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A very sweet flavor evocative of fresh herbs or sugary candies characterizes the Sweet Tooth Strain Autoflowering marijuana seeds. Indica-dominant strain Sweet Tooth Strain Autoflower was created by crossing two Indica strains— Nepalese Indica and Afghani— with a Hawaiian Sativa (resulting in a blend of 50% Indica, 40% Sativa, and 10% Ruderalis). Its wonderful taste and aromatic effects of this strain are drawn to it because of its modest 19% THC content and 0.1% CBD content.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica
Parents: Nepalese x Afghani x Hawaiian
Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield: 100g-200g
Flavor: Pine, Berry, Sweet, Flowery, Candy. Fruity, Tropical
THC Level: 19%
CBD Level: 0.1%
Height: 90 cm.
Harvest Period: All year
Growing Difficulty: Easy

Because they are of the autoflowering kind, these crops are also quick and simple to grow, allowing for multiple harvests in a single season. Step up your growing game with Crop King Seeds and the legendary Sweet Tooth strain. With free shipping on orders 200$ and above, discreet shipping, and easy payment options, there’s no reason not to get started on your next grow today!

What is Sweet Tooth Strain?

The marijuana strain Sweet Tooth Strain took first place at the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup. It has a strong Sativa high and is a cross between Indica and Sativa strains. Long, deep-green foliage and a good yield are features of the plant. The variety has a pleasing appearance that is rust and green in hue. It contains 19% THC. Its forebears include Hawaiian Sativa, Afghani Indica, and Nepalese Indica. Its taste, which combines earthy, sweet, and floral notes, is incredibly potent and pleasing. It smells nice, somewhat woodsy and floral.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

According to its name, Sweet Tooth Strain autoflower has a sweet aroma and flavor that will draw you in. Its aroma is reminiscent of freshly baked pastries and candy. Moreover, there is a lingering floral scent with hints of freshly picked fresh fruits that stays for a considerable amount of time. The taste is equally as sweet as the aroma, with strong grape and ground fruit tastes that have a tinge of candy.

Growing Information of Sweet Tooth Strain

Sweet Tooth Strain is an autoflowering variety, thus when the time comes, the plants will enter a flowering stage. It produces plants that are smaller and develop more quickly; they grow to a height of 80–90 cm and are ready for harvest in 8 weeks. With such tiny crops, yields are modest but nonetheless admirable, averaging between 100g and 200g/square meter. The cultivating method simply needs careful trimming to guarantee proper airflow, making it relatively simple to cultivate from start to finish. Aside from that, this plant is strong, robust, and durable and is capable of controlling itself. She can still adjust to shifting environmental patterns, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to grow her outdoors in a colder northern location throughout the summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sweet Tooth Indica or Sativa?

Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain Sweet Tooth was created by Life Seeds. Its sweet scent and flavor have earned it the title of top pick among cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy sugary weed strains. A mildly powerful strain, Sweet Tooth has a THC content of roughly 17%.

What strand is Sweet Tooth?

About Sweet Tooth. An Indica-dominant hybrid strain is called Sweet Tooth. Sweet Tooth tastes extremely sweet, as its name suggests.

How much does Sweet Tooth Strain yield?

When grown indoors, Sweet Tooth has an 8–9 week flowering period and can produce up to 16 ounces of cannabis per square meter. This variety will yield up to 18 ounces per plant if grown outdoors, and it will probably be ready for harvest in late September or early October.

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    Amber Colley

    It was like a natural herbs that you grow. Which is beneficial and gives a lot of comfort to our body. This strain is one of the great relaxant in which you feel like the most happy moment. The plant can grow easily.No difficulty. So perhaps I will grow more of this. Like this strain so much!

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