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Does Age Matter When It Comes to Smoking Weed

Does Age Matter When It Comes to Smoking Weed?


There are plenty of things that you need to consider before you begin using weed. Cannabis has shown to give numerous benefits and have various ways of using it, and while this may be true, research continues to tell us about how weed has an effect on us, and how it will affect us based on several factors. 

By now, you might have noticed the use of cannabis comes with age, and the legality of this varies in different parts of the world. Based on how young you are, the effect of weed may manifest differently and may leave long-term or short-term impacts that may be helpful or harmful.

So to stay safe and receive the best results, consider your age along with these several other factors that we have gathered for you.

Your Place in the World

Not in a deep, metaphorical sense, but really, where are you residing at the moment. Different countries and states usually have laws that do not have the exact same rulings on using cannabis, especially when it comes to age. 

For example, countries such as Canada and Uruguay permit the use of marijuana as early as the age of 18, but in the United States of America, this is not the same across states and may be completely illegal in other areas. Legal use of cannabis will also depend on its use of medical, recreational, or both and often strictly for private use.

Some Hemp for your Health

Some laws only accept the use of marijuana for medical concerns. In this case, the use of cannabis may be as early as age 6 to treat conditions such as epilepsy. Medical use, however, does not often permit using marijuana in the form of smoke for treating disorders and diseases – this will usually be prescribed as pills, capsules, oils, and tinctures, among others. 

Purchasing these may also require a medical card from your doctor, so before you start ordering buds to smoke for your health and well-being, go check-up with a healthcare provider if weed should be able to improve your condition and if smoking it may be safe for you.

Getting Older and Wiser

Most laws accept the use of weed as early as age 18 or 19 depending on the region while others at the age of 21, however delaying the use of cannabis has more benefits and reduces negative risks to your health. 

Most research studies have presented results of how the effects of smoking weed at 19 years old may be different from when you smoke it at 21 years of age and even 25. This is because of how our brain keeps developing until the age of 25 when it is fully mature and “complete”. The frontal cortex is the last to develop out of all the parts of our brain, which is responsible for our coordination and focus. 

While smoking weed has shown to improve focus and thinking among others, using it during adolescence up to the age of 19 has seen slower brain development and a lack of focus, slower learning, and weak coordination to later ending up with marijuana addictions and other high-risk behaviors compared to those who started at 25 years old. 

Smoking weed in your mid to late ’20s continues to be the recommended ideal age for smoking with little to no harm in the future. So better wait for when the time is right to reduce the risks and enjoy the rewards of smoking weed.

 Finding Other Ways to Enjoy Weed

You have probably read that the best way to feel the effects and high of weed is by smoking it, and most users would definitely agree. The effects of euphoria and relaxation, along with savoring the aroma and flavor, are best when you get to breathe it all in with a huff. 

However, smoking weed is not advisable for all users, especially those who are younger and have pre-existing conditions that may worsen from cannabis smoke. 

Smoking weed is also not advisable for those with lung disease and asthma. To avoid the harm of smoking on your health, you can opt to use glass water pipes that can filter out carcinogens from the smoke while still offering the buzz and chill you are after. Vaping pens are also a device that you smoke weed from, just make sure to purchase them from trusted dealers and stores for the best quality. You can also enjoy weed in the form of infused snacks, beverages, and even oils.

The Right and Necessary Occasion 

When you start to use and smoke weed, keep in mind about when you will be smoking it and where you are. Avoid smoking early in the day before you head to work and smoke privately at home with companions you trust to look out for each other. 

You may find the effects of smoking cannabis can be highly addicting but limit your use to once a week only, maybe on the weekends to treat yourself from working hard the entire week. Limiting your use will also lessen the chances and may even prevent you from developing any diseases from smoking in the future. For those who need it for its medicinal properties, be guided by your doctor’s prescription, most importantly on the CBD to THC ratio of your weed.

The fast-growing demand for weed has led to markets and state efforts to legalize it and make it accessible for users around the world through marijuana seed banks and dispensaries. Most regions have accepted it for treating disorders and diseases, while other areas have legalized both recreational and medical use. Smoking weed has become the most popular way to experience the effects of the high at its best, but smoking it may not be suitable for all users. 

Researchers and healthcare professionals have seen that ages 25 and older are the ideal age to begin smoking weed, while younger users can try other cannabis products. Whether you maybe after the health benefits or want to have some fun, responsible, and moderate use of weed must always be kept in mind to decrease risks and see more desirable results.


Age does matter when smoking weed. It’s an essential factor to consider both when you’re planning to use it for recreational or medical purposes. Because as a person ages, maturity level generally increases, so the responsible use of cannabis is implemented.

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