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Candy Jack Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Shop with confidence! We offer secure payment options including Bitcoin, Credit Cards, and even Cash. Your financial data is safe and your choices are varied. Your security is our priority.

(3 customer reviews)

250 Packs Overall Sold

Candy Jack Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds, a former Cannabis Cup champion, is a well-balanced hybrid with Sativa-like effects.

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Table Header
Skunk #1 x Jack Herer
THC Level
CBD Level
CBG Level
Category Type
Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Growing Level
Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Harvest Time
Indoor Yields
500 grams
Outdoor Yields
1000 grams
Taste and Smell
Citrus, Fruity, Lemon, Skunky, Sour, Sweet
Camphene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Ocimene, Terpinolene

Its THC content has tested as high as 25%, while the CBD content is typically about 1%. Candy Jack Strain’s extraordinary potency multiplies these effects, making it unique. Therefore, this Cannabis’s high is really strong. Skunk #1 and Jack Herer were allegedly crossed to create the strain with Cotton Candy’s help. A significant energy boost goes in hand with the strain’s high, as it fosters creativity and improves mood. The mind remains attentive and focused while creativity and thinking rise. Users appreciate the pleasure that washes away all stress and restlessness. This plant is beneficial for social occasions in the morning or afternoon. Growers that use Candy Jack Strain feminized seeds should anticipate high yields as it flowers after 8 to 9 weeks of cultivation. Step up your growing game with Crop King Seeds‘ Candy Jack Strain. Get free shipping on orders over $200 with discreet delivery.

What is Candy Jack Strain?

Candy Jack Strain is a well-balanced Sativa strain that has previously won the Cannabis Cup. Its THC content can reach up to 25%, whereas its CBD content is typically around 0.01%. The genetics of this strain is a cross between Jack Herer and Skunk #1. On the medicinal front, Candy Jack Strain reduces pain; on the recreational front, it raises spirits and fosters creativity. This is one of the most potent strains in the sedative category, with a THC level ranging from 20% to 25%. This strain delivers a potent psychoactive experience for those seeking a strong and uplifting high. It’s important to note that this strain has a low CBD level of 0.01%, so its effects are primarily THC-driven. The terpenes in Candy Jack Strain, including Mycerene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Camphene, and Ocimene, contribute to its unique aroma and potential therapeutic properties. Mycerene, for example, is known for its relaxing qualities, while Caryophyllene may offer anti-inflammatory benefits. Terpinolene adds a touch of floral and herbal notes, enhancing the overall experience.

Strain Effects

This delightful strain offers a fantastic combination of effects that will leave you feeling euphoric, uplifted, and energetic. It has been reported that the Candy Jack strain offers energizing, elevating, and cerebral effects. Recreational users of this cannabis strain should expect excitement, an increase in energy, and the ability to think creatively because it holds Sativa effects. The more seasoned users can use this elevating, upbeat energy toward concentrated work that is productive, especially creative thinking. It uplifts your mood, making you feel cheerful, happy, and ready to take on the world. The energizing effects kick in, giving you a boost of vitality and motivation to tackle your day with renewed vigor. Whether you want to get creative with an artistic project or must stay focused and productive. So, this is the perfect choice if you’re in the mood for a strain that will boost your mood, ignite your creativity, and keep you focused and energized. Let its euphoric and uplifting effects take you on a journey of inspiration and productivity. Embrace the power of Candy Jack Strain and unlock your full potential!

Strain Aroma, Flavor & Appearance

The flavor of this strain is undoubtedly the greatest of any flower; it has deep pine overtones balanced by honey, sweetness, and a hint of citrus for a genuinely wonderful experience. If you dislike fruity flavors, they might not be to your taste because sweetness is the dominant flavor. However, someone capable of doing so may do it just for aesthetic reasons. The terpene profile of Candy Jack Strain has given it sweet, fruity, and slightly peppery aromas and a skunky fragrance derived from the parent strain. The trichomes of the strain are white and orange with a little green hue. While some describe the flavor as fruity, menthol, or pine, others think it is sweet and slightly skunky. One Cannabis Cup judge remarked that it had a candy-like flavor.

Growing Information

The Candy Jack Strain welcomes newcomers to the world of cannabis gardening. It is easy to grow and disease-resistant, so no prior expertise is necessary. Molds and plant diseases are not a worry for it. Its mold-resistant nature adds a layer of ease to the cultivation process, particularly in environments where humidity can be a concern. Candy Jack Strain maintains a compact stature, with heights ranging from small to around 4 feet. This trait makes it a versatile choice for indoor growers and those with limited space. If you feed this strain well, give it enough light, and prune it, it will be simple to grow and should produce well. Its preferred climate is warm, sunny, and mild, similar to Mediterranean conditions. These environmental factors contribute to Candy Jack’s robust and vibrant growth. When it comes to yield, it does not disappoint. Indoor growers anticipate harvesting around 500 grams per square meter, while those cultivating in outdoor settings can potentially yield an impressive 1000 grams per plant. With its easy cultivation, impressive yields, and mold resistance, Candy Jack Strain Feminized is an ideal option for growers seeking a low-maintenance yet rewarding experience. Whether you’re a novice cultivator or an experienced hand, Candy Jack’s straightforward growing characteristics make it an attractive choice to consider for your cannabis cultivation journey.

Frequency Ask Questions

What does Candy Jack taste like?

This Candy Jack strain has been described as having a fruity, piney, and menthol flavor by some users while skunky and sweet by others.
The effects, taste, and scent will appeal to medical and recreational users. Connoisseurs of cannabis tend to enjoy every terpene profile. Candy Jack is a tasty cannabis treat for all occasions and seasons because of his well-known parents and Cannabis Cup victory.
Users can expect a stimulating and uplifting experience from this strain. It typically induces a cerebral high that enhances creativity, focus, and energy. It’s a great option for daytime use or social situations, as it can promote a euphoric and friendly mindset.

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3 reviews for Candy Jack Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Vincent


    I highly recommend this online store for all your marijuana seed needs. Fast shipping, great selection, and top-notch quality

  2. Avatar for Aamodt


    This has been one of my go to strains to grow from now on! This store is a one-stop-shop for all your marijuana seed needs. Highly recommend.

  3. Avatar for Nagle


    Jeez! it has a fruity and citrus flavor that makes it stand out. SO GOOD! each puff satisfies my tongue and body. Without a doubt! My go-to high during the day. I’m really focused and productive at work. brings a big smile to my face for the rest of the day. Sometimes, I’d had quite a crazy day, and despite being upset and even in pain, this girl took it all away. I’m pleased, and I enjoy my life!..Apart from that, she looks lovely in my yard, grew fast, and I harvested over 800G of fragrant buds in just 67 days AWESOME, right? 😀 It was a lot of fun smoking this pot and cultivating it outside! Keep up the good work!!

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