplifted bliss and let your worries melt away as the stress-reducing effects take hold. This strain is enriched with a symphony of terpenes, including Myrcene, Terpinolene, and Ocimene, which contribute to its delightful aroma and flavor profile. Each inhalation introduces you to a world of captivating scents and tastes that will leave you wanting more. Engage your creative side as Dutch Treat Strain sparks your imagination, allowing your artistic talents to flourish. Let the joy wash over you, inspiring a heightened sense of joy and creativity.

Strain Effects

As the effects of this strain begin to manifest, get ready to be lifted and hugged by a euphoric wave. Feel the weight of your stress dissipate, followed by a wave of profound relaxation. This strain has an amazing talent for encouraging a serene state of mind, enabling you to find comfort and balance in your day. With the Dutch Treat Strain, let your mind run wild and your creativity fly. The elevating effects will excite your mind and help you come up with fresh ideas as you explore your creative side and reach new levels of creativity.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

Imagine savoring the earthy and refreshing essence of pine, providing a unique and invigorating experience. Indulge in the sweetness that dances on your palate, complemented by subtle hints of spice that add a touch of excitement to each inhale. Dutch Treat Strain also surprises you with herbal undertones, creating a well-rounded and satisfying flavor profile. As you exhale, relish in the fruity notes that leave a pleasant and lingering aftertaste, enhancing the overall experience. The sticky and resinous nature of the buds is a testament to their quality and potency. Adorned with frosty trichomes, the buds glisten like a winter wonderland, showcasing the abundance of cannabinoids and terpenes. Prepare to be captivated by the dense and compact structure of the buds, which not only enhances the aesthetics but also indicates the potential for a bountiful harvest.

Growing Information of Dutch Treat Strain

Dutch Treat Strain Autoflower Cannabis Seeds thrives in temperate climates, basking in the warmth of the sun much like the Mediterranean region. With a relatively short growing period of 8-10 weeks, Dutch Treat Strain quickly transforms from seed to harvest-ready buds, allowing you to enjoy your homegrown cannabis in no time. Whether you choose to cultivate indoors or outdoors, this versatile strain adapts effortlessly to both environments. Indoors, Dutch Treat Strain remains compact, reaching a height of 0-4 feet. Its small stature makes it an excellent choice for growers with limited space or those looking to maintain a discreet setup.

Don’t be fooled by its size, though—the yield potential of this strain is abundant, rewarding you with a harvest of high-quality buds. Outdoors, Dutch Treat Strain retains its petite stature, ensuring it remains inconspicuous and easy to manage. Whether you’re growing in a backyard garden or a balcony, Dutch Treat Strain comfortably fits into your outdoor space, making it an ideal choice for urban growers. With its preferred weather conditions and manageable height, growing this strain becomes a seamless and rewarding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dutch Treat Indica or Sativa?

Dutch Treat has a high THC level of between 18% and 25% and is 80% cannabis Indica and 20% cannabis sativa, with a heavy Indica bias. This balanced strain is well-liked for light conversation and relaxation because it produces gently stimulating euphoric effects.

What type of strain is Dutch Treat?

Dutch treat has an 80/20 Indica/Sativa ratio, yet it looks more like a Sativa. Most buds are cone-shaped, velvety, sticky, and dark green. These buds have an earthy scent that is the best way to describe them, despite some overtones of sweet fruit.

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    I wanted to let you know about some wonderful news — the seeds I bought from you have grown magnificently! This gardening experience has been made enjoyable by the high-quality seeds you provided and the useful growing tips you offered.

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