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Green Crack Strain is a well-known strain, primarily Sativa, and grows inside and outdoors. This strain has a THC level of over 21%, which is pretty high. This Skunk No. 1 hybrid was good enough for Snoop Dogg to name the strain.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Sativa-dominant
Parents: Afghani x Skunk #1
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
Climate: Sunny, Tropical, Warm, Mediterranean
Yield: 300g (indoors) and 600g (outdoors)
Flavor: Citrus, Earthy, Pine, Spicy, Hashy
THC Level: 21%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Unknown
Harvest Period: Late September | Early October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

An intense body high from green crack will keep you returning for more. A little goes a long way with this silky, spacey, citrusy-sweet strain with overtones of spice and lemon. Strong plants expand quickly and frequently need trellising. Expect a simple growing process, robust yields, and flowers that mature in 9–10 weeks. This high-yield strain may yield up to 300g indoors and 600g outdoors. Ensure you have enough grown space because this plant can grow incredibly enormous. You can gather many trichome-coated, glittering buds from Green Crack Strain. Smokers worldwide have liked this strain due to its strength and flavor.

This strain is perfect if you want a strong buzz that comes on quickly. After a few hits of Green Crack, you’ll be confined to your sofa while savoring the dank buds’ citrus-like aroma. Grow your high-quality marijuana with Crop King Seeds‘ Green Crack Feminized Strain. Order now and get free shipping on orders over 200$! We’re ready to help you start your gardening journey. Your order will be delivered promptly, discreetly, and with the utmost care to protect the seeds’ viability.

What is Green Crack Strain?

A strong Sativa marijuana strain called Green Crack, commonly called “Green Crush” and “Mango Crack” was created by mating Skunk #1 with an unidentified Indica. The lineage of Green Crack Strain is contested; it was developed in Athens, Georgia, in the 1970s and is related to the perennially popular Skunk #1, but it may also have some Afghani landrace Indica in its ancestry. A few crushing Green Crack buds are all you need to experience what it would be like to smoke these two parents simultaneously. At least 21% THC and little CBD are commonly present in the Green Crack strain. In addition, this strain has at least a 65% Sativa dominance, making it unsuitable for novice users.

Strain Effects

Green Crack has primarily Indica physical qualities but a potent, buzzy Sativa high. Its potency, with an average THC content of 21%, guarantees that users will experience positive feelings for several hours. This strain is a great wake-and-bake choice since it gives consumers an energy boost that quickly turns into an intellectual attitude. In the hours you will be under the influence of Green Crack Strain, with every muscle relaxed and soothed, you can unwind from the tension of the entire week.

This strain is not suggested for use in the late hours of the night because it might leave users feeling energized and fairly wired. because it lacks numerous Indica characteristics that are physically soothing. Fatigued users may benefit greatly from its revitalizing benefits. Because of these stimulating qualities and the focus and inspiration it may provide Green Crack Strain is a well-liked option for a wake-and-bake in the morning.

Strain Aroma, Flavor & Appearance

When well cured, the buds have a vibrant citrus aroma with mellow overtones of earthiness and wood. Despite having a reputation for displaying Sativa characteristics, Green Crack Strain has a typically Indica bud structure, with dense buds that are more compact and clustered than chunky. The leaves range in color from light green to yellow, yet when plants are subjected to freezing temperatures during the developing phase, the pigments in particular genotypes can cause some leaves to have purple streaks. Rust-colored pistils contrast sharply with the vibrant blossoms. The milky-white trichomes that give the buds a sticky texture and a sparkling sheen are also present. A powerful aroma complements this aesthetic appeal. The smooth smoke leaves a mango-like flavor on the tongue’s rear and top of the palate. Smoke has a faintly hashy and spicy flavor when exhaled, which may signify Afghani ancestry.

Growing Information on Green Crack Strain

Growing Green Crack Strain is a well-liked cannabis variety suitable for indoor and outdoor growing. It smells sweet and earthy with citrus and pine undertones. This cannabis kind is well-known for its uplifting effects, making it perfect for individuals trying to unwind or engage in creative pursuits. This strain does best in warm environments with temperatures ranging from 70 to 85 °F (21 to 29 °C). Make sure your grow room temperature maintains within these ranges if you’re cultivating this strain inside. Keep the humidity levels low—around 40 to 50%. Make use of a balanced fertilizer made especially for cannabis plants.

When they are in the vegetative stage, start by providing them with small amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus; as they go into the flowering stage, boost the amount. To avoid overfeeding them, keep an eye on their nutrient consumption. Green Crack plants often produce 8 ounces per square meter of the product when cultivated indoors under ideal circumstances. Depending on environmental parameters, including sunlight exposure and soil quality, outdoor yields are typically higher—up to 16 ounces per plant. When cultivated inside, this variety takes 9 to 10 weeks to flower; if planted outdoors, it takes late September or early October.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beginner cultivate Green Crack Strain?

For beginners to cultivate, Green Crack is a wonderful strain to start with because it is reasonably simple to produce. It can thrive either inside or outside, while outside growing needs a continuous source of sunlight and stable temperatures.

Is it hard to cultivate Green Crack Strain?

The legendary strain Green Crack has a remarkable genetic pedigree and potent effects. Before beginning your growth, knowing the strain’s climate needs, fertilizer requirements, and harvest window is vital.

What is Green Crack Strain good for?

It is a fantastic alternative for daytime activities or social gatherings because its effects are frequently regarded as energizing and uplifting. Without producing excessive sedation or drowsiness, the strain also offers some relief from pain, stress, anxiety, sadness, exhaustion, and nausea.

What kind of high does green crack give you?

Green Crack has a genetic makeup that is heavily Sativa-leaning. It gives off a powerful rush of happiness that makes everything humorous, including dad jokes. The energizing qualities of Green Crack Strain make it a great strain for daytime consumption.

71 reviews for Green Crack Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Brian Rutgers

    Brian Rutgers (verified owner)

    I’m a bit of a beginner and second year buying seeds from Crop King. Both years I had 100% germination. I’m growing outdoors in pots and my plants and my daughter’s plants are all 5-7 feet tall. All of our plants have nice fat buds and can’t wait until they are ready. I can’t imagine how big they could get if I could plant them directly in the ground.
    Worth every penny buying seeds rather than using bag seeds.

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