LSD Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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LSD Autoflower comes with a very high THC at 24%; therefore, you must exercise care when consuming this strain. It is mostly used in the evening as it is best for the relief of insomnia. You can also enjoy a pain-free day as it can stop the pain and other discomforts dead in their tracks.

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More About LSD Autoflower

It Will Change Your World

LSD is a mind-bending hallucinogen compound that was used in the 1950s for its long-lasting thought- altering effects; however, during the 1970s, it became taboo. LSD Autoflower shares the same traits as the namesake. Recreational users will find this trippy strain to be one of the most enjoyable brands of weed due to its reality-changing effects. With THC content as high as 24%, one should be careful with smoking this weed.

However, that does not stop seasoned users from consuming it due to its mind-numbing potential. This hybrid strain is known to knock out its users even within a moderate dosage. Typically consumed in the evening, this strain helps with people living with insomnia. The anti-inflammatory effects also cater to those who are in great pain.

When you think of LSD, you immediately think of an illicit drug that causes mind control; however, the only thing that this strain produces is a numbing physical high and a happy mental state.

4 reviews for LSD Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Mr Bud

    Mr Bud

    Thank you crop king for the best pot I’ve ever grown. Now trying cafe racer and lambs breath, also more gelato due to popular demand. Mr bud will update.

  2. Avatar for Sean McElroy

    Sean McElroy

    I had to redo my review. Final product turned out better then it looked! One of my best grows ever!! Definetly in my top 3 autoflower strains by cropking!! Was simply amazing flower to.grow and smoke!!

  3. Avatar for Sean McElroy

    Sean McElroy

    Mine turned out very decent. Germinated in soil got 2/2 germinated. 10 weeks in very close to harvest. Not the biggest yielding auto but smell is amazing and lots of trichomes. Fairly satisfied with the grow. Definetly worth the try if younlike to grow! Hope the final product turns out as good as it looks!!

  4. Avatar for Mig thumbz

    Mig thumbz

    Jus ordered my tonight and already got email saying purchased confirmed good service mayne

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