Hash Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Compact and resinous, this 8-week strain gives a hashish smell when cured. An 80% indica-dominant strain, Hash Plant produces a narcotic body high, perfect for patients who suffer from migraines or arthritis. Hash Plant is a phenomenal strain for hashish due to its resinous content. The THC level of the hash plant can reach up to 15% and will give you a strong, long-lasting effect. If you want max power and total devastation, then Hash Plant seeds are what you need. It will deliver you bombs of potent THC that will knock you out. Even the experienced and dedicated smokers can attest to how strong Hash Plant’s knockout punch is.

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More About Hash Plant Feminized Marijuana

Originated from the Netherlands, Hash Plant feminized marijuana is known for its hardcore effect. This is a versatile plant that can grow indoors and outdoors. Indoors, this plant can produce yields weighing up to 300g. Outdoors, the maximum yield is 150g. Hash Plant is categorized as an easy to moderate growth.

The THC content of Hash Plant is not too high with an average of 12%, but the CBD level is impressively substantial at 3.5%. The effect of this strain is known to be a strong and long-lasting body buzz. It has a narcotic high that benefits those plagued with arthritis and migraines. Pair that with the high CBD content, and Hash Plant becomes a highly ideal strain for medical marijuana patients. This is a great smoke for weekends when you have nothing to do and just want to lie down for hours.

29 reviews for Hash Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Dizzle


    Fabulous strain. 5 great plants 3 phenos PhenoA leaves turned purple around 5-6 weeks and continued to the flowers by week 8. Best tasting pheno. PhenoB resin production was high. Flowers looked like they sparkled. Best buzz of the phenos. Leave tips started to turn purple at peak potency. PhenoC little rabbit foot buds with a good amount of resin. Buzz was not as good as b but still strong couch lock Trim was great for bubble hash. Advice: Take the time cure for around 8 weeks.

  2. Avatar for Adam


    All 5 seeds poped. I enjoy this strain a lot and I was sceptical at first but when all was said and done it tastes just like the old school . I couldent be happier I wish I could share pics of it. I think I got 2 diff pheno typea however 2 grew big and tall and 2 stayed small also the small ones finished a full 3 weeks b4 the larger ones. All in all very happy

  3. Avatar for Ronald Smith

    Ronald Smith

    I grew this last summer. All the seeds popped there was virtually no difference from plant to plant.. they grew 8 and 9 feet tall and produced roughly 550grams per plant. Harvest by Sept 14th

  4. Avatar for Sunlight55


    Crop king’s hashplant is always reliable. I grew this strain over the past years and it was always consistent. Pure relaxation

  5. Avatar for CK


    All seeds germ’d perfect. Had them indoors to start then transplanted outside mid may. I gotta say wow.. gave them a generous helping of nutes but these girls are hitting 8ft in 30L smart pots. Just started to bloom around Aug 12th so should have lots of time to finish a full cycle. Gettin bushy now and great low intensity hash smell outta these so far. Will update after harvest but I’d buy again Im sure yeild and height listed in CK site is for indoor grows., plan is to make a whole lot of clean bubble with this.

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